Đồng nghĩa của bilk

Alternative for bilk

bilk /bilk/
  • ngoại động từ
    • quịt, trốn (nợ)
    • lừa, lừa đảo, lừa gạt
    • trốn tránh (ai)


To cheat, deceive or defraud someone for personal gain
cheat do con defraud fleece sting deceive rook skin swindle bamboozle diddle stiff trick cozen gyp rip off screw euchre exploit fool mislead sucker swizzle dupe gull hoodwink mulct shaft beat bleed bunco chisel chouse clip double-cross fiddle finagle flimflam gaff hornswoggle hose hustle nobble pluck ream short shortchange skunk snooker squeeze stick thimblerig victimise victimize sharp stitch up circumvent disappoint do in foil frustrate overreach ruin shake down snow thwart put one over on sell a pup take in take to the cleaners do the dirty on sell a pup to pull a swifty on take advantage of do someone in the eye take for a ride pull a fast one on hoax scam delude burn beguile string along have bluff humbug misguide misinform spoof have on suck in outwit fake out buffalo gammon juggle catch sandbag milk chicane entrap gouge rob steal lead up the garden path kid sell inveigle betray pull a fast one do a number on embezzle outmaneuver outmanoeuvre overcharge gazump give someone a bum steer goldbrick illude sell a bill of goods to lead on rush rope in fudge short-change seduce ensnare double-deal do out of take someone for a ride pull one's leg swizz set up extort take balk manipulate plunder screw over outfox jerk around sell down the river jive beat out of fake take someone in pull the wool over someone's eyes baulk pull the wool over somebody's eyes wring soak caboodle despoil outsmart wheedle shuck pilfer trim lure give the shaft suck dry jockey gip put one over on someone trap use disinform pull a fast one on someone wangle run a game on sell a bill of goods catch out distort lie lie to take to cleaners put on deprive pull something pull fast one lead one down the garden path pull wool over eyes pull the wool over one's eyes dodge duck weasel fraud cop out worm one's way out of slip out beat around the bush rip-off sell out stab in the back extract jiggle pull something funny stack the cards stretch the rules hit below the belt bend the rules penalise punish penalize fine forfeit grift wrest expel force wrench pigeon dispossess filch blackmail cajole coax pauperize impoverish make a fool of play welsh abuse heist frame bilk of befool strong-arm put the screws to outthink fox outslick stump play dirty suck the life out of sweet-talk baffle dust sell someone down the river prey on bleed dry lead somebody down the garden path fix flam four-flush lead down the garden path be sold a pup do number on sucker into throw throw dust in someone's eyes get the better of pull someone's leg make a sucker of contrive sway tear from play for a fool pull wool over double deal hocus-pocus have someone on hook falsify cuckold impress bleed someone of something cross impose upon take for play away cross up step out bias lirt blench rogue belirt crib con out of play joke on take for ride misdirect outplay gaslight misstate prevaricate rook out of steal someone blind doublespeak misrepresent fast talk take out give bum steer break the rules propagandize pervert entice bunk tempt fabricate pull wires play games twist around your little finger stage-manage pull strings mousetrap entangle enmesh propagandise bait impose on lead astray cover up double-talk give wrong information to send on a wild goose chase throw off the scent put on the wrong track put on an act lead up garden path wrong steer play trick on put up smoke screen put on false front bait and switch give the wrong impression hack machinate maneuver manoeuvre rig finesse affect engineer influence doctor mastermind cook game interfere with fiddle with boodle loot find a loophole in tinker with fudge with crowd exploit a loophole in swag graft tamper with decoy juke allure defeat bewilder two-time confuse equivocate solicit persuade induce let down outjockey pretend outdo belie steal a march on outguess top outgeneral fib goose worst jip cap pull somebody's leg corrupt exaggerate perjure palter stretch the truth end run figure out be economical with the truth trump up play false be disloyal to break faith with be unfaithful to joke fail soft-soap woo snare trifle with play with play a trick on mock steer twist banter jolly feign alter slant garble butter up out-think dissimulate warp play games with change dissemble invent misreport misinterpret massage misrelate bend color colour mistreat talk into forswear run rings round tell stories tell a lie depart from the truth make up a story bear false witness commit perjury not tell the truth fake it tell untruths be cleverer than make rings round invent