Đồng nghĩa của irreconcilable

Alternative for irreconcilable


Đồng nghĩa: unreconcilable,

Tính từ

Not able to be resolved or settled
conflicting incompatible clashing incongruous antagonistic discordant opposing antithetical contrary different disparate dissimilar opposed opposite variant at odds at variance inconsistent oppugnant polar contradictory diametrically opposed discrepant dissonant hateful hostile inharmonious irresoluble mutually exclusive reluctant unfriendly poles apart differing disagreeing inconsonant divergent contrasting adverse antipathetic repugnant counter out of keeping incongruent mismatched in opposition unsuitable disconsonant incoherent unrelated irregular paradoxical unmixable unconnected foreign out of step unsuited unharmonious antipodal inappropriate diverse varying not in keeping warring alien out of line in conflict out of sync diametric diametrical reverse antipodean dissenting antithetic dissentient absurd jarring unalike extraneous improper inimical unbecoming inapt bizarre anti uncoordinated shifting unbalanced unpredictable distorted lopsided jumbled unavailing inapropos uneven rambling illogical unintelligible twisted fitful fantastic at loggerheads on the outs converse unlike repelling inconformable uncongenial incomparable streets apart unsimilar facing enemy restrictive battling exposing protesting denying antonymous confronting controverting defensive disputed crossing allergic objecting combating defending obstructive gainsaying disputing rival offbeat contrastive out of place self-contradictory unequal deviating in disagreement nonidentical at odds with otherwise at cross-purposes up against another incommensurable differentiable differential not the same non-identical incompatible with conflicting with opposed to contrary to in conflict with oppugnant to repugnant to at variance with oppositional anomalous ill-matched antipathic exclusive ill suited disjoint sour note averse adversarial against the grain quarrelling frictional quarreling contrarient acrimonious contrasted mutually incompatible contrariant unfavorable unfavourable factious adverse to unacceptable to antagonistic to unusual for distinctive distinct inconstant unadapted on a sour note obverse cross alien to hostile to foreign to inimical to separate competing inverse reversed independent contrapositive violative distant distinguishable particular whale of difference out of tune out of harmony at outs single like chalk and cheese like night and day altered other flip-side as like as chalk and cheese alternate unmistakable distinguishing unassociated contradistinctive contradistinct discriminable alternative disproportionate not so not as such other than supposed against ambiguous nullifying contradictive ornery counteractive con negating agin no go not in keeping with not in harmony with discrepant with discordant with inconsonant with irreconcilable with differing from not in accord with out of step with diametrically opposed to incongruous with different to antithetical to out of place with in disagreement with out of keeping with disagreeing with in opposition to disconsonant with wrong strange odd inept unapt untoward incorrect unfit indecorous off-key infelicitous perverse malapropos inapposite graceless unhappy amiss unseemly ironic not in harmony incongruitous standing out a mile like a fish out of water sticking out a mile fighting disharmonious ill-assorted at sixes and sevens diverging various combatant feuding arguing dissident heterogeneous discrete wrangling estranged at war locking horns at each other's throats at cross purposes disputatious nonmatching bickering squabbling incommensurate bipolar respective unique omnifarious indiscriminate mixed diversified asymmetric off-balance unjust misallied one-sided inequitable unreconcilable express especial individual polar opposite eclectic varied manifold sundry motley extreme counterbalancing antitypical untypical unnatural atypical factional dichotomous oppositive contrarious in contention nothing like not alike contending corrival emulating competitive contesting in competition vying challenging emulous equal cutthroat striving heretical heterodox nonconformist unorthodox unconventional iconoclastic maverick bitter resentful tense uneasy nonorthodox heretic like cat and dog at daggers drawn negative belligerent aggressive angry combative militant unsympathetic out-there confrontational resistant contentious spiteful bellicose vitriolic jaundiced inhospitable wrathful virulent disapproving unwilling unsociable argumentative adversative truculent unreceptive pugnacious accusatorial quarrelsome difficult oppugning ill-disposed

