Đồng nghĩa của unbudging

Alternative for unbudging

  • tính từ
    • không đổi thay


Refusing to budge
immovable nonmoving nonmotile immotile irremovable immobile unmovable firm stable rigid steadfast stiff fixed fast secure anchored rooted immobilized jammed immotive riveted unbudgeable stuck moored braced immobilised frozen unwavering inflexible unbending obdurate adamant stubborn unyielding obstinate tenacious unrelenting steady set nailed tight unmoving hitched stationary locked still solid settled attached hooked situated quiet established located made fast resolute uncompromising unflinching single-minded inexorable staunch implacable relentless intransigent unshakeable dogged determined pertinacious hard stalwart unswerving persistent tough headstrong merciless unappeasable ruthless stiff-necked grim hardheaded willful adamantine inconvincible wilful hard-nosed mulish opinionated pigheaded bullheaded indurate bound dead set on dedicated unfaltering committed resolved devout intractable cruel constant intent indefatigable persevering pitiless harsh steely true unsparing insistent remorseless true-blue strict unforgiving rigorous unchanging self-willed hardened ossified pat perverse self-opinionated unflagging wholehearted rock-ribbed bound and determined locked in severe hard-line uncooperative unpersuadable hardline iron-willed loyal faithful stiffened diehard unmollifiable unplacatable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable bloody-minded renitent unmalleable exacting stringent draconian unswayable hard-core immalleable durable hard and fast refractory not giving an inch uncompliant devoted ineluctable reliable dependable necessary ironclad mean business unchangeable no going back hell bent on like death and taxes set in stone compulsory good pious down-the-line trusty stanch sure enduring ardent tried-and-true abiding allegiant liege trustworthy unqualified intense changeless unquestioning never-failing stern sedulous assiduous unstoppable tireless driven unswervable undaunted earnest unabated mortal hard-headed brick-wall hanging tough iron-fisted pounding unhesitating strong-minded strong-willed purposeful purposive decided deliberate spirited brave bold manful courageous plucky stout bulldog unshaken indomitable strenuous unflappable four-square untiring stout-hearted gritty mettlesome vigorous strong unshakable serious valiant unbendable gutsy undeviating compulsive full of determination perseverant spunky meaning business

Trái nghĩa của unbudging

unbudging Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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