Đồng nghĩa của counterfeit

Alternative for counterfeit

counterfeits, counterfeited, counterfeiting

Đồng nghĩa: artificial, fake, imitative,

Trái nghĩa: genuine,

Tính từ

Made in exact imitation of something valuable with the intention to deceive or defraud
fake forged bogus copied sham feigned simulated spurious false imitation ersatz faked phoney pirate dummy fraudulent inauthentic knock-off phony pirated pseud pseudo queer snide substitute unauthentic cod affected assumed bent brummagem crock deceptive delusive delusory fictitious fishy framed Hollywood misleading mock plant pretentious put-on suppositious wrong not genuine not kosher soft shell won't fly artificial pretend pretended factitious synthetic fabricated faux plastic imitative unnatural manufactured make-believe man-made contrived so-called mimic insincere specious unreal invalid reproduction untrue replica made-up invented facsimile dud forced strained mechanical imaginary concocted quasi- deceiving apocryphal deceitful fallacious ostensible unoriginal supposititious worthless trumped-up model imitated plagiaristic derivative derived counterfeited inaccurate trick alleged supposed mimicked plagiarized quasi distorted purported ungenuine pinchbeck hollow beguiling deluding aped toy dishonest falsified cooked-up would-be fakey two-faced made up phony-baloney incorrect reproduced professed erroneous mythical untruthful inexact unfounded plagiarised mannered unsound self-styled pseudo- faulty flawed copy mistaken adopted imprecise improvised duplicate nominal adulterine bad meretricious falsie counterfactual superficial truthless improper fanciful fictional hokey casuistic misrepresentative sophistical colored hoax masked concealed pseudonymous nonnatural coloured virtual hyped up quack impostrous covered in name only put on trumped up representative phoney-baloney bootlegged bum repro copycat miniature crooked unqualified manmade engineered apish non-existent glib illusory parodied parroted burlesqued duplicated caricatured mocked doctored made makeshift constructed wannabe machine-made low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior low-grade apparent seeming illusive off not what it is cracked up to be actorly dissembling experimental unsatisfactory substandard adulterated unsubstantiated unverified dubious legendary unauthenticated questionable doubtful lookalike human-made ostensive semi- gingerbread imagined not real not legit off the mark contrary to fact stiff overblown overdone double-dealing hypocritical misguided near reported as it were mock-up to all intents and purposes overworked laboured overripe uncanonical avowed soi-disant knock off unconvincing fantasy bluffing shammed lying charlatan cheating dissimulated imposturous economical with the truth exaggerated equivocal debatable presumed reputed fancied fantasized dreamed-up dream stilted posed null fictive self-titled titular self-named posey allonymous unsupported chimerical fantasied visionary fabulous chimeric phantom mythic phantasmal fantastical imaginal ideal notional phantasmic fantastic nonbinding inoperative null and void void illegal nonvalid labored ham awkward hammy conceited playacting melodramatic affectated fraud studied play-play self-appointed allegedly inappropriately named itular formal not binding uncollectible nugatory fantasised camouflaged unrecognizable non-natural hidden covert sly incognito commonly named in title only wrongly named undercover furtive back-alley underhand sneaky masquerading disguised changed veiled unrecognisable incog cloaked in disguise sailing under false colours under cover in error out illogical off target wide of the mark off beam nonexistent defective unreliable mythological without foundation way off baseless full of holes off base fabled iffy traditional storybook whimsical fairy-tale sophistic created storied not exact not accurate ambiguous folkloric allegorical ungrounded dicey dodgy illusionary amiss insubstantial devised askew mythologic awry intangible hallucinatory way out imperfect off-base off-beam way off beam groundless unproven mad unreasoned biased misrepresented reasonless perverted tricky epic vain prejudiced one-sided garbled abroad evasive partial immaterial perplexing puzzling casuistical partisan unsubstantial impalpable weak idle warped vague figmental not true wide impaired unclear indistinct indefinite all wet obscure way off-beam aerial off-target tampered with cooked up unreasonable irrational misinformed chemical cast misconceived prepared foundationless quixotic ill-founded uncorroborated unread mocking unfitting acted without basis unfactual nonfactual wrong-headed heroic wanting ingenuine product of someone's imagination not the case larger-than-life tendentious angled jaundiced prepossessed plausible erratic unfaithful careless wild not trustworthy erring adrift disingenuous empty ostentatious likely captious colorable presumable credible probable sophisticated flattering presumptive inappropriate fluffed discrepant parabolic symbolic symbolical confusing misfigured astray goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated way-out untrustworthy way-off not right seemingly correct unstraightforward not precise not working at fault off track in the wrong doesn't wash plausible but wrong apparently right bewildering distracting mistakable demagogic catchy confounding out of commission out of line wrongly identified labouring under a misapprehension wide of mark barking up wrong tree barking up the wrong tree on the wrong track elusive incorporeal oblique equivocating indirect prevaricating slippery phantasmagoric cagey wrong number all off indescribable indefinable indeterminate cryptic cunning shuffling inexplicit devious nebulous hypothetical theoretical untouchable unbodied twisted dreamlike enigmatic roundabout shifty gnomic airy weird romantic reachy incredible unbelievable slanted circumlocutory circuitous formless vaporous spectral spiritual nonphysical bodiless ethereal ghostlike discarnate nonmaterial ephemeral inexistent periphrastic non-committal Delphic stonewalling elusory noncommittal misreported imperceptible to the touch metaphysical imponderable slender infirm petty decrepit puny too little too late fly-by-night debased rank unretentive unfit contradictory lemon sick frail malformed injured tainted blamable confused broken-down lame marred botched inadequate blemished incomplete insufficient cracked below par fallible leaky deficient maimed incoherent weighted misstated loaded out of this world altered unfair tinkered with