Tính từ

Lacking sense or sound reasoning
illogical unsound unreasonable irrational invalid fallacious false unfounded weak groundless faulty spurious incorrect flawed erroneous wrong specious unreasoning nonrational unjustified senseless unjustifiable implausible untenable inconsequential nonsensical absurd foolish silly illegitimate stupid unreasoned contradictory preposterous inconsequent ludicrous inconsistent sophistic idiotic crazy sophistical insane mad unscientific incongruous nutty wacky inane casuistic hollow ridiculous meaningless daft inconclusive unsubstantial impossible perverse fatuous barmy imbecilic unproved cockeyed irrelevant screwy unconnected without foundation without basis off beam way out full of holes off the wall beyond belief self-contradictory not following not making sense beyond the bounds of possibility questionable unconvincing tenuous vague dubious improbable unpersuasive unbelievable far-fetched poor unsatisfactory inadequate unlikely unsubstantiated feeble nebulous flimsy incredible doubtful suspect farfetched lame sketchy unsupportable shaky inconceivable unsustainable puzzling obscure indefensible fishy fantastic unimpressive reachy vain thin pathetic airy slight problematic won't wash won't hold water unsupported baseless defective uncertain iffy unreliable dodgy paltry shallow trifling ill-founded insufficient inaccurate unimaginable unthinkable fallible debatable incoherent untrue half-baked open to question open to doubt ineffectual undependable hard to swallow fantastical incredulous uncompelling unwarranted fragile insignificant unconceivable foundationless transparent unclear remote brainless ungrounded insubstantial frail imprecise inexact trivial fanciful flakey flaky insupportable equivocal kooky wide of the mark phony negligible unconfirmed uncorroborated hard to believe phoney ill-considered ill-defined full of it frivolous slim harebrained superficial unwise controvertible indefinite injudicious mistaken arbitrary disputable flat unintelligent loony reasonless unstable imperfect witless untrustworthy speculative dubitable indistinct sham light moronic cockamamie confused asinine unwarrantable cock-and-bull too much scarcely credible mindless for the birds inexcusable unforgivable tame ineffective difficult to believe faint inept unsuccessful unpardonable hazy chancy risky rocky disreputable outside small distant unacceptable puerile deceptive futile laughable disjointed bad vapid indeterminate inexpiable unbacked arguable distorted wishful nonvalid dicey unrealistic conjectural slender minute amiss contemptible assailable weakly unestablished laboured impaired pseudo ambiguous faltering doubtable strained unsure controversial suspicious forced wrongly inferred unsettled dotty thoughtless off-target incomprehensible imprudent staggering mind-boggling problematical shady queer not likely vacant indiscreet suppositive suppositious zany incautious labored unimagined strange unintelligible far out extraordinary indecisive dim perplexing incogitable mind-blowing rare hesitant in doubt shadowy lunatic dippy daffy jerky short-sighted ill-advised half-witted nerdy doltish unearthly softheaded feebleminded tomfool simple insecure unarguable undefendable refutable inadmissible without justification unspecific threadbare tiny unsafe contrived inauthentic minimal meagre meager tall unplausible untruthful off out contentious borderline wrongly deduced uncalled-for minuscule exiguous weak-kneed bogus off target lacking substance puny issuable moot ponderous unthinking illegal useless fruitless profitless wild feeble-minded untested unverified negotiable astonishing amazing cock and bull outlandish unreal unattested unproven enigmatic blurred reaching infeasible inefficient flabby unpleasing unsuitable erratic loose capricious bad-tempered stroppy quirky not working subject to debate open to debate open to suspicion falsified fake eye-popping scatterbrained lamebrained past belief jaw-dropping presumed assumed not validated unapt hard to take not convincing ill-tempered demented freaky aberrant woolly bleary foggy cloudy slim and none not expected outside chance unheard of bleak impracticable hundred-to-one distraught raving counterintuitive disconnected delirious off-the-wall purposeless all wet unheard-of unknowable wooly fuzzy not reliable full of hot air not dependable not backed up by evidence empty out of the question imcomprehensible insupposable hesitating halting vacuous extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful worthless loopy cockamamy not to be thought of beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe not in the least likely cretinous pointless risible stuttering stammering inarticulate casual minor petty unimportant shoestring inconsiderable empty-headed goofy gormless infantile dumb damfool divvy childish insincere dof glaikit insipid crass wishy-washy immature innocuous sappy hypocritical artificial cynical garbled stumbling debased rank unretentive unfit adulterated awry lemon sick malformed injured tainted blamable broken-down warped marred botched blemished incomplete cracked leaky deficient maimed devoid of intelligence deceitful feigned pretended inexplicit pretend dissimulating dissembling counterfeit unpredictable unforeseeable indistinguishable unresolved incalculable cryptic arcane abstruse undetermined undefined mysterious mumbled muttered broken poorly spoken treacherous undecided unknown confusing muffled below par double-dealing devoid of validity two-faced hollow-hearted faithless intangible indiscernible wavering irresolute equivocating elusive vacillating up in the air in the balance

