Đồng nghĩa của flabbergasting


Startling, surprising or shocking in an unexpected way
surprising astonishing amazing astounding shocking stunning startling stupefying jolting dumbfounding jarring blindsiding dumfounding eye-opening jaw-dropping staggering extraordinary remarkable incredible unbelievable unexpected striking overwhelming mind-boggling mind-blowing disturbing unforeseen unsettling unusual beyond belief disquieting bewildering sensational unnerving unanticipated dramatic confounding eye-popping unheard of hard to swallow sudden breathtaking wondrous impressive phenomenal unpredictable unpredicted awful awe-inspiring without warning from left field out of the blue surprise outrageous destabilizing worrying uncomfortable destabilising dynamite alarming distressing shock preposterous perturbing disconcerting bizarre strange brilliant hard to believe notable outstanding noteworthy uncommon befuddling outlandish baffling frightening upsetting scary frightful gee-whizz amazeballs flustering freaky devastating freakish unthinkable unannounced unimaginable out of the ordinary awesome wonderful marvellous stupendous miraculous marvelous fabulous exceptional fantastic sublime spectacular portentous terrific preternatural unreal fab stellar heavy utmost bad fantabulous prodigious state-of-the-art out-of-this-world tremendous inconceivable out of this world singular fantastical ridiculous glorious thrilling magnificent unique rare unprecedented weird great peculiar crazy unlikely exciting odd wild implausible improbable superb absurd splendid imposing excellent insane curious mad uncanny fascinating dazzling unparalleled extravagant arresting momentous far-fetched unco anomalous enthralling ludicrous super queer special intense magical divine heart-stopping unheard-of off-the-wall off the wall conspicuous huge superhuman eye-catching unforgettable fanciful inexplicable superlative irrational unwonted uncustomary unfamiliar nonsensical puzzling surpassing exceeding extraordinaire especial atypical abnormal aberrated aberrant freak incomprehensible dubious unrealistic theatrical whimsical unaccustomed doubtful unusually good superior confusing grandiose far-out foolish comical oddball grand majestic wacky zany never to be forgotten primo undreamed-of massive cockamamie extreme awe-striking hare-brained mystifying make-believe sensorial bewitching captivating mind-bending enchanting too good to be true moving far out undreamed of like a dream come true first-class out of sight empyreal beyond one's wildest dreams first-rate monumental hallucinatory formidable supreme supernatural supercalifragilisticexpialidocious exhilarating substantial perplexing royal extra special beautiful humbling muddling difficult to believe quaint unspeakable something else sick dope better than expected mind-altering psychedelic ineffable legendary immense untold impossible unutterable mysterious what unthought of providential rad unfathomable unaccountable the what great giant unreasonable silly monstrous supermundane wonderworking numinous supranatural eccentric very good ill resplendent invigorating charming envigorating enlivening stimulating blissful fabled beguiling splendorous heavenly ethereal enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled the utmost beyond the realm of reason top drawer cool imaginary big unconvincing illusory incredulous novel new unknown unconceivable erratic misleading romantic capricious ambitious visionary uncompelling artificial illusive outré cock-and-bull barmy suppositious different potty daft cock-eyed unlooked-for blinding heart-stirring daring influential stirring profound deep like wow swell powerful hunky-dory groovy dandy inspiring delicious rousing absorbing affecting signal unacceptable fresh offensive obscure undiscovered original prominent unhoped-for cherished some theatric touching perfect unsung unremarked disgraceful ground-breaking unregarded unexampled distinguished pre-eminent memorable important famous considerable little-known little known unrenowned nameless never before encountered commanding emphatic weighty noticeable splashy bold significant arrestive showy marked solid flamboyant pronounced catchy serious offbeat funny out-of-the-way preeminent smashing wicked salient flash gnarly forby world class off beaten path gilt-edged zero cool


