Đồng nghĩa của comeback


A return to success after a period of failure by a person, team or organization
resurgence rally rebound revival fightback recovery return rebirth upturn improvement regeneration snapback reinstatement renewal return to success resurrection renascence renaissance revitalization rejuvenation restoration reawakening reinvigoration resuscitation upswing rejuvenescence revivification betterment reanimation resumption reappearance re-establishment awakening stimulation rehabilitation turn for the better a turn for the better recuperation recrudescence reintroduction rallying pickup advancement reinstallation relaunch amelioration risorgimento picking up new beginning re-emergence reincarnation advance recommencement continuation triumph return to life new dawn new birth reaction transmigration metempsychosis turning point dead cat bounce repair gain quickening refreshment bringing back envigoration freshening invigoration cheering reinforcement consolation enkindling waking bringing around coming to reactivation reformation recharging recurrence renovation reopening replenishment refilling re-embodiment re-creation transformation conversion repetition transfiguration alteration transmutation modification happening again reconstruction transmogrification changeover reorganization metamorphosis remodelling breaking out again remodeling transanimation reorganisation restitution new life cardiac massage artificial respiration facelifting refurbishment face-lift belle epoque golden age reestablishment remaking abolition repeal new start restart revampment rekindling reinstitution restarting carrying on mutation change convalescence rehab healing transubstantiation cure mending variation restyling process of getting better return to health getting better fresh outbreak taking up again return to reordering transfigurement evolution translation sea change redevelopment innovation samsara flux transmigration of souls transmigration of the soul


A quick and witty reply
retort rejoinder riposte return counter repartee wisecrack sally clapback quip witticism snappy retort one-liner witty remark clever remark joke drollery jest crack pleasantry gag funny josh jape laugh boffola rib giggle boffo waggery boff nifty pun yuck yuk bon mot epigram smart remark play on words flash of wit barb banter gibe dig hoax prank sardonic remark smart crack remark pithy remark funny remark double entendre aphorism retaliation play ruse wile fun shaggy dog story game spoof jolly jive ridicule clown canard rib-tickler jibe zinger escapade frolic put-on clowning parody antic trick lark caper mischief shenanigan monkeyshine stunt farce yarn badinage equivoque paronomasia mot Atticism raillery facetiousness buffoonery jeer amusement humor wit levity humour funniness whimsy wittiness jocularity insult tomfoolery joking satire comedy comicality humorousness drollness absurdity sneer taunt jocoseness flippancy gaiety comicalness jesting ridiculousness playfulness joyfulness happiness burlesque lightness kidding jocosity high spirits foolishness cutting remark practical joke farcicality whimsicality zaniness mockery quirk ludicrousness put down irrationality silliness illogicality unreasonableness stupidity nonsensicalness preposterousness apophthegm witty comment laughableness counterattack aside fool setup windup mock wordplay affront slur slight insinuation waggishness puns quips offense offence merriment squib witticisms good-natured remark uproariousness richness hilariousness slapstick comic witty communication gem jokes entertainment horseplay hoot shenanigans snide remark romp sense of humor black humor sparkle the funny side sense of fun hilarity barbed remark attack hit witty poem nice turn of phrase jeu d'esprit witty saying bit of mischief nonsense killer chestnut blague fun and games piece of fun anecdote in-joke send-up funny story knee-slapper old chestnut shaggy-dog story thigh-slapper ha-ha takeoff caricature take-off travesty skit pastiche pasticcio lampoon pasquinade imitation sendup


The subjection of someone or something to contemptuous and dismissive language or behavior
ridicule mockery derision scorn contempt teasing disdain scoffing caricature parody satire joking burlesque jeer kidding jeering joshing sarcasm badinage sneering banter sneer travesty raillery taunting disparagement taunt jibing ragging chaff dig lampoon ribbing persiflage rib irony laughter gibe sport chaffing farce jab slam razz swipe mimicry kidology sneers taunts chiacking goofing razzing roast jibes twitting buffoonery foolery leer mordancy needling put down rally sardonicism put-on winding up parting shot taking the mickey pulling someone's chain cut lampooning criticism censure acrimony bitterness acidity acridity sharpness acerbity corrosiveness cynicism rancor wisecrack aspersion invective superciliousness trenchancy