Tính từ

Not capable of being reconciled

Tính từ

Contemptuous of authority
contumacious balky contrary defiant disobedient froward incompliant insubordinate intractable obstreperous rebel rebellious recalcitrant recusant refractory restive ungovernable unruly untoward wayward wilful willful alienated disaffected estranged factious haughty headstrong inflexible insurgent intransigent mutinous obdurate obstinate perverse pigheaded seditious stubborn unyielding unmanageable uncontrollable difficult disorderly bolshie undisciplined uncooperative fractious stroppy wild turbulent disruptive riotous self-willed incorrigible insurrectionary rowdy out of control awkward noncompliant troublesome delinquent belligerent quarrelsome dissident resistant naughty argumentative revolutionary bloody-minded boisterous unbiddable badly behaved truculent non-compliant errant pervicacious mischievous lawless thrawn cussed incontrollable renitent unrestrained subversive mulish insurrectionist pugnacious anarchic out of hand cantankerous uncompliant dissenting unreasonable contrarious ornery roguish rascally ill-disciplined unhelpful unaccommodating troublemaking dissentient rough nonconformist obstructive bull-headed bellicose chaotic annoying impish insolent hostile radical traitorous violent undisciplinable tiresome uncontrolled irrepressible nonconforming exasperating contentious aggressive malcontent renegade iconoclastic confrontational disobliging insubmissive negative unpredictable rioting vexatious impossible mutinying capricious anarchistic scrappy peevish impudent treasonable attention-seeking bad unbridled anarchical misbehaving cross-grained unrestrainable rude badly-behaved crabby unwilling dissentious obstinately disobedient antagonistic resistive schismatic irritable disloyal stiff-necked disagreeing lawbreaking treacherous resisting challenging combative tumultuous disputatious sullen warring reckless adverse discordant militant loud noisy tough bold petulant up in arms threatening strong-willed erratic revolting indomitable opinionated rumbustious trying impetuous ill-natured playful pesky mean tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish fiendish gallus wanton indocile wrong full of mischief ill-behaved devilish nonobservant tetchy grouchy heretical maverick brutal morose cross unfavorable unfavourable unorthodox apostate grumpy ill-tempered sulky unpersuadable unmalleable vicious shrewish opposing withstanding stubborn as a mule fickle persistent dogged determined hard thuggish unresponsive bullheaded adamant uncompromising untrained divided split irregular restless individualistic armed sabotaging attacking narky bad-tempered ratty shirty choleric two-fisted rugged impotent rampant unsteady unschooled inflammatory agitational uncomplying unbending extremist unbearable undependable intolerable radge ugly quarrelling immovable inconsistent ungoverned dysfunctional without law and order loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant crazy hysterical nuts outrageous madcap insurmountable berserk immoral aberrant arbitrary declinatory refusing divergent impatient objecting declining lacking self-control as stubborn as a mule anarchist vociferous tempestuous uproarious raucous disharmonious conflicting clashing sectarian clamorous rampaging with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way prickly rambunctious paradoxical contrariant arsey whiny problematic excited strong overwhelming intense insuppressible freaked abandoned overpowering raunchy artful kiddish infantile sly frolicsome foxy bothersome ruffianly thoughtless immature childish inconsiderate disrespectful vexing touchy roisterous rackety self-indulgent misbehaved inimical rabble-rousing wrongheaded antipathetic converse socially impaired hot-tempered disturbed fierce nasty loudmouthed demanding troublous maladjusted malicious irksome uncontainable wearisome rip-roaring chippy like a loose cannon beside oneself litigious divisive contending fighting controversial partisan rival rampageous roistering complex bulky discommodious incommodious cramped disagreeable piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous wicked impolite hard to handle difficult to handle sinful raising the roof raising Cain lively rollicking romping heedless teasing worthless quarreling at variance at loggerheads at odds pig-headed evil bad-mannered impulsive impervious rash intemperate imprudent forward assertive drunken bawdy inexorable feisty out of line provocative daring audacious disregardful cheeky dareful sassy gutsy ready for a fight spoiling for a fight

