Đồng nghĩa của damning

Alternative for damning

damns, damned, damning

Đồng nghĩa: censure, condemn, curse, denounce, doom,

Trái nghĩa: bless,

Tính từ

Leading to misfortune or ruin
incriminating condemnatory damnatory damaging calamitous cataclysmal cataclysmic catastrophic condemning derogatory destructive disastrous fatal fateful implicating ruinous unfortunate accusatorial conclusive dooming implicative implicatory strong devastating dire harmful tragic crippling devastative annihilatory deadly terrible grievous dreadful injurious awful lethal shattering woeful lamentable detrimental catastrophal direful appalling deleterious mortal pernicious baneful annihilative crushing adverse miserable brutal unfavourable black noxious disadvantageous hurtful baleful ravaging savage unfavorable unlucky untoward inauspicious unpropitious deplorable regrettable costly heartbreaking violent wounding fierce bad dangerous ill-fated maleficent wrackful suicidal frightful eradicative death-dealing severe grave ominous untimely inopportune unwelcome distressing unadvantageous mortifying tough hostile annihilating desolating tragical unpromising distressful heartrending inimical murderous withering wretched infelicitous hard blighting earth-shattering afflictive messy draining extravagant immoderate exhausting wasteful impoverishing depleting compromising convicting ill-starred shocking horrible unsuccessful dark abortive accusatory ill-boding sinister hapless luckless doomed lethiferous consumptive erosive wreckful pestilential internecine toxic pestiferous cancerous evil slaughterous venomous extirpative noisome cutthroat fell environmentally unfriendly sad grim dismal pitiful upsetting undesirable harrowing gloomy unpleasant pathetic poor unhappy hopeless mournful painful sorry negative disturbing sorrowful ill disagreeable disappointing pitiable depressing bleak discouraging lousy melancholy disheartening atrocious heart-rending shameful cheerless doleful threatening saddening prejudicial nasty agonizing rotten wicked troublesome agonising unacceptable desolate unhealthy objectionable piteous bitter unwholesome malignant nocuous menacing poisonous traumatic malefic sombre mischievous foreboding somber execrable ghastly worrying prejudicious forbidding disgraceful intolerable joyless dispiriting poignant egregious gut-wrenching comfortless nocent difficult horrendous horrifying abysmal blameworthy reprehensible morose counterproductive corrupting malign frightening parlous displeasing diabolical horrific mean dreary ill-omened crummy harsh moving gruesome monstrous unsatisfactory alarming perilous offensive forlorn bodeful abominable affecting abhorrent glum abject inexpedient vile tear-jerking ignominious inconvenient hazardous horrid ill-advised inferior distasteful unpalatable disquieting portentous plaintive too bad heinous vexatious unbearable annoying desperate hideous depressive sickening critical godawful excruciating rueful irksome drear anguished melancholic virulent disconsolate funereal malicious solemn nightmarish corroding galling unwanted unfriendly cruel afflicted cursed jinxed minatory scandalous distressed dishonourable inadequate drab doomy dishonorable dolorous scurvy opprobrious despondent paltry contemptible wrong subversive outrageous ill-timed uncomfortable shoddy dismaying tormenting sinistrous stressful disconcerting very bad troubling detestable chronic dejected iniquitous grisly oppressive irritating afflicting unspeakable discomposing dicey corrosive loathsome depressed lugubrious uninviting austere incendiary odious repugnant despairing undermining sullen vexing shabby malevolent unpopular heart-wrenching unnerving uncongenial unpleasing repellent improper base awkward obnoxious macabre touching undesired troubled dirty lurid scary tearful unseasonable substandard unappealing unwished-for cheap despicable cruddy inexcusable lame elegiac unsettling disreputable pessimistic stinking mediocre God-awful indefensible fearful unsought ignoble downbeat unsafe risky concerning unjustifiable dejecting foul sinful aggravating unsavory icky disgusting godforsaken stirring rubbish revolting discreditable gross discomforting yukky sour yucky meagre inhospitable ridiculous meager exceptionable unlovely perturbing daunting blue cold lachrymose precarious god-awful nerve-racking nefarious heart-breaking defeatist minacious torturous serious sucky exacting laughable derisible demoralized terrifying dread unkind insufferable taxing unsavoury sepulchral inappropriate frustrating unsuited contrary uncomplimentary exigent pressing punk testing morbid extreme trying off-putting worthless repellant ugly fearsome redoubtable unsuitable discommodious gray grey tortured spine-chilling intimidating formidable hair-raising beastly terrific demoralised ruining unfit suffering destroying low second-rate unseemly apocalyptic unenviable corruptive regretful a pity squalid sordid glaring disillusioning loss-making crying crucial pestilent indigent scungy impoverished nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing urgent teary flagrant grieving insalubrious harassing cynical worrisome bringing bad luck disenchanting drastic maddening sacrificial irritable bewildering agonized flagitious deathly inept forsaken destitute unprosperous irretrievable humourless humorless repulsive sober agitating racked agonised feeble insidious miasmatic miasmic spiteful inapt beggarly ruthful unforgivable sorrowing infuriating exasperating weighty villainous nauseating sedate hairy troublous unendurable fraught dissatisfying gloom-ridden creepy eerie senseless inglorious preposterous heavy oppressing scowling killing ill-suited uncool grotty grody hellacious nauseous mephitical hellish perplexing revulsive unamusing fatalistic evil-looking spooky eldritch unpardonable unconscionable foolish pesky sobbing wistful nostalgic dour unchancy impending demoralizing demoralising compassionate commiserative arousing to be pitied small hateful absurd ludicrous derisory cantankerous reprobate bothersome challenging prohibitive unbecoming ill-chosen insupportable immoral minatorial anticlimactic infamous unworthy third-rate foolish-looking silly mirthless dispirited dolesome in a bad way nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking out of luck dreaded dim suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse blackhearted lowering tardy opposed late malapropos antagonistic inadvisable culpable neutralising vicious criminal unforgiving regretting petrifying excessive degrading shady shy unrespectable louche notorious humiliating hard-pressed shadowy chilling suspicious alarmist distrustful doubting unenthusiastic chilly dingy plangent pensive dreich Eeyorish saturnine elegiacal straitened full of hardship doubtful strained treacherous jeopardous rocky rejected remiss unprincipled grubby scummy sneaking ratty scabby excluded uninvited useless junky rubbishy beyond contempt downhearted ill-favoured inadmissible trashy duff schlocky gimcrack unsound poxy cheesy common schlock dissatisfactory coarse trumpery woebegone helpless oppressed downer overwhelming bummer faulty sleazy pants cheapjack bum counter unsympathetic unwished for hurting upset pained bearish heartbroken disheartened downcast resigned weary brokenhearted impaired amiss defective incompetent disparaging dyslogistic depreciative slighting unprofitable downside detracting pejorative debit-side depreciatory unhelpful not wanted lamenting unmitigable in pain in despair broken-hearted up the creek long-suffering grief-stricken without hope sunk inconsolable a load of pants low-grade haunting ill-favored nagging confronting cut-rate low-rent el cheapo bargain-basement on the debit side