a story put a spin on phony up promote forswear yourself tell a terminological inexactitude impose troll make a monkey of make somebody look an idiot do someone dirty lead off deke tease pull in slip something over on defy sham flirt trifle dally toy coquet enchant entrance charm attract blag wanton elude rebel against disobey outperform wind up hypnotize bewitch dazzle blind mesmerize captivate spellbind put something over on trip up play a jest on play a prank on play a joke on murphy win over pass off psych out play a practical joke on challenge give the runaround cuck send on a wild-goose chase best overcome make a fool of somebody catfish play-act toy with dally with hypnotise mesmerise shave fit up go one better than put one over put someone up to something cuckoldize make use of lay a trap for lie under oath swear falsely ingratiate play for a sucker string someone along fascinate distract toll ensorcell tout shill wile speak with forked tongue create fiction plant shovel concoct tell a fib make up tell a little white lie backstab pressure press horn put horns on hornify split come on egg one on draw mess around invite pull net play fast and loose with bribe yuck yuk jest jape fun josh quip gag wisecrack chaff capture prejudice spin disguise skew come on to sweep off one's feet rag ridicule bother bag immesh implicate embroil mesh ensnarl entoil tangle wind melt decline curve writhe slump angle gnarl put one on collapse deteriorate knot take out of context quote out of context crush whitewash sag make out like deviate misconstrue blandish flatter land blarney involve catch up betrap benet forge patronise capitalize on misuse profit from step on walk all over treat lightly play on take liberties with cash in on maltreat ill-use leverage trade on control target patronize play someone for a sucker use for one's own ends palaver make sport of poke fun at make fun of yank somebody's chain counterfeit urge get round bootlick soften stroke tantalize oil prevail on push brownnose soap reel in lay for box in set a trap for misspeak tantalise adulterate bull overdraw misinstruct tell an untruth tell a falsehood embroider debase rub the right way work over make up to suck up to play up to get next to get around lay it on thick build up spread it on hand a line work on sweeten up argue into apple polish be untruthful concoct a story not speak the truth break promise forswear oneself say something untrue perjure oneself be forsworn embellish vitiate BS frame someone perjure yourself lie through one's teeth make believe lack candor put up a front tell a white lie contravene salt dress up misquote traverse gloss deacon contort frame up


To evade or circumvent by cleverness or trickery
dodge evade avoid duck sidestep elude shirk escape shun bypass circumvent skirt eschew shake beat scape finesse shortcut parry skive funk cut tergiversate juke decline tergiverse get around steer clear of skirt round get out of duck-shove cop out of weasel out of wriggle out of skive off shuffle out of slide out of back out of give something a miss pussyfoot around find a way out of short-circuit get away from escape from shake off leave behind give the slip lose ditch run away from flee fend off throw off get rid of throw off the scent body-swerve pull out of break away from miss cheat trick give the slip to hide from wriggle outrun outpace outdistance outstrip clear rid get ahead of sneak away from slip away from find a way round keep out of the way of give a wide berth shy from turn one's back on give a wide berth to keep at arm's length extricate oneself from skip shrink from excuse abandon quit desert rationalize backpedal welsh renege revoke renounce withdraw get shot of get clear of get free from use pretext cop out have alibi back down duck out of rationalise back out back off weasel out get out shuck balk baffle fly baulk shy stay away from sneak away end-run slip out slip through the net of lead on a merry chase give the runaround escape the clutches of keep distance give someone a wide berth go around foil thwart frustrate fight shy of outmanoeuvre refrain from defeat outmaneuver abstain forgo get round abstain from give up keep clear of rid oneself of neglect outwit outflank prevent dance around burke dispense with stop check abjure turn your back on pay no attention to refrain desist sacrifice run from forbear skip out on kick keep from stay shy of give somebody the slip withhold from stay clear of leave off jack in swear off throw someone off shake someone off abuse deceive confound slip defy be beyond pussyfoot fudge weasel brush off put the move on disregard ignore overlook discount shuffle off take back road depart from deviate from go around