Đồng nghĩa của fight shy of


Have no contact or dealings with
have nothing to do with avoid steer clear of eschew evade keep away from leave alone recoil from shun shy away from cold-shoulder give a wide berth to ignore snub give the cold shoulder escape dodge elude duck abstain shirk forgo refrain abjure stay clear of keep clear of not touch give up jack in get around reject swear off desist withhold shy stop cease forbear renounce shake decline restrain finesse hold back forswear curb keep break off shuffle out of body-swerve repudiate stop oneself scape resist the temptation to inhibit leave off disdain kick weasel out of spurn sacrifice drop abstain from dispense with pass up forsake refrain from forego belay bridle omit withhold from keep from restrain yourself lay off decline to go easy give over sidestep bypass circumvent beat shrink shortcut demur skip burke duck-shove skirt go around hang back flinch baulk at boggle at draw back back away jib at turn away quail at shy away renege on deny disaffirm disclaim turn your back on gainsay relinquish pack in let well enough alone abandon abnegate abdicate have no truck with disavow stiff-arm keep one's distance from give the bum's rush stay shy of scorn send to Coventry neglect have no part of bilk dismiss brush off rebuff cut refuse balk at give the runaround freeze out give someone the brush-off turn down ditch turn back on turn away from have no part in shy from palm off snout give someone the go-by give the brush cut dead put down shrink from give a wide berth ostracise stand aloof from ostracize look right through someone tell someone where to get off knock back shake off quit sit out pass avoid doing something take the cure discontinue take the pledge halt do without arrest interrupt finish resist check go on the wagon be temperate not do

Trái nghĩa của fight shy of

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