Tính từ

Characterized by a lack of sincerity
insincere hypocritical phoney pretended fake feigned artificial phony backhanded unctuous mealy mealymouthed jive double lip Pecksniffian two-faced double-dealing double-faced phoney-baloney phony-baloney Janus-faced left-handed false duplicitous dissembling deceitful faithless deceptive lying dishonest treacherous hollow fraudulent untruthful perfidious disingenuous mendacious specious spurious disloyal snide pretend canting deceiving dissimulating untrue untrustworthy cynical jivey unnatural glib affected unreliable feigning oily knavish pharisaical pharisaic deluding smooth shifty sly smooth-spoken smooth-tongued back-stabbing hypocritic Tartuffian Pharisaic Pharisaical double-crossing devious evasive cunning underhanded guileful artful crafty beguiling backstabbing sneaky misleading foxy tricky dual unfaithful indirect unsound flimsy exaggerated overdone ironic sham underhand ambiguous dubious double dealing not candid lacking sincerity put-on not frank equivocal paradoxical cryptic enigmatic sardonic unconvincing invalid insignificant weak uncertain slick pseud pretentious ambidextrous slippery hollow-hearted devoid of validity with tongue in cheek double-meaning double-edged pietistic sanctimonious captious moralistic caviling bland fishy pious assuming cavilling self-righteous assumed inauthentic designing wily insidious scheming calculating subtle unscrupulous false-hearted uncandid oblique unfrank unveracious crooked unfair truthless terminologically inexact not entirely truthful economical with the truth