the barn wink at blink at forget keep one's distance from be oblivious to pay no heed to lay low from pay no mind unmind turn back on unheed turn a blind eye to tune out take no notice of not attend scrimshank let slide leave undone play truant from creep skimp on dog bludge fence double shirk from lose sight of not attend to bob off be lax about be remiss about overcome avert slough off pay little attention to lie down on job stymie get away stay away steer clear preclude restrain from withstand resist pass overtake run around overhaul ward off break the habit of help neutralise forbear from hold off slip through the net gain on be beyond someone slip through someone's fingers get past hinder desist from interfere with head off refuse stave off negate make up for deny yourself nullify obviate neutralize block impede counterbalance do without prohibit arrest counteract anticipate run faster than leave standing draw away from find a way around forswear get further ahead of widen the gap between oneself and someone else put distance between oneself and someone else relinquish repudiate spurn forsake reject disavow deny disclaim disdain drop abnegate abdicate forego withhold gainsay disaffirm restrain cease curb belay bridle keep omit inhibit renege on not touch have nothing to do with let well enough alone have no truck with shy away from pack in break off resist the temptation to restrain oneself stop oneself hold back restrain yourself lay off decline to go easy give over


To frustrate or foil, especially the hopes or expectations of someone
dash thwart foil frustrate check baulk baffle scotch circumvent balk scupper disappoint confound overturn undo dish queer blight dampen chill cloud put the kibosh on wreak havoc with burst one's bubble stop block defeat prevent stymie derail obstruct counter beat snooker cramp crimp forestall hinder impede hamper curb restrain ruin smash discomfit checkmate outwit nobble crab root put a stop to do for put paid to foul up put the mockers on upset the apple cart give the slip put a spoke in someone's wheel trammel spoil nullify oppose cripple upset cross traverse halt snafu louse up put the stopper on take down upset one's apple cart cook someone's goose play off take wind out of queer someone's pitch spike someone's guns bar quash fetter stifle hamstring inhibit negate hobble neutralize stump cancel arrest neutralise offset annul buck elude faze mess up skip promote dodge shake ditch duck screw up rattle disconcert juke buffalo bollix hang up shake off shuffle off give the run-around run rings around run circles around halt in its tracks nip in the bud throw a spanner in the works throw monkey wrench in throw a monkey wrench in the works confuse skin hold up stand in the way of hold back interfere with retard avert head off restrict encumber stave off handicap delay shackle deter wreck ward off disrupt cumber avoid stall counteract destroy interrupt obviate handcuff repress throw a spanner in the works of put an end to slow down fend off intercept clog throw a monkey wrench in the works of hog-tie prohibit escape stonewall sabotage preclude evade manacle embarrass suppress shut out constrain short-circuit tie up cramp one's style deflect damage devastate undermine hold off impair debar mar forfend shatter get in the way of get in the way defend against sidestep set back skirt resist subvert put a brake on bridle threaten demolish limit discourage injure slow divert interdict steer clear of bork pre-empt interfere bypass turn aside overcome entangle mystify cut off harm rule out crush puzzle throw curtail flummox smother nonplus repel scuttle parry repulse blow torpedo botch anticipate help brake withhold forbid reduce choke bind debilitate put the lid on ward be a hindrance to defy circumnavigate shut off terminate eradicate perplex attack bewilder withstand get out of break obliterate extinguish prejudice disable annihilate conquer affect weaken influence abolish corner suspend discontinue decimate stay shun invalidate be beyond keep lid on banjax hurt challenge clobber squelch contravene discombobulate eschew remit pause muck up save cancel out preempt inconvenience fox shelve gravel maze bottleneck keep compromise intermit put at risk disturb second-guess floor hold wilder obfuscate sap bamboozle play havoc with work against outmanoeuvre dumbfound give the run around be detrimental to rein in outmaneuver shirk obscure destabilize choke off get ahead of get in before cool chain diminish put a damper on be disadvantageous to dam provide against steal a march on pick off get around put off sandbag keep back hold in hold down drag one's feet blow a hole in stem the flow of throw cold water on close