Đồng nghĩa của busybody

Alternative for busybody


Đồng nghĩa: gossip, kibitzer, meddler, tattletale,

Danh từ

One who is nosy, intrusive or meddlesome
intruder meddler buttinsky eavesdropper gossip interferer scandalmonger snoop snooper troublemaker mischief-maker pry buttinski gawker ghoul interloper intermeddler intriguer kibbitzer kibitzer muckraker nosy parker rubberneck stirrer tattletale bigmouth butt-in chatterer fink fussbudget gawper marplot newsmonger nosy nuisance pest pryer yenta nosey parker backseat driver impertinent person nosy person Paul Pry sidewalk superintendent stickybeak detective sleuth gumshoe quidnunc pragmatist scout spy peeping Tom operative investigator shamus peeper PI ferret investigative journalist private detective Pinkerton hawkshaw sherlock private investigator prier private dick enquiry agent private eye spectator mother hen sneak sightseer onlooker observer watcher viewer peeping tom voyeur trespasser unwanted visitor gate-crasher uninvited guest encroacher infiltrator gatecrasher outsider alien invader stranger newcomer obtruder foreigner immigrant impostor unwanted person persona non grata auditor agent prosecutor analyst plainclothes officer Sherlock Holmes tester attorney hound reviewer police undercover cop inquirer sleuthhound plainclothesman quester inquisitor researcher examiner querier inspector prober asker querent interrogator questioner listener monitor wiretapper hearer earwigger phone tapper tec DC cop DI DS DCI constable copper sleuth-hound CID officer detective constable jack bizzy detective superintendent shadow nark eye bull tail reporter shoofly bogey informer fed flatfoot detective sergeant sergeant roper bloodhound slewfoot detective inspector P. I. detective chief inspector detective chief superintendent police officer bird dog

Danh từ

A person who spreads gossip
gossipmonger gossip telltale talebearer gossiper newsmonger circulator quidnunc babbler chatterer tattler prattler blabbermouth scandalmonger tattletale chatterbox rumormonger yenta informer meddler parrot flibbertigibbet tattle snoop taleteller bigmouth scandalizer tabby blab tale-teller nosy parker whisperer blabber blatherskite gasbag rat squealer snitch canary loudmouth windbag stool pigeon tittle-tattler jabberer blowhard talker conversationalist motormouth gabbler gabber blatherer muckraker yakker natterer calumniator blether betrayer nark stoolie snitcher whistle-blower informant fink cackler twaddler prater chinwagger jay magpie big mouth compulsive talker deep throat rat fink stooge turncoat buttinsky gasser sleazemonger defamer traducer fizgig rumour-monger blabberer curious person destroyer of reputations conversationist gascon discourser bore bloviator speaker communicator raconteur bad-mouth motor-mouth rumourmonger bad-mouther bag of wind big talker rumors babbler grass sneak source tipster weasel mole double-crosser spy narc traitor plant snout leaker insider ratfink supergrass snake in the grass Judas clype collaborator deceiver snake tout nose beagle intelligencer fifth columnist double agent stooly scab infiltrator quisling defector deserter pimp accuser peacher songbird dog singer crier notifier backstabber tale teller fork tongue fat mouth shill decoy agent provocateur police informer spreader teller loud mouth adviser announcer finger two-timer shelf rascal good-for-nothing pigeon renegade purveyor apostate back-stabber third ear conspirator colluder serpent recreant fraternizer double-dealer traditor miscreant renegado false friend Benedict Arnold whistler whistleblower polly squeaker troublemaker karen

