Đồng nghĩa của counterblast

Alternative for counterblast

counterblast /'kauntəblɑ:st/
  • danh từ
    • lời tuyên bố phản đối kịch liệt; sự phản kháng kịch liệt
    • cơn gió ngược


Insulting, abusive, or highly critical language
invective abuse vituperation billingsgate censure denunciation reproach castigation obloquy vilification revilement tongue-lashing berating contumely curses expletives insults swearing tirade admonition diatribe fulmination recrimination reproval scurrility vitriol bad language philippics swear words accusation attack blame blasphemy broadside condemnation criticism epithet execration foul language jeremiad philippic polemic sarcasm upbraiding slander defamation libel harangue reprimand disparagement reviling scolding denigration bad-mouthing rant aspersions rebuke flak railing slating opprobrium stricture calumny calumniation character assassination admonishment knocking verbal abuse blast lecture mud-slinging verbal onslaught insult bashing denouncement derision reproof excoriation stick scurrilousness traducement objurgation animadversion rudeness sermon slurs brickbat aspersion slagging off insolence slur offence offense derogation screed verbal decrying brickbats stream of abuse dispute indignity slight lambasting scorn contempt bad press earful detraction backbiting discourse verbal attack complaint name-calling offensiveness argument panning put down objection battering impertinence discourtesy venom slamming jibe sideswipe slagging cattiness outburst abusiveness malediction anger ranting barb affront humiliation dig malice disapproval spitefulness spite arraignment outrage cut slap reprobation diss scandal rubbishing dis cursing gird impugnment dart abusive language disfavour poke name smearing taunt disrespect disfavor personality slam rap knock signifying depreciation backhanded compliment black eye derisiveness debate controversy lamentation moan lament keen groan exchange screen coarse language smear discredit obscenity deprecation slanderousness indecency protest mouthful mudslinging odium disdain malapertness arrogance remark coarseness onslaught disputation plaint wail hit infamousness grossness vociferation scandalmongering discharge warning intimidation curse address speech slights fault-finding chastisement homily declamation oration persecution maligning disapprobation indignities jibes dirty dig ribaldry vulgarity rocket malevolence assault exhortation rebukes slanging slandering evil-speaking peroration talk gossip malicious talk muckraking confrontation wigging fulminations gibe caning pugnacity bollocking defilement verbals quinine knifing hosing spiel scoffing carpeting rollicking put-downs stigmatization implication commination comeback coarse words foul talk rough language abusive talk spiteful talk backstabbing belittlement lie tale infighting badmouthing viciousness taunting combativeness roasting gibing wisecrack disagreement belligerence inculpation incrimination indictment mauling savaging lampooning raillery burlesque banter trash talk kicking around pushing around spouting hassle mocking remark reprehension riot act charge stigmatisation upbraidment damning dressing-down pep talk a slanging match telling-off ticking off verbal assault unkind remarks hateful talk profane language chewing out reading out rap over the knuckles snub dressing down mockery injury shame ignominy impudence incivility superciliousness sledge unpleasantry flame pejorative disdainfulness despite slap in the face kick in the teeth abusive remark cheap shot libeling traducing libelling defaming chiding diminishment ridicule swipe remonstrance vilifying aspersing hostility blackening smear campaign misrepresentation belittling disesteem pan a caning a roasting disrepute critique a wigging a rocket a rollicking degradation a bollocking faultfinding nitpicking carping cavilling cavil roast caviling defamation of character malicious gossip false report verbal disapproval nit-picking barracking teasing jeering hectoring torrent of abuse lessening debasement a lashing mocking complaints underestimation opposition prejudice disgrace maliciousness remonstration stain sideswipes aggravation blemish serve reflection infamy untruth rating lying punishment dirt slap on the wrist stigma ticking-off innuendo aftertale slime rumour insinuation examen quibble rumourmongering rumor rumormongering mud dump misrepresentation of character a bad press takedown notice captiousness dirty laundry false light tittle-tattle fake news low-down dirty slagging-off slap in face running down false accusation critical remark call down bad notice dishonor abasement dishonour a bawling-out an earful a bashing hurt harm injustice damage wrong minimization a row critical remarks besmirching

Trái nghĩa của counterblast

counterblast Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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