off beat someone to the draw keep at bay beat someone to the punch bring to naught pour cold water on beat someone to it give a hard time keep off shut down destabilise countermove worst finish something finish off subdue crash unsettle act against throw a curve sink stultify miss blast vanquish triumph gain bring to a close make an end of surpass spike hit freeze burden muzzle squash poison damp dissuade bring an end to inc stave cork leash tie forefend bring to an end let endanger commandeer blank counterplot bury exceed postpone euchre nix saddle with bit taboo outlaw enjoin disadvise scare detain retardate cheat weigh down jeopardize imperil desist cease defer protract tie one's hands put the brakes on take out of play cruel wreak havoc on box in throw a spoke in the wheel of put on brakes put an stop to keep in prorogue be early put the damper on pigeonhole dead-end beggar get the better of confront turn off be one step ahead of beat somebody to it act in advance of prepare for head off at pass bodge topple confine prolong talk out of act like a wet blanket slow up crool jeopardise keep from happening cause setback beat down hang fire take wind out of sails put end to lick bog down bulwark fence defend guard shunt look away shove aside turn turn from veer be prejudicial to put back back off hold off on bring to screeching halt make late hold over put on hold make a mess of render ineffective tamper screen trouble discommode jam incommode conflict put on back burner be deleterious to dash one's hope upset the applecart wrack have impoverish raze craze overthrow unbuild overreach vitiate outfox abate outsmart cover fend shortcut throw a monkey wrench into minimize undercut detract belittle lessen chip away minimise demean dispatch balls up count inspire work weigh incapacitate ravage outflank bemuse bring down make waves control end eliminate rain on someone's parade shield against safeguard against secure against stand up for defend oneself against fight off guard against protect against keep at arm's length skirt round stem render null and void preoccupy monopolize foresee predict forecast project expect envision quell tend to prevent go against militate rein pose kill monopolise contain cut short catch still muffle swallow abort find a way round govern staunch fight back moderate break down break up get round find a way around get past end-run go around befog addle fog befuddle disorient muddle get muddy vex fuddle operate against act on tell against tame rebuff choke back bottle up regulate intrude on enfeeble draw up keep in check pull up keep a lid on pull in keep under control slacken pace bite back fetch up distract psych out mull snow complicate stumble get to amaze make someone scratch their head set someone thinking wonder stir profundicate flabbergast have an effect on eat away whittle away disempower bring to a standstill drag through the mud emasculate clip one's wings mine dig out chip away at dig demoralise soften tunnel knock the bottom out of queer the pitch of demoralize blunt dent poke full of holes attenuate corrode hollow out wear bring up short stagger stick play for time flee lose be all Greek to be too much for put at a loss bring someone up short scape outrun body-swerve stay shy of fly weasel out of shy slip away from give the slip to give somebody the slip run from slip through the net slip through someone's fingers throw off the scent be beyond someone run around get away from escape from run away from shuffle out of double get away finesse give the runaround shuck


To deliberately or persistently avoid through antipathy or caution
shun avoid snub dismiss rebuff repudiate cut decline disdain ignore ostracise ostracize refuse reject scorn spurn ditch neglect snout stay clear of give someone the brush-off give the brush give the runaround have no part in stand aloof from stay shy of turn away from turn back on cold-shoulder give a wide berth give someone the go-by have no part of have nothing to do with keep your distance from not touch shy from brush off knock back leave alone shy away from tell someone where to get off balk at cut dead freeze out give a wide berth to keep away from pass up recoil from send to Coventry shrink from steer clear of stiff-arm turn down body-swerve fight shy of keep clear of put down give the cold shoulder look right through look right through someone shake off palm off give the bum's rush dodge shirk elude evade keep one's distance from hide from stay away from give the cold shoulder to cut someone cold cut someone dead exclude blank eschew blackball blacklist slight shut out sidestep boycott turn one's back on coldshoulder repulse cut off duck keep at arm's length look past