Đồng nghĩa của schmick

Tính từ

Generally good in quality or character
capital excellent fine good great outstanding prime brilliant champion choice cool noted select cracking crucial distinguished fantastic mean superb exceptional first-class magnificent marvelous marvellous sterling superior very good worthy dope mega notable sovereign splendid terrific topping admirable exemplary exquisite first-rate wicked world-class brill def estimable meritorious pre-eminent superlative top-notch A1 bodacious boffo jim-dandy tiptop chillin' exo phat rad sik barrie beaut belting pearler the dog's bollocks wonderful awesome sensational fabulous fab stellar neat top divine fantabulous peachy super tremendous grand smashing tip-top swell keen primo quality radical dandy groovy topflight slick hot corking crackerjack prize out-of-sight boss heavenly lovely number one beautiful unsurpassed classic immense righteous high-class A-OK supernal prizewinning dynamite nifty blue-chip five-star top-of-the-line wizard bully bumper famous out of this world frontline numero uno ace gilt-edged bang-up top-shelf noble gilt-edge first-string blue-ribbon banner gangbusters gangbuster peachy keen par excellence brag supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bonny bonnie magic four-star top-hole on fleek hype amazing down brave gone spiffing bosting A-1 amazeballs ripping bonzer glorious sublime phenomenal mind-blowing of the first water elite perfect supreme remarkable topnotch gorgeous impressive spanking best stupendous crack dazzling class far out too good to be true top-drawer delightful skilful skillful dreamy masterly sound fabby premier consummate marvy formidable unrivaled eminent rare matchless beezer peerless breathtaking goodly applaudable lank kif unrivalled way-out greatest awesomesauce bosker of the first order incredible special bad premium unparalleled exclusive nice standout attractive adroit virtuoso unmatched accomplished optimum finest high-quality splendiferous valuable top-quality high-grade optimal solid elegant tops unreal of the highest quality far-out top-level best ever top of the line top of the range top-tier super-duper ka pai second to none out of sight of the highest order of the highest standard too much grade A of high quality sharp quick to die for agile deft clever smart hypnotic colossal expert handy chic well-designed natty convenient apt ingenious stylish enjoyable spruce pleasing striking important deluxe desirable plush fly well-known celebrated adept like wow cat's meow posh ritzy unbelievable noteworthy prominent masterful stunning skilled able inspired hand-picked elect elevated august splendorous lofty really nice five star top quality of the highest type high quality highest-quality top grade best-quality exalted proud competent dominant principal the very best state-of-the-art the best a standout eventful tasty dainty mint certified top-of-the-range fantastical virtuous top drawer legit top-flight hunky-dory baller crash hot nang outrageous No. 1 superfine predominant dexterous hotshot proficient demon favored 10 popular preferred preferential A-number-1 chief mostest out-of-this-world hundred-proof handpicked vintage plum favorite precious prodigious unequalled dextrous favoured favourite uncommon cherry-picked unusual extraordinary solid gold 24-karat carefully chosen first-line unexcelled commendable preeminent surpassing illustrious worthwhile praiseworthy honourable laudable dream honorable meritable venerable leading incomparable faultless unbeatable flawless deserving creditable respectable cream transcendent unique star uppermost quintessential untouchable effusive highest singular extreme winning excessive lead inflated renowned unequaled exaggerated worthiest flagship copacetic top-class top-grade in a class all by itself highest quality very best without equal beyond compare prize-winning above and beyond of highest order award-winning worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas zero cool hunky dory foremost paramount master primary spectacular major main inimitable key central signal first astonishing cardinal unprecedented memorable especial awe-inspiring high arch practised overriding big talented marked astounding gifted wondrous vital essential practiced primal imposing unsurpassable significant conspicuous abnormal unexampled complete atypical odd extraordinaire head overbearing out of the ordinary capable staggering nonpareil pivotal distinctive mind-boggling experienced anomalous efficient overmastering miraculous versed unwonted influential focal number-one prevailing compleat powerful particular professional surprising prior sovran freak artful