Đồng nghĩa của trek

Alternative for trek

treks, trekked, trekking

Đồng nghĩa: journey, migration, travel, voyage,


A long arduous journey, especially one made on foot


A movement of animals or people from one region to another
migration emigration relocation exodus departure flight movement journey expatriation moving travel voyage shift transfer passage hegira wandering immigration defection posting resettling resettlement roving run transhumance move moving abroad Völkerwanderung peregrination crossing trip expedition traveling journeying travelling march tour transmigration odyssey removal displacement colonization leaving exile settling transplanting diaspora reestablishment uprooting homesteading colonisation adventure progress globetrotting pilgrimage exploration commute hike quest walk excursion travels voyaging wayfaring sally commutation drive ride roaming ramble junket safari transit navigation shifting drifting withdrawal evacuation settlement entry arrival moving overseas sweep transport touring trips journeys expeditions pilgrimages safaris voyages cruising odysseys tours sightseeing excursions sailing trekking treks jaunts backpacking jet-setting peregrinations gallivanting seafaring wanderlust weekend hop holiday vacation biking swing globe-trotting driving flying riding overnight campaign venture course scramble jaunt approach procession route walkabout spin errand retreat sortie outing slog visit lift constitutional itinerary vagabondage promenade circuit beat traverse patrol round caravan vagrancy tramp range stroll saunter grand tour period of travelling exit exiting egress going escape egression retirement mass departure transition fleeing flow transference leave-taking decamping quitting departing farewell parting decampment traversal leave outgo desertion abandonment getaway congé adieu embarkation goodbye going away lighting out bow out walking out transplantation transportation conveyance transferal leavetaking disappearance sea change transferral repositioning passing outpour outflow outpouring gush advance motion progression offgoing advancement headway onrush process traversing furtherance changeover translocation change substitution switch transmittance flood transmittal transmission traject moving on trajection going out chicken run flit flitting change of job change of house change of address retiral resignation going off running away walkout takeoff withdrawing separation recession taking off start setting off taking leave stampede vanishing act setting forth powder starting out setting out


Movement onwards or forwards or towards a specific destination
progress progression advance movement advancement headway journey motion passage going crossing encroachment expansion expedition passing spread traversal traverse voyage course forward movement march movement forward onward movement procession forward motion onrush onward motion process arrival approach nearing coming moving forward flow furtherance transit moving development stream onset emergence advent rise run flood appearance growth push charge surge rush entrance storm evolution dash transfer transition continuance tide unfolding transference dawn flux proceeding buildup travelling incoming materialization accession momentum evolvement birth surfacing looming promotion sweep oncome introduction start traveling materialisation step forward steps forward coming on occurrence onslaught stampede deluge blitz wave avalanche transporting run-up visitation origin pass travel beginning initiation stride drift gain stepping forward increase inroads mobility traversing steps breakthrough locomotion move transmittance exodus traject transmittal transmission trajection migration mobilisation mobilization velocity moving on approaching reaching ambulation presence appearing drawing near showing up imminence coming near coming nearer turning up duration launch landing order term length succession sequence reception period lapse span life stretch continuity extent lifetime continuation time flourishing metamorphosis spreading transformation evolving advancing operation maturation fullness spell unraveling extension blossoming flowering chain maturing growing upgrowth forwarding burgeoning interval scheme escalation elapsing timeline fruition consecution string prolongation unravelling perpetuation life span full length time span time frame length of time


Wealth or property
possession things belongings effects assets chattels goods paraphernalia property stuff gear impedimenta movables accouterments accoutrements baggage personal effects duds estate holdings junk luggage moveables personalty plunder traps valuables clobber dunnage wealth worldly goods accessories appointments appurtenances bits and pieces equipment fixtures furnishings furniture personal property province settlement tangibles trappings tricks bags and baggage real estate goods and chattels possessions clothes personal possessions togs garms bags bits and bobs garments odds and ends resources capital riches fortune substance inheritance worth legacy heritage bequest patrimony endowment devise earthly possessions means money funds wherewithal reserves savings birthright opulence cash stock treasure principal bequeathal finance hereditament securities finances kitty gold stake prosperity nest egg financing investment bestowal deep pockets backing benefaction material goods gift provision dough bread heirloom wonga affluence ways and means funding business interests capitalization IRA investments subsidization loot shekels dosh moolah brass pelf dibs lolly wad spondulicks share tradition gelt scratch ackers equity grubstake oof jack heritance splosh portion lot mazuma Oscar subsidisation asset richness revenue credit CD ancestry portfolio income stocks holding equities bonds mint pile abundance donation trust dower worldly possessions land net worth estates dineros contribution devisal bequeathment koha present tidy sum purse budget intangibles pocket bundle earnings bankroll nut financial status right dowry heirship gold mine money for a rainy day ace in the hole stocks and shares plenty luxury prosperousness lucre luxuriance mammon hoard cache commodities substantiality multitude security Mammon megabucks well-being long green big bucks big money ill-gotten gains lap of luxury stocks and bonds primogeniture green rhino ready readies bucks tin necessary gravy ducats boodle dinero greenbacks simoleons kale shinplasters rocks working capital investment capital financial assets