Tính từ

Serving to condemn or censure
critical disapproving incriminatory negative pejorative unfavorable unfavourable censorious reproachful condemning denunciatory reproving scathing condemnatory deprecatory censuring damnatory reprobative disparaging castigatory denouncing reprobatory judgmental slating knocking upbraiding opprobrious admonishing frowning criticizing discouraging derogatory disapprobatory boot-faced dissatisfied hostile displeased harsh stern full of reproof criticising accusatory vituperative accusing fault-finding withering proscriptive hypercritical cavilling carping captious caviling overcritical faultfinding pedantic quibbling pass-remarkable nitpicking niggling pernickety nit-picking contemptuous rejective hair-splitting pettifogging picky finicky cavillous judgemental punctilious admonitory hairsplitting severe nagging overnice complaining fussy overscrupulous perfectionist over-exacting scolding griping bellyaching calumniatory belittling cutting cynical meticulous fastidious whingeing nit-picky hard to please exceptive sarcastic exacting demanding judgy disappointed nice abusive fine subtle unforgiving overrefined persnickety culpatory reprehending reproaching chiding severely critical pharisaic self-righteous grousing grouchy moaning grumbling grouching precisionist whining exact precise scrupulous bleating dogmatic literalistic finical literalist purist formalist slighting over-censorious over-particular kvetching overparticular casuistical casuistic sophistical scholastic sophistic mithering chuntering critic humbling diagnostic demeaning trenchant sharp discerning penetrating biting particular choleric discriminating analytical satirical lowering difficult to please impossible to please discontented deprecating unsympathetic irritable crabby touchy cantankerous peevish nitpicky trivial testy perverse petty thorny acrimonious unfair contrary petulant unjust cross tricky very critical ultra-critical

