Đồng nghĩa của repercussions

Alternative for repercussions


Đồng nghĩa: backlash, rebound, recoil, reverberation,


Undesirable or unfavorable outcomes
results ramifications aftermaths fallout impact implication side effects consequences aftereffects aftershock backwash reverberation effect outcomes outgrowths corollaries issues product upshots development by-products sequels precipitates end results sequences fruit resultants conclusions reactions fate spin-offs ends after-effects backlashes children end products eventualities follow-ups chain reactions footprints marks denouements influence impressions imprints events ripples bearings pay-offs offshoots payoffs responses weight culmination sways matters of course trails flak out-turns blowbacks shock waves cans of worms knock-on effects concomitants significance residuals wakes finales power endings reflexes burdens legacies produce termination impingement pursuance hangovers upshot outcome effects work workings result consequence remainders actions ripple effects heritage shocks externality echoes spinoffs afterglows brunts sequents success thrust harvests side reactions control entailments residuums byproducts creation scars complication finishes climaxes completions followups sequelae side-effects realisation beings materializations actualization realization fall-outs derivatives derivations derivates destinations dole lots future doom dues destinies afterclaps inference induction correlates deductions accompaniment analogy payback aftercomes bottom line loads meanings retribution punishment comeuppances rewards just deserts follow-ons continuation knock-ons relics remains leftovers remnants vestiges residue culminations rebounds feedback re-echos kickback follow-through recoils force impetuses violence stress strain pressure aftermath event by-product out-turn developments fallouts backlash ripple repercussion footprint backwashes blowback end result shock wave embroilment association involvement inevitability necessitation evocations knock-on effect fulfilment yield consummation fulfillment resolution handiwork output accomplishments windups closes cessation wind-ups omegas wrap-ups termini achievement closings desistance grand finales execution determination formulation expiry last words epilogs labor epilogues stops finished products curtains attainment desuetude adjournments discontinuances pay closures discontinuation origination expiration production cappers manufactures labour periods endgames retirement homestretches concoction profit affairs sign-offs perfection invention emergence returns fruition benefits advantage codas checks stoppages perorations lapses breakups arrestments cutoffs shutoffs arrests halts shutdowns surceases closedown geneses deeds conception feats innovation triumph act brainchildren aspiration articles doings offspring handicraft design implementation application commodities things fabrication contrivances construction wanes stoppings catastrophes dissolution summations swan songs crops brands amounts artefacts gain artifacts appurtenances auxiliaries complements supplements adjuncts branches appendages crowning glories pinnacles settlements days of reckoning remunerations recompense payouts moments of truth judgments adjustment judgements punch lines payment reckonings clinchers ends of the line targets

Trái nghĩa của repercussions

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