Đồng nghĩa của upsetting

Alternative for upsetting

Tính từ

Causing distress or discomfort
distressing discomforting confronting discomposing disquieting distressful disturbing perturbing troublesome troubling trying unsettling bothersome burdensome difficult disagreeable discommoding disconcerting discouraging dismaying displeasing irksome nasty painful provoking severe toilsome troublous unpleasant vexing wearisome worrisome aggravating agitating annoying consequential depressing disappointing disruptive foreboding frightening gloomy harassing hard harrowing hurtful impeding inconvenient intrusive irritating laborious nagging ominous onerous perplexing shocking sinister startling threatening tiresome worrying alarming sad dreadful heartbreaking awful traumatic tragic vexatious dire terrible agonizing appalling heart-rending grim heartrending horrible agonising grievous unnerving pitiful nerve-racking hairy saddening daunting awkward lamentable poignant woeful horrifying ghastly pathetic taxing unfortunate horrendous wretched concerning disheartening regrettable galling dismal horrid gut-wrenching bitter exasperating deplorable frightful affecting distasteful horrific moving miserable tricky tormenting bad offensive creepy forbidding pitiable hideous tough off-putting problematic piteous tear-jerking unwelcome nerve-wracking scary repugnant grave maddening vile dispiriting unpalatable pesky sorry mournful thorny atrocious harsh touching fraught frustrating macabre sickening monstrous plaguy gruesome terrifying nettlesome bleak repellent disgusting unhappy objectionable pestilent foul sticky ugly intimidating stressful demoralizing dreary nail-biting sorrowful doleful pestiferous grisly nauseating pestilential excruciating infuriating unlucky tense hopeless niggling oppressive prickly sombre wicked revolting somber repulsive tragical cheerless loathsome abominable plaintive fearful rotten demoralising lurid rankling obnoxious melancholy rebarbative nightmarish abrasive riling peeving unpleasing chafing carking nettling dangerous uncongenial unfavourable mean detestable formidable anxious afflicting unfavorable restless nervous unsavoury unsavory pesty plaguey uneasy challenging odious yucky harrying drear abhorrent embarrassing heavy direful joyless stirring intolerable dark afflictive emotional pessimistic nauseous knotty crushing unspeakable uncomfortable godawful anxious-making undesirable chilling dejecting black beastly shameful demanding rough funereal cruel hateful yukky delicate grewsome icky sour morose gross unlovely nightmare uncertain poor tearful terrific arduous impressive repellant precarious teasing desolate ticklish impactful enraging dodgy infernal fearsome tender melancholic unacceptable problematical confounded calamitous grating jarring morbid depressive mortifying redoubtable solemn cussed comfortless exacting heinous stunning wearing glum inauspicious obscene prophetic hair-raising spine-chilling lousy hellacious haunting sensitive teary menacing brutal perilous hostile controversial noxious devastating emotive disenchanting drab rueful disastrous scaring tedious bewildering execrable tight heart-warming petrifying dread lachrymose intense antagonizing outrageous forlorn critical weighty egregious harmful reprehensible sullen testing abject heart-wrenching torturous antagonising unpropitious scandalous uninviting chancy heart-breaking exigent unbearable damaging noisome unamusing unfriendly rancid evil fulsome sick-making enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall distracting parlous disgustful rocky yucko loathly discomfiting from hell unpopular scarring undesired injurious dampening baffling dolorous unattractive surprising mind-blowing touchy sober boring grotesque melting complex tricksy complicated involved spiny catchy festering ignominious intricate convoluted disconsolate astonishing amazing staggering disgraceful blameworthy sentimental vexed messy hazardous telling soul-stirring unsatisfying bedevilling stupefying humourless humorless lugubrious meagre meager unwanted murderous stiff hardhanded inhuman rugged searing ill-advised iffy punishing astounding brackish unkind savage anguished overwhelming dramatic affective too bad glaring abysmal expressive unsought inexcusable dubious spartan suspect questionable pressing punchable bloodcurdling weak stomach-churning stomach-turning hellish unrelenting grody vomitous emetic exceptionable sepulchral tortured austere putrid bedeviling very bad gut-churning God-awful bogging troubled serious causing fear extreme vomit-inducing barro anxiety-inducing confusing desolating gnawing gory offending bothering disillusioning accursed apprehensive irking dreaded terrorizing mirthless dispirited dolesome flustering embittering shattering puzzling godforsaken squalid panicky powerful wounding disorienting dazing warming crummy sordid cold depressed incommodious dissatisfying uplifting unsatisfactory stinking sedate diabolical unendurable acute evocative terrorising derisible dingy plangent pensive uncool grotty unappealing eerie antipathetic despairing untoward inferior to be pitied unpardonable tremendous unforgivable fierce ruthless anticlimactic indigent scurvy scungy impoverished iniquitous nefarious flagrant impossible rejected unforgiving irritable relentless merciless ferocious fatiguing spooky useless petty puny commiserable afflicted grieving compassionate sympathetic wistful responsive hefty heartsickening heartwarming sore remorseless great drag dislikable pain excluded uninvited flagitious mephitical revulsive distressed agonized extremely upsetting eldritch baleful intemperate rigorous inclement strong unappetizing anxiety provoking extremely bad blood-curdling spine-tingling ill-favoured inadmissible catastrophic racked agonised feeble paltry importunate sickly villainous emotionally moving pressured sobering life-threatening risky nice unwished for unwished-for intractable undisciplined murder uphill rowdy infestive ungovernable repressive disorderly hard-hearted tiring gruelling exhausting unpromising despicable contemptible insufferable chunderous unsightly arousing affect unsteady unstable extraordinary unexpected not wanted ill-favored flat strenuous straitened dour ill-fated hard-pressed inhospitable shadowy discommodious full of hardship doubtful gray strained adverse ill-omened treacherous ill-boding negative grey jeopardous apocalyptic passionate nostalgic grueling woozy blue capricious temperamental mercurial changeable inconstant volatile fickle variable repressing dissuading hindering inopportune disadvantageous deterring unforeseen jaw-dropping uncanny ghostly dim faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike beyond the pale corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish anaemic inspiring numbing sudden jolting dumbfounding flabbergasting dumfounding eye-opening blindsiding remarkable exciting arousing not hopeful emotionally exhausting not encouraging emotionally depleting a stinker of a impelling gripping breathless meaningful striking significant rousing sententious thrilling heartstopping dirty desperate hurting god-awful emotionally draining