Tính từ

Petty and critical
faultfinding carping critical hypercritical cavilling overcritical captious censorious caviling judgmental rejective niggling querulous unfavourable reproachful unfavorable nitpicky berating fault-finding quibbling disapproving pedantic disparaging nitpicking hair-splitting pernickety nit-picking pass-remarkable hairsplitting fussy finicky nagging picky overscrupulous over-exacting pettifogging negative condemnatory cavillous demanding hard to please perfectionist criticizing over-censorious over-particular overnice censuring cynical criticising deprecatory scathing punctilious condemning meticulous fastidious judgemental judgy griping bellyaching harsh overexacting calumniatory belittling cutting whingeing exacting severe exceptive sarcastic derogatory demeaning nit-picky over-rigorous over-strict pharisaic self-righteous persnickety grousing grouchy moaning complaining grumbling pejorative nice whining grouching bleating precisionist exact precise scrupulous slighting finical literalist dogmatic literalistic purist formalist deprecating kvetching mithering chuntering casuistic scholastic casuistical sophistical sophistic dissatisfied difficult to please discontented impossible to please irritable crabby trivial testy perverse thorny unfair contrary unjust touchy cantankerous peevish petty acrimonious petulant cross tricky very critical overparticular trying uncompromising importunate strict intractable clamorous tiresome tough obstinate rigorous dictatorial scolding humbling diagnostic discerning biting discriminating analytical lowering critic trenchant sharp penetrating contemptuous particular choleric withering satirical stern overbearing unaccommodating inflexible insistent unmanageable hard imperious troublesome stringent unbending exigent difficult unamenable fractious hardheaded firm sticklerish stiff obdurate needy possessive unsparing stubborn unflinching unreasonable serious tyrannical hard-line hard to satisfy high-maintenance castigatory reproving denunciatory unsympathetic reprobatory reprobative ultra-critical dainty choosy fine overdelicate squeamish choosey fussbudgety finicking old-maidish delicate refined faddy careful subtle overexact overprecise overrefined brusque cruel hurtful unforgiving on someone's back culpatory reprehending vituperative accusatory denouncing reproaching chiding severely critical nasty cursing mean sensitive assiduous painstaking full of reproof prim pure puritanical prudish keen stuffy selective sedulous sharp-tongued perceptive proper faddish prissy acute Victorian strait-laced schoolmarmish thorough stickling queasy very careful easily disgusted

Tính từ

Not complimentary
uncomplimentary disparaging derogatory slighting belittling denigratory contemptuous disdainful scornful deprecatory pejorative degrading demeaning derisory depreciatory depreciative derogative denigrative detractive decrying rude negative unflattering abusive vituperative scurrilous offensive vitriolic insulting defamatory contumelious scandalous invective calumniatory damaging scurril libelous scurrile libellous derisive hateful venomous slanderous vituperatory truculent aspersive insolent calumnious denigrating maligning malignant despiteful libeling debasing dismissive injuring malign defaming reproaching malevolent excoriating libelling humiliating disgracing injurious dishonoring critical opprobrious disapproving despicable dishonouring reproachful vulgar hurting vile offending spiteful abasing reviling shaming censorious sarcastic scathing sneering disrespectful mocking jeering malicious snide vilifying scoffing detracting withering traducing sardonic catty foul obloquious calumniating ridiculing satirical harsh taunting supercilious deprecating sniffy full of contempt scolding denunciatory castigating jibing upbraiding backbiting teasing pillorying affronting nasty violent berating obnoxious unmannerly unfavourable blasphemous discrediting sharp-tongued lampooning caustic uncivil discourteous hurtful detractory arrogant sarky snidey fault-finding unfavorable haughty abhorrent cynical snotty mud-slinging ironical irreverent cheeky judgmental minimizing snooty minimising virulent ranting mortifying diminishing deflating invidious unpleasant depreciating untrue false unfounded personal mean defiant wounding discreditable superior biting impertinent repulsive hypercritical overbearing egotistic maledictory scandalmongering vicious muckraking acerbic disadvantageous sniping dyslogistic downgrading aspersing maledictive slurring unfriendly bitter sharp impolite ribald groundless obscene low infamous coarse salacious gross indecent scabrous uncharitable abrupt curt brusque unkind gruff short surly blunt ungracious raunchy lewd dirty vituperous smutty outrageous filthy shameless bad-mannered ill-mannered unsympathetic Rabelaisian epithetical reproving castigatory offhand foul-mouthed rough condescending cavalier pathetic silly ridiculous cockamamy absurd ludicrous laughable risible cockamamie comical farcical preposterous vain imperious proud gally out-of-line flip cocky fresh smart-alecky smart sassy nervy crusty snippy high hat dog it hard-nosed bold on your high horse hard audacious high and mighty temperamental snobbish uppity cool on high horse upstage cold-shoulder for the birds