mordacity causticity causticness flouting rancour dump insult brickbat crack slap backhanded compliment scoff brutality forcefulness outspokenness directness incisiveness acridness tartness asperity virulence acidness vitriol cattiness bile virulency barb provocation disrespect contumely jeers denigration vilification obloquy scornfulness insults backhander pilgarlic catcall goading ridiculing pooh-poohing sledge Bronx cheer reproach affront outrage rag rank-out joke cutting remark ride twit tease slap in the face verbal abuse snappy comeback dirty dig deprecation detraction derogation depreciation belittlement diminishment send-up fun spoof abuse jesting takeoff belittling pasquinade despite skit imitation disregard wit repartee slander despisal calumny pleasantry slight mocking disapproval opprobrium dislike hatred disgust cartoon libel misrepresentation distaste jibe aversion take-off antipathy play pastiche sendup slur defamation insinuation knocking jest contemptuousness drollery loathing bantering distortion vituperation condemnation condescension odium sham venom detestation abhorrence traducement backchat backstabbing backbiting squib repugnance prejudice malice disesteem lampoonery despisement misprision despitefulness libeling traducing impersonation impression give-and-take libelling character assassination hate copy gibes josh derisiveness snidery snigger leg-pulling japing facetiousness simulation comedy roasting good-humoured mockery asteism distorted drawing boo hiss falsification false impression exaggerated drawing takedown pasquil sketch calumniation smearing clowning about antics jokes skylarking fooling around mischief clowning around defaming innuendo mirth frolic merriment hauteur indifference arrogance hoot besmirching haughtiness snobbishness stigmatization muckraking wordplay shout perversion stigmatisation escapade mummery tomfoolery nonsense jollification horseplay trifling jollity aloofness acid snort bird catcalling hectoring hissing heckling raspberry booing shouting interruption running down scandalmongering scurrility wryness backhandedness sarkiness ripostes sallies wisecracks quips swordplay quipping crosstalk dismissiveness lordliness absurdity charade corruption barracking witticism jocularity witticisms abomination pasticcio pappyshow pantomime revilement hurt tale harm smear campaign injustice maligning scandal injury lie knock damage pejorative wrong hit minimization bants shame hostility animosity loftiness insolence superbity pride mime poor substitute apology for repulsion pique malignance ill feeling malevolence exaggeration poor imitation malignity grudge rankling displeasure play-on pretense mock strong dislike mislike extreme dislike revulsion horror pale imitation antagonism excuse for disrelish mock-heroic resentment coldness frost ill will objection bad feeling apology pretence spite execration animus enmity marginalization exchange chitchat playful jab bons mots small talk gossip witty remarks witty conversation dissing practical joke discredit marginalisation castigation degradation lessening denunciation reprobation recrimination chastisement debasement reproval playing down snobbery recalcitrance audacity indignity defiance stubbornness upbraiding excoriation slamming admonishment slating remonstrance critique flak reproof chiding smear slagging underestimation blame berating faultfinding panning scolding nitpicking caviling carping cavilling cavil fault-finding verbal disapproval slagging off nit-picking


Revenge exacted for an insult, injury, or other wrong
vengeance retribution reprisal revenge retaliation requital repayment payback punishment counterblow comeuppance satisfaction counterstroke ultion avengement avenging nemesis wrath return vengefulness getting even lex talionis tit for tat an eye for an eye retributive justice measure for measure blow for blow eye for an eye settling of scores evening of score settling of score a Roland for an Oliver an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth quid pro quo a taste of your own medicine redress counterattack recrimination a tooth for a tooth reward paying back act of vengeance reciprocation reply reaction response as good as one gets riposte avengment wreak vindictiveness counterinsurgency counterplay attack a game at which two can play recompense reckoning justice remedy reparation damages penalty wages restitution compensation amends revanche measure judgement atonement judgment poetic justice due reward just reward just deserts counteraction counteroffensive countermove counterstrike counterpunch discipline chastisement fate settlement deserts doom vindication tooth for a tooth afterstroke retaliatory blow return blow sharing exchange complementation interchange correspondence giving in return barter trade recaliation counterassault castigation correction destiny destruction defence defense reimbursement gain yield accruement accrual proceeds take benefits income interest remuneration profit gate rally neutralization neutralisation payment restoration indemnification quittance avengeance Doomsday disciplining day of retribution last judgment judgment day day of judgment what is coming to someone what is coming to one chastening what one is asking for talion lumps