Tính từ

Dishonest, insincere, and full of deceit
deceitful dishonest treacherous duplicitous false tricky devious deceptive sly untrustworthy crafty cunning crooked unscrupulous guileful fraudulent underhand shifty shady wily scheming unprincipled artful sneaky insincere perfidious underhanded designing faithless slippery lying foxy cheating slick hypocritical disingenuous calculating subtle bent sharp untruthful deceiving conniving dissembling mendacious Machiavellian insidious furtive astute knavish stealthy roguish clandestine slim defrauding indirect fallacious Punic truthless astucious double-dealing two-faced Janus-faced false-hearted double-faced hollow-hearted sham rogue fast spurious phoney fake mock phony bogus dishonourable unethical illegal corrupt criminal unfair dirty unlawful dodgy dishonorable illicit swindling oblique rascal plausible catchy off bum seeming unreliable serpentine imposturous snide pretended fishy unjust shonky untrue pseudo bamboozling forged falsified imitation against the law disreputable immoral dubious sneaking secretive two-timing villainous rascally amoral nefarious venal shrewd secret wicked surreptitious questionable rapacious double-crossing unsportsmanlike unsporting base scandalous foul corruptible suspicious grafting lawless buyable below the belt malfeasant covert murky recreant discreditable low-down shameful snidey scoundrelly inequitable cloak-and-dagger reprobate suspect thieving bribable ignoble rotten misleading bad mean larcenous light-fingered nasty evasive sticky-fingered predatory low mercenary hole-and-corner unfaithful shameless undercover backstairs hugger-mugger hidden iniquitous perjured cagey tricksy hush-hush concealed shabby beguiling pilfering inglorious dirty-dealing spoliative plunderous kleptomaniacal piratic back-alley under the table against the rules exploitative dark smart on the QT evil despicable mischievous under wraps unregenerate conscienceless mysterious irregular contemptible clever corrupted ruthless ignominious disgraceful impish puckish traitorous improper hoodwinking devilish canny seedy sordid sinister arch degenerate felonious veiled sketchy unconscionable dastardly arrant disloyal waggish cute cagy private underground scurvy thievish behind-the-scenes vile pixieish scampish pixie leprechaunish pixy prankish elvish suborned warped petty wrongful ill-gotten sub-rosa sneak privy stealth bluffing illegitimate frolicsome under-the-table raffish fibbing black malicious on the take on the quiet doubtful funny shadowy fly equivocal ambidextrous bootleg stinky dissimulating incorrigible closet mean-spirited purchasable under the counter contraband contriving lubricious hole-in-the-corner playful queer macabre unsavoury wrongdoing salty ornery hostile snaky left- handed under-the-counter intentionally misleading cheeky depraved fiendish slimy iffy shrouded nimble-fingered cutthroat unconscientious sinful buccaneering wayward conspiratorial collusive unhonest naughty prostituted unveracious casuistic selfish degrading self-seeking degraded unworthy inconstant kleptic theftuous furacious unrespectable infamous prevaricating equivocating paltering profiteering avaricious grasping errant obliquitous erring gimmicky ludic teasing coquettish unsound pillaging plundering fly-by-night fickle treasonable in holes and corners economical with the truth extortionate open simoniac unprofessional simoniacal padded decadent unsavory delusive adulterous sportive rakish playing politics put on playing games shy louche shoddy notorious opprobrious falsehearted malevolent forsworn mythomaniac apostate renegade intelligent of dubious character faking one out not straightforward potentially illegal open to bribery unctuous espiègle back-stabbing knowing wolfish streetwise smooth gone to the dogs fast and loose cheap keen elusive adroit beggarly cowardly squalid ungentlemanly backbiting vulpine deep stealing unpleasant detestable paltry worthless biased prejudiced street-smart street smart crazy like fox execrable wretched sleazy grubby abject unsportsmanly piratical discriminatory sorry deplorable scummy lame currish scungy lousy ratty scabby unauthorized backstair partisan low-minded opprobious miscreant putrid offensive blackguardly off-color slinking skulking discriminating prejudicial partial unequal bigoted out of order unauthorised not cricket weighted distorted unwarranted intolerant coloured slanted preferential undue loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary on the sly blameworthy culpable vicious cruel grievous unrightful inexcusable injurious wrong colored one-sided non-objective uncalled-for