Danh từ

Decree of condemnation toward one or more persons, especially in the Roman antiquity
proscription condemnation denunciation prohibition rejection attack ban boycott censure dooming embargo criticism denigration interdict accusation stigmatization invective reproof reprimand implication reproach commination stick stricture excoriation objurgation rebuke denouncement indictment obloquy incrimination castigation inculpation fulmination knock reprobation scolding arraignment character assassination reprehension riot act rap admonition charge cursing dressing down smearing upbraidment derogation blame vilification stigmatisation abuse disapproval vituperation tirade disparagement upbraiding tongue-lashing diatribe flak reproval admonishment complaint blast animadversion slating harangue chiding disapprobation opprobrium revilement philippic slur broadside knocking imputation rant recrimination remonstrance berating impeachment vitriol objection sideswipe attribution scurrility disfavor calumny execration contumely lambasting disfavour remonstration polemic reviling lecture slander brickbat brickbats slagging off bashing insults billingsgate defamation bad press verbal onslaught allegation jeremiad panning fault-finding expostulation libel calumniation dressing-down slamming depreciation deprecation wigging verbal citation opposition plaint telling-off dispute beef ticking off slagging repudiation rap over the knuckles earful carpeting aspersions odium roasting rollicking bollocking railing decrying stream of abuse scorn contempt aspersion rating battering exprobation displeasure ticking-off screed put down malediction exception dissatisfaction disagreement chastisement demurral slap on the wrist discredit derision telling off swipe insult caning stink detraction smear bad-mouthing backbiting mud-slinging serve carping cavilling caviling assault prosecution argument protest hostility onslaught summons dislike curses rocket sermon anger ranting outburst discourse insinuation traducement gripe squawk roar rumble dido exposé dissent distaste curse critique disesteem discountenance warning slam bum rap discontentment hit pan faultfinding nitpicking cavil row slight roast a bad press comeuppance bill of indictment thumbs down captiousness call down talking-to bawling-out slap on wrist hard time nit-picking verbal disapproval censoriousness lamentation moan lament keen groan debate controversy exchange screen complaints finger-pointing verbal attack wail assertion claim ridicule disputation damnation signifying vociferation belittlement belittling disdain lessening degradation asseveration swearing expletives sideswipes aggravation hassle shame debasement suit discharge intimidation disrepute conviction sentence admonishments antagonism animosity mocking diminishment crimination lawsuit fault rebuff slandering venom malice evil-speaking stain doom judgment backstabbing underestimation bad language philippics swear words spitefulness slurs spite fulminations blemish raps knocks enmity trial correction demur judgement blaming prejudice rubbishing cattiness foul language blasphemy sarcasm counterblast epithet fuss fire ill will protestation dirty dig backhanded compliment black eye mauling savaging challenge slap in the face kick in the teeth going-over chewing-out imprecation anathema excommunication demurrer threat question count verbal abuse persecution difficulty malevolence jibe kick warrant bill detention statement comment writ findings presentment confrontation petition pugnacity defilement legal process legal action offense indignity civil disobedience combativeness threat of punishment insolence belligerence impugnment catcall nix ostracism blackball hiss zing discontent boo examen quibble offence takedown slap notice sledge cut verbal assault black list critical remark bad notice ragging grooming going over bawling out what for calling down oral punishment flea in your ear piece of one's mind