A remark or act using mockery, typically to offend
sarcasm insult slight slur barb dig affront epithet indignity outrage cut slap diss brickbat dis offence offense gird dart poke name personality taunt aspersion gibe criticism scoffing taunting gibing censure wisecrack invective banter burlesque lampooning raillery vitriol put down mocking remark slap in the face snub abuse sneer slam jibe kick in the teeth jeer derision mockery reproach disparagement backhanded compliment scorn obloquy injury disrespect discourtesy scoff cutting remark dump black eye dirty dig vilification vituperation contempt humiliation rebuff rudeness provocation contumely revilement sledge goading crack ridiculing knock scurrility hit zinger blasphemy disparaging remark ridicule attack accusation jab swipe left-handed compliment parting shot indignation teasing shaft disdain spite smear belittlement kick quip sting name-calling catcall insinuation wrong pan remark suppression burn call-down innuendo atrocity brush-off grievance mistreatment pointed comment scandal desecration snide remark take-down one in the eye exposé dirty deed verbal abuse snappy comeback rap blur disgrace animadversion odium reflection besmirch stricture expose blemish rag rank-out joke razz ride twit tease bar sinister slander libel defamation opprobrium insolence shame ignominy impertinence impudence billingsgate denunciation aspersions depreciation incivility superciliousness castigation impugnment pejorative unpleasantry disdainfulness despite flame tongue-lashing cheap shot abusive remark tirade swearing curses berating expletives insults admonition fulmination recrimination diatribe reproval philippics swear words bad language jeremiad foul language broadside condemnation execration counterblast blame polemic philippic upbraiding harangue reprimand reviling scolding denigration bad-mouthing rant rebuke flak railing slating calumny calumniation character assassination admonishment knocking blast lecture mud-slinging verbal onslaught bashing denouncement reproof excoriation stick scurrilousness traducement objurgation sermon slurs slagging off derogation screed verbal decrying brickbats stream of abuse dispute lambasting bad press earful detraction backbiting discourse verbal attack complaint offensiveness argument panning objection battering venom slamming sideswipe slagging cattiness outburst abusiveness malediction anger ranting malice disapproval spitefulness arraignment reprobation rubbishing cursing abusive language disfavour smearing disfavor signifying derisiveness debate controversy lamentation moan lament keen groan exchange screen coarse language discredit obscenity deprecation slanderousness indecency protest mouthful mudslinging malapertness arrogance coarseness onslaught disputation plaint wail infamousness grossness vociferation scandalmongering discharge warning intimidation curse address speech slights fault-finding chastisement homily declamation oration persecution maligning disapprobation indignities jibes ribaldry vulgarity rocket malevolence assault exhortation rebukes slanging slandering evil-speaking peroration talk gossip malicious talk muckraking confrontation wigging fulminations caning pugnacity bollocking defilement verbals quinine knifing hosing spiel carpeting rollicking put-downs stigmatization implication commination coarse words foul talk rough language abusive talk spiteful talk backstabbing lie tale infighting badmouthing viciousness combativeness roasting disagreement belligerence inculpation incrimination indictment mauling savaging trash talk kicking around pushing around spouting hassle reprehension riot act charge stigmatisation upbraidment damning dressing-down pep talk a slanging match telling-off ticking off verbal assault unkind remarks hateful talk profane language chewing out reading out rap over the knuckles dressing down


Rude answer
back talk backchat cheek impertinence impudence insolence mouth sass sauce attitude cheekiness disrespect guff insult lip rejoinder retort return riposte rudeness sassiness sauciness uptake back answer nasty reply rude answer short answer effrontery audacity presumptuousness boldness presumption pertness brazenness gall nerve malapertness brass neck brass neck brashness impoliteness face chutzpah contumely temerity incivility shamelessness unmannerliness cockiness nerviness snash bad manners smart mouth disrespectfulness crust audaciousness freshness brassiness procacity discourtesy discourteousness front forwardness ungraciousness chutzpa hide impertinency inconsiderateness diss dis inconsideration arrogance talking back answering back backtalk insubordination irreverence flippancy overfamiliarity offensiveness assumption hardihood familiarity assurance immodesty bumptiousness insouciance self-assurance self-confidence jaw rude retorts confidence smart talk answer ill manners wisecrack ill breeding mouthiness come-back sharpness tactlessness churlishness bluntness boorishness brusqueness abusiveness crassness curtness uncouthness lack of manners ill-breeding larrup barbarity lack of tact unkindness offhandedness lack of diplomacy disdain misbehaviour asperity unladylike behaviour acrimony irritability intrusiveness ungentlemanly behaviour harshness officiousness misbehavior abuse contempt ill-manneredness insults lack of civility bad-mouthing contemptuousness uncivility overconfidence pushiness guts impudency spunk defiance moxie gutsiness daring hardiness stuff fearlessness pluck disregard rashness heedlessness recklessness carelessness thoughtlessness venturesomeness intrepidity adventurousness courageousness coarseness lack of respect courage balls bravery grit assertiveness impulsiveness foolhardiness daringness negligence sacrilege impiety valor dauntlessness hutzpah insolency imprudence spirit valour aggression indiscretion braveness impetuosity forcefulness disparagement adventuresomeness valiance daredevilry hastiness daredeviltry precipitation precipitancy precipitateness salt determination venturousness barefacedness vulgarity temerariousness neglect inattention oversight barefaced cheek profanation hutzpa dishonor insolentness perkiness unthoughtfulness bottle dishonour backbone breeziness spine heroism jauntiness impropriety mettle chirpiness doughtiness heart intrepidness insistence gallantry greatheartedness prowess pecker virtue stoutness incautiousness impishness mischief sand cojones overoptimism bullishness pride intestinal fortitude glibness belittlement offhandness egotism liberties bravado derision mockery outdaciousness hardheartedness lack of remorse impenitence forehead flagrancy indelicacy incorrectness unsuitability goof barbarism inelegance gaucherie unseemliness indecorum gaffe faux pas slip solecism vulgarism incongruity indecency blunder over-assertiveness liveliness bald-facedness haughtiness overbearance self-importance conceit pomposity abruptness scorn liberty aggressiveness inurbanity loutishness vigor ardor ardour vigour crust cynicism being a wise guy forthrightness directness overfriendliness informality valorousness blasphemy ridicule defilement desecration lese majesty lese-majesty vivacity inhospitality inhospitableness ballsiness enterprise dynamism a smart mouth laxness unrespect misrespect overweening nature remissness derring-do disagreeableness obnoxiousness objectionableness lack of politeness slackness profanity sinfulness sin heresy inappropriateness coolness incaution lack of consideration neglectfulness dereliction lack of refinement lack of social grace unwariness insensitivity selfishness credulity gullibility unguardedness fortitude resolution strength firmness potency strength of character moral fiber moral fibre will


Make rude and mocking remarks, typically in a loud voice
jeer deride mock ridicule heckle hector taunt abuse jibe laugh at insult knock tease boo catcall gibe hiss interrupt scorn banter barrack scoff scoff at scout skewer sneer sneer at contemn flout jibe at shout at shout disapproval shout down blow raspberries boo at catcall at dig fleer hiss at hoot hoot at jab jest quip shoot down shout disapproval at snipe whistle at blow raspberries at flout at call names poke fun put down put on cock a snook at make a crack give a hard time poke fun at make fun of twit rag lampoon jeer at rib razz rally kid disparage chaff satirize take the mickey take the piss out of satirise josh disdain jive roast gird needle belittle ride haze pan make sport of jape decry slight poke mullock at wind up dis affront chiack whistle pooh-pooh jolly joke quiz slam rag on hold up to ridicule pillory denigrate revile fun caricature shout treat with contempt send up goof on make a fool of sling off at torment make a monkey out of bait outrage humiliate mimic detract dismiss diss hound laugh fool burlesque travesty guy wisecrack gibe at gag dump on make jokes about laugh to scorn be sarcastic about pull one's leg run down shriek trash-talk howl provoke hassle disrespect raz criticize offend despise bother goad lout yuck yuk pick on slap heap scorn on crack grin underrate swipe leer dump snigger treat contemptuously howl down criticise discredit slur shuck spoof derogate sledge discount poke borack slag off show up have on slang scout at show contempt for smoke rail at rank out sneeze at sniff at quip at show contempt hold in contempt make a