Đồng nghĩa của commenced

Alternative for commenced

commences, commenced, commencing

Đồng nghĩa: begin, fire away, start, take off,

Trái nghĩa: conclude, end, finish,

Động từ

To have produced or brought about
developed established formed began created started built designed executed introduced organized constructed crafted effected embarked on enacted engineered generated initiated instituted launched originated produced set down set in motion set up actualized affected assembled catalysed catalyzed composed constituted effectuated fashioned forged found founded installed instigated machinated materialised materialized moulded organised put in motion realised realized setted authored brought about brought into being brought into existence brought to pass cast erected fabricated gave rise to inaugurated knocked together knocked up made pieced put in place rendered rigged secured shaped shope did germinated molded engendered exercised begun pioneered started up set in opened innovated put together opened up ushered in invented appeared kicked off dawned put up sprung planted set forth started off switched on inducted led leaded devised gained access signed in accessed announced conceived of cooked up contrived concocted turned out fathered issued conceived presented brought on hatched knocked off started out arose arisen preceded logged on logged in activated ushered unveiled brought in entered sprang prefaced incorporated brought forward broke broken brake come out with set off kick-started put into effect set put forward led into put in front revolutionized came out with discovered spearheaded modernized threw together drew up threw up rang in modernised revolutionised given rise to turned on connected piped up resounded heralded broached proposed objectified offered signed on prefixed crystallized started ball rolling on reified incarnated transpired represented made real accomplished symbolized portrayed come up with floated gotten going got going based prologued premised thrown together schemed drawn up brewed got underway made up hammered out kicked something off dreamt up formulated thrown up facilitated led up to structured cultivated brought to life fixed up knocked down added crystallised admitted started the ball rolling led off rung in paved the way phased in symbolised made concrete presided over planned headed caused to be started ball rolling fired up ordained run up hosted done settled up endowed inculcated came up with ran up made to happen given life made happen gave life gave an introduction to given an introduction to got things rolling gotten under way got under way took the lead in taken the lead in gotten things rolling framed arranged manufactured orchestrated choreographed modeled modelled raised fit together coordinated managed laid out confected masterminded prepared blueprinted synthesized mounted projected made arrangements for pieced together synthesised worked out whipped up drafted outlined drummed up draughted run marshalled marshaled staged directed concerted wangled procured prefabricated sorted out joined thought up built up schemed out mapped out prefabbed strategized about lay out advanced plotted compounded processed compiled budgeted mobilized spawned administrated reared conducted excogitated yielded programmed reconstructed mass-produced charted mixed brought out instilled evolved elevated knocked out translated into vamped cobbled together edified were responsible for caused to happen put out jerry-built was responsible for mobilised trumped up cobbled up fudged together vamped up been responsible for becast superstructed cast about sculptured hit upon ran stage-managed promoted brought carved out comprised diagrammed wrought decided worked determined diagramed conjured up seen to saw to furthered made for caused architected intended played a part in gathered systematized systemized collated strategized scheduled propagated induced begot begat begotten triggered precipitated spurred prompted harvested sparked linked combined accumulated amassed anthologized made a drawing of made a map of played a role in made a representation of collected provoked fomented yolden yold churned out improvised finessed negotiated manoeuvred manipulated maneuvered incited contributed to achieved culminated in stimulated impelled encouraged had a hand in elicited fostered swung sketched delivered wrote written administered derived envisioned imagined finagled calculated inspired called forth influenced occasioned stirred up attained sparked off pushed forward aroused opened the door for gotten together got together brought together machined made possible harmonised touched off kindled laid the foundations of tooled had a part in carpentered moved helped conduced contributed evoked got up preplanned bred cobbled entailed brought off sketched out carved dealt with blocked out pulled off triggered off budgeted for brainstormed planned ahead rustled up carried through symphonized timetabled blent pulled strings added up to thrashed out completed laid on systematised invoked milled enkindled oiled the wheels of harmonized found a way planned out carried off handled blended caused to occur saw about fixed looked after straightened out whomped up brought forth had the effect of forwarded finished in jacked up licked into shape seen about ended in unified hashed out spelled beared integrated conduced to led to driven drove drew up a layout of drawn up a layout of drew up a plan of drawn up a plan of was a factor in amounted to added to been a factor in were a factor in carven gotten up lay on rewrote rewritten been partly responsible for drawn out drew out was partly responsible for bore were partly responsible for borne gotten off the ground taken care of took care of got off the ground