Tính từ

Offensive in nature

Tính từ

Causing or tending to cause disruption
disruptive disorderly troublemaking troublesome unruly disturbing obstreperous rowdy unsettling attention-seeking riotous undisciplined distracting fractious truculent turbulent uncontrollable unmanageable unrestrained wild divisive errant misbehaving rebellious uncooperative noisy raucous refractory badly behaved disrupting off-base out of control out of hand out-of-line out-of-order causing trouble wayward ungovernable recalcitrant disobedient intractable contumacious insubordinate boisterous difficult wilful mutinous defiant rough lawless ill-disciplined headstrong contrary willful uncontrolled naughty mischievous froward violent anarchic irrepressible incorrigible loud uproarious stroppy chaotic delinquent rumbustious perverse untoward rampageous unbiddable rollicking rude rascally roguish roisterous rambunctious clamorous lawbreaking rackety awkward rebel recusant incompliant balky restive bolshie intemperate uncompliant impish bad exasperating impossible self-willed tumultuous robustious knockabout hell-raising aggressive rioting ugly anarchical noncompliant pugnacious tough incontrollable belligerent stubborn insurrectionary unbridled trying loudmouthed playful tricksy puckish brattish scampish prankish mean gallus fiendish wanton wrong insolent impudent badly-behaved full of mischief devilish ill-behaved limit obstinate brutal non-compliant nonobservant exuberant robust loutish resistive vicious untrained roughhouse unsteady capricious unschooled thuggish hard swashbuckling swaggering cavalier nuts outrageous madcap crazy insurmountable hysterical berserk two-fisted rugged ungoverned inconsistent brawling radge wild and woolly tempestuous vociferous lacking self-control rampaging deranged uncontained immoderate disorganised helter-skelter disorganized disordered revolutionary turbid hedonistic rip-roaring roistering raunchy ruffianly artful kiddish thoughtless immature childish infantile ill-natured inconsiderate sly disrespectful frolicsome foxy bothersome screaming booming strepitous piercing blusterous raising Cain raising the roof antisocial misbehaved unlawful insurgent dysfunctional seditious indisciplined impolite wicked annoying sinful termagant teasing worthless drunk evil whiny petulant problematic out-of-control socially impaired troublous maladjusted confrontational combative argumentative tiresome erratic bold hot-tempered disturbed malicious fierce unrestrainable irksome scrappy pesky uncontainable sullen cantankerous peevish hostile undisciplinable nasty wearisome demanding bellicose indocile bad-mannered lively romping heedless reckless on-a-tear impulsive impetuous impervious drunken opinionated rash bawdy ornery imprudent forward inexorable unyielding assertive quarrelsome out of line clangorous resounding strident blaring deafening clattering thunderous uninhibited thundering ringing harsh blasting roaring sonorous clattery stentorian earsplitting plangent slam-bang ear-piercing high-spirited vehement animated excited shrieking spirited shouting energetic cacophonous ear-splitting reverberating frisky active gruff vigorous merry jovial agitated stormy restless callous cheerful vociferant vocal severe rough-and-tumble criminal rampant passionate insistent frenzied stern forceful in turmoil reverberant carrying full-throated heavy blatant emphatic deep resonant intense ear-popping lusty powerful forte full turned up chattering rootin'-tootin unquiet overexcited bouncy brash talkative ebullient vibrant brusque gleeful inharmonious abandoned bawling confused dangerous jarring in high spirits importunate raging effervescent over-the-top full-on clamorsome unconstrained unchecked unhindered unconventional uncurbed unbounded overpowering unstable unfettered extrovert hardened irregular rowdydowdy ear-shattering dinning explosive roller-coaster unsettled licentious corybantic incautious profligate irrational echoing fulminating strong crashing blustering rich big pealing wakes the dead high-sounding rotund full-mouthed loud-voiced threatening thrilled raving outspoken storming fiery shaking amusing perturbed demonstrative entertaining untamed funny bitter witty destructive overwhelming mighty extremely noisy tremendous almighty giddy flighty full of conflict full of confusion full of upheavals slapstick very loud joyous jaunty carefree hearty farcical clamant cavorting sprightly sparkling jolly at full volume droll vivacious mirthful jocular full of ups and downs strenuous raw casual crude crass coarse offending devil-may-care sportive hectic frank earnest eager candid forthright open plain-spoken direct sinning rollicksome fun-loving lighthearted thumping ripping joyful happy glad head-splitting erring aberrant deviant harum-scarum yawping yauping ranting enthusiastic vociferating caterwauling loud-mouthed yowling squawking wacky culpable transgressing guilty full of beans frantic tiring exacting straying voluble shrill eventful arduous frenetic challenging clearly audible laborious exhausting unorthodox shifting stray hilarious deviating miscreant heretic devious fallible off straight and narrow unreliable meandering errable testing unsparing taxing flustering burdensome madhouse tireless furious bustling fortissimo sharp onerous full on wearing imperious busy action-packed bumpy strict uncompromising firm unfeeling cruel unfair abrasive ruthless unjust excessive unbending unkind unrelenting heartless rigorous insensitive unsympathetic savage curt extreme merciless