Danh từ

An image or representation
simulacrum reproduction image replica model likeness representation clone duplicate portrait forgery replication effigy carbon facsimile simulation cast impression study miniature mirror pattern print reduplication photograph archetype ersatz impersonation offprint parallel reflection tracing ectype type counterpart ditto imprint microfiche mimeograph photocopy Photostat reprint rubbings similarity transcript transcription Xerox carbon copy hard copy copy imitation duplication dupe mock dummy fake sham mock-up match copying picture ringer mimeo twin mirroring recreation paralleling lookalike photostat look-alike stat phoney phony mirror image repro simulacre doubling spawn substitute virtual reality sample stand-in sub marionette double mate fetch spit doppelganger xerox fellow reenactment generation multiplication flimsy renewal reprinting pic portrayal chip off old block revival X-ray increase knockoff chip off the old block exact likeness germination recurrence analog spitting image pirate spare dead ringer analogue close likeness repetition second copycat coordinate correlate replacement companion reciprocal counterscript alter ego obverse echoing resemblance counterfeiting mimicry aping mime sendup paraphrasing semblance mimesis matching apery takeoff representing patterning skit substitution spit and image living image equivalent Doppelganger dead spit echo equal fax coequal peer impersonator rival perfect likeness pair like half compeer knock-off embodiment very spit complement reiteration corollary partner shadow repeat appearance Doppelgänger exemplification figure personification evil twin figurine symbol statuette statue icon exact duplicate eidetic image living picture very image other half mirror-image sculpture exact match version multiple autotype telefax telecopy correspondent similitude second self surrogate pendant mimic homologue identical twin fraternal twin Siamese twin form facsimile reproduction document transmission message approximation homolog act-alike emulation reproduce velox look alike toy carved figure one of a pair peas in a pod two of a kind one and the same two peas in pod rerun replay redo reprise image of picture of exact counterpart iteration xerox copy brother recap recapitulation reshowing electronic message look-alike computer stub counterfoil genetic copy better half illustration reappearance backup sketch drawing demonstration diagram painting tally bust essence epitome profile façade facade rendering sign portraiture design adumbration manifestation quintessence incarnation paragon exemplar instantiation ikon ideal paradigm characterization actualization avatar soul re-creation mold perfect example textbook example objectification living example mould

Danh từ

A display of behavior, usually meant to deceive
act front show pose pretence facade fake posture sham affectation charade guise masquerade feigning appearance attitude bluff display dissimulation performance disguise façade hoax posturing pretense semblance shamming stance subterfuge veneer airs dissemblance fabrication falsification playacting posing chaser con dissimilation feint hamming phoney phony ploy simulation stall a put-on a put-up job false display false front make-believe soft soap sweet talk play-acting put-on shuck and jive deception illusion faking cover-up cover mask veil pretension humbug covering screen smokescreen pretentiousness dress trickery pageant face cloak smoke screen fig leaf red herring pretending hoaxing bluffing false colours acting fakery trick pretext deceit forgery imposture lie jive phoniness dissembling flimflam spoof fiction burlesque imitation sell smoke snow job put-up job camouflage window dressing air blind exterior look gloss shroud image concealment impression misrepresentation outward appearance smoke and mirrors curtain artifice disguisement beard wraps simulacrum false colors ruse public image mien suppression color aspect whitewash layer colour window-dressing false appearance false show mantle showing coloring falsehood hood hiding wile masking colouring impersonation likeness profession misstatement shield excuse scheme hypocrisy form expression role bearing blanket invention false face coverture penumbra pall cope carriage figure insincerity double-dealing secretion schtick disguising hushing up keeping hidden covering up name keeping secret seeming false pretense dumb act surface exaggeration manner robe envelope shade visage countenance demeanour farce pantomime parody snivel shawl wrap character presentation shell outside manifestation mummery demeanor outward display mockery travesty closeting suggestion claim effect attractive appearance personation revel costume shape mode assumption demand declaration ambition ambitiousness aspiration title allegation maintenance stratagem device maneuver manoeuvre contrivance move personality identity part smoke-screen mimicry mannerism shuffling routine stunt ostentation gag evasion portrayal expedient dodge machination attitudinizing outward show positure stand self approximation outward personage person resemblance external appearance outward form persona public face assumed role fakeness frontage similitude alikeness mood similarity affinity aura feel feeling fantasy caching stashing mere façade burial veil of secrecy -gate hush-up placing under wraps seal of secrecy duplicity imagination daydreaming dream unreality dishonesty misprision guile dreaming romancing fancy hide-out obscuration occultation obliteration lying self-deception delusion hiding place cunning dupery piousness deceptiveness crookery cant foxiness wiliness craftiness cozenage concealing counterfeiting cunningness craft crookedness cheating fraud guilefulness deceitfulness shrouding veiling codology kidology story role-playing fairy tale game vizard visor domino stocking mask

