Đồng nghĩa của fact finding

Danh từ

Research, especially patient or thorough inquiry or examination
investigation examination research study exploration probe hearing inquest inquiry review analysis inspection search survey inquisition recce scrutiny appraisal consideration perusal scanning scrutinization sifting audit delving disquisition enquiry examen interrogation probation probing questioning case evaluation gander legwork reconnaissance snoop snooping surveying poll quest quiz fact-finding post-mortem groundwork observation verification experimentation trial testing work dissection R and D information-gathering fact checking reconnoitring sounding reconnoitering quarry experiments fieldwork grilling cross-examination analyses enquiries tests indagation studies quizzing analyzes catechism cross-questioning pumping fishing expedition third degree investigation into giving someone the third degree preparation reading reading up test demonstration assessment try-out venture procedure essay breakdown substantiation undertaking assay homework experiment try-on enterprise exercise operation fling deconstruction check try tryout analyzation pilot study scientific test trial run trial and error dummy run dry run research and development run-through test drive try out R & D once-over scan going-over surveillance checkup view interpretation anatomization anatomy look look-see supervision anatomizing diagnosis treatment vetting reexamination attention exam check-up query autopsy critique look-over postmortem estimation discussion double-checking watch report resolution inventory handling checking presentation questionnaire hunt deliberation notice vigil guard scout request coverage paper question reflection contemplation pursuit interview reconnoiter call reconnoitre interrogatory stakeout close watch debriefing scouting opinion poll recon Q and A expedition account overhaul canvass investigating patrol maneuvers shufti monitoring commentary regard forage superintendence rummage manoeuvres catechizing thought reasoning observance debate balancing application heedfulness physical practical perlustration glance census oral excursus trial balloon ascertainment analyzing discovery comparison analysing dissertation judgement sampling weighing up sweep question paper viva judgment summary tally viva voce breaking down enquiring set of questions theory test oral exam set of exercises public opinion poll inquiring selection exploring travel combing detection preliminary survey criticism interviewing breakup stocktaking necropsy servicing decoding deciphering musing pondering spying out scouting out valuation measurement rating biopsy postoperative dissolution maintenance tune-up screening careful examination translation delineation classification tab close-up trawl watching upkeep the third degree division lookout concern itemization categorization close study empiricism calculation retrospect reconsideration reappraisal retrospection post postmortem examination nose dismemberment close examination the eye eagle eye heed contrast viewing perception process long hard look differentiation juxtaposition medicine etiology morphology genetics zoology histology biology physiology aetiology embryology cytology action care concentration road map prowl interrogative demand rap recapitulation file drill reevaluation discrimination distinguishing collation cognition article health check physical exam physical examination learning reporting reportage distinction rundown fractionation diligence assiduity industry mindfulness wringer service maintenance check routine check differentiating medical examination coroner's report contrasting recognising overlook recognizing noticing poke ferret paralleling relating collating fresh look second thought second look knowledge intentness advertence attentiveness advertency thinking eye awareness studying ear note piece discourse verdict opinion examining appraising assessing education ratio analogizing discernment dividing tribunal press conclusion detailed list findings spotlight advisement scholarship swotting lessons schooling parade pageant read frisk telling the difference exposure content broadcasting piece of research feedback conclusions ballot tuition cogitation academic work result pronouncement prognosis audition reception congress parley negotiation chance admittance meeting conference court case consultation council performance attendance reports articles pieces description accounts stories training class weighing subject cramming abstraction memorising schoolwork lesson course school work revision market research research paper deliverance determination decision award competition dig storeys legal proceedings industrial tribunal digging memorizing book work solution fill-in-the-blank midterm final foraging scavenge finding scavenging ferreting rifling chase quiz show panel game contest puzzle blue book quiz game test of knowledge shotgun game scouring hunting pursual pursuance rummaging around witch hunt ferreting around ferreting about pursuit of seeking after rooting around rummaging about rooting about

Tính từ

Serving to explore or investigate
exploratory investigative trial experimental fact-finding probing searching analytic explorative investigational tentative empirical examining pilot preliminary provisional test inquisitive inquiring enquiring inspecting curious questioning interested speculative analytical nosy intrusive prying penetrating investigating quizzical developmental probationary piercing prototype laboratory pointed deep thorough wondering minute trial and error doubtful in-depth under the microscope interrogative investigatory outward-looking studious catechistic Socratic heuristic research meddling disquisitive peering impertinent prurient researching undercover inspective puzzled snoopy meddlesome interfering scrutinizing peeping tampering scrutinising inquisitorial intrigued nosey interviewing cross-examining officious keen presumptuous querying interrogational experiential snooping agog inquisitory obtrusive intruding spying nebby presuming protrusive eavesdropping busy burning with curiosity pushy documentary evidential information-gathering quizzing exploring pushing catechistical over-curious over-interested dying to know nosy-parkering busybody nosy-parker intermeddling big-eyed personal forward poking challenging sifting empiric pinpointing existential objective diagnostic observational based on observation experience-based problem-solving clever insightful sensitive canny smart perceptive incisive trenchant sharp subtle discerning perspicacious intense discriminating acute ingenious judicious intuitive astute quick-witted observant enthusiastic fascinated excited eager moved attentive captivated riveted gripped engrossed absorbed affected intent stimulated focused enticed inspired entranced enthused hooked inspirited ambitious roused desirous avid ardent impressed focussed beady-eyed

Trái nghĩa của fact finding

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