Động từ

Present participle for to criticize strongly
condemning censuring denouncing criticising criticizing castigating reviling slamming attacking blasting decrying anathematizing deploring reprehending berating blaming chastising excoriating rebuking reprimanding reprobating slating upbraiding deprecating disparaging dooming execrating flaming hammering panning reproving sentencing abusing caning cursing dissing objurgating slashing swearing vituperating arraigning blaspheming denunciating imprecating inveighing against lambasting banning banishing confounding convicting cussing darning dratting expelling finding fault with laying into penalising penalizing proscribing punishing putting down slagging off taking to task tearing into casting out complaining of crying down fulminating against giving someone a bad press giving something a bad press having a go at inveigling against objecting to thundering against vilifying knocking denigrating aspersing maligning reproaching using bad language savaging bashing bad-mouthing railing against talking dirty rubbishing derogating trashing pillorying vilipending bedamning roasting assailing running down rating scathing casting aspersions on dispraising disapproving of pulling apart pulling to pieces jumping on uttering profanity discrediting stigmatizing reading the riot act taking name in vain impugning traducing calumniating belittling scolding slurring stigmatising faulting slagging chiding potshotting belaboring skewering crucifying flaying pummelling pummeling lashing blistering scorching bagging pouring scorn on scourging animadverting contemning uttering oaths disapproving carping at uttering profanities hitting out at sailing into belabouring dressing down using foul language calling down effing and blinding abominating lashing into shooting down taking the Lord's name in vain ripping into rejecting beshrewing admonishing insulting abhorring accusing despising detesting slandering defaming maledicting carpeting depreciating rapping besmirching smearing skinning railing accursing haranguing scoring slapping drubbing detracting mauling ostracising ostracizing cavilling at dumping on scarifying frowning on judging coming down on taking to pieces profaning bawling out lacing to cutting up doing a hatchet job on tying into lighting to taking exception to looking askance at remonstrating animadverting on swearing like a trooper chewing out crawling all over giving some stick to turning the air blue putting someone on the griddle tearing a strip off putting someone on the hot seat pinning someone's ears back beating up on throwing brickbats at telling off raking over the coals burning someone's ears excommunicating comminating desecrating loathing slighting scratching incising lacerating lancing cutting frowning upon hating injuring adjudging framing pronouncing naming issuing oaths expressing strong disapproval of libeling libelling speaking evil of putting away sending up remonstrating with using profanity rollicking blowing whistle on hanging something on pointing finger at pinning it on letting have it sledging spreading lies about hauling over the coals bollocking laying at one's door sending up the river picking holes in giving flak to vituperating against nitpicking about bagging on giving a bad press to debasing blackening doing down finding unacceptable exprobating scorning incriminating backbiting lecturing reaming out rebuffing disciplining giving someone a roasting cavilling giving someone hell caviling mistreating bringing into disrepute voodooing throwing mud at conducting a smear campaign against sullying the reputation of demonizing jinxing digging blackening the reputation of speaking ill of blackening the name of giving someone a rocket giving someone a rollicking getting after tearing off a strip tearing apart giving someone a bollocking picking apart reading out looking askance rapping over the knuckles giving a bad name demonising dragging through the mud taking a dim view of thinking wrong not supporting giving a black eye putting a whammy on ragging on skinning alive tearing down ripping up diminishing trash-talking discounting minimizing dismissing discountenancing regarding with disgust feeling disgust for feeling revulsion to feeling aversion to devaluing undervaluing kissing off hitting talking down complaining underestimating lowering playing down underrating sniping at downgrading disgracing minimising zinging raising an disfavouring opposing disesteeming discommending passing on objecting disfavoring expostulating negating expressing a poor opinion of remonstrating against holding forth against tearing to shreds declaiming prosecuting taking away marking down indicting impeaching throwing stones at taking swipe at doing a number on declaiming against running something down charging with showing up slanging riling growling barking at finding fault tongue-lashing yelling at giving someone a dressing-down pitching into ragging keelhauling ticking off giving a talking-to pulling up giving someone a telling-off letting someone have it trimming giving someone an earful ranting at railing at giving someone what for basting giving someone a mouthful giving someone a wigging jawing giving someone a rating wigging rowing giving someone a row giving someone a caning slapping down blowing up giving someone some stick sending someone away with a flea in their ear chastening putting on the mat reaming giving a rocket nagging taking apart ridiculing calling to account charging criticizing severely blowing up at jumping down one's throat giving a piece of one's mind imputing deriding pointing the finger at calling on the carpet picking to pieces slapping someone's wrist inculpating taking someone to task complaining about branding taxing holding accountable carping rapping someone over the knuckles correcting checking going on at ripping coming down hard on taking issue with criminating finding lacking expressing disapproval of recriminating talking to tearing to pieces kicking up a fuss about kicking up a stink about laying down the law taking to the woodshed thundering raving at ranting nagging at fulminating challenging