Danh từ

An unexpected situation, detail or circumstance, often unpleasant
kicker artifice catch concern deceit device dodge fake feint fixture fun gadget gambit game gimmick gizmo imposture instrument jest maneuver manoeuvre means method ploy ruse secret shift sport stratagem stunt trick twist widget wile wrinkle scheme contrivance play jig knack shenanigan juggle flimflam sleight fetch loss-leader shtick apparatus tactic publicity device eye-catching novelty aid promotion subterfuge machination deception plot wheeze expedient hoax plan move con scam sleight of hand fraud strategy rort intrigue set-up lurk grift racket blind cheat swindle pretence chicanery put-on wangle trap bunco flanker shenanigans pretense schlenter angle con trick bluff sham trickery loophole canard decoy design sting craft escapade feat fastie pretext gyp craftiness setup curveball rig cunning plan finesse confidence trick measure funny business smokescreen cover cunning conspiracy lure guile duplicity imposition gamesmanship scheming manipulation snare artfulness slyness chicane cabal switch scenario lie demarche shuffle red herring put-up job action brainchild course of action line of action hustle booby trap game plan little game frolic lark caper antic gag tomfoolery gambol jape accomplishment monkeyshine practical joke operation policy savvy project machinations take-in distraction oldest trick in the book frame-up covin tactics improvisation way evasion pattern cunningness purpose proposition secret plan scene bit clever move one-upmanship bait and switch disturbance attention-grabber distractor commotion bait diversion deviation interruption misrepresentation leg-pull hokum porky Trojan horse false clue fool's errand false trail curve ball false face smoke screen wild-goose chase diversionary tactic misleading clue hogwash jive bilk fast shuffle mare's-nest con game fallacy confidence game story snow job ride fast one stall pork pie whitewash cover-up shuck malarkey illusion crock fib jiggery-pokery hanky-panky legerdemain jugglery cheating skullduggery skulduggery beguilement dishonesty horseplay slant allurement monkeyshines dissimulation monkey business fakery sharp practice treachery ambush falsehood delusion distortion invention double-dealing rip-off