Động từ

Past tense for to begin
began begun started opened initiated inaugurated led off embarked on got going gotten going instituted kicked off launched started off entered on went about gone about instigated launched into originated set about embarked fell to fallen to got down to business gotten down to business got off gotten off got the ball rolling got under way gotten under way struck into got cracking on got down to gotten down to got off the ground gotten off the ground got stuck into got weaving went ahead gone ahead made a start on set in motion embarked upon entered into got cracking gotten cracking got weaving on jumped into put in motion took up taken up tore into torn into came into being come into being came into existence come into existence entered upon ringed up the curtain on got one's feet wet gotten one's feet wet got show on road gotten show on road hit the ground running started the ball rolling got the show on the road scratched the surface tackled made a start set to proceeded set the ball rolling set out undertaken undertook got underway teed off set upon attacked got on entered got going on gotten going on started on started out put one's hand to the plough put one's shoulder to the wheel set off plunged into got to work on buckled down jumped in knuckled down drove off pitched in continued buckled down to triggered had a go at had a crack at attempted approached gotten on addressed oneself to kick-started turned to engagde in engaged in kicked in started up started to engaged got to commenced proceedings got going with kept on got one's finger out plunged ventured into put your hand to the plough set the wheels in motion had a shot at put the wheels in motion set out on got on with gotten on with got to work gotten to work got a move on gotten a move on effectuated prompted elicited created gone into went into precipitated induced produced adopted embraced espoused contributed invoked come on-stream got to it chipped in proceeded with borrowed considered started the ball rolling on commenced on occurred happened dawned waded into dug in focussed concentrated focused participated helped setted to work made the first move launched into it fired away got moving gotten moving got got down got to grips with gotten to grips with broached reopened resumed renewed recommenced assumed accepted restarted assisted joined in cooperated rolled setted things moving made a beginning plunged into it got one's skates on got off one's backside buckled to laid the first stone bowed convened gotten to rumbled took to taken to got stuck in gotten stuck in lent a hand mucked in helped out volunteered subscribed aided collaborated got to work at jump-started moved into carried on followed through settled down to raised the curtain come through got busy played a part waded in contributed work got something off the ground started out on begun undertaking began undertaking had recourse to shot the works hopped to it become involved in got cracking with made a habit of got up to speed turned one's hand to rolled up one's sleeves gone in for immersed yourself went in for focused on concentrated on jumped off got things moving gotten up to speed broken into broke into got along with gotten along with taken on took on began work on begun work on gotten broke the ice broken the ice came on-stream took effect taken effect stricken up struck up swung into action swang into action rang in rung in gone ahead with went ahead with gone went resorted to gotten down to it got down to it gotten on with it got on with it threw oneself into thrown oneself into did done got things rolling gotten things rolling gone on went on began business begun business been up to applied oneself to gone for it was up to went for it were up to taken the first step got down to brass tacks got down to the nitty-gritty took something forward taken something forward took the first step taken the plunge gotten down to the nitty-gritty gotten down to brass tacks took the plunge came through gotten busy gotten your skates on got your skates on became involved in took first step taken first step gone to it did one's bit done one's bit went to it taken a flyer took a flyer went whole hog went the limit gone whole hog gone the limit

Động từ

Past tense for to set up, establish or initiate (something)
instituted established initiated started began begun founded found launched introduced inaugurated originated constituted pioneered organised organized innovated opened enacted caused generated installed planted activated fixed actuated invested bowed settled created revved set up brought about set in motion got going gotten going kicked off put in place put in motion brought into being ushered in got under way gotten under way laid the foundations of got off the ground gotten off the ground opened up sowed the seeds of sown the seeds of got in operation came up with come up with got functioning got working started the ball rolling came out with come out with laid the first stone of made up got the ball rolling set the ball rolling broke in broken in put into operation set going instigated set off started off entered into started up embarked on got underway fomented incited provoked raised triggered off abetted stirred up whipped up put in triggered instated laid the cornerstone of set about introed dreamt up entered upon got off struck into led off burst into set on set got the show on the road embarked upon got something off the ground inspired kindled brewed picked fermented sparked off inducted brought in kick-started floated masterminded commenced on debuted brought up the curtain on got cracking on gotten going on got going on broke the ice broken the ice taken up took up setted the ball rolling on gotten ball rolling got ball rolling brought out started on started ball rolling rolled out fallen to fell to gotten off jumped into got going with got things rolling gotten things rolling took action on taken action on broke the ice on broken the ice on gotten feet wet got feet wet broken into broke into got show on road broken the seal gotten show on road broke the seal

Động từ

Past tense for to come into being or have its starting point at a certain time or place
began begun started transpired appeared arose arisen emerged developed eventuated occurred originated actualized dawned emanated formed happened materialised materialized resulted surfaced erupted set unfolded catalysed catalyzed crystallised crystallized manifested precipitated incited initiated sparked spawned enkindled fostered invoked actuated engendered established instituted activated occasioned rose risen triggered arrived sprouted became apparent become apparent became established become established came out come out came to pass come to pass kicked in kick-started set in set off started up triggered off came into being come into being came into existence come into existence sprang up sprung up sprung burst out issued stemmed come sprang derived proceeded loomed broke broken brake flowed evolved birthed cropped up come forth burst into turned up came come from spread hatched come up started off showed up come about came forth had its origin popped up taken shape took shape hailed from betided betid stemned from chanced flared up burst forth grew grown came from befell befallen hailed broke out broken out extended conceived continued existed become manifest opened flowed from came up glimmered become entrenched settled in exploded emanated from issued from sprung from ensued followed accrued taken form took form came about taken place took place launched forthcome upsprung descended spurted gushed flamed come to stay settled cultivated crystalized solidified acquired jelled resulted from shown itself showed itself kicked off had one's foundations headed accumulated came to light made an appearance entered into the picture hardened become visible shaped up condensed matured come forth suddenly come off bobbed up blazed up had its origins presented itself revealed itself manifested itself occurred suddenly come into view started suddenly embarked on become a reality became manifest begun life began life sprang from forthcame taken root became entrenched took root upsprang gone fell out went fallen out gotten under way got under way came to stay came off came forth suddenly arose from arisen from became visible arisen out of arose out of took on character came into view taken on character fallen into place fell into place became a reality blew up blown up begun suddenly began suddenly broken into broke into propagated flourished fomented germinated culminated entered the picture come after come to the fore felled come on the scene uprose uprisen fell arrived on the scene came to the fore came on the scene fallen came after