aberrant preternatural veteran educated peculiar towering strange core ideal arresting ruling majestic thrilling exceeding commanding unheard of polished professed exciting inconceivable momentous invaluable fundamental ultimate bizarre mighty prestigious priceless topmost reputable uncustomary honoured delicate aberrated critical well versed without parallel trained unimaginable honored famed royal unfamiliar stately genius big league epic controlling only consequential senior esteemed successful dignified unforgettable high-level moving unusually good salient fancy better beyond comparison supereminent bravura rich workmanlike choicest regal unaccustomed weird monumental presiding gallant potent impeccable deadly refreshing savvy novel unconventional heroic integral habile seminal magnific untypical record arch- of a high standard high-ranking basic eye-opening top-ranking puissant world class highly regarded enviable magical high profile high-powered seasoned something else radiant staple obvious prevalent coruscating grandiose in a class of its own unexpected extremely good imperial effective original weighty queer curious shining most resplendent massive baronial inspiring heroical alpha preponderant strong pleasant notorious respected greater crowning portentous acclaimed Homeric unheard-of recognized exotic red-letter utmost reliable extra special redoubtable outlandish authoritative classical refined intrinsic iconic without peer exceptionally good gee-whizz resonant trusted recognised necessary of prime importance of greatest importance big-time irreproachable jaw-dropping a dab hand at high-up all-important eye-popping pompous one of a kind industry leading major league well known considerable far-reaching sweet absolute bigger invincible rockin qualified enthralling indomitable glittering effectual knowledgeable supernatural shocking advanced really good specialist above average recherche bright new eloquent astral transcendental larger higher apex irregular sumptuous determining luxurious facile unthinkable freakish unknown exhilarating one in a million unbeaten lordly out of the way opulent palatial schooled historical awful banging overruling dominating bewildering honest decent of note deciding well-connected prized valued fresh groundbreaking revolutionary in a league of their own final compelling pioneering outré magnanimous of influence fabled without match of supreme importance first and foremost outre idiosyncratic eccentric newfangled ranking alone all-time serious headmost one-in-a-million atypic requisite uplifting heavy unordinary immensely skilled highly qualified very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled extraordinarily skilled not too shabby highly trained ground-breaking best possible first-time first class must-have urgent confounding indispensable a cut above the rest hors concours of the first rank unlikely high-minded high-priority in a league of its own sui generis of great consequence out-of-the-way needed luxury unimpeachable blameless captivating charming enchanting entrancing bewitching piked pronounced noticeable marquee distinct scrumptious delectable grander more pro festive blinding stirring upmarket awing historic touching cherished fascinating triumphant happy whimsical creative tophole clear total utter gnarly different paragon model beyond words beyond description proper spesh chur definitive affecting agitating immaculate immortal good quality high-caliber a cut above imaginative red-carpet celebratory sunny positive initiative theatrical offbeat unorthodox intrusive projecting pertinent protruding obtrusive relevant arrestive jutting sup rior effulgent innovational innovative biggest infrequent high-test material aces unparagoned solid-gold thoroughbred good-quality high-calibre elemental profound all very well well and good telling governing unmatchable unchallenged innovatory well executed cooler largest elder adored time-honored gratifying improved enhanced artistic number 1 uncharacteristic top-priority enterprising inventive intense forcible rousing crash-hot blissful rapturous regnant predominate opening beginning unblemished endowed sheer earthshaking record breaking downright thorough chartbusting earthshattering ready resourceful helpful public intellectual unearthly axial intelligent fearless tenacious joyous ascendant richest front unapproached awe-striking brainy hep hip of moment impassioned virtuosic off the beaten track pretty slap-up congenial diverting not bad tip top picturesque initial a million dollars like a million dollars top-rank superseding of greatest significance intervening revered first rate learned admired legendary