Causing of amazement
amazing astonishing astounding blowing away stupefying bewildering blowing one's mind bowling over impressing staggering stunning surprising baffling dazzling dumbfounding flummoxing mystifying puzzling shocking alluring attracting awing beguiling bewitching captivating charming electrifying enchanting enthralling mind-bending perplexing startling striking flooring confounding taking aback disconcerting dazing nonplussing overwhelming throwing rocking thunderstriking dumfounding knocking for six confusing shaking up shaking striking dumb surprizing knocking sideways bemusing taking by surprise leaving open-mouthed blowing your mind stopping someone in their tracks stumping fazing befuddling discombobulating unnerving foxing befogging addling wildering fogging leaving aghast making someone scratch their head bamboozling discomposing vexing buffaloing beating fuddling graveling gravelling muddling mazing posing aweing knocking out knocking for a loop knocking the stuffing out of jolting disorienting unsettling getting obfuscating distracting setting someone thinking catching off balance boggling the mind taking your breath away causing to be at a stand appalling alarming dismaying overcoming disturbing muddying overpowering benumbing rattling paralysing boggling numbing rendering speechless paralyzing horrifying disquieting upsetting throwing off balance consternating bringing up short disorientating springing on throwing a curve hitting like a ton of bricks throwing off frightening agitating terrifying scaring moving perturbing shattering flustering jarring overawing snowing frustrating mixing up abashing discomfiting knocking over with feather knocking over messing with one's head making your head spin stymieing giving a turn giving a shock petrifying taking the wind out of your sails setting someone back on their heels going to your head putting one away devastating carrying away bedeviling bedevilling eluding cowing confusticating throwing into a tizzy psyching out bedazzling delighting stirring confuscating blurring dizzying disordering boggling the mind of getting at throwing for loop defeating daunting intimidating filling with wonder filling with amazement making punchy bothering intoxicating balling up ruffling inebriating besotting knocking senseless killing leaving speechless screwing up causing wonder striking with awe bringing around hitting putting out of action sweeping away showboating grandstanding hotdogging outraging revolting disgusting offending nauseating sickening scandalizing traumatizing touching repelling affecting distressing displeasing provoking angering antagonizing scandalising hitting like ton of bricks raising someone's eyebrows completely surprising traumatising insulting grossing out shaking out of your complacency giving offence to antagonising conquering scarifying panicking spooking terrorizing frighting alaruming affrighting scaring to death scaring the bejesus out of making someone jump out of their skin giving someone a jolt giving someone a fright terrorising springing deterring making jump gobsmacking putting away making speechless throwing for a loop exciting fascinating hypnotizing spellbinding hypnotising disheartening thrilling rousing galvanizing stimulating enthusing worrying bulldozing making one's hair stand on end galvanising mesmerizing gripping exhilarating inspiring grabbing arousing chilling chillin blinding browbeating discomforting discouraging stiffing unhinging demoralizing curdling the blood sweeping off feet striking terror into scaring away getting to sweeping someone off their feet slaying chilling to the bone mesmerising demoralising making one's blood run cold making teeth chatter scaring off depressing throwing a curveball arresting influencing unmanning entrancing exercising riveting rivetting enrapturing involving besetting thickening tangling complicating engrossing jumbling entangling encumbering throwing into panic mixing you up mucking baulking snarling up raveling muddying the waters balking thwarting ravelling stumbling holding scaring stiff scaring witless catching up harrowing making one's flesh creep filling with fear scaring someone out of their wits getting the wind up putting the fear of God into freezing your blood giving someone the heebie-jeebies scaring the pants off throwing into a panic throwing into a blue funk giving someone goose pimples giving one the creeps throwing into a fright putting the wind up chilling to the marrow scaring the living daylights out of scaring someone half to death swaying gorgonizing distressing greatly impacting reaching rooting transfixing riveting the attention of leaving a mark on telling on making an impression feeling admiration scoring registering cutting a figure piquing carrying making splash pushing around feeling respect enforcing making an impression on showing off making a hit having an impact on making a splash wowing knocking dead animating invigorating energizing titillating firing charging scaring the daylights out of motivating frenzying lighting a fire under stirring up firing with enthusiasm pumping up giving someone a charge commoving turning on dynamizing magnetising giving a buzz envigorating giving someone a kick getting someone going energising magnetizing

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