Động từ

To imitate fraudulently
fake forge copy feign imitate sham simulate act affect assume bluff dissemble phoney phony pretend profess replicate reproduce fabricate falsify pirate ape carbon cheat clone coin defraud delude ditto do dupe impersonate mimeo mimic mint pass for put on stat Xerox act like do like go like knock off make like make money phony up circulate bad money duplicate pose masquerade dissimulate photocopy lie play-act make believe posture mirror put on an act play playact put up a front invent plagiarize deceive make out reprint let on mimeograph plagiarise copycat repeat Photostat put it on disguise make a copy of purport steal devise mock mislead lift malinger kid parrot crib echo photostat xerox reduplicate render trace trump up give the appearance of make up take off play possum put on a front shuck and jive make a pretence of make a replica of manifold go through the motions of rip off make a facsimile of allege mask claim adopt hide conceal veil cloak imagine spoof recreate camouflage whitewash concoct prevaricate poach print stonewall bootleg front caricature parody fool emulate jive fudge create misrepresent borrow transcribe dress up pinch follow mock up sucker nick play at contrive make-believe mime act out travesty be dishonest make a show of four-flush put on airs run off put on a false front monkey go through the motions send up pass oneself off as do a bit multiply hide one's feelings make out like repro act as if make as if make a Xerox of do an impression of make a carbon copy of infringe the copyright of pretend to be take a photocopy of make a photocopy of hoax form fib obscure suppress aspire to beard pull strike pretend to have posture as seem to be profess to have lay it on thick rip take on suppose make a show make a pretense appropriate represent portray present a false face present a false front burlesque dualize make a carbon of do a takeoff make twofold make replica make two of rework take off as fake it do a number put up a front of swing the lead double aspire copy illegally reproduce illegally redouble fish jazz cozen hoodwink beguile personate back up resemble equivocate feature suggest exaggerate favour favor fence copy fraudulently produce a copy of be hypocritical pass off lay claim claim falsely fake out be deceitful assume the role daydream fantasize dream reflect play a part follow in footsteps masquerade as pose as model after do likewise do an impression pattern after try to be like parallel carbon copy mess conjure up gloss over do a take-off enact romance fancy muse take after model yourself on give appearance of put on act put on a false display make show of take as an example take as a model follow in the footsteps of take as a pattern follow in someone's steps follow the example of pattern yourself after pattern oneself on take a leaf out of someone's book take as a role model follow suit indulge in fantasy fantasise let on like build castles in Spain build castles in the air act as though play the part conceive formulate originate frame brainstorm spark think up mold spitball make up off the top of one's head head trip compose dream up mould shroud doublespeak cover pussyfoot cover up double-talk put up a smoke screen pass off as match look like be like correspond to remind one of be similar to smack of bear a resemblance to come near be the very picture of bear resemblance to look a lot like embody bring to mind be not unlike have a look of put one in mind of bear semblance to appear like approximate show depict epitomize personify misstate typify epitomise hatch profess to be have earmarks of come close to tell untruth tell a white lie be the spitting image of be the spit of be a dead ringer for have signs of be the image of have the look of be the picture of create out of thin air scheme orchestrate exhibit construct manufacture design style oneself on stage assume the role of affect the role of coincide relate be consistent with coincide with adopt the style of display ham play to the gallery put on a pretense approximate to develop sound like seem like have the hallmarks of be not dissimilar to have all the hallmarks of remind you of put you in mind of make one think of reiterate image become lay on symbolise signify exemplify glass symbolize correspond illustrate come to have double as turn into satirize remake redo have on the appearance of take on the appearance of reconstruct minimize veneer varnish downplay model lampoon sugarcoat airbrush secrete extenuate screen incarnate restamp reawaken recount stereotype reenact photograph perform again type revive engross relive minimise attitudinize follow example de-emphasize keep quiet about hush up keep a lid on draw a veil over sweep under the carpet keep dark keep secret be dishonest about soft-pedal sweep under the rug do again behave like disguise as take leaf out of book guy make like a disguise yourself pass as purport to be assume the character of represent oneself as disguise oneself as assume character pass yourself off act a part fake being take the part of play a role mask as hoke satirise