Động từ

Past tense for to accept or commence a given responsibility or engagement
undertook undertaken accepted assumed shouldered tackled handled approached attempted bore beared borne began begun endeavored endeavoured engaged managed started contracted essayed tried hazarded initiated took on taken on took up taken up entered on launched into took part in taken part in was responsible for were responsible for been responsible for dealt with devoted oneself to took upon yourself taken upon yourself became involved in become involved in carried out committed to embarked on engaged in engagde in entered upon fell into fallen into went about gone about took on oneself taken on oneself took responsibility for taken responsibility for addressed oneself to concentrated on went into gone into participated in took upon oneself taken upon oneself agreed to committed oneself committed yourself went for gone for made a run at setted about with took forward taken forward took over taken over ventured into ventured on addressed oneself answered for endeavored to do endeavoured to do got down to gotten down to had a hand in moved into set in motion got cracking on got to grips with gotten to grips with went in for gone in for put in motion had a crack at had a go at had a shot at had a stab at tried out gave something a whirl given something a whirl had a try at took the plunge taken the plunge volunteered oneself to set about met set out with performed faced embraced attacked executed avowed implemented turned one's hand to committed oneself to committed yourself to followed through with did done took in hand taken agreed to do took taken in hand focused on confronted got stuck into attended to coped with set to got weaving on addressed grappled with buckled down to contended with dived into applied yourself to negotiated fielded turned to seen to saw to applied oneself to setted to work on devoted yourself to settled down to started in on waded into got to work on got started on tried to deal with tried to sort out taken care of took care of treated occupied yourself with come to grips with pitched into set one's hand to waded in knuckled down to plunged into threw oneself into gone to work on went to work on thrown oneself into challenged fought contested covered manipulated maneuvered manoeuvred contended discussed pursued swung hacked played worked bespoke wrought pluged away at settled hammered away at preached to had a go speechified to applied oneself adopted tried on for size started the ball rolling pontificated on hammered away talked to turned your hand to turned one's attention to looked after plugged away at attended busied oneself with grappled pegged away had at gone at went at tried to solve got to work at delivered a sermon on turned focussed started on preachified to squared off pegged away at sermonized on concentrated droned on about tried to cope with focused came to grips with worked on stepped up to the plate talked about made a speech on dug embarked upon begun to tackle began to tackle tore into torn into sank your teeth into sunk your teeth into taken measures about took a shot at gone for it banged away at given a whirl taken the bit between your teeth took the bit between your teeth took measures about taken a shot at given a try went for it gave a try gave a whirl bespake bespoken given a sermon on spoken on gave an oration on gave a lecture on gave an address on spoken to gave a discourse on given a lecture on spoke to given an oration on gave a sermon on took aim at given an address on given a dissertation on given a speech on taken aim at gave a speech on gave a dissertation on spoke on given a discourse on

Động từ

Past tense for to begin moving away

Tính từ

Existing or happening right now
present existent immediate current existing extant instant ongoing prompt breathing living started ad hoc already coeval topical at this moment even now for the time being going on in duration in process under consideration up-to-date contemporary modern newfangled recent new latest mod latter-day latter new-fashioned present-time twenty-first-century state-of-the-art ultramodern newest trendsetting space-age fashionable hot up-to-the-minute now voguish modernistic red-hot designer modish trendy cool begun nowadays new age being contemporaneous today present-day up to date up to the minute just now alive remaining around in existence live actual surviving prevailing abiding active happening continuing prevalent reigning incumbent operative operating enduring functioning undestroyed persisting running working developing subsisting going operational functional in power in office in operation in use in progress in motion taking place pressing standing lasting in the news first next cutting-edge leading-edge burning on the map in force on the agenda on-going on happening now occurring now still existing real de nos jours about in circulation to the fore ruling regnant on front burner in the mainstream at present time on hand nowaday common knowledge not lost in current use available stirring astir about in effect on the move ticking awake strong dynamic vigorous alert proceeding growing progressing outstanding evolving advancing pending unfolding unfinished occurring regular continued continual underway systematic afoot progressive moving rolling incomplete marching fresh under way up and running to be done on the go being done open-ended in full swing being worked on well under way well-advanced being performed not-yet finalized

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