Đồng nghĩa của unplacatable

Tính từ

Unable to be prevented from continuing or progressing
inexorable adamant implacable immovable inflexible relentless severe unbending unyielding cruel hard harsh obdurate unrelenting intransigent unappeasable determined merciless pitiless remorseless uncompromising unshakeable unswerving unwavering inescapable iron-handed strict unforgiving unmollifiable unpacifiable unsparing draconian exacting rigorous ruthless stringent tough indurate ineluctable adamantine bound compulsory dogged immobile ironclad necessary obstinate resolute rigid single-minded stubborn unchangeable unmovable locked in mean business bound and determined dead set on hell bent on no going back set in stone like death and taxes unassuageable inconsolable irreconcilable unpleasable unplacable impacable unflinching grim tenacious firm unstoppable steadfast staunch unflagging unfaltering hard-line mortal stiff-necked pertinacious intractable stiff hardheaded willful self-willed inconvincible wilful hard-nosed mulish headstrong hardened ossified pat opinionated pigheaded perverse self-opinionated bullheaded unremitting steady tireless indefatigable committed decided persistent untiring insistent hanging tough dead set strong-willed uncooperative unpersuadable hardline iron-willed diehard stiffened unmalleable bloody-minded renitent refractory unswayable uncompliant hard-core immalleable fixed durable hard and fast not giving an inch out-and-out sworn deadly bitter stern sedulous assiduous perseverant dedicated steely unfailing undeviating purposeful set unabated hard-headed brick-wall iron-fisted pounding unshrinking focused perseverative intent resolved constant bold persevering undaunted stalwart patient laborious focussed never-tiring never give up tough nut stout-hearted unblinking fearless immoveable unintimidated courageous unshaken gritty

Trái nghĩa của unplacatable

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