Đồng nghĩa của hang back

Alternative for hang back

Đồng nghĩa: drag, drop behind, get behind, trail,


To avoid proceeding through reluctance
hesitate dither vacillate waver demur teeter wabble falter halt scruple stagger wobble hover lag linger pause procrastinate straggle hold back shilly-shally hang fire hold off shrink back shy away stay back drag your feet drag your heels stay in the background be reluctant to come forward balance fluctuate dilly-dally be indecisive haver stall swither be undecided hum and haw blow hot and cold oscillate shillyshally sit on the fence be unsure be irresolute yo-yo be uncertain think twice pussyfoot around hem and haw delay temporize dally equivocate tergiversate be doubtful sway hedge temporise be unable to make up your mind dawdle alternate seesaw tremble dillydally reel change waffle boggle deliberate be unable to decide get cold feet run hot and cold waste time keep changing one's mind tumble bobble lurch change one's mind roll quaver hang about um and ah dodge trifle hang around mess around flicker vary quiver wait palter trim shudder whiffle waffle play for time take your time pussyfoot stumble defer ponder stop hang be hesitant mammer think about baulk debate be reluctant doubt be unwilling weigh balk pull back sit on fence flounder fence-straddle rock swing whiffle straddle change mind chop and change keep changing your mind be ambivalent faff about be in two minds shake flutter vibrate totter see-saw undulate wave shiver quake flap wag veer ripple move shift move to and fro stir agitate tremor judder dodder twitch rise and fall go up and down pulsate convulse jiggle alter go from one extreme to the other jerk jolt jounce careen palpitate ruffle mess about ebb and flow waggle twitter joggle faff around bucket mutate flail pitch wiggle heave tarry waddle jar thresh billow wigwag flit thrash blow weave fly have doubts move up and down teeter-totter quail flop bat pivot differ snap swish waft twirl swirl toddle shamble hobble be unsteady sweep whirl twist flick flitter flow stream pulse shimmy come and go whip move back and forth loiter jog shake like a leaf play a waiting game prevaricate wobble about flip-flop trill warble spasm be on the fence will and will not thrill beat quave throb swell surge start switch jitter drift toss potter be on the horns of a dilemma go back and forth stot flinch note wave rapidly transform shuffle have misgivings second-guessing oneself doubt yourself doubt oneself plunge pitchpole list topple dangle walk unsteadily move backward and forward turn digress displace commove succuss flaunt bump churn tremble precariously mark time let the grass grow under one's feet while away time kill time move slowly roll about push and pull move backwards and forwards stir up set in motion put in motion hirple doddle walk haltingly move falteringly walk with difficulty be tentative plod lumber be divided move side to side move from side to side wave to and fro trudge limp blunder feel uncertain wonder about swerve second-guessing yourself bumble curl think something unlikely be dubious lack conviction be sceptical wind titubate bob adjourn retard prolong postpone protract morph deviate struggle mumble goldbrick cool poke have reservations about have doubts about harbour suspicions about have hesitations about express suspicions about express reservations about entertain doubts about harbour reservations about have suspicions about fluctuate on have one's doubts about feel uneasy about rotate catch the wind stay drag stammer sprauchle stutter deteriorate worsen better reverse divert turn around diminish go around feel giddy interchange intersperse put off flog break wallow move clumsily sputter blunder about kick the can down the road put off doing something use delaying tactics postpone action defer action drag one's feet take a raincheck suspend action let slide drag one's heels be dilatory take turns speak haltingly fumble for words trip over your tongue speak falteringly stumble over your words swing backwards and forwards swing back and forth follow one another act reciprocally be staggered occur in rotation work in sequence take it in turns act in sequence occur in turn substitute move between be interspersed fill in for follow in turn relieve follow be unstable


Fail to keep up with another or others in movement or development
lag delay linger dawdle loiter dally trail idle saunter straggle tarry shilly-shally crawl creep decrease diddle dillydally dilly-dally diminish dither drag drop fail fall back fall behind flag lallygag lollygag mope poke drag behind ebb slacken trail behind wane falter hobble inch jelly limp lounge move slowly plod procrastinate retard shuffle slouch slow stagger stay tail tool trudge bring up the rear not keep pace be behind drop back drop behind fall off inch along put off slow up drag one's feet lose strength get no place fast drag your feet lag behind lose ground not keep up be left behind nose snail ooze draggle go slowly creak along drift amble wander meander limp along creep along hang heavy wear on advance slowly appear to pass slowly slow down stray traipse follow ramble go on and on go on too long go at a snail's pace become tedious traik rove roam drag oneself drag yourself tag along tag along behind drag along walk slowly pause hang about stall wait hesitate mark time hang around hang fire take your time take one's time waste time vacillate temporize kill time putter temporise fritter away fool around edge loll loaf mosey toddle trifle while away time be slow filibuster potter around potter about potter round goof off horse around warm a chair put off doing something stay put use delaying tactics hang out sit around play for time play a waiting game be dilatory be indecisive hum and haw slack shirk move at a snail's pace schlepp along stonewall be long be tardy stroll bide totter boondoggle let the grass grow under one's feet hang on hold back wait around buy time remain fool with while away trifle with play games with fool about mooch skulk stop rest lodge push slide slip shamble halt hover slough dabble lurk hang round steer nudge ease adjourn waver defer prolong postpone protract haver goof around hold the phone stop over lose time maneuver shove squeeze manoeuvre move swither goldbrick cool pass time kick the can down the road postpone action defer action take a raincheck be undecided suspend action let slide drag one's heels hold off ease forward potter diddle-daddle fritter time away shlep along scrounge around sit on one's butt bum around


To delay a situation until one is prepared
play for time delay gain time hang fire hold back procrastinate stall temporise temporize dither equivocate filibuster hedge hesitate prevaricate put off stonewall use delaying tactics beat about the bush tarry defer kick the can down the road dally use dilatory tactics put something on the back burner avoid the issue take one's time divert beat around the bush hold over postpone distract drag one's feet buy time tergiversate be evasive palter balk baulk be indecisive hum and haw play a waiting game avoid committing oneself use Fabian tactics stall for time take your time avoid making a decision pause stop discontinue vacillate halt cease hold on hang about hang around sit tight adopt Fabian tactics dodge waffle flannel evade sidestep shilly-shally quibble fudge parry fence pussyfoot be non-committal avoid weasel be vague duck parry questions dodge the issue pussyfoot around fudge the issue duck the question be ambiguous cavil tergiverse waste time shuck evade the issue flip-flop duck the issue sidestep the issue cop out hem and haw sit on the fence blow hot and cold beg the question pass the buck mince one's words cop a plea shuffle waver shift jive falsify eschew escape elude con lie adumbrate double-talk fib shuffle about obstruct run around mince words cover up straddle the fence feint baffle maneuver shirk foil contest outwit manoeuvre tell white lie give run around cloud the issue block prevent fight off hinder circumvent bypass employ delaying tactics not pay not give a straight answer to fend off cop out of skirt round beat around bush get out of find a way round be equivocal about beat about the bush about be evasive about quibble about avoid answering linger loiter dawdle lag wait idle while away time straggle dillydally drag amble stagger diddle plod mope lollygag totter putter crawl creep poke lallygag dilly-dally kill time stay put mark time wait around hang on goof off horse around put off doing something potter round potter around drag your feet potter about not keep pace be slow lag behind let the grass grow under one's feet fall behind hedge one's bets shuffle around be noncommittal give the run around


To briefly stop or interrupt an action
pause cease halt hesitate break delay discontinue rest wait desist waver adjