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Alternative for reprisal

reprisal /ri'praizəl/
  • danh từ
    • sự trả thù, sự trả đũa
      • to make reprisals on someone: trả thù ai


An act of retaliation
retaliation revenge vengeance requital retribution counterstroke payback comeback counterattack recrimination redress repayment ultion avengement avenging counterblow getting even punishment lex talionis tit for tat paying back act of vengeance a tooth for a tooth a Roland for an Oliver eye for an eye an eye for an eye reciprocation counteraction counteroffensive countermove measure for measure counterstrike compensation satisfaction comeuppance counterpunch blow for blow an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth reward reaction response nemesis retributive justice reply a taste of your own medicine counterassault return recompense reparation attack judgement reckoning judgment poetic justice settling of scores settling of score evening of score just deserts quid pro quo vindication tooth for a tooth afterstroke retaliatory blow return blow sharing exchange complementation interchange correspondence giving in return barter trade as good as one gets recaliation riposte avengment wreak vindictiveness counterplay counterinsurgency fightback a game at which two can play counter-attack reimbursement gain settlement yield accruement accrual proceeds take benefits income interest remuneration profit gate wrath fate vengefulness doom defence defense Doomsday justice rally neutralization neutralisation damages remedy penalty wages restitution atonement amends revanche measure day of retribution last judgment judgment day day of judgment what is coming to someone due reward just reward discipline chastisement deserts castigation correction destiny destruction payment restoration indemnification quittance avengeance disciplining what is coming to one chastening what one is asking for talion lumps


The act of taking something from an enemy by way of retaliation or indemnity
recompense compensation indemnity damages redress requital restitution reparation remuneration indemnification satisfaction recoupment quittance amends atonement repayment reimbursement payment reward settlement remittance reprisals offset payoff benefit counterclaim consideration salary wage pay fee stipend allowance earnings reciprocity profit honorarium gain remittal deserts premium bread salt meet shake bonus reckoning take defrayal scale coverage advantage take-home setoff solatium retribution expiation apology meed guerdon dues return squaring things restoration refund comp claim costs reinstatement quid pro quo rebate replacement substitution penance propitiation redemption emolument making good justice rectification remedy cure aid help ease relief comeback correction assistance amendment rehabilitation reformation conciliation offsetting reestablishment vengeance renewal change remodeling reworking revision repair remodelling balancing remission retaliation penitence absolution attrition punishment penalty purgation payback remediation vindication reciprocation sacrifice fine salvo reparations revenge something in return something returned forfeiture forfeit act of contrition mulct damage measure for measure tit for tat lex talionis tooth for a tooth eye for an eye hire wages fees price rate emoluments packet handout revenue paycheck income compunction net pay profits take-home pay takings lucre gross pay proceeds subsidy alimony advance pension cash bounty pay-off portion sum amortization annuity amortisation outlay down expense defrayment support part acquittal pay envelope award self-abasement self-mortification self-punishment self-flagellation


A sharp, angry, or witty reply
retort answer reply response return comeback rejoinder counter riposte acknowledgment acknowledgement repartee replication retaliation sally antiphon cooler crack gag jape jest joke lip quip respond revenge squelch topper wisecrack witticism back answer back talk parting shot snappy comeback reaction feedback clapback echo knee-jerk reaction counterattack take sass vibes kickback backchat uptake insult backtalk reciprocation witty remark short answer rude answer nasty reply hit reverberation double-take retroaction thrust maneuver manoeuvre account backfire counterblast pushback answer back dig drollery come back with snappy retort explanation sardonic remark smart remark smart crack report one-liner remark statement observation comment rebuttal zinger pithy remark elucidation guff interpretation disclosure clever remark witty comeback rhetorical question opinion assessment evaluation confutation view counterstatement critique counterclaim counterargument counteraccusation defence countercharge defense analysis review R.S.V.P. reception input commentary information criticism advice vibe pointer refutation recommendation suggestion help animadversion tip sentiment direction impression judgment appraisal discussion editor's note annotation advisement proposition disproof negation judgement invalidation rebutter contradiction disconfirmation countering surrejoinder disproving denial disproval surrebutter counteraction backlash fallout repercussion counter-argument recoil balance resistance neutralizer corrective retribution backwash reflex revulsion rebound boomerang reflection adverse reaction knee-jerk response adverse response hostile response

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