Động từ

To alter something from its true state, typically to deceive
falsify alter distort fake forge pervert doctor misrepresent fudge warp change cook fabricate adulterate garble invent misstate belie bend color corrupt debase embroider manipulate massage misinterpret misrelate misreport slant tamper with twist colour embellish vitiate con contort contravene deacon deceive equivocate exaggerate fib fiddle fix four-flush gloss lie misquote palter prevaricate promote rig salt traverse dress up fake it frame up phony up trump up put a spin on put on an act varnish dissimulate affect disguise varnish over give a false picture of doctor up touch up interfere with tinker with fiddle with juggle bias misconstrue skew quote out of context take out of context confuse modify overstate amend muddle spin influence mistranslate transform angle misrender mangle mislead lace dilute cut spoil contaminate taint degrade deteriorate meddle with defile pollute spike mess about with alloy give a false account of tamper engineer make impure obscure swindle conceal prejudice weaken curve strain snow overdraw cloak mask thin magnify miscolor pad bastardize airbrush sully extend foul water down cook the books ruin infect give a false idea of mix bastardise sophisticate devalue depreciate attenuate gloss over plant commingle denature impair transfuse shave amalgamate dissolve mingle infiltrate cheapen irrigate blend intermix jumble patch blur slur flimflam diddle finagle mold shape mould cook up put the wrong slant on mutilate mix up misattribute quote tilt tip weight slope misshape weigh prearrange train concentrate focus aim direct point give a false impression of twist around misarticulate overdo dramatize enhance quote incorrectly load parody hyperbolize trim rearrange shuffle travesty poison revamp edit revise rework cheese blarney beard stretch pirate dress puff romanticise dramatise romanticize maneuver manoeuvre cover gerrymander change round arrange put words in someone's mouth misuse abuse trick precontrive preplan predesign veil occult suppress make changes to make adjustments to blanket make alterations to shroud hide screen enshroud curtain blow smoke pass off cover up build up elaborate on perform magic misapply arrange fraudulently throw off balance blot out paper over divert wind scam knot crush melt decline whitewash writhe slump gnarl sag deviate collapse profane misemploy prostitute deflect subvert set up mock up mistreat desecrate steer animalize outrage veer water brainwash seduce put on make out like putrefy dope mix with thin out

Động từ

To make jokes, especially for purposes of teasing someone
fool jest joke kid act fake feign pretend sham banter chaff fun gag jape jive jolly josh mess quip tease wisecrack yuck yuk clown about clown around mess about play tricks make believe mess around play the fool put on an act have on muck around muck someone about wind up rib mock razz make fun of pull one's leg roast ridicule rally deride rag fool around fool about hoax spoof ride taunt jibe jeer gibe poke fun at play a prank pull someone's leg pull someone's chain take the mickey trick hoodwink dupe delude deceive beguile pun cozen needle sally retort mislead shuck put on twit play a practical joke satirize satirise make sport of set up make a monkey out of play a trick play a joke tell stories remark lark frolic gambol slang have a joke with have a joke on somebody lark around make mischief have a laugh lark about sneer scoff be facetious tell jokes rot someone put someone on crack wise flout gird mimic send up jibe at guy make jokes about amuse jeer at flip quiz lampoon laugh at divert laugh caricature be sarcastic about parody make a monkey of scoff at goof on poke mullock at entertain prank haze smoke rag on sling off at con gull bamboozle bother take in flimflam yank someone's chain affect simulate profess dissemble assume allege dissimulate falsify claim bluff aspire impersonate purport let on claim falsely fake out whitewash pass oneself off as make out be deceitful pass for shuck and jive be hypocritical cheat fish pass off lay claim jazz put up a front masquerade sucker stonewall fudge malinger flout at take the piss out of bait annoy goad harass put down pillory scorn chiack heckle pick on pan give a hard time scout skewer sneer at hold up to ridicule shoot down pester badger nudge disturb dog hector lead on torment knock insult rot sledge play with words raz kid around contemn slam pooh-pooh fleer make a joke crack jokes make a fool of heap scorn on poke borak at poke fun cock a snook at call names treat with contempt crack frazzle disdain disparage raspberry slight dismiss detract denigrate vilify squib censure diss dis detract from lout stay ridge bone pour scorn on dump on do a number on clown revel humiliate cartoon deflate expose unmask abuse run down make a game of make someone a laughing stock expose to ridicule rail at laugh out of court poke borack show up make a laughing-stock laugh to scorn hold up to shame catcall hiss interrupt boo barrack shout disapproval shout down shout at horse around make merry play the clown jab shout disapproval at comeback dig hiss at boo at hoot at blow raspberries whistle at hoot snipe catcall at blow raspberries at make a crack plague worry hassle harry provoke irritate aggravate bedevil importune vex devil gnaw beleaguer tantalize sound snap tantalise flirt with swipe at be at

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