Tính từ

Inconsiderate and harsh to others
unkind cruel malicious mean nasty spiteful harsh uncaring uncharitable unfeeling unsympathetic insensitive unpleasant disagreeable inhuman malevolent mean-spirited unfriendly vicious brutal callous compassionless hard-hearted heartless inconsiderate pitiless ruthless snide cold-hearted hurtful ill-natured merciless savage shabby wounding hostile inhospitable thoughtless unamiable uncivil ungenerous unkindly beastly catty hardhearted unchristian bad barbarous cold-blooded coldhearted hard hateful ill inhumane malignant sadistic not nice prejudicial mischievous painful distressing barbed biting sarky offensive cutting acerbic acidulous snarky mordacious inappropriate tactless remorseless cold unmerciful vindictive stony unsparing hard-boiled severe obdurate bitter rancorous rude venomous thick-skinned affectless unforgiving poisonous desensitized stonyhearted stoney take-no-prisoners ironhearted unfair wicked malign indurate case-hardened pachydermatous insensate slash-and-burn soulless maleficent evil desensitised virulent uncompassionate impolite surly truculent unpitying stony-hearted tough indifferent vile obnoxious despicable unconcerned unrelenting unemotional discourteous dirty contemptible foul unmoved grim malefic fierce ungracious barbaric antagonistic abusive base with a heart of stone intolerant vitriolic stern bellicose vengeful brutish murderous belligerent pernicious cantankerous relentless despiteful inimical pugnacious uncongenial ornery evil-minded low-down aggressive rotten churlish monstrous baleful boorish evil-intentioned disrespectful antipathetic low wrathful rough unmannerly heinous confrontational combative militant implacable angry violent apathetic bad-tempered bestial ill-tempered wretched adverse unresponsive sharp destructive lacking compassion scrappy atrocious ill-mannered unsociable selfish sour tyrannical gruff revengeful wanton ill-humored sinister fiendish dishonourable uncompromising impertinent ill-humoured frigid draconian bad-natured cross ungentlemanly undiplomatic exacting rigorous dour ill-bred curt dishonorable viperous horrible austere blunt bloodthirsty unbending hard as nails butcherly brute dastardly hard-nosed adversarial sanguinary aloof horrid warlike inclement unloving hardened diabolical argumentative alien sullen resentful indelicate negative acrimonious contrary unpropitious irritable unmannered hellish disinterested inflexible ferocious defamatory brash ignoble unhandsome ignominious grouchy short ghastly detestable grumpy bad-mannered untouched execrable filthy strict harmful abominable splenetic oppressive ill-disposed wolfish injurious depraved repellent lukewarm halfhearted aversive repugnant uncalled-for uncalled for crass bloodless heedless self-centered feelingless self-centred loathsome icy unwelcoming vulgar odious unwarranted unacceptable brusque disapproving adversary contentious off stingy uncouth hideous waspish irascible unjust stroppy insolent terrible intimidating jaundiced unreceptive unrefined lousy shameful sarcastic antisocial testy narky fractious petulant heavy touchy unmindful currish appalling cool miffy poison murder gross disreputable scummy cut-throat asocial ungallant snappish snappy onerous unceremonious stone-hearted without sentiment unthoughtful cranky unconsiderate disdainful awful indiscreet offhand chippy soreheaded huffy frightful ignorant unyielding abrupt contemptuous damaging low-minded unsusceptible detrimental joyless flagitious egregious furious petty annoying disparaging noxious deleterious miserly dirty rotten unladylike short-tempered hot-tempered quick-tempered grisly gruesome inexorable cussed authoritarian flinty out of order rigid illiberal crude coarse nefarious immoral tyrannous uncivilized below the belt cold fish uncivilised shady unremitting obtuse imperceptive incurious crotchety hardhanded heavy-handed unstirred forbidding unrighteous unhappy detached disregardful censorious intemperate stonehearted unsympathizing grudge-bearing loveless uncommiserating impenetrable demanding challenging taxing avenging fell cannibalistic impudent gauche cavalier cheap unworthy sulky infernal bearish trying grievous rugged intense terse wreakful out for revenge retaliatory grudging firm tetchy unreasonable shoddy punishing cutthroat satanic insensible hatchetjob coldblooded dog-eat-dog dead disadvantageous inauspicious unfavourable unattractive sordid paltry querulous ratty shirty peevish tormenting torturous forceful abrasive excessive sorry discreditable constant punitive unlikable excruciating searing loutish insidious marble-hearted peckish liverish grumbling curmudgeonly waxy lifeless unfortunate unlovable full of hate menacing of evil intent shrewish no-nonsense browbeating ironfisted bullying difficult baneful troublesome dangerous nocuous unempathetic anesthetized sensationless emotionless anaesthetized deadened uncordial crabbed bloody avaricious unregenerate greedy unrepenting indefatigable uncontrite hard-bitten obloquious derisive derogatory insulting full of spleen impervious inattentive unaffected unsensitive oblivious despotic dictatorial killer instinct mechanical spiritless artful perilous counter untoward unfavorable unbearable insufferable irritating morose oafish burdensome stiff unimpressionable impassive impassible insusceptible scurvy suppressive uncool envious as hard as nails on a short fuse short-fused hazardous bothersome scathing degrading berating scurrilous reproachful reviling denigratory belittling pejorative uncomplimentary unloveable rowdy extreme ramrod deplorable faceless utilitarian inexpressive gray subhuman grey feral bleak inured to frank outspoken critical vituperatory calumniating vituperative impolitic bluff cowardly timid servile weak beggarly natty despisable disgraceful mercenary inglorious quarrelsome loudmouthed contumelious homicidal classless unchivalrous clownish cloddish fiery feisty threatening defiant exasperated hard-shell speaking as one finds plain-spoken calling a spade a spade devilish snarly pettish fretful mighty assaultive peppery prickly crabby agonistic discordant arsey choleric snippy clodhopping uncultured crusty cross-grained polite unpolished rustic lowbred unneighborly ugly horrific shocking ill-deserved corrupt sinful unscrupulous debauched dreadful amoral reprobate shameless harrowing horrendous horrifying debased iniquitous deceitful dishonest villainous unlawful devious degenerate wrong perverted unprincipled criminal unethical fearful licentious dissolute scoundrelly self-indulgent vitiated unsavoury delinquent errant crooked exploitative libertine slippery scandalous unconscionable demonic crafty scrofulous sly black-hearted bent infamous self-seeking felonious conscienceless two-faced squalid underhanded incorrigible scornful morally wrong shifty objectionable dodgy decadent defiled ungodly unconscientious unsavory scheming dark lawless profligate questionable improper corrupted hair-raising macabre nightmarish slaughterous roughshod terrifying abhorrent repulsive frightening unspeakable alarming unthinking careless grewsome spine-chilling revolting lurid formidable terrific nightmare nauseating terrorizing sickening bloodcurdling from hell terrorising dire eerie lou reckless incautious hasty

Tính từ

jarring grating harsh discordant unpleasant clashing incongruous offensive strident annoying conflicting contrasting dissonant grinding inappropriate incompatible inharmonious irritating shrill cacophonous disagreeable grotesque jangling rasping raucous scraping squeaky unaesthetic unsuitable displeasing irksome vexatious loud unbearable uncharacteristic unharmonious out of place unmusical unmelodious screeching rough sharp noisy tumultuous piercing unmelodic tuneless ear-piercing blaring squawky boisterous unvocal off-key hoarse jangly turbulent absonant gruff stridulent ear-splitting riotous brassy metallic squawking stridulous clamorous wild rugged disagreeing furious penetrating horrisonant blustering screechy buffeting disharmonious blatant inharmonic maddening husky tinny coarse clangorous clanging strong tempestuous forceful stridulant scratchy violent uncongenial dry fierce raging choppy agitated stertorous braying inconsonant inconsistent repugnant discrepant atonal stormy blustery squally creaking roily acute deafening disharmonic ill suited roiled mismatched earsplitting mutually exclusive inclement dirty heavy ugly flat scratching stentorian plinky jingling jingly abrasive rabid ferocious stridulatory stentorious cacophonic guttural high-pitched booming thunderous explosive convulsive bell-like resounding ringing resonant croaking raspy infuriating persuasive vocal vociferant baying vociferous obstreperous high out of keeping rowdy exasperating rankling galling paroxysmal volcanic forcible nonmatching croaky out of tune immusical ill-sounding clinking sour lively niggling tiresome aggravating troublesome growling growly shrieking piping caterwauling astringent tough lacking harmony at variance at odds glaring glary out-of-tune out-of-key harsh sounding treble shattering air-rending intrusive squeaking whistling blinding intense dazzling insensitive vexing harsh-sounding knockabout antipathetic contradictory ill-matched rough-and-tumble argute thin irreconcilable bad unlovely unwelcome unpleasing nasty disturbing restless swirling disturbed storming roaring stormful

Tính từ

Causing disruption or annoyance through being unwelcome or uninvited
intrusive interfering meddlesome pushy intruding invasive meddling nosy obtrusive unwanted prying officious presumptuous busy busybody disturbing forward interrupting nosey presuming protrusive pushing snoopy trespassing unwelcome curious impertinent importunate inquisitive uncalled-for indiscreet insensitive protruding unpleasant snooping probing nebby interested questioning inquiring investigative eavesdropping searching intermeddling tampering enquiring scrutinizing peering inquisitorial analytical spying scrutinising peeping prurient examining bumptious self-assertive inspecting disquisitive annoying bossy overbearing pragmatic assertive over-curious over-interested brash nosy-parker bold interruptive forceful aggressive domineering loud gossipy inquisitory interrogative fact-finding offensive obnoxious puzzled speculative personal imposing interviewing interrogational cross-examining bustling self-important overzealous opinionated dictatorial busybodied interloping meddlesomeness nosiness interference butting in research agog intrigued mischievous overbusy nosy-parkering encumbering troublesome kibitzing hindering obstructive impeding chiseling interposing big-eyed poking challenging keen sifting ambitious interventionist investigating undercover inspective exploratory researching chiselling burning with curiosity thrusting rude fussy bureaucratic arrogant wondering cocksure confident overconfident over-assertive cocky pushful doubtful go-ahead insistent nervy strident loudmouthed blatant jutting flagrant projecting sheer bald prognathous bulging investigatory outward-looking studious catechistic heuristic penetrating quizzical Socratic full of oneself self-asserting in-your-face fierce militant go-getting enterprising high-pressure driven sharp-elbowed compelling bludgeoning persistent persuasive intensive high-powered coercive pressurizing pressured stressful relentless intense difficult strenuous demanding pressurising not taking no for an answer insolent brazen impudent cheeky audacious self-confident brazen-faced brassy bold-faced saucy arch sassy wise brassbound fresh hubristic effervescent impulsive brazenfaced trashy impetuous inconsiderate bright uppity flip incautious hasty vivacious thoughtless impolitic heedless precipitate full of yourself headlong untactful maladroit rash hotheaded as bold as brass

Động từ

To be irritating or upsetting, typically with repeated or unpleasant acts
annoying harassing aggravating antagonizing bugging exasperating galling getting goading irking irritating narking nettling peeving pestering riling ruffling vexing frustrating nagging angering bothering displeasing disturbing hassling incensing infuriating maddening making angry needling provoking teasing agitating getting to incommoding making cross molesting perturbing troubling worrying badgering bedeviling bedevilling breaking chafing distressing enraging frosting gnawing grating harrying henpecking nudging persecuting piquing plaguing riding rubbing up the wrong way spiting beleaguering burning up driving crazy driving to distraction graveling gravelling rankling antagonising bumming out driving mad eating getting at getting under your skin getting up your nose getting your goat giving someone grief giving someone the hump hacking off making your blood boil teeing off ticking off winding up cheesing off driving round the bend driving round the twist driving up the wall egging on firing up getting in your hair getting on your wick getting your back up getting your dander up hacking you off heating up making someone see red making waves turning off working on asking for it getting on your nerves giving someone the pip putting your back up hitting where one lives inflaming putting out miffing driving nuts getting across getting on someone's nerves getting someone's wick ruffling someone's feathers making someone's blood boil getting in someone's hair rattling someone's cage getting someone's dander up getting on one's nerves trying someone's patience getting on someone's tits getting up someone's nose getting someone's hackles up getting under someone's skin getting someone's goat making someone's hackles rise getting someone's back up tormenting hounding giving a hard time baiting fretting heckling afflicting bullying torturing rasping chivvying besetting taunting picking on oppressing offending discomposing stressing mithering dogging hectoring devilling deviling griping exacerbating humping disquieting trying agonizing importuning besieging paining fussing racking anguishing agonising flustering itching pressurizing hazing roiling going on at burdening keeping on at harrowing rattling outraging niggling unsettling affronting perplexing straining leaning on keeping after prodding pressurising cursing insulting fazing chivying disgusting pursuing harping on at tantalizing tantalising rubbing the wrong way concerning inconveniencing browbeating alarming intimidating disconcerting ragging distracting excruciating discommoding ailing hurting dunning bending someone's ear ribbing ridiculing disrupting chaffing grieving terrorizing dismaying interrupting unnerving flurrying victimizing haunting exciting disobliging gibing aggrieving stewing embarrassing assailing distempering discombobulating chagrining imposing on pressing abrading giving a bad time breathing down someone's neck driving bananas terrorising gnawing at picking at burning rankling with victimising making things hot for someone getting on someone's wick pressuring mocking stinging scolding pricking guying rousing dragooning dissatisfying pushing around fearing criticizing frazzling discomforting upbraiding unhinging sweating throwing derailing strong-arming quizzing alaruming hagriding depressing exercising undoing pecking at attacking sending into a rage weighing down putting pressure on weirding out freaking out finding fault with criticising putting someone's back up stirring up wearing on getting under one's skin taking the piss out of intruding upon making anxious abusing bulldozing mistreating squeezing deriding maltreating jeering berating boring startling ill-treating discriminating against saddening disgruntling wringing razzing twitting rallying cowing reminding repelling reviling punishing unfairly discomfiting disaffecting bullyragging discountenancing affecting embittering complaining scaring frightening confounding scorning railroading urging shaking whining grumbling reproaching appalling making uneasy having it in for sledging carping scoffing at jeering at curdling pushing sounding grilling carping at hustling stressing out putting down crossing beating throwing off balance injuring slamming biting making it hot for someone lying heavy on getting one's goat having a down on poking fun at making sport of tearing grumbling at blustering messing with grating on jibing at rattling one's cage putting the squeeze on wearing sticking in one's craw getting in one's hair trying the patience of causing suffering to bringing pressure to bear on keeping complaining to dominating setting one's teeth on edge taking the mickey out of driving you up the wall putting the screws on falling on ragging on moaning at making fun of getting across someone swipeing at eating at nagging at showing antagonism to disapproving of blighting petitioning soliciting keeping at feeling ill will towards showing ill will towards pushing about bearing a grudge towards spurring putting someone's nose out of joint chiding caviling cavilling getting on someone infesting insisting driving insane panicking giving someone hell wounding messing pushing someon's buttons getting in the hair of getting on the nerves of harping on prompting mortifying giving the business arousing hostility in insisting on working up wearing out barracking booing wearying making restless unquieting making fretful scandalizing examining tweaking running up the wrong way questioning estranging shouting down souring preying on weighing heavily on buttonholing leading someone a merry dance punishing playing cat and mouse boning putting through wringer rubbing salt in wound smiting belabouring discontenting getting your hackles up raising your hackles rubbing you up the wrong way winding somebody up getting on somebody's nerves getting under skin getting on nerves eating away at trying your patience bristling enflaming madding iring threatening strapping making miserable desolating martyring doing a number on weighing on arousing anxiety in pushing buttons causing anguish to making wretched making it tough for indisposing nit-picking cutting up inciting hissing spooking puzzling empurpling taxing making blood boil taking a rise out of starting trying one's patience getting a rise out of setting on setting one off working into lather putting someone out menacing capping revolting zinging mispleasing cooling winging disappointing despoiling macerating foraying jerking around noodging flipping out causing concern to making uncomfortable causing discomfort to grinding boiling making sore crazing blowing up acerbating arousing steaming up losing one's temper getting someone raising hell plying barraging sneering dissing confusing coercing blackjacking bogarting mau-mauing nauseating sickening scratching around searching high heaven yapping at despairing playing dirty scandalising cutting to the quick gibing at sneering at tiffing huffing petting shouting at shouting catcalls at butting in making game of mixing up alienating losing the affection of hunting wronging crucifying exiling sticking the knife into expelling singling out getting the knife into steamrollering louting twittering dumping on disdaining slapping jabbing flouting scouting digging testing disadvantaging stirring riding roughshod over swaggering using strong-arm tactics on belaboring bombarding causing anxiety to sweating out smothering putting off hitting a sour note discording jangling disharmonizing disaccording making someone fed up putting screws to mangling tiring bringing pressure to bear putting the bite on horning in on intruding on butting in on barging in on interfering with making nervous shaking up brainwashing making it tough giving trouble interfering putting on the spot meddling hanging up putting to trouble putting someone to trouble giving someone bother putting in a spot discommodating causing someone difficulty making someone go out of his way furbelowing putting into a flap flooring putting someone off their stroke frilling stumping flummoxing throwing into tizzy causing someone to lose their composure fuddling throwing into a tizz impeding hindering suffocating disparaging imposing upon creating difficulties for causing inconvenience to domineering overstretching tensing overtaxing gripping tyrannizing overriding immolating demonizing using stretching traumatizing stacking the deck demonising having your knife into tyrannising enslaving tyrannizing over overwhelming grousing croaking repining yammering crabbing bellyaching growling moaning grouching inveighing bleating yawping yauping whimpering wailing maundering muttering hollering murmuring kvetching screaming grizzling kicking caterwauling beefing whingeing squealing keening grumping yowling squawking brooding entangling hampering bouncing aggressing kidding jumping on one's case falling upon starting in on giving the needle giving one the business putting on trial crunching tensing up overextending traumatising making tense overdoing causing to feel mental strain causing to feel emotional strain putting in traction pushing to the limit surrounding joshing fast-talking crowding joking moping jiving finding fault moaning on at taking it out on egging satirizing roasting sorrowing upsetting oneself sighing pining bantering overrunning funning obsessing feeling uneasy feeling unhappy concerning oneself encircling jostling chiacking losing sleep losing sleep over bleeding fuming distressing oneself making a fuss getting into a dither eating one's heart out sweating it out carrying a heavy load feeling peeved upsetting yourself taking on distressing yourself slanging shucking smoking rotting crowding around descending on crowding round converging on mobbing setting upon swarming around spoofing snapping having on making a monkey of poking borak at pulling somebody's leg flouting at leading on laughing at poking mullock at pulling someone's leg putting on leading somebody on slinging off at sending up messing around goofing on flirting with satirising making jokes about

Danh từ

A change to an opposite direction, position, or course of action
reversal overturning undoing overruling repeal abrogation alteration changing countermanding quashing rescinding revocation veto change disallowing overriding overthrow repudiation vetoing annulment cancelation cancellation invalidation negation nullification rescindment retraction setting aside voiding withdrawal disannulment recall recanting rescission abolition disavowal abjuration abandonment dissolution avoidance abnegation disowning forswearing defeasance denial volte-face backpedaling disclaimer backpedalling contradiction renunciation gainsaying about-face abolishment abatement contraversion unsaying renouncing reneging backtracking recantation abortion retractation calling recision dropping disaffirmation calling off elimination termination palinode renouncement deletion vitiation voidance disaffirmance retirement apostasy renege dissolving revoking recalling retracting canceling reversing withdrawing abandoning abolishing invalidating ending cancelling discontinuation scrapping refutation annihilation erasing neutralization split obliteration discharge breakup dedomiciling suspension removal turnaround doubleback U-turn rescinsion turnabout switch neutralisation stopping axing ditching chopping deracination dumping split up going phfft rejection change in direction desertion forsaking self-denial discarding giving up disclamation casting aside eradication destruction end extirpation suppression subversion wiping out erasure expunction rebuttal refuting disproving disclaiming countering extermination extinction discrediting disproval extinguishment stamping out effacement doing away with scrubbing junking excising remission annulling closure blotting out closing down

Danh từ

The state of being bewildered or unclear in one's mind about something
confusion bewilderment puzzlement perplexity bafflement mystification dither wonder befuddlement disorientation wonderment befuddling discombobulation discomfiture distraction doubt fluster muddle uncertainty bamboozlement discomposure disconcertion perplexing stupefaction agitation astonishment bemusement bewilderedness chagrin confounding confusedness daze discomfiting perturbation shock tangle abashment awkwardness demoralisation demoralization disconcertment dumbfounding embarrassment flap fog lather mixup stew unsettling whirl addling blurring cluttering difficulty maze misperception misunderstanding obscuring pother surprise tangling turbulence head-scratching stirring up stupor haze consternation amazement incomprehension awe trance distress mortification disquiet dismay muddledness anxiety hysteria nervousness trepidation incredulity nadaville gauze lala-land narcosis glaze uneasiness startlement panic unease disbelief obscurity fear spin alarm flusteredness shame dazedness discomfort swoon worry disturbance upset obfuscation devastation egg on one's face doubtfulness disquietude questioning fright suspicion nonplus humiliation inquietude disorder horror terror vagueness deliriousness dread surprize derangement admiration muddlement blankness insanity madness mania numbness delirium speechlessness fearfulness apprehension stunner marvel frenzy apprehensiveness astoundment state of shock something else one for the books unclearness dumbfoundedness giddiness concern dwaal cluelessness blur skepticism angst wooziness doziness qualms misgiving quandary dimness indistinctness malaise jumble dubiety trepidity fogginess dumbfoundment dwam blindness disillusion curiosity scepticism flabbergastment astoundedness flabagast lack of comprehension trance-like state confused state loss of face state of confusion state of bewilderment state of disorientation feverishness fever trancelike state state of stupefaction obliviousness crazedness harassment discord abstraction mental unclarity frustration beating ruin failure defeat state scare alarum funk tizzy tizz swivet undoing disappointment rout overthrow cold sweat jam crush cold feet rush confoundment stopper flabbergast mental distress comedown vexation descent conquest vanquishment defeasance lack of understanding dementia dementedness blow irrationality trauma bombshell hallucination lunacy incoherence calenture revelation whammy temporary insanity temporary madness injury thunderbolt earthquake excitement encounter rude awakening eye-opener state of agitation double whammy bolt from the blue state of perturbation source of consternation kick in the teeth source of distress a bolt out of the blue source of amazement a bolt from the blue

Trái nghĩa của upsetting

upsetting Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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