Đồng nghĩa của head out


To leave or go from someplace
walk away leave move vacate depart evacuate flit exit go split vamoose decamp scoot scram part go away move out run off run along say goodbye beat it slip out take a hike take leave take off clear off check out clear out take one's leave sign out get out disengage from run away from make oneself scarce defect go from go forth say one's goodbyes be gone from pack your bags issue go AWOL make tracks do a disappearing act take your leave of take French leave bog off cut cut and run emigrate walk out cut out retire relinquish escape break away elope sally move out of up sticks abscond make off sling your hook go away from disappear from fly from fly abandon slope off from do a bunk from pull out of hook it do a bunk quit desert stir withdraw from take one's leave of exit from retire from bolt from say one's farewells remove oneself vanish take oneself off from set out from set out push off depart from decamp from absent oneself from take yourself off from migrate ride off shove off flee from pack one's bags flee disappear abscond from sling one's hook forsake give the slip step down come away embark start escape from pull out bolt run away skedaddle scarper take flight do a runner beat a hasty retreat skip fly the coop make a run for it run take a powder hightail bug out hightail it make a break for it steal away run for it slip away retreat withdraw head for the hills show a clean pair of heels break leg it bail out get away do a moonlight flit scamper light out peel out break out clear take it on the lam sneak away get lam beat a retreat go on the lam make a getaway get off make yourself scarce break out of make your getaway hotfoot it duck out begone avoid shun sneak off blow make a quick exit relocate turn tail break free bug off buzz off head off pack up step on it cut loose make your escape take to one's heels slope off dash travel evade scurry bail skidoo book race dart rush hurry walk out on scat move away hustle break loose get free be gone skip off absent oneself dig out step along sally forth push on peel off go off fade away run out on go through shoot through do a Skase hit the road do a vanishing act burst out pike off pack off pike out resettle remove fade empty zip ditch scuttle hasten speed duck dodge walk off shoot jump sprint career elude get out of kite abandon ship turn your back spur expedite whiz clear out from head out from slip levant pass emerge double make a escape pull up stakes run off from take off from move out from beeline be off part with take to your heels make quick exit break away from make shake a leg hurry up go missing go like lightning play hooky get away with make getaway make time make one's getaway make a sharp exit make haste be lost wriggle out take on the lam make a break take yourself off get a move on work out of move fast go scot-free slink off slink creep sneak skulk have it away make away void absquatulate recede tear off egress alight shirk break camp budge from go out of shift from creep off bust skidaddle retreat from displace depart suddenly absent yourself hide get going walk move on make a move from bail out from clear from pull out from free oneself extricate oneself go secretly get out of someone's clutches make good one's escape slip through your fingers hasten away run from move from make vacant make empty eject from go absent without leave go west circumvent head defect from make a move move abroad flit from leave hastily leave abruptly run for the hills storm off leave suddenly go off in a huff make a sudden departure take wing get up and go storm out flounce out skiddoo hotfoot spring transmigrate trek go to hell pull stakes advance bound set forth aim scramble set off steer bear veer dump make one's escape move overseas get on your bike do a fade kick rocks get lost step on the gas move house change house change address change jobs passage leave your country start a new life drop out opt out cop out kiss goodbye leave high and dry hare hurtle change residence make a dash for it leave in the lurch leave flat scram from run along from vamoose from zoom leave holding the bag walk out of take leave from head off from remove oneself from cut and run from set off from clear off from take leave of check out from run like scared rabbit trot belt pelt tear make oneself scarce from take a hike from say goodbye to give the slip to slip out from sunder out burst out of break loose from bust out come out make one's escape from charge skirr whizz hie skitter ram hurl drive blast careen rip highball whirl bundle rustle breeze beetle rocket nip motor chase bomb jet whisk step buzz hump blaze course barrel bustle bowl scutter cannonball post accelerate crack on evaporate move quickly be quick evanesce dissolve jump ship dematerialize disperse melt dissipate sink be invisible become invisible go south make scarce make a quick getaway dog it skip out depart secretly die melt away be lost to view be wiped out disappear from sight be lost to sight recede from view vanish into thin air be exterminated


To plan or control the position and course of a vehicle according to a planned path
navigate pilot steer direct drive guide manoeuvre handle helm maneuver circumnavigate conn captain con cruise ferry sail skipper boat operate plot ride out take the helm of ship out conduct aviate manage manipulate control fly move coxswain jockey cox negotiate address field play hack treat swing take cope with contend with grapple with be at the controls be at the wheel of edge work ease be in the driver's seat position twist turn lead supervise govern regulate rule superintend oversee command run steward influence marshal marshall keep administrate administer preside over overlook sway funnel channel have control of have a handle on trailblaze spearhead beacon take charge of quarterback point take control of carry on contrive engineer be in charge of head boss tend be in control of head up organize organise be at the helm of run the show dominate call the shots hold sway over look after be responsible for orchestrate pull the strings care for be in command of chair mastermind be the leader of take care of watch reign over call the tune be the boss of moderate run things be in the saddle be in charge be in driver's seat sit on top of take over wield officiate exercise control over have charge of preside master execute take the helm be in the driving seat use ply be in power over shepherd mind be the head of inspect take the chair of front order observe advise tend to watch over officiate at be head of call the shots in hold the reins ride herd on take the chair carry out have authority over employ utilize reign exploit domineer chaperon attend harness minister point in the right direction put on the right track utilise dictate discipline call the signals arbitrate micromanage hold down deal with call the tune in judge mediate rule over crack the whip lead the way keep an eye on be in saddle introduce engage be on duty hegemonize coordinate affect exercise maintain overrule facilitate tyrannize tyrannise take the reins honcho herd referee officer coach ordain spur hold office apply umpire call upon rule the roost lay down the law prevail over be at the helm pull the wires set off be in the chair at minister to assume command of be at the head of host call give directions see assume command over call the shots of commandeer own monitor carry-on show the way have act survey be chairperson sit impel ride propel dispose manage people take in hand sort out call the play be chairman be chairwoman have control over be foremost eye call the shots on dictate terms keep under one's thumb lord over maintain order make go have the say do the honors have authority exercise authority over take the reins of be in authority over hold dominion over exercise power control the affairs of man bend to your will render baby-sit keep one's eye on be on duty at instruct take forward occupy throne hold sway exercise authority assume command hold dominion engage in machinate finesse wear the crown serve the people be in power frame choreograph pedal shape adopt call into play appropriate put to good use take advantage of find a use for deploy turn to account resort to put into service make use of avail oneself of avail yourself of make do with force punch defend protect twist round one's little finger turn to one's advantage play upon use to one's advantage kettle round up safeguard shield guard usher goad corral drove poke shelter secure foster bulwark preserve scare up ward fend save launch initiate pioneer cover persevere with keep safe attend to forfend screen keep from harm fence bring be in the van persuade be in the front line of blaze the trail set in motion be in the vanguard of lead the way in motivate start prompt bring on trail-blaze be in the van of be in the forefront of lay the first stone be the driving force behind produce put in motion originate get the jump on cause lead the way for go out in front oppress predominate subjugate subject regiment besteer bewield puppeteer be the boss have someone in the palm of one's hand have a hold over hold the purse strings wear the trousers hold purse strings have someone eating out of one's hand have something in the palm of one's hand push buttons have someone in one's hip pocket

Trái nghĩa của head out

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