Đồng nghĩa của took root


To have taken hold or had an effect
took had effect took effect came into effect took hold bore fruit flourished produced results succeeded worked wrought acted prospered showed results functioned operated paid off did the trick turned out well worked out come off panned out clicked were successful was successful been successful thrived came off yielded results got results gotten results made it done the trick gone as planned went as planned triumphed prevailed bloomed boomed blossomed borne fruit delivered come through won did the business done the business cut it hit the mark made the grade cut the mustard hit the target thriven throve done well did well come into effect progressed shown results advanced scored achieved won out made good come up with the goods accomplished came through turned out as planned worked out fine achieved success come together turned the trick had the desired result brought home the bacon conquered fared well cracked it won hands down carried off sorted itself out made the cut turned out fine pulled it off caught on hacked it met with success come out on top dominated delivered the goods produced the desired result gone well had legs went well become popular resolved itself burgeoned taken effect taken root taken hold got to the top came out on top gotten to the top grown grew went down a bomb went like a bomb gone down a bomb gone like a bomb taken fallen into place fell into place came together became popular took off taken off came up with the goods stricken it big struck it big

Trái nghĩa của took root

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