triumphal idealistic highly rated heart-stopping better than expected pure egregious better than usual of the best quality better than average seldom seen dramatic without an equal culminating all-time best stand alone Grade A crown efficacious ambitious having a knack for haughty ostentatious pretentious large cut out for class act shining at inaugural unaccountable inexplicable mysterious sacred inspirational holy spiritual abstract very great whiz well thought of major-league of high standing heavy-duty earnest big time big-league skookum promising starry intoxicating there clean smooth self-important overblown immodest highest-ranking hotdog heavyweight undefeated sans pareil of mark in the public eye improbable incomprehensible implausible difficult to believe wised up with it paranormal stupefying very fine in a class of one's own useful productive unfailing practical the most exacting very able sharp as a tack on the beam know stuff nimble-fingered on the ball up to speed no slouch no dummy eye-catching valorous up to the mark reputed suitable palmary nasty believeable satisfactory organic well-thought-of at the cutting edge heavy stuff hot stuff at the leading edge utopian record-breaking eximious well-done metaphysical mystical otherworldly uncanny superhuman supernormal unworldly other-worldly decisive never to be forgotten huge substantial sure-fire imperative unconquerable lavish princely mind-bending spine-tingling unnatural of genius batting a thousand salt of the earth unnerving disturbing unsettling disquieting unstoppable oratorical upper-class VIP upper cogent aristocratic kingly ghostly occult deviant unrepresentative deviative supermundane determinative pressing acute meaningful climactic jolting dumbfounding dumfounding startling jarring flabbergasting blindsiding invulnerable mandatory burning vitally important very important required life-and-death life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence much needed earth-shattering prerequisite unassailable overwhelming blockbusting leet magnolious insurmountable impregnable bulletproof insuperable au fait splendacious swanky hard to swallow beyond belief celestial cosmic outrageously bad not beatable rudimentary underlying upright elementary benevolent generous ethical principled upstanding moral chivalrous gracious humane just beneficent scanty subtile flimsy subtle sparse occasional tenuous few and far between attenuate short light attenuated seldom deficient few semioccasional scattered rarefied thin isolated scarce unfrequent sporadic limited cultivated uncorrupted natural pick fat chad liberal courtly polite greathearted unselfish bounteous charitable tolerant benign sympathetic great-hearted noble-minded anti-corruption stand-up self-sacrificing most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most excellent most skilled most powerful

Tính từ

Having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress
smart stylish chic classy fashionable polished snappy trendy dapper modish natty snazzy dressy funky in fashion voguish in vogue well turned-out a la mode sharp elegant spiffy swish dashing fly cool sassy hip with it swank tony in swell happening exclusive swanky kicky supercool debonair kicking fresh sophisticated now au courant on fleek nifty trig spruce chichi latest up to the minute contemporary groovy mod ritzy up-to-date well-dressed fancy trendsetting modern flash trim rakish culty up-to-the-minute all the rage luxurious well-groomed up to date du jour dressed to kill grand designer showy ornate upscale current big fine neat new with-it swagger high-class well turned out all the go attractive popular expensive glamorous flashy tasteful opulent plush sumptuous hot ostentatious ultra-modern suave swinging slick genteel in thing posh well dressed in style fashionably dressed in-thing bang up to date latest thing last word as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox upmarket artistic jaunty jazzy lavish exquisite beautiful graceful courtly majestic glitzy select urbane stately handsome def hep downtown vogue turned-on dap fancy-pants prevailing usual well-tailored well-presented sleek high-toned customary sporty faddish besuited de rigueur charming dainty clean well-turned-out favoured favored newfangled well-liked à la mode a go-go dressed to the teeth dressed to the nines crisp formal high-quality flattering high-fashion understated elaborate quality smooth coffee-table last-word spiff stylin' pop faddy crowd-pleasing large popularized favorite red-hot le dernier cri excellent distinctive first-class high fashion avant-garde groomed presentable in good taste with style cutting-edge favourite