Tính từ

Feeling or showing anger, hurt, or resentment
bitter resentful embittered rancorous sour aggrieved begrudging sore sullen acrimonious hurt angry choked discontented disgruntled dissatisfied grudging indignant morose offended wounded acrid churlish crabbed hard jaundiced miffed spiteful splenetic peeved peevish petulant piqued caustic crabby cynical hateful sardonic sulky vehement hard done by grudge-bearing with chip on shoulder ill-disposed put out with a chip on your shoulder cross surly cantankerous irritable testy irascible ill-natured huffy tetchy bad-tempered waspish disagreeable ill-tempered choleric bilious crotchety fractious hostile grumpy ill-humoured vitriolic grouchy querulous ill-humored moody soreheaded cranky snappish dyspeptic ratty liverish narky touchy malevolent eggy miffy curmudgeonly snappy complaining malicious chippy pettish peckish scratchy fretful prickly crusty malignant unfriendly venomous snaky peppery impatient whingy antagonistic on edge mean whingeing catty annoyed sorehead edgy wrathful aggressive nasty shirty belligerent short-tempered vindictive perverse ornery furious irritated irate unkind exasperated pugnacious displeased fiery quick-tempered stroppy miserable unsociable snippy malign unpleasant bellicose irked unsympathetic out of sorts uncongenial harsh snarky poisonous snippety stuffy acid raspy scrappy like a bear with a sore head captious waxy filthy enraged vicious incensed aggravated mad inhospitable outraged virulent combative confrontational vexed militant galled out of temper in a bad mood truculent hurtful tart brusque antipathetic difficult maleficent malefic bearish viperous in high dudgeon dour upset livid infuriated narked hot-tempered inimical affronted angered insulted ireful riled bothered critical apoplectic curt gruff provoked ruffled adverse grumbling wroth nettled rankled roiled ticked troubled foul shrewish whining steaming ballistic rabid contentious cheesed off tough contrary negative dirty carping argumentative teed off trying fussy steamed up browned off ticked off cussed acerbic waspy grousing mardy at daggers drawn hot under the collar as cross as two sticks fault-finding dark malcontent unforgiving fuming bad pernicious uncharitable rude tooshie unwelcoming black inconsiderate wicked antagonized huffish censorious vinegary warlike disapproving alien adversary adversarial abusive envenomed baleful maddened temperamental joyless glum frustrated hacked off cruel unpropitious intimidating biting unreceptive perturbed disgusted seething ropeable misanthropic obstinate pertinacious uptight chafed enflamed snarling unhappy cold bloody-minded boiling unglued antagonised whiny gloomy worked up up in arms beside oneself foaming at the mouth gnashing one's teeth hopping mad in a frenzy in a lather bent out of shape short out of humor mumpish growling sharp caviling saturnine passionate blunt awkward fretting childish cavilling chuffy full of hate mean-spirited sharp-tongued on the warpath fit to be tied ugly on a short fuse evil-intentioned hate-filled thin-skinned evil-minded nasty-tempered cross-grained out-of-sorts short-fused scathing savage ferocious vengeful smouldering disobliging atrabilious obnoxious rotten arsey menacing wretched vile contemptuous scornful disdainful sarcastic ill tempersome wounding threatening spunky acute smoldering evil implacable begruding crook cray-cray aerated agitated plaintive murmuring sharp-tempered glowering louring tense slighted dishonored humiliated fierce sensitive feisty bristly volatile revengeful hotheaded pouty oversensitive quarrelsome umbrageous dishonoured disillusioned disaffected uncooperative hypercritical crybaby ungracious grumbly salty moaning bemoaning whimpering wailing crying deploring lamenting full of dislike iracund brooding iracundulous pouting disputatious alienated soured snuffy griping hasty obstreperous butthurt estranged out of humour reluctant in a huff huffy irascible hard to please having got out of bed on the wrong side in a mood foul-tempered hot-blooded having got out