debar pass excommunicate renounce bypass disapprove circumvent skirt round veto reprobate stiff discount nix disregard disown negative abstain from say no to baulk at refrain from leave out in the cold throw out hand someone the frozen mitt turn your back on give a miss keep well away keep your distance avoid like the plague expel ban bar forgo embargo desist abjure demur steer clear pass on demur at jilt high-hat disfellowship unfollow withhold from desist from not accept repel deselect cast aside send one's regrets shake one's head cast out act cool break with swear off wash one's hands of ice out not buy have nothing more to do with circumnavigate pass over keep off avoid dealing with give something a miss get around disavow banish drive away have done with be exclusive of not be inclusive of other not include overlook skip pooh-pooh pretend not to see look straight through someone miss make unwelcome refuse to recognize refuse to abide by not heed turn up one's nose give the thumbs down to not take advantage of remove oust black vote against down disallow kill evict cashier drum out proscribe interdict prohibit outlaw negate strike humiliate withdraw insult withhold patronage get rid of force out shoot down protest not budge on turn deaf ear to turn from send off jib at dispense with set aside not care for hold out protest at hold back hold off draw the line at turn away refuse to receive say no give thumbs down to throw over desert leave in the cold keep out place an embargo on affront pass by impose sanctions hold aloof from refuse to take part in drop abnegate forsake slough off blow off unfriend despise burn humble mortify shame scout treat disrespectfully misprize scratch give someone a slap in the face offend swank give the brushoff slur chill ice not give time of day keep someone at arm's length kick in the teeth put the chill on scold snob cool look coldly upon upstage censure take no notice of rebuke burr kick someone in the teeth leave off give someone the big E scoff at give someone the air bin off give someone the push give the elbow make light of pay no attention to deny forbear brush aside opt out refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of give the thumbs down give the red light


A person who engages in cheating or swindling
swindler cheat fraudster trickster hoaxer shark cheater bilker chiseller sharper dodger defrauder scammer fakir chiseler finagler scamster sharpie sharpy skinner tricker cozener confidence man deceiver con artist impostor grifter victimizer charlatan fake pretender rogue quack crook conniver shyster fraud masquerader rascal jockey hustler inveigler decoy sham bluff confidence trickster double-dealer double-crosser enticer phony phoney flimflammer confidence operator con man rook bunco artist mountebank hoodwinker illywhacker rorter hypocrite flimflam man rogue trader joker conman fleecer knave twister shicer magsman prankster tregetour schlenter sharp scoundrel hoser practical joker smoothie bunco gold brick scam artist clip artist aggressor bully diddler spoofer spiv humbug bamboozler deluder villain dissembler hoaxster sneak exploiter embezzler imposter mechanic thief faker clip absconder operator counterfeiter gouger forger falsifier slicker slippery customer confidence artist four-flusher racketeer defalcator confidence woman con quacksalver ringer betrayer liar rip-off artist huckster rat reprobate wretch miscreant scamp evildoer baddy outlaw heavy snake in the grass counterfeit con woman skelm pseudo actor hooligan criminal con-artist bad egg traitor impersonator imitator bluffer pettifogger empiric goldbrick shammer scorner plant beguiler mimic duper medicaster mocker playactor simulator Judas quisling serpent recreant apostate turncoat backstabber snake two-timer devil blackguard good-for-nothing hound picaro spalpeen cur scrote louse dog varlet cad dastard nazi scallywag meanie rotter no-good rapscallion monster baddie bounder beast brute caitiff fiend scalawag scapegrace scumbag vagabond ne'er-do-well meany savage blighter picaroon wastrel monstrosity heel problem lowlife wrong 'un nasty piece of work bad news black sheep lawbreaker offender culprit delinquent malefactor felon sinner perpetrator perp transgressor wrongdoer burglar bandit gangster jailbird convict robber mugger crim bioterrorist rapist shoplifter housebreaker terrorist yardbird thug hoodlum cyberterrorist gunman trespasser mobster ruffian violator suspect infractor lag mug narcoterrorist ecoterrorist filcher misfeasor peculator agroterrorist marauder pilferer lifer lout vandal malfeasant outcast hellhound prisoner tief deadbeat violater derelict scofflaw lighty drifter tearaway immoralist yegg hoon yakuza purloiner hood blackmailer gaolbird trusty holdupper cracksman muscle desperado fugitive transport juvenile delinquent guilty person slippery eel ex-con fallen angel bad actor young offender smooth operator guilty party wanted criminal black marketeer tea leaf evil-doer person responsible bad guy armed robber old lag black hat


