Đồng nghĩa của reflex

Alternative for reflex

  • danh từ
    • ánh sáng phản chiếu; vật phản chiếu, bóng phản chiếu trong gương
    • tiếng dội lại
    • sự phản xạ
    • phản xạ
    • sự phản ánh
    • tính từ
      • nhìn sâu vào nội tâm; soi rọi lại bản thân (ý nghĩ)
      • phản chiếu (ánh sáng)
      • phản ứng, tác động trở lại
      • phản xạ


    Of or caused by a reflex
    automatic instinctive involuntary knee-jerk spontaneous impulsive unthinking intuitive mechanical reflexive subliminal unconditioned unconscious unintentional unlearned unpremeditated untaught unwitting accidental inadvertent habitual responsive instinctual natural mechanic robotic gut innate subconscious unintended inherent unwilled intuitional ingrained intrinsic inborn unprompted thoughtless unmeditated visceral unplanned primitive inbred uncontrolled careless negligent routine congenital second-nature accustomed rooted mindless uncalculated perfunctory unbidden hard-wired primeval animal predictable basic physical default expected immediate unrealized uncalculating undeliberate primaeval unforced autogenetic spur-of-the-moment off-the-cuff from the hip uncontrollable blind unbewised conditioned unchosen native emotional regular normal typical subjective unmindful heedless rash by seat of one's pants foolish ill-considered imprudent unwise ill-advised absent-minded injudicious stupid neglectful silly precipitate senseless reckless remiss matter-of-fact machine-like oblivious unfeeling impersonal cursory witless inattentive lifeless cold unemotional feckless vacant unmeant brutish unreasoning indelicate outrageous napping blunt unheeding untactful lacklustre casual inhuman lackluster unanimated uninspired soulless emotionless unimaginative spiritless programmed mechanistic stereotyped laborsaving unchanging systematic monotonous motorized powered standardised fixed useful motorised standardized hereditary inherited deep-seated built-in immanent constitutional deep-rooted essential connate engrained hardwired connatural inbuilt indigenous ingrain constitutive integral primal in the blood intimate in the family internal characteristic fundamental in-built inner bred in the bone in one's blood organic elemental original indwelling natural-born in your blood passionate impromptu extemporaneous natal impetuous implanted entrenched ingrown primordial ineradicable viscerous interior unacquired distinctive underlying central dyed-in-the-wool inward wild ingenerate genetic existing from birth innermost inwrought raw unsophisticated born core congenite genetous embedded genuine heartfelt inspired material charged ardent fervent feeling settled established base inmost in one's genes quintessential psychological mental standard firm enduring unfading abiding unshakeable stubborn inveterate deep-down structural inexpungible indelible implicit permanent ineffaceable inseparable hidden spiritual resident unalienable indispensable latent individual elementary integrated untutored cerebral psychologic intellectual native-born driven in part and parcel autogenous personal endogenous extempore within hasty headlong hurried capricious snap incautious whimsical uninhibited sudden freakish unconsidered adventurous daredevil unrepressed foolhardy abrupt daring unguarded unpredictable irresponsible madcap abandoned unwary quick offhand swift hectic superficial speedy brash unexpected hot-headed ad-lib devil-may-care jumping the gun ill-thought-out winging it

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