Đồng nghĩa của gee whizz

Tính từ

Attracting attention by reason of being unusual, extreme, or prominent
striking conspicuous noticeable astonishing distinct evident extraordinary marked obvious prominent dramatic manifest remarkable salient unmistakable clear-cut distinctive impressive notable outstanding strong stunning visible wonderful amazing arresting astounding bodacious bold brilliant catchy clear commanding dazzling drop-dead emphatic eye-catching flamboyant grabby incredible kenspeckle memorable noisy pronounced rare showy significant splashy staggering surprising uncommon appreciable eye-popping forcible jaw-dropping observable perceptible phenomenal arrestive bizarre charming cogent compelling confounding distinguished dynamite electrifying fascinating forceful jazzy lofty noteworthy powerful signal singular startling telling unusual wondrous out of the ordinary breathtaking sensational awesome awe-inspiring spectacular amazeballs imposing mind-blowing mind-boggling grand exciting magnificent glorious splendid stupendous stirring overwhelming out of this world blinding engaging pointed attention-grabbing attractive tense thrilling suspenseful picturesque fabulous fantastic tremendous lively gripping riveting beautiful inspiring unforgettable marvelous stupefying shocking exceptional graphic climactic vivid sublime unique intoxicating exhilarating bewildering shock-horror stem-winding heady effective high-octane moving marvellous sudden intense studied touching affecting disquieting unsettling unnerving disturbing majestic formidable magical breath-taking dumfounding eye-opening blindsiding jarring jolting dumbfounding unbelievable flabbergasting humbling action-packed rip-roaring never to be forgotten spine-tingling mind-bending devastating hair-raising unheard of beyond belief hard to swallow highly impressive prodigious special palpable patent important plain apparent discernible particular glaring momentous decided definite considerable miraculous detectable recognizable distinguishable perceivable blatant obtrusive recognisable superior weighty eminent unprecedented especial unparalleled abnormal open atypical portentous odd famous anomalous crucial meaningful luminous bright preeminent great peculiar inescapable unconcealed serious freak tangible sensible stimulating easily seen preternatural aberrant refreshing major rousing heavy transparent principal unheard-of flashy unwonted unimaginable conclusive noted substantial unexpected unambiguous strange incomparable unaccustomed seeable terrific visual unfamiliar influential unequivocal material extraordinaire captivating broad peerless exceeding unreal superb discoverable illustrious categorical unambivalent awful under one's nose big as life monumental predominant indubitable nonambiguous decisive eventful dominant critical prestigious main renowned solid barefaced noble identifiable vital pivotal paramount curious different interesting crystal clear positive well defined bald-faced star consequential open-and-shut loud garish histrionic redoubtable unequalled unrivalled undeniable matchless measurable uncustomary uncanny aberrated offbeat astral explicit inimitable seen ocular revealed macroscopic unhidden unexampled super exotic historic in sight in view straightforward viewable absorbing extravagant out in the open not hidden primary enchanting outlandish envigorating original lucid to be seen unthinkable undisguised chief unrivaled improbable unequaled luculent inconceivable enthralling certain bald invigorating indisputable unlikely implausible perspicuous ringing one of a kind undoubted key beguiling fresh unquestionable out-of-the-way open and shut writ large standing out a mile prime essential black-and-white as plain as the nose on your face as plain as a pikestaff self-evident bright-line sticking out like a sore thumb pre-eminent pertinent focal protruding ostentatious colourful leading intrusive central superlative potent colorful trenchant ornate celebrated theatrical sharp fine queer glitzy excellent citable weird unconventional appealing gaudy famed opulent dramaturgical hot surpassing mentionable namable nameable valid fundamental funny big screaming delightful pleasing out of the way notorious flash intriguing unforeseen unpredictable unanticipated unco amusing novel new provocative entertaining urgent can't miss it extreme unmatched electric worthy of note overt pleasurable diverting primo unpredicted sizable outrageous engrossing galvanising cool freakish unknown dramaturgic pressing grave large galvanizing insane headline foremost major-league high-profile unexcelled legendary priceless heart-stopping on display on view profound large-scale far-reaching ridiculous crazy well known untypical record groundbreaking revolutionary red-letter comical fantastical entrancing enticing bewitching pellucid first-rate first-class severe high-priority capital plain to see heavy-duty pioneering outré preponderant of note definitive express outre idiosyncratic eccentric newfangled univocal cardinal impactful mighty burning in evidence sticking out resplendent luxurious first-time high-level all-important big-time far-out without equal ground-breaking without parallel well-defined piquant in a league of its own sticking out a mile melodramatic standing out like a sore thumb histrionical beyond compare sui generis without warning newsworthy from left field farcical emotional staring someone in the face beyond question cut-and-dried deep divine far out out of the blue written all over someone expressive comic resounding multicolored multicoloured thick storming gorgeous assured thundering thumping unorthodox indelible haunting good easily noticed moderate reasonable exhilarative flagrant in plain sight in full view off the beaten track charged galvanic basic staple forestanding exquisite thrusting protuberant right under your nose lurid the esteemed kicky smashing wicked supreme consummate raving convincing projecting relevant jutting incomprehensible supernatural difficult to believe unsurpassed not to be forgotten acclaimed persuasive out of place world class stellar select admirable to the fore landmark extra special elegant delicate dainty heart-stirring written all over one distingué clearly visible as plain as the nose on one's face axiomatic incontrovertible clear cut as plain as day beyond doubt irrefutable specific telltale honoured respected in the foreground valuable choice invaluable hefty gilt-edged unspeakable enjoyable elevated effectual revealing very great immense impossible ineffable untold unutterable zero cool sure daring impassioned swell groovy dandy delicious lavish bad like wow hunky-dory stately massive of particular interest reputable venerable standing out projecting outwards much keynote generous milestone fateful earthshaking earnest earth-shattering resonant worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum front-page extensive unordinary ponderable climacteric unthought of satisfying undisputed stark unquestioned crisp precise precious august honored like a dream come true enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like sensorial anywhere to be seen enlivening empyreal blissful fabled splendorous heavenly ethereal dream-filled rad as plain as daylight beyond a doubt for certain no ifs ands or buts self-explanatory worthy of mention murder splash boss utmost underlined stand-out rich recherche black and white sharply defined hard and fast cut and dried lucent crystalline shining pleasant beyond one's wildest dreams out-of-this-world beyond the realm of reason top drawer undreamed of warm radiant very fine top-notch nonpareil name aristocratic operative satisfactory sound cheering humorous witty well-known major league big name highly regarded talked of high gleaming real actual something else the end worth mentioning worth taking a look at agreeable fun droll congenial recreative nice brash pretentious concrete audible enunciated energising energizing titillating biting hilarious chucklesome individual core genuine thought-provoking hard legitimate veritable authentic vulgar tragic theatric thespian intrinsic arousing poignant riot cheerful restorative side-splitting relaxing scream clever be a ball fun-filled gas gay certified verifiable veridical demonstrable confirmed factual legit verified certifiable tasteless overdone sweeping ponderous integral plain as day clean-cut substantive absolute honest true objective firm kitsch affected fancy over-elaborate easily distinguishable intelligible proper exigent dire OTT superfly ritzy fancy-pants swanky pompous inviting charismatic hypnotizing hypnotic hypnotising tantalising mesmerising mesmerizing magnetic all-time distinguishing familiar identifying custom quantifiable tinselly bling-bling dicty tawdry overriding acute almighty determining immediate top-priority worthwhile heavyweight instrumental honest-to-goodness well documented bona fide well-grounded tantalizing alluring customised personalised dissimilar individualised specialised snazzy meretricious classy tony tinsel dashing overwrought sumptuous splendiferous swank peacocky fanciful grievous top-level overshadowing life-changing dangerous of consequence big-league of concern life and death big league dubious preposterous absurd unrealistic wild independent private idiomatic specialized subjective intimate nonconformist customized patented individualized privy personalized decipherable preoccupying immersing prepossessing involving spellbinding compulsive vibrant consuming seductive doubtful nonsensical grandiose ludicrous whimsical irrational of great consequence life-and-death over the top wacky oddball foolish mad cockamamie zany meaty unputdownable buzzworthy racy mesmeric topical unboring newsy relatable gnarly forby hare-brained off-the-wall off the wall far-fetched make-believe off beaten path