popularised casual informal dress arty well put together smartly dressed spick and span soigné clean-cut spiffed-up dolled up dressed up to the nines glossy well produced loud in high feather dressed up looking sharp the new massive styleworthy refined deluxe gay raffish clever ingenious crucial cultivated plushy prim rich flaunting flamboyant glittering glittery brazen gaudy discerning spruced up dicty luxury classic dignified delicate distinguished sprauncy plummy larney up-market la-di-da top-drawer chi-chi upper-class cultured lovely aesthetic nice choice noble decorous rare comely ornamented affected august well-designed superior well-bred recherche aristocratic esthetic overdone stylized bling pretentious steezy modernistic uptown in the mainstream new-fashioned newest state-of-the-art ultramodern present-day space-age new age advanced recent progressive innovative high-tech appealing novel cosmopolitan neoteric innovatory latter-day cutting edge fetching brand-new stunning sexy leading-edge leading edge updated gorgeous hi-tech offbeat modern-day nouvelle pioneering splashy futuristic pretty foppish seemly unconventional cute topical well-off drop-dead gorgeous five-star respectable dandified agreeable forward-looking down gnarly pleasant modernized modernised plugged-in contemporaneous present leading alluring newly discovered groundbreaking recently developed never-before-seen ground-breaking gracious impressive extant bewitching fascinating unique seductive revolutionary immediate captivating beguiling personable irresistible magnetic tantalizing dazzling engaging foxy trailblazing dandy ongoing well-heeled twenty-first-century present-time striking tantalising splendid desirable radical good-looking fanciable sightly fit beauteous ravishing taking fair nice-looking pulchritudinous well-favored well-formed far-out earthy fab swankish peacocky par excellence high high-society party young finest Sunday youthful smartest nicest undercool wicked overdressed flippant poised gimmicky fashion-conscious comfortable on trend swaggy couturial swishy exciting well groomed desired sought-after prevalent shiny streamlined hottest jet-setting in demand in favour good big thing full-dress with good taste quite recent timely class aerodynamic flowing craze fad leafy awake perceptive familiar observant alive conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware pizazzy pizzazzy haute dernier cri in favor latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look high-status colorful bright hot off press just out surrealistic bang up-to-date switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to spivvy spiffing colourful enhancing in with it avant forefront complex 21st-century landmark forward future breakthrough breezy salubrious high-style in the know snobby famous elite on the cutting edge in the latest style becoming saucy confident go-ahead well-chosen highly developed SOTA executive dandyish devil-may-care vain preening existing latter high class in full dress in one's best bib and tucker gussied up resplendent angelic dollish beddable smashing enticing divine symmetrical telegenic statuesque ideal adorable showstopping tempting willowy wonderful aesthetically pleasing voluptuous aesthetically appealing easy on the eye sensual eye-catching shapely prepossessing curvaceous superb winsome sublime physically attractive camera-friendly delightful fine-looking glamourous photogenic pleasing radiant prettyish sheen instant creative original polite posturing knockout dishy nowadays coeval prompt being commenced already today started begun existent innovational inspired unprecedented imaginative inventive strange unheard-of far out modernist different unaccustomed way out unfamiliar unexplored visionary out-of-the-box unhackneyed experimental unknown unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional courteous entrancing likely hunky proper mannerly prinking self-obsessed for the time being in duration going on ad hoc at this moment just now even now in process under consideration charismatic enchanting virile lovesome spunky correct strong bonnie robust drop-dead tasty well-proportioned bonny athletic good looking civil gentlemanly coxcombical intriguing ladylike civilized luring elfin glam couth accomplished decent befitting siren righteous prestigious well mannered distingué well bred punctilious well-mannered pompous confined intolerant patronizing well-behaved discreet chivalrous patronising artificial civilised hollow prudish snooty priggish snobbish straitlaced precious prissy condescending stuffy looking like a million most recent

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