of bed the wrong side easily offended fed up unwilling nursing a grudge unenthusiastic half-hearted hesitant envious forced jealous disinclined stung pained hot infuriate hopping horn-mad in a temper inflamed riley foaming grieved loath hoha steamed afflicted weighty grieving brassed off annoying distressing peed off not best pleased ungenerous excitable restive jumpy restless recalcitrant nervous uneasy unruly unsettled fidgety unresponsive uncommunicative twitchy refractory disobedient anxious hot-headed wayward worried stubborn mopey froward ill at ease contumacious frowning faultfinding ticklish defiant impulsive uncontrollable wild unquiet inflammable highly strung jittery wired het up impetuous stressy easily upset wilful unhelpful intractable balky headstrong uncomfortable overwrought stressed abrupt tiresome bellyaching vex humourless humorless taciturn self-willed uncivil sourpussed scowling willful litigious nagging overstrung sulking unmannerly unsmiling apprehensive rebellious skittish unmanageable insubordinate nervy unstable neurotic criticizing moping brittle uncompliant indocile insecure disturbed antsy tempestuous hinky goosey dithery atwitter queasy queazy aflutter adrenalized keyed up hysterical criticising violent hung up high-strung demanding distraught objecting vinegarish bad-humored hypersensitive Eeyorish terse protesting snarly zowerswopped perversely irritable like a bear sombre somber forceful brief unindulgent lugubrious indomitable wrought up distressed apt to fly off the handle dissenting repining mourning accusing weeping bewailing regretting charging untoward impolite discourteous with a long face toey sober dismal pessimistic wreck rattled scolding snide unlikable dicey hazardous unsafe unpredictable perturbable got up on wrong side of bed stewed ungovernable eristic having short fuse hot under collar backbiting cattish wired up wound up vixenish disappointed discontent bundle of nerves incontrollable rebel recusant incompliant psyched up angerful frenzied ranting raving convulsed cheerless malcontented crabbing uncontent kvetching kicking ungratified long-faced down in the mouth troublesome unreasonable unaccommodating vexatious obstructive emotional mercurial insubmissive unyielding unfavorable unfavourable discomposed bad tempered out of joint obdurate capricious mulish alarmed fearful embarrassed self-conscious fraught unrestful discomfited disputative excited on tenterhooks pigheaded bull-headed thrawn bolshie hyperexcitable skittery fluttery spooky spasmodic hyperkinetic flighty factious warring gladiatorial agonistic shaken dismayed suspicious harassed tormented shaky in turmoil palpitant anguished perplexed afraid all nerves wrung like a fish out of water on the qui vive disquieted discordant hyperactive hyper in a paddy like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks on pins and needles battling dissentious brawly assaultive fighting controversial polemical polemic in a bate easily frightened volcanic fiddle-footed rash intolerant short fused demonstrative reckless blowing hot and cold agitable galvanic enthusiastic overzealous uncontrolled easily agitated susceptible quick alarmable renitent pervicacious contrarious bickering ructious arguesome wrangling impassioned turbulent war brawling dysfunctional disparaging deprecating overcritical socially impaired naughty badly behaved impudent undisciplined delinquent erratic errant disruptive badly-behaved misbehaving pesky roguish rowdy undisciplinable loudmouthed ill-behaved problematic troublous incorrigible insolent maladjusted bold exasperating rough ill-disciplined mischievous unrestrainable irksome rascally uncontainable devilish wearisome disorderly ready for a fight have chip on shoulder pedantic quibbling niggling pettifogging nit-picking hair-splitting judgmental nitpicking judgemental rejective pass-remarkable pernickety severe nitpicky thorny unfair exceptive hairsplitting very critical petty exacting trivial unjust cavillous finicky tricky

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