Đồng nghĩa của hereafter

Alternative for hereafter

Phó từ

Into the future (in perpetuity)
forward on onward henceforth onwards evermore forth forwards henceforward ahead eternally forever forevermore hence permanently unchangingly unfadingly for ever into eternity for evermore and beyond ever after moving ahead for all time for always for good in perpetuity without end ad infinitum for ever and ever forever more once and for all until kingdom come for good and all till hell freezes over to the end of time until hell freezes over until the end of time until the cows come home till the cows come home until doomsday until the twelfth of never always ever endlessly constantly ceaselessly indelibly e'er perpetually aye unceasingly everlastingly ay in perpetuum continually for aye next subsequently in time later on after this in due course in the future at a later date from this day on from now on from this day forward in time to come from this time on in the fullness of time from this day forth for keeps enduringly for eternity for all future time immortally abidingly world without end till the end of time invariably timelessly deathlessly perdurably sempiternally imperishably on and on till Doomsday incessantly consistently unendingly unfailingly for life until Kingdom come now and forever for ever more till death do us part till blue in the face night and day interminably undyingly lastingly relentlessly continuously too long unremittingly repeatedly regularly at all times till cows come home good never to return indefinitely immutably inalterably neverendingly steadfastly recurrently conclusively usually anytime never-ending unlimitedly to infinity definitively persistently infinitely durably non-stop by any chance in any case decisively irrevocably to the end without limit at length for all eternity to a finish till you're blue in the face day and night morning, noon and night all the time the entire time for a lifetime for an infinite amount of time finally absolutely having no end for the rest of eternity for ever so long

Danh từ

A paradisiacal place, typically where souls are believed to live after mortal death

Tính từ

Of a future time
unborn future coming forthcoming subsequent to come expected incipient awaited approaching imminent impending near nearing advancing upcoming anticipated due proximate oncoming immediate pending next close nigh getting near drawing near eventual close at hand on the horizon gaining upon to be at hand on the way on us almost on one in the air just round the corner in the wind converging in prospect near-term in store en route about to happen in view up-and-coming in the pipeline progressing in the offing on the cards looming threatening prospective brewing likely probable planned gathering on tap in the cards coming up just around the corner menacing upon us potential following -to-be on hand soon-to-be in preparation inevitable afoot proposed about to be scheduled designate later possible fast-approaching considered destined ensuing presumptive inescapable overhanging handwriting-on-the-wall succeeding looming large on the agenda predicted forecast contemplated see it coming near-at-hand about on the go slated hoped-for looked-for promised predictable foreseeable envisioned downstream latter down the line down the pike down the road yet to come in the wings approximating onrushing convergent arriving in the works under way in production being prepared hovering underway under discussion portending awaiting ominous resulting supplied predestined fated waiting to looking to moving closer up and coming chosen in the near future near at hand to-be appointed round the corner happening soon coming soon elected going on happening current circulating around abroad in sight nearly on us intended elect at large stirring going about in circulation wanted intending would-be aspiring astir fast approaching latent inevasible unescapable expectant unavoidable ineluctable prophesied foretold hoped for looked for prepared for long-awaited counted on foreseen planned for counted upon in the making doing the rounds on its way on the verge in the stars projected nearby neighboring next-door close-up beside regain health neighbouring close by nearly here almost practically nearly get back on feet adjacent scheduled for expected to arrive

Trái nghĩa của hereafter

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