cautioning whipping passing strictures upon inveighing holding responsible protesting against scoffing at detracting from opposing strongly lessoning monishing taking down speaking out against going for the jugular fingering raising objections to attributing bringing someone to book chewing someone out leaning on jumping all over climbing all over making a fuss about complaining vociferously about slapping someone on the wrist arguing with griping about taking down a peg taking a stand against lashing out at preferring charges against laying charges against arguing against lampooning carping about whining about fustigating protesting moaning about quibbling about grousing about grouching about disputing trivializing fuming nitpicking over raging against beefing about whingeing about bellyaching about mocking animadverting upon treating lightly implicating calling over the coals sounding off about visiting citing expostulating about protesting strongly at remonstrating about summonsing spouting raving beating pooh-poohing raking shellacking sneering at zapping making a protest against kicking against alleging jawboning speaking nit-picking jeering at minifying misprizing giving something a battering throwing the book at summoning complaining bitterly about kicking strongly criticizing criticizing strongly making light of drawing the line speaking to holding cheap trivialising rapping on knuckles slapping on wrist giving one hell preaching giving a going over disagreeing violently with going on about picking at trouncing telling a thing or two accusing of arraigning for coming down on like a ton of bricks bringing charges against making a stand against prosecuting for trying impeaching for casting a slur on bringing to trial for pointing the finger putting up a fight against filing charges against taking to court for making accusations about sounding off pointing a finger at putting on trial for reprimanding severely letting fly rounding on getting angry with speaking badly of refuting lashing out bringing under fire giving a rough time badmouthing contradicting rebutting assaulting verbally taking disagreeing with reviewing unfavorably piling in heaping satirizing exprobrating confronting bringing to book starting on starting in warning threaping recompensing taking on counselling advising counseling adjuring cudgelling smothering striking cudgeling controverting gainsaying satirising taunting degrading feruling skelping spanking clobbering giving a tongue-lashing harassing rapping someone's knuckles slogging fluffing slugging deflating jumping on one's case snapping someone's head off biting someone's head off showing someone up disdaining frying chewing dishonoring dishonouring cutting down laughing off marginalizing laughing at twitting moralising moralizing quarreling with raking over coals jumping down someone's throat having words giving somebody a piece of one's mind giving tongue-lashing dressing-down dinging forewarning hoisting noticing gluing glueing criticizing harshly keeping after having someone on the carpet cutting to bits selling short tearing someone a new one giving someone a telling off severely reprimanding rapping across the knuckles going after carping on giving a hard time burning one's ears getting on having words with taking somebody to task laying on giving comeuppance cussing out criticizing hatefully shouting at eating out giving someone a carpeting giving bad press giving someone stick having your knife in ranking on giving going-over raging spurning clamoring against humbling looking down on making an example of meting out punishment to exposing to ridicule understating demeaning squashing squelching downplaying sitting on jacking up calling to task giving piece of mind holding up to shame teaching someone a lesson picking on sending someone away with a flea in his giving the dickens lowering the boom questioning bringing to account marginalising giving the devil presenting throwing shade sticking it to expressing disapprobation expressing disapprobation of thinking badly of talking something down flogging thrashing repressing softening having on the carpet subjugating afflicting suppressing indicting for singling out scapegoating bringing to trial putting on trial taking to court having the law on bringing a charge against holding at fault bringing a case against vociferating suing blowing the whistle serving summons filing claim bringing charges laying blame on censuring with apprehending recriminating for lodging complaint betraying laying at door taxing with incriminating for arresting storming shooting full of holes taking a swipe at cutting down to size cutting to the quick laying at your door blustering huffing holding someone to blame complaining to speaking out holding someone responsible excepting raining objecting strongly to expressing disagreement with griping squabbling dissenting bickering resisting taking issue arguing fighting lodging a protest against combatting taking exception combating withstanding demurring taking a stand menacing making a stand intimidating kicking up taking great exception to mouthing off about vociferating about laying out dragging over the coals rapping someone the knuckles swearing at ranting and raving saddling holding liable discoursing orating placing the blame on assigning fault to laying the blame on assigning guilt to assigning liability to talking addressing descanting expatiating mouthing off exhorting perorating serving with a summons facing with charges considering guilty of earbashing spouting to sermonizing to pontificating to laying a guilt trip on finding guilty of laying a bad trip on passing the buck preaching to accosting sermonising sermonizing spieling apostrophizing soapboxing stumping holding forth to buttonholing declaiming to spouting at preachifying to spieling to speechifying to delivering a tirade to holding forth getting on a soapbox giving a lecture to sounding off to

Động từ

Present participle for to penalize someone for a punishable offense

Trái nghĩa của damning

damning Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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