Đồng nghĩa của unwanted

Alternative for unwanted

unwanted /' n'w ntid/
  • tính từ
    • không ai cần đến, không ai mong muốn
    • thừa, vô ích

Tính từ

Not or no longer desired
undesirable undesired unfortunate unpopular unwelcome unacceptable unfavorable unfavourable unlucky appalling disagreeable displeasing distasteful objectionable offensive terrible unpalatable unpleasant untoward blameworthy deplorable disappointing disastrous distressing ill-advised intolerable lamentable regrettable reprehensible upsetting awful dire ignominious pitiful sad too bad wretched disgraceful shameful unsought obnoxious exceptionable unwished-for nasty repellent inadmissible uninvited rejected repugnant abhorrent disgusting ill-favoured insufferable contemptible ill-favored loathly disgustful unsatisfactory excluded beyond the pale lousy unappealing horrible unsavoury unenviable censurable unsavory annoying unasked rude blackballed thankless unattractive shut out repulsive loathsome despicable detestable excess baggage dreadful frightful odious revolting hateful not in the picture obscene unpleasing left out in cold horrid sickening noxious nauseating nauseous foul vile rebarbative icky off-putting ghastly unsuitable beastly inappropriate insupportable inexpedient unwished for unbearable out of line out of order infelicitous unseemly irritating indecorous opprobrious dislikable bad uncongenial unlovely rotten harsh yukky yucky sour bitter wicked unfit invidious poison bogging sick-making not wanted uncoveted uninviting difficult painful uncomfortable disliked dreaded unlikable loathed abominable troublesome adverse outcast inconvenient shunned defective useless incommodious disadvantageous bothersome scorned detrimental for the birds strictly for the birds to be avoided out of place gross shocking miserable hideous gruesome grievous unappetizing horrendous woeful grotty atrocious stinking execrable dirty yucko disturbing ugly repellant irksome vexatious tragic filthy distressful grim noisome grody unhappy skanky severe rancid galling black dismal heartbreaking heartrending horrific cruddy harmful agonizing sorry mucky harrowing pitiable funky diabolical putrid scandalous sordid macabre evil fulsome mean scurvy agonising cheap festy bum hellish God-awful calamitous intense tragical horrifying hostile tough injurious inauspicious hard monstrous unpropitious egregious vexing unspeakable sleazy malodorous afflictive hurtful squalid grisly smelly depressing unnerving rank acrid grubby fetid polluted mephitic worrying forbidding grave sombre somber pongy stinky whiffy frightening smudged bedraggled stained besmirched befouled smutty unfair blackened miasmal sullied scummy bemired dusty unclean uncleanly lame niffy unsportsmanlike dingy draggled sneaking grimy grungy ratty scabby muddy begrimed illegal soiled paltry lurid gloomy nightmarish olid hopeless foetid ungodly unholy on the nose gut-wrenching brackish inopportune crummy aggravating pesky disconcerting rough poor destructive cruel troubling vulgar messy fierce creepy disquieting wrong coarse traumatic torturous scuzzy inhospitable heinous abysmal yecchy dismaying disheartening perturbing daunting mortifying poignant trying tormenting desperate outrageous discouraging afflicting excruciating evil-smelling foul-smelling austere provoking doleful solemn alarming pathetic oppressive heart-rending chilling parlous bleak cheerless very bad ill-fated direful punk troubled glum foreboding morose dangerous sinister ominous unsympathetic discordant raunchy mighty acute drag pain weak flat crashing fearful regretful gnarly eye-watering not pleasant disrespectful serious terrifying dread a pity dispiriting derogatory discourteous ruthless savage provocative impudent impertinent affronting insolent murderous onerous unrelenting burdensome heavy relentless stiff brutal hardhanded merciless inhuman rugged searing ferocious vicious fearsome redoubtable terrific worrisome discomforting melancholic testing sore remorseless great spine-chilling scary petrifying intimidating extreme formidable hair-raising excessive unsettling stressful degrading wounding slighting insulting intemperate rigorous inclement poisonous humourless humorless discomposing sober agitating irritable bewildering depressive frustrating dour perilous negative dark sedate hairy troublous unendurable fraught uncivil impolite unmannerly hard-hearted mephitical unkind dreary sullen perplexing melancholy revulsive unamusing distressed straitened unfriendly hard-pressed joyless shadowy discommodious tortured full of hardship doubtful threatening gray mournful strained exacting ill-omened treacherous ill-boding grey pressing precarious comfortless desolate exigent jeopardous morbid apocalyptic rocky uncool godawful saddening awkward hellacious affecting shameless concerning anguished sorrowful maddening unpardonable inexcusable grating jarring nerve-racking nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking sick unforgivable glaring glary vomitous tasteless infuriating exasperating untimely cataclysmic squicky cloying surfeiting sleazeball strong blinding dazzling catastrophic unadvantageous ruinous gut-churning stomach-churning cringe-making stomach-turning vomit-inducing cataclysmal fatal unaesthetic grinding inferior unpromising inimical devastating damning shoddy second-rate grotesque deadly catastrophal duff slovenly crippling fateful shattering damaging low-rent off poxy disagreeing incompetent inadequate two-bit trashy substandard bush-league cut-rate wack subpar piss-poor wanting dime-a-dozen low-grade schlocky gimcrack cheapjack bush sucky cheesy crumby suboptimal common mediocre schlock junky deficient dissatisfactory bargain-basement rubbishy careless trumpery rubbish tinhorn pants bodger stupid a load of pants faulty of a sort no good not up to scratch el cheapo not much cop worthless