monkey of thumb nose at turn up one's nose give Bronx cheer look down on drown out bad-mouth parody snicker smile squib censure vilify detract from pour scorn on holler raspberry buffoon susurrate carp seethe murmur whisper poke borak at curl one's lip hoax scream do a number on give the bird to flame yell cry amuse flip pull someone's chain prank mess around pull someone's leg divert entertain fool around fool about deprecate utter catcalls get at sibilate play a prank reproach upbraid tantalise twitter tantalize be scornful about disbelieve reject depreciate play a practical joke roar make light of fleer at pun sally minimize diminish whoop spurn swipe at guffaw dig at vilipend bite one's thumb at trash disrupt have a go at have a joke with annoy cry out hurt minimise aggravate wound cry down play down poor-mouth talk down imitate upset mortify do be contemptuous of condemn pester malign ape copy laugh in the face of treat with disdain slander plague discomfit harass disturb bully worry rattle faze embarrass disconcert chivy badger libel defame take off dishonor curl your lip at make cutting remarks about say contemptuously turn your nose up at impugn mime distort pervert misrepresent do a takeoff of sheikh do an impression of sheik impersonate exaggerate twist irritate calumniate disoblige abase asperse butt in make game of injure miscall debase blister curse degrade dishonour be rude to give offence to step on one's toes cut dead cast aspersions on cause offence to treat disrespectfully throw shade hurt somebody's feelings cut to the quick shout catcalls at cartoon deflate expose unmask hold up to shame make a game of make someone a laughing stock expose to ridicule laugh out of court make a laughing-stock harry vex irk persecute bedevil nag nettle anger pique nark torture gall exasperate rile bug rot peeve infuriate hack off rub up the wrong way niggle miff rasp oppress ruffle exacerbate dog nudge lead on gnaw afflict get devil get to molest sting prick prod get on your nerves put out hit where one lives trouble victimize hump spite get across berate enrage scold rark hack you off harrow beleaguer browbeat beset mistreat antagonize chivvy chafe displease victimise grate get under your skin get in your hair get your back up disgust flirt with antagonise impose on rankle give someone grief drive up the wall put your back up make somebody's hackles rise take a rise out of raise your hackles get a rise out of make fun frazzle kid around get on the nerves of be on the back of get in the hair of tear to pieces play a joke on hurl insults at exploit manipulate maltreat violate domineer snicker at smile at snigger at play a practical joke on override tyrannize push grip ill-treat disgruntle scandalize distress anguish besiege rack excruciate agonize dominate tyrannise enslave joke with entice titillate misuse wrong put incense madden give a zinger confront dispraise scandalise ruffle one's feathers give the cold shoulder intimidate agonise punish break try wring smite bone cow castigate bulldoze be a nuisance to excoriate vituperate be autocratic agitate blackjack fascinate lure tempt allure intrigue excite beguile mess be a pest to drive bananas lambast lambaste bogart ill-use martyrize take advantage of do an injustice to martyr tyrannize over perturb snub blast savage rebuke scathe assail put through wringer coerce roil incite frustrate thwart baffle charm frolic gambol gravel fret grill attack potshot bash belabor step on the toes of abrade start terrorize rebuff shun lead someone a merry dance play cat and mouse rub salt in wound menace smear slate high-hat snoot eat threaten frost reprove get across someone set on stir up get on one's nerves work into lather try your patience rub the wrong way set off send into a rage make your blood boil make waves make angry give someone the hump gripe be contemptuous about be above misprize pain spur itch go for jugular give no quarter lay a bad trip on rot someone mess about put someone on play the fool play tricks play a joke play a trick grieve backbite belabour traduce zing hose inconvenience consider beneath one spit on refuse refute piss over confute avoid abhor hate defy turn back on give the Bronx cheer to consider beneath you spit in the face of renounce look down upon repudiate piss on turn down turn up one's nose at spit in the eye of keep hanging perplex discommode inveigh against jump on mither bullyrag terrorise heavy pursue make your mouth water keep someone hanging on scare blow off vituperate against cut down cuss out swear at mau-mau strong-arm question examine tweak bore impede cross hinder burn up give a black eye grate on intrude upon be on your back get on someone's case bend someone's ear breathe down someone's neck get on your wick carp at importune run up the wrong way sound snap be at

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