Tính từ

Very elaborate and impressive
extravagant elaborate fancy ornate showy adorned decorated embellished flamboyant flashy ornamented ostentatious baroque busy exaggerated florid fussy grandiose impressive overstated pretentious rococo flash garish gaudy gingerbread overdone wedding-cake over-elaborate flowery grandiloquent rhetorical bombastic magniloquent aureate high-flown orotund oratorical highfalutin overripe turgid high-sounding fustian overwrought euphuistic overblown declamatory inflated tumid pompous purple lofty verbose windy elegant affected overelaborate hifalutin magnific rich rhetoric sonorous curlicued convoluted very elaborate Ciceronian imposing epideictic overdecorated detailed theatrical decorative Demosthenic Demosthenean Ossianic eloquent ornamental wordy la-di-da excessive grand-sounding lavish arty-farty bedecked exalted dramatic pleonastic high-wrought complex complicated gingerbreaded bedizened gingerbready hyperbolic flatulent gassy gaseous hyperventilated stilted fluent stagy silver-tongued sumptuous prolix elocutionary swollen majestic rotund arty bold high-falutin oratorial high-minded snobbish arabesque overinflated discursive highly decorated strained laboured figurative booming melodramatic arresting formal intricate plush verbal linguistic over the top posh labored redundant diffuse euphemistic stylistic sophisticated garnished luxurious skillful skilful fervid impassioned persuasive gesturing vivid forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy histrionic expressive intoning important noble long-winded stentorian beautiful periphrastic contrived glib mouthy vocal grand effusive voluble articulate tumescent bizarre grotesque undue overdue insane overweening stiff immoderate intolerable inordinate plethoric exorbitant towering extreme unconscionable overextravagant steep overmuch unmerciful devilish with all the extras with all the options with bells and whistles resplendent jewelled metaphorical opulent tawdry gilded glossy jeweled flaunting splashy embroidered meretricious brilliant variegated superficial luscious bright magnificent glamorous sparkling fine dazzling colored glitzy coloured gilt fancily decorated highly wrought ranting puffed involved rhapsodical overestimated classy exquisite high-class deluxe stylish swish refined cultivated artistic beautifying snazzy fancy-pants handsome dignified swanky aristocratic ritzy select chic stately choice delicate superior cluttered palatial gorgeous luxury splendid glittering costly attractive graceful crowded pretty tasteful fashionable embellishing elitist snobby swank snotty high-hat upmarket lavishly appointed persnickety toffee-nosed snooty plushy lush potty expensive over-detailed overworked discerning polished cosmetic adorning enhancing classic modish untidy over-embellished over-ornate mixed-up messy muddled disarranged staged disorderly nonfunctional non-functional urbane courtly smart distinguished palatian Lucullan stuffy spiffy quality cultured lovely dashing aesthetic charming excessively ornate excessively ornamental furbishing dressy patterned festooned garnishing accessory heightening decorating decking for show prime fanciful jazzy special nice suave decorous froufrou frilly fancible unusual cushy custom chichi dainty rare comely genteel debonair august schmick recherche esthetic stylized high-quality setting off a la mode well-designed well-bred well-dressed OTT

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