Đồng nghĩa của coming

Alternative for coming


Đồng nghĩa: advent, approach, approaching, climax, coming(a), forthcoming, future day, orgasm, sexual climax, upcoming,

comes, came, coming

Trái nghĩa: go,


Due to happen or just beginning
approaching forthcoming imminent impending future near nearing advancing upcoming anticipated due expected immediate oncoming pending proximate close next nigh converging eventual progressing subsequent unborn near-term at hand close at hand drawing near in store en route in the offing in the pipeline just round the corner to be up-and-coming in the air on the horizon on the way about to happen almost on one in view on the cards in the wind on us getting near gaining upon in prospect looming to come threatening prospective brewing likely probable awaited planned on tap gathering in the cards coming up just around the corner menacing upon us potential on hand following -to-be soon-to-be in preparation inevitable afoot proposed about to be scheduled designate later possible fast-approaching considered destined ensuing presumptive inescapable overhanging handwriting-on-the-wall succeeding looming large on the agenda predicted forecast contemplated see it coming near-at-hand about on the go slated hoped-for looked-for promised predictable foreseeable envisioned downstream latter down the line down the pike down the road yet to come in the wings approximating onrushing incipient convergent arriving in the works under way in production being prepared hereafter hovering underway under discussion happening soon portending awaiting ominous resulting supplied predestined fated waiting to looking to moving closer up and coming chosen in the near future near at hand to-be appointed round the corner coming soon elected going on happening current circulating around abroad in sight nearly on us intended elect at large stirring going about in circulation wanted intending would-be aspiring astir fast approaching latent inevasible unescapable expectant unavoidable ineluctable prophesied foretold hoped for looked for prepared for long-awaited counted on foreseen planned for counted upon in the making doing the rounds on its way on the verge in the stars projected nearby neighboring next-door close-up beside neighbouring close by nearly here get back on one's feet almost practically nearly regain one's health adjacent scheduled for expected to arrive


An arrival or approach
advent arrival appearance dawn approach emergence advance entrance incoming looming materialisation materialization nearing accession birth introduction landing launch oncome onset rise start surfacing reception coming on development occurrence entry beginning ingress origin inception origination progress springing up progression advancement ingression turning up encroachment happening coming in going in forward movement issue inauguration emanation arising materializing entering initiation evolution cropping up popping up passage materialising presence appearing debut unfolding headway course march movement procession growth showing up expedition onrush journey voyage going process blossoming blooming visitation nativity parturition first appearance childbirth delivery ingoing taking place approaching reaching arriving homecoming meeting alighting dismounting return disembarkation debarkation influx genesis drawing near imminence coming near coming nearer spread outset flow proceeding motion manifestation commencement conception dawning stride drift evolvement buildup gain stream transition expansion stepping forward flux increase momentum furtherance promotion opening git-go infancy baseline morning get-go incipience nascence kickoff incipiency nascency threshold institution alpha display presentation unveiling actualization representation exhibition kick-off starting point day one foundation source outstart head word go coming into view traversal trek traverse passing movement forward moving forward onward motion forward motion onward movement creation root opener spring verge edge brink fountainhead square one takeoff preface prelude basis point of departure induction installation point blastoff top rudiment cusp provenance provenience cradle early stages formation beginnings founding fountain roots leadoff wellspring outbreak instigation birthplace derivation well fount embarkation seedbed radix opening move first establishment origins early days starting proem overture commencing startup seed germ cause launching curtain-raiser tee off seat font etymology author creator place of origin parent determinant fons et origo horse's mouth generation naissance geniture engendering propagation nursery constitution opportunity break chance breaking out access seizure assailment onfall encounter premiere developing breeding place innovation discovery prime graduation convocation countdown celebration admission bow very beginning activation babyhood setting up setting-up first act seeds ultimate cause first step first steps very minute eruption floating eve very beginnings father originator pedigree begetter history pupilage youth childhood incunabulum nonage immaturity minority initiator architect inventor preamble preliminary intro upwelling antecedent mother authorship home starting place paternity maternity specialist rising prologue early years first phase early life embryonic stage formative years initial stages foreword prolegomenon prolog base mainspring causality lead-in causation nucleus progenitor agent occasion producer inspiration inducement forging egg principle embryo motive connection generator prefatory remarks opening remarks coming out opening statement well head git go blast off early stage


Going somewhere, typically with some degree of difficulty
getting arriving reaching making it turning up appearing approaching entering coming along materializing showing up coming up showing presenting oneself rolling in coming on the scene dropping in making an appearance popping in putting in an appearance rolling up blowing in bobbing up checking in clocking in materialising popping up showing one's face landing ringing in closing in making the scene showing your face getting in getting there buzzing through skying in breezing in punching in getting through punching the clock springing in signing in falling in falling by bursting through getting here turning out emerging cropping up surfacing arising transpiring occurring developing attending happening coming out unfolding coming to light coming about resulting issuing taking place ensuing eventuating springing befalling presenting itself coming to pass looming springing up coming into view proceeding manifesting reporting becoming apparent following rising evolving coming into sight coming into being fetching up emanating betiding passing being happing going down taking shape falling out going on coming into existence flowing chancing dawning coming forth getting to panning out pitching up coming off coming down deriving stemming originating visiting hitting falling manifesting itself pulling in revealing itself becoming visible winding up at entering into the picture starting beginning going becoming known supervening growing finishing up leaking out ending up forming crystallizing arriving on the scene punching the time clock becoming evident making it to showing itself coming to clocking on taking effect coming on ending up at getting as far as exposing itself setting foot on crystallising winding up taking form going to commencing making finding oneself reappearing spawning actualizing setting in accompanying coming from alighting presenting flourishing originating in landing up revealing oneself presenting yourself becoming a fact coming in coming to the fore seeing the light of day entering the picture supervening on showing oneself coming into walking on kicking in landing up at washing up rising up joining succeeding coming after walking in coming next settling launching catalyzing happening suddenly accessing gathering kicking off catalysing popping out popping riding up existing accruing breaking engendering manifesting oneself hoving into view manifesting yourself heaving into view dropping by heaving in sight making appearance assembling stopping drawing up pulling up fetching up at debuting haunting intervening seeing daylight recurring becoming public following on arising from stemning from arising out of resulting from gaining ingress getting inside piling out rolling out occurring suddenly occurring abruptly appearing unexpectedly appearing abruptly appearing suddenly entering society beaching passing in setting foot standing out sticking out putting in appearance catching your eye patronizing frequenting breaking through finding itself announcing oneself making oneself known gracing with your presence patronising showing yourself taking part prevailing spreading actioning passing off tumbling lucking stumbling leaking becoming common knowledge proving to be the case slipping out circulating getting out coming out in the wash getting around coming out in the open obtaining coming on the market going on sale becoming available lighting upon stumbling on blundering on hitting upon falling to one's lot arriving at culminating germinating showing up at going as far as coming up to landing on continuing to landing at catching up to weighing in drawing near hitting town busting in dropping anchor buzzing in dismounting disembarking barging in deepening broadening flowing from birthing progressing issuing from starting off emanating from springing from merging maturing increasing naturalising coming together changing advancing naturalizing impinging interrupting having one's foundations spurting hailing from heading upspringing flaring up gushing setting foot in going in burgeoning blossoming ripening shooting up proliferating mushrooming butting in charging in shooting sprouting pushing pushing up taking root


(come from) Present participle for to originate from by birth or as a native


(come from) Present participle for to originate from as an inhabitant or resident of


Present participle for to reach a specified point, state, or situation


Present participle for to achieve peak sensory overload, especially pleasure

Trái nghĩa của coming

coming Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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