Danh từ

One who upsets the status quo by posing upsetting or novel questions, or attempts to stimulate innovation by proving an irritant
gadfly pain nuisance bother annoyance pest nudnik tease teaser nudnick annoyer persecutor gnawer irritant pesterer tormentor energizer excitant goad irritator meddler motivator mover prod spur stimulator stirrer pain in the bum pain in the backside pain in the neck pain in the rear vexation irritation hassle inconvenience headache aggravation trouble problem peeve drag worry irk botheration bugbear ruffle thorn aggravator a thorn in somebody's flesh trial bore difficulty plague rub grief strain tribulation distress skelf nark nyaff worriment rigmarole palaver frustration exasperation hair shirt baiter harasser heckler rodent schmo curse bane menace infection bug aggro cuss insect epidemic blight blister gall gogga scourge pestilence blighter pill nag drip virus nudge besetment creep contagion badgerer crashing bore thorn in side thorn in your flesh bind concern anxiety pressure uphill molestation perplexity job flurry bellyache thorny problem burden fair cow source of irritation source of annoyance torment stress hardship struggle adversity hindrance misfortune thorn in one's side dilemma upset pip load grievance provocation affliction unpleasantness predicament fuss labor labour suffering task harassment ordeal cross to bear issue toil challenge infliction discomfort woe torture setback travail thorn in one's flesh complication source of vexation test snag nightmare anguish hang-up disadvantage calamity problems bane of one's life encumbrance difficult task agitation gripe awkwardness grind drawback burr under someone's saddle agony strife mess thorn in the flesh millstone misery quandary weight chore source of difficulty sorrow disturbance puzzle pitfall pet peeve tall order bad news hard work embarrassment drain disquiet drudgery unease battle burr in someone's saddle thorn in someone's side thorn in someone's flesh conflict danger pinprick dispute exertion effort bummer infuriation yawn dire straits hot water source of aggravation matter snooze uphill battle irksomeness cross plight case knot tragedy source of trouble care unhappiness disbenefit obstacle sore point disaster snoozer pickle offense uphill struggle tough grind offence tough assignment onus dullsville persecution misadventure mishap yawner charge hurt droner evil travails straits bad luck trials and tribulations undertaking blow hitch gauntlet obligation to-do albatross visitation bitter pill tedious thing hard time troublemaker tedious person tiresome person tiresome thing endeavor ghost slog self-punishment self-hatred self-flagellation source of disruption disappointment deep trouble long haul endeavour quagmire teasing frump terror botherment bum pester louse lesion wound lack of comfort cause for concern downer poor excuse issues fizzle disruption chip on your shoulder cause of annoyance handful cancer destruction ruin cause of distress turmoil row despair scrape ruination canker unwieldiness downside unfitness displeasure old one-two excruciation rack death pains wretchedness aversion dislike blast Cancer hydra nuisance value untimeliness unsuitableness unhandiness cumbersomeness dullard soreness strenuousness laboriousness arduousness struggling conundrum question incident situation affair trauma reverse chagrin ill feeling disharmony scandal ugliness disagreement killer beast bear responsibility complaint objection whinge deadweight grindstone tax daily grind nagging troublesomeness uneasiness incommode stew tiresomeness bothersomeness inopportuneness snore snoozefest yawnfest snorefest bête noire nemesis sadness gantlet fire crucible ado pain in the behind protest whine quibble nut bête noir downfall performance waste of time painfulness hangup dolour beef grumble dread calling function mission duty work exercise assignment rigor rigour vicissitude hard times heartbreak ill fortune calvary failure demand fatal attraction undoing put out quarrel difference of opinion argument jam imbroglio exigency bafflement grouse holler kvetch yammer moan groan grouch resentment mind-numbing experience nonevent puzzlement harm detriment damage fear lament carp bleat cavil stroke of bad luck severe test trying time intrusion boring event boring thing boring person hard row to hoe hard mountain to climb mental burden catastrophe infelicity loss debacle wrong umbrage presumption encroachment cheek liberty matter of contention point of contention cataclysm mishappening accident mischance commotion tumult obtrusion constraint imposition restraint imposure command hate hiccup impediment barrier tough luck boo-boo prejudice bad break hard luck ill-treatment disservice rotten luck ill pet aversion risk obstruction mix-up spanner in the works catch-22 hot potato tight spot monkey wrench in the works hurdle vexed question question mark trammel gremlin fly in the ointment hornets' nest catch muddle handicap stumbling block difficult situation mischief bad situation boring situation peril threat hazard jeopardy imminence source of fear scare thunder source of terror source of fright caution source of dread source of apprehension