Go on a long arduous journey, typically on foot
journey hike march trudge slog traipse tramp travel footslog peregrinate pilgrimage range tour trip voyage walk plod roam rove trog yomp foot migrate ramble trail wander go walkabout hit the road be on the move be on the trail cruise stroll amble saunter traverse jaunt gallivant perambulate meander knock about galavant drift backpack prowl move go shuffle proceed mosey stump globetrot take a trip tread explore leg it maunder tromp mooch straggle bat clump knock around gad about stray kick around drag oneself roll advance stravaig float step tootle toil gad circumambulate pass globe-trot junket stomp hop galumph hoof it lumber shamble vagabond sail scuff fly ambulate schlep cross follow one's nose promenade navigate wend jet pad hoof do pootle push on wend one's way drag yourself pass over go on foot go on a trip travel around clomp potter dawdle coast range over bimble stumble circumnutate hopscotch stride struggle stamp flounder slough barge scuffle mill round mill around walk the tracks mill about mooch around flog lump pound exodus scramble pace race transition troop safari circuit process depart progress fare hie traik wade cover track itinerate barnstorm prance trek through strut course transit wayfare journey through travel through make your way scour make one's way go places globe trot walk heavily cut across set out go on an expedition go on an excursion proceed along set forth take Shanks's pony foot it pass through travel over go through stretch one's legs sightsee circumlocute slouch repair steam patter pitter-patter venture drive back-pack climb streel bum swan divagate sweep dally labor labour go on a journey encompass search reconnoiter reconnoitre go on a excursion sweat fight wander aimlessly move aimlessly get off the point go off at a tangent get sidetracked bum around struggle along mince spread through push descend ascend tiptoe skip make circuit hit the trail move with difficulty go forward go by foot travel on foot move forward go up go down press on push yourself travel to head shift travel round motor escape bus spring continue trundle speed approach road-trip take off coach get bustle gig cab transport fight your way patrol journey across go across journey over swing voyage around holiday in trek around holiday vacation sightsee in emigrate zigzag wind clamber tramp over toddle roam in trek round wander through journey round rove through venture to put behind one make one's way across immigrate leave transmigrate nomadize transfer step out go on the road go on an excursion in go on a trip through go on safari go on a tour canter parade stalk file locomote bat around bat back and forth go for a walk take a walk walk through hike through take a turn plod on take the air move around move about take a look at see the sights of ride circumnavigate follow transmit overnight go round move round go riding cover ground get through wend your way make a journey go into orbit take a plane take a boat take a train limp blunder bumble sprauchle plough grind schlepp plow walk slowly plug along sashay swagger putter jog trample mope gallop loiter stream swank trot crawl breeze drill waltz get some exercise get some air ankle percolate linger pound the pavement stretch your legs flounce take a stroll hit the bricks walk casually peacock drag go for a stroll grandstand play to audience walk arrogantly walk confidently hang hang about hang around troll goose step boogie gander tarry trill ooze striddle run stooge walk purposefully crowd flock rush march up and down walk up and down truck funnel snake dash zoom walk back and forth walk to and fro showboat find one's way wind one's way pick one's way dance bounce leap throng swarm posture show off wallow plod along go for a constitutional storm scurry jump glide sprint scuttle bolt scamper spill surge boot space debouch tear along hightail it totter creep walk in single file negotiate loll dodder loaf waddle go from place to place go around skulk ply lurch change put on airs bridge drag your feet go slowly scuff one's feet shilly-shally span get across make your way across bisect transverse quarter decussate travel across intersect go over crisscross move over crush flatten squash stomp on stand on trample on step on walk all over stamp on tramp on

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