Đồng nghĩa của future

Alternative for future


Đồng nghĩa: coming, hereafter, tomorrow,

Trái nghĩa: past,

Danh từ

The outcome or inevitable events predetermined by a supernatural or divine will
fate outcome issue upshot consequence destination destiny end outgrowth conclusion corollary effect fruit precipitate product result resultant sequel sequence termination aftereffect aftermath backwash development dole doom due fallout lot offshoot ending repercussion after-effect final result end product end result child by-product ramification spin-off culmination eventuality produce denouement payoff concomitant sequelae out-turn side effect aftershock pay-off reaction reverberation causatum event follow-up matter of course trail legacy yield waves fruits reverberations success creation chain reaction wake results effects afterglow ripple profit impact flak sequent finish response finale climax can of worms follow through hangover completion offspring descendant progeny spawn implication residuum residual remainder byproduct fulfillment reward ripple effect backlash pursuance harvest reflex consummation blowback benefit return emergence net result accompaniment inference externality induction deduction correlate footprint advantages fulfilment dénouement flow-on effect trickle-down effect afterclap analogy deserts final outcome delayed response side reaction knock-on effect consequences advantage echo maturing fruition pay follow-on output labor labour handiwork aftercome payback work returns spinoff affair realization result of artifact brand artefact gain realisation crop amount bottom line production thing achievement invention concoction outturn productivity accomplishment derivative fabrication design derivation derivate action handicraft manufacture formulation origination take deed turnout amount produced commodity craft volume doing auxiliary adjunct bounty branch appendage revenue craftwork turnover earnings income construction feat takings receipts workmanship triumph attainment gains finished product final product act proceeds gate quantity produced incomings influence deliverable extension working contrivance emanation outcomes by-products things offshoots followup weight imprint impression bearing complication first fruits sequela mark power quota aggregate connection annexe annex vestige relic remnant subsidiary product wave actualization brainchild leftover heritage art conception innovation application remains residue genesis article manufacturing performance profits production quota supplement complement handwork oeuvre making solutions producing writings works skill products appurtenance net sideshoot coup exploit undertaking enterprise job aspiration execution implementation gate money till interest gate receipts handle lucre split box office artisanship handcraft trade gross domestic product gross national product opus personal work craftsmanship vocation calling métier craftship profession ability artwork effort dividend stroke of genius positive result master stroke haul catch vintage pickings receipt bunce fruitage intake crops garnering gleaning reaping gathering financial return year's growth annual production season's growth

Tính từ

Hoping to become
aspiring ambitious aspirant budding eager hopeful intending optimistic potential striving wannabe wishful would-be determined enterprising go-getting keen likely possible prospective committed driven energetic enthusiastic go-ahead hard-driving longing motivated pioneering progressive pushing self-seeking zealous endeavoring endeavouring expectant impassioned purposeful eager beaver on the make promising probable hypothetical could-be hungry industrious pushy assertive goal-oriented self-starting earnest ardent spirited forceful single-minded self-driven intent avid resolute desirous power-hungry thirsty inspired fierce active dogged tenacious unwavering untiring vigorous ruthless militant high-reaching aggressive self-assertive dedicated steadfast persistent uncompromising indefatigable obstinate staunch embryonic unflagging unyielding thrusting bent upon power-loving strong-willed self-asserting get up and go full of determination adventurous bent resolved persevering obsessed strong stalwart diligent unbending mettlesome fanatical steely assiduous undaunted plucky bold upwardly mobile unshakeable unfaltering obdurate undeviating pertinacious unrelenting unflinching stubborn strong-minded desiring success dead set hell-bent like a ball of fire materialistic self-improving career-focused fledgling developing conscientious devoted hardworking aspirational career-minded so-called professed dormant compelled consumed self-appointed undeveloped unfulfilled latent self-styled firm obsessive set unshakable fixed unbendable unshaken possessed immovable galvanized adamant serious monomaniacal indomitable gutsy impelled fixated insistent compulsive obsessional unhesitating induced unrealized soi-disant quasi- impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised urged on competitive dynamic unremitting confident relentless tireless sedulous rigid steady cutthroat decisive sustained feisty rigorous ferocious unabated bloodthirsty stringent assured gladiatorial defiant brutal scrappy warlike bullheaded gung ho hang-tough self-willed bound and determined full-blooded intensely competitive stop at nothing iron-willed high-pressure having killer instinct go for broke self-possessed self-confident in-your-face cut-throat self-assured dog-eat-dog can-do fiercely competitive

Tính từ


Tính từ

Relating to the future

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