Động từ

To look around or pry into something
nose intrude interfere meddle pry obtrude mess snoop interlope poke intermeddle inquire enquire nosy stickybeak mouse examine inspect butt in muck about muck around be inquisitive enquire impertinently poke around interfere in meddle in be curious poke about intrude on be a busybody be nosy be nosy about nose around inquire impertinently mind someone else's business poke one's nose in stick one's nose in interpose encroach infringe tamper invade impede kibitz hinder trespass impose encumber advance molest horn in sidewalk-superintend barge in mix in fool with push in mess with abuse rights worm in dabble in come uninvited mess around chime in crash the gates stick nose in break in on put two cents in intervene thrust muscle in gossip stir put your oar in put your two cents in stick your nose in spy nose into meddle with sneak interfere with peep peer snook stare be inquisitive about peek watch do some detective work poke nose in stick one's nose into poke your nose in poke one's nose into interrupt intercede cut in intermediate disturb overstep chisel in encroach on step in stick your oar in entrench on mediate interject bother pester gatecrash impinge arbitrate negotiate entrench violate get involved crash muscle in on horn in on impinge on make inroads involve oneself bug poke into poke nose into intercalate interpolate insinuate come put one's oar in put in one's oar moderate sandwich throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of hold up go beyond thrust yourself in transgress wander offend stray sin fall err break in poach burst in affect touch stick one's oar in do wrong by nose in enter without permission lapse displease misbehave penetrate deviate charge in poke one's face in get into the act influence put one's two cents in creep infiltrate inch disrupt worm trench usurp conciliate exert influence on leave a mark on bear upon make an impact on make an impression on have an effect on have a bearing on appropriate arrogate elbow in work in tread on someone's toes step on someone's toes eat into squeeze in invade someone's space stick nose into impose oneself impose yourself make inroads into interpose oneself insinuate oneself involve separate sever act as an intermediary take a hand come between act as peacemaker divide interpose yourself put in two cents settle involve yourself reconcile part butt into impose oneself on intercede in pry into kibitz on barge into get involved in intervene in intrude into tamper with

Tính từ

Tending to interfere in the affairs of others
busy meddlesome meddling nosey nosy intrusive gossipy interfering obtrusive pushy intruding busybodied officious presuming presumptuous protrusive prying snoopy curious forward inquisitive nebby snooping pushing eavesdropping probing impertinent intermeddling spying interrupting importunate over-curious over-interested nosy-parker peering interested personal searching inquisitorial peeping interloping interruptive interference meddlesomeness nosiness mischievous butting in hindering obstructive impeding chiseling pragmatic interposing encumbering troublesome kibitzing tampering inquisitory chiselling invasive unwanted unwelcome trespassing disturbing uncalled-for insensitive indiscreet unpleasant protruding upsetting questioning scrutinizing inquiring agog intrigued nosy-parkering enquiring challenging big-eyed investigative prurient keen analytical sifting speculative poking burning with curiosity scrutinising interrogative examining quizzical inspecting querying analytic fact-finding penetrating disquisitive wondering catechistic deep puzzled exploratory in-depth interviewing interrogational cross-examining incisive sharp quizzing doubtful research catechistical exploring investigatory outward-looking studious heuristic Socratic voyeuristic nosing investigating undercover inspective researching pondering bumptious bustling speculating annoying dying to know overbearing bossy self-important overzealous opinionated dictatorial guessing self-assertive overbusy domineering rude fussy bureaucratic piercing explorative pointed investigational thorough minute enthusiastic fascinated excited eager moved attentive captivated riveted gripped engrossed absorbed affected intent stimulated focused enticed inspired entranced enthused hooked inspirited ambitious roused desirous avid ardent impressed focussed beady-eyed

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