Tính từ

Not wanted
disliked rejected unloved useless forsaken friendless shunned superfluous uncherished outcast uncared-for unnecessary unpopular unneeded annoying discarded nonessential de trop surplus to requirements uncared for abandoned spurned detested scorned unbefriended neglected tossed out waste dispensed with ostracized ostracised cast-off scrapped deserted thrown out thrown away unwelcome unvalued loathed hated despised avoided ignored abhorred isolated unaccepted disfavored disesteemed cold-shouldered lonesome forlorn companionless lonely out of favour estranged desolate all alone without friends out of favor with no one to turn to without a friend in the world blackballed damaged junked repudiated outmoded discontinued shelved worn-out done with run-down castaway out-of-date obsolete castoff withdrawn destitute sad despondent unhappy lorn unsocial without companions by yourself feeling friendless jilted unbeloved loveless unappreciated unliked unattractive undesirable alone not loved solitary drip lousy out in the cold sent to Coventry nerdy out execrated obnoxious weird wimpy gross dumpy loser creepy unattached alienated unsought after in bad odor lone single by oneself cut off not sought out adrift marooned without ties with no ties in bad odour not in the swim all by one's self unaccompanied unsociable introverted hermitic by itself reclusive antisocial on one's own solo separate retired sole detached independent unattended me myself and I me and my shadow stag immune insular apart insulated segregated unconnected sequestered single-handed unescorted on my own to one side unchaperoned remote lost secluded homesick in solitary unassisted unaided in a solitary state individual unmarried ditched stranded cloistered renounced disowned vacant betrayed derelict vacated forgotten void disused dropped dumped cast off left in the lurch thrown over left at the altar left behind retiring unique singular one only one-off special hermitical distant reserved eremetic misanthropic offish out-of-the-way particular sui generis standoffish self-sufficient uncompanionable aloof self-contained on its own

Tính từ

Not or no longer desired
surplus untouched unused leftover unconsumed uneaten redundant superfluous left over going begging unneeded useless dispensable unnecessary needless expendable inessential unessential nonessential excess extra unrequired gratuitous excessive uncalled-for spare not required remaining supererogatory supernumerary extraneous optional additional uncalled for unwarranted avoidable extrinsic irrelevant accidental disposable non-essential worthless de trop causeless exorbitant uncritical noncompulsory fortuitous not needed casual futile beside the point unimportant peripheral cosmetic in excess undesirable profuse lavish haphazard chance prodigal wanton pointless random residual waste purposeless incidental superfluent too much surplus to requirements undesired left discarded unproductive reserve inordinate residuary extravagant superabundant pleonastic secondary ornamental trivial overflowing overmuch extreme unasked abounding unmerited minor to no purpose undue not necessary not essential surviving odd undrunk to spare over in reserve subsidiary immaterial supplementary subordinate accessory on your hands scrap unusable too many unprofitable diffuse of little account outmoded disused groundless needed like a hole in the head unjustified unwelcome inappropriate undeserved unjust unprovoked unjustifiable uninvited inexcusable unforgivable unfair indefensible wasted no need to no avail supererogative more added fresh further other supplemental disproportionate increased new another farther immoderate unconscionable unreasonable intemperate plethoric steep towering dizzying unmeasurable overabundant alternative auxiliary ancillary wasteful top-up over the top enormous exaggerated boundless stiff profligate limitless super dissipated indulgent unbounded available recrementitious stratospheric overboard supernatural overkill relief sky-high free self-indulgent way out substitute outstanding backup unrestrained vestigial fallback second preposterous still available unrestricted alternate extortionate overdue insane overweening intolerable outrageous unlimited overextravagant devilish uncurbed add-on overindulgent left behind OTT bonus back-up out of all proportion over-and-above a bit much complementary unwarrantable in hand baroque fancy unmerciful accompanying untempered irrational net supporting nett remanent not wanted vestigal balance continuing to play with left-over on the side unfinished lingering special collateral contributory one more new-found in addition over and above rest of emergency unbridled standby replacement substantial vast uncontrolled immense grandiose tremendous gross improvident monstrous infinite prodigious huge monumental immeasurable astronomic imprudent massive stupendous humongous astronomical fantastic unhampered thumping whopping giant mega silly monster extensive ridiculous unchecked mountainous ludicrous epic mighty gargantuan colossal unfettered mammoth overgenerous gigantic uninhibited super-duper O.T.T. over the odds fall-back in store more than enough

Tính từ

Causing disruption or annoyance through being unwelcome or uninvited
intrusive interfering meddlesome pushy intruding invasive meddling nosy obtrusive prying officious presumptuous busy busybody disturbing forward interrupting nosey presuming protrusive pushing snoopy trespassing unwelcome curious impertinent importunate inquisitive uncalled-for indiscreet insensitive protruding unpleasant upsetting personal offensive impudent nosy-parker snooping probing nebby interested questioning inquiring investigative eavesdropping searching intermeddling tampering enquiring scrutinizing peering inquisitorial analytical spying scrutinising peeping prurient examining bumptious self-assertive inspecting disquisitive annoying bossy overbearing pragmatic assertive over-curious over-interested brash bold interruptive forceful aggressive domineering loud gossipy inquisitory interrogative fact-finding obnoxious puzzled speculative imposing interviewing interrogational cross-examining bustling self-important overzealous opinionated dictatorial busybodied interloping meddlesomeness nosiness interference butting in research agog intrigued mischievous overbusy nosy-parkering encumbering troublesome kibitzing hindering obstructive impeding chiseling interposing big-eyed poking challenging keen sifting ambitious interventionist investigating undercover inspective exploratory researching chiselling burning with curiosity thrusting rude fussy bureaucratic arrogant wondering cocksure confident overconfident over-assertive cocky pushful doubtful go-ahead insistent nervy strident loudmouthed blatant jutting flagrant projecting sheer bald prognathous bulging investigatory outward-looking studious catechistic heuristic penetrating quizzical Socratic full of oneself

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