Something that deceives
deception trick cheat fraud ruse sham hoax stratagem subterfuge artifice device dodge imposture wile contrivance maneuver manoeuvre scheme swindle bluff con lie machination pretense pretence blind canard decoy fake game leg-pull misrepresentation scam set-up snare sting bunco confidence trick feint flimflam grift gyp hokum lurk porky rort shift wheeze con trick fastie fetch flanker rig schlenter Trojan horse catch chicane cover-up crock fallacy fib gimmick hogwash hustle illusion jive malarkey mare's-nest pork pie pretext ride shuck stall story trap whitewash wrinkle confidence game con game fast one fast shuffle snow job ploy deceit trickery put-on racket sleight gambit expedient chicanery humbug spoof plot rip-off cheating stunt jig shenanigan sell double-dealing cover play smokescreen move facade put-up job shell game craft imposition intrigue façade fiddle masquerade knack juggle plan conspiracy prank tactic front practical joke joke delusion setup frame imitation sleight of hand bait sharp practice hocus-pocus craftiness codology bunko kidology diddle fix hanky-panky cunning evasion duplicity dirty pool shady deal frame-up smoke screen red herring dissimulation act charade swizzle twist plant disguise cloak mask collusion distraction kite lure funny business dirty trick camouflage fakery boondoggle forgery hypocrisy dishonesty deviousness jest legerdemain jape guile caper simulation slyness gag allurement gamesmanship dupe phoney scheming counterfeit jazz wrong baloney escapade feat monkey business booby trap show angle make-believe false front phony cozening hoaxing bamboozlement screen little game insincerity cover up run around fraudulence bill of goods fit-up posturing swizz entrapment pretension guise semblance reproduction copy excuse enticement invention falsehood temptation jiggery-pokery strategy cabal veil pitfall treachery shakedown jugglery skullduggery skulduggery refuge faking feigning ambush veneer inveiglement seducement knavery dummy method mock-up scenario come-on extortion blackmail design double-cross fabrication lookalike likeness complot covin gold brick artfulness switch shenanigans replica pirate crooked deal knock-off game plan smoke and mirrors pseudo junque antic tomfoolery accomplishment sport frolic lark gambol victimisation victimization monkeyshine laugh tease windup irresistible bait toils wangle loophole hoodwinking exploitation sanctimoniousness cant falseness sellout take-in hocus duck deceptiveness falsity roguery attention-grabber deviation disturbance distractor commotion diversion interruption ramp stealing embezzlement bluster pinchbeck sophistry phoneyness empty talk hypocritical talk hypocritical behaviour Tartufferie savvy sweet talk soft soap dirty work crocodile tears distortion fraudulent scheme swindling curveball four-flusher mock attack beguilement monkeyshines horseplay slant airs pose playacting lies propaganda double cross duping action brainchild quackery sucker game hosing graft resource cunning plan bit scene crime charlatanry bragging bravado bombast mockery curve ball false face false clue fool's errand false trail wild-goose chase diversionary tactic misleading clue masking measure step means attraction course of action bait and switch line of action one-upmanship false show idle boast plotting posing acting falsification misstatement shuffling routine ostentation display appearance schtick honeytrap disguising curtain closeting ensnarement inducement planning manipulation conniving bit of sharp practice snow boast braggadocio jiving phoniness dissembling equivocation oldest trick in the book quiz dido every trick in the book unscrupulousness underhandedness maneuvering fig leaf smoke-screen window-dressing mere show trumped-up charge false charge burlesque fiction smoke dealing draw carrot stopgap recourse resort expediency makeshift dirty tricks palace intrigue manoeuvring false colors flim-flam play-acting confederacy conjuring magic gin league booster stoolie blow off sitting duck stick beard drawing card nark stool pigeon shill hook dragnet snag false pretense dumb act sedition perfidy practice hookup countermine counterplot treacherousness disloyalty golden circle optical illusion magic trick -gate substitute conjuring trick warez bogus actor simulacrum bum facsimile

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