Đồng nghĩa của anchored

Alternative for anchored

anchors, anchored, anchoring

Đồng nghĩa: attach, fasten, fix, secure,


Past tense for secure firmly in position
secured fastened fixt fixed affixed bound bounden caught chained clamped hitched moored set tied bolted connected dropped held holden imbedded planted stayed make fasted made port implanted embedded installed lodged stuck sticked settled rooted enrooted cemented entrenched established lashed engrained bedded ingrained placed instilled infixed nailed bonded linked coupled positioned pinned glued clipt clipped consolidated berthed joined put wedged tied up intrenched braced deposited stationed set up inculcated tacked thrust grounded ground stabilized located inserted rigidified congealed solidified stiffened stabilised grafted steadied tied down annexed clinched nailed down stayed put riveted rivetted inset frozen to froze to docked seated battened situated ensconced laid bended bent deposed disposed emplaced jammed mounted tethered fixt firmly cabled picketed tacked on made firm impacted screwed fortified buried thrusted delved protected defined confirmed found founded fenced strengthened made permanent appended inseminated bred struck dug stapled constructed defences dug trenches introduced closed compressed impressed grubbed burrowed tightened buttoned adjusted holed up dug in engrafted insetted pinioned become established buttoned down battened down become settled hooked on hardened locked up zeroed in thickened drummed into putten sunken sunk sank sown sowed dolven taken dalf took stricken taken root took root became settled grew roots grown roots became established spliced transplanted ingrafted added slipped transferred propagated united


Past tense for to dock a boat or ship, typically along or near the shore


Past tense for to host a show or event


Solidly in place and stable
firm strong fast sturdy secure secured stable fixed steady rooted tight set taut braced cemented embedded motionless riveted robust solid stationary immovable sound established stalwart stout unshakeable safe unshakable vigorous bombproof fastened forceful lusty moored nailed snug unfluctuating unmoving wedged welded bolted frozen immobile iron irremovable jammed lodged mounted screwed soldered stuck substantial tenacious tightened stiff steadfast attached still nonmoving immotile rigid immobilized unbudgeable static immobilised unbudging nonmotile unmovable set fast set firm hitched settled hooked sure locked tied immutable set in stone permanent nailed down unmoveable made fast solid as a rock immotive unwavering inflexible unbending obdurate stubborn adamant dependable unyielding obstinate unrelenting framed displayed balanced fitted screwed on affixed installed bound fortified stabile firmly fixed unshaking supported quiet located situated stuck down fixed firmly unshaken closed inextricable entrenched shut buttoned down done up hard-and-fast parked stock-still standing stopped halted inert unstirring inactive inanimate lifeless at a halt at a standstill stagnant not moving at rest rooted to the spot pat like a statue at a stop hard strict invariable hard and fast pegged final unchangeable determinate certain ingrained unvarying inexpugnable concrete flat hardened hardheaded definite cast-iron deep-rooted ironclad deep-seated locked in well-set stuck fast bogged down unchanging hidebound jelled pigheaded inveterate unflappable stiff-necked unalterable uncompromising stringent rigorous sitting incommutable hard-line exacting inalterable brassbound quiescent inexorable severe unadaptable placed arranged trapped staunch statuelike unmoved stock still as if turned to stone as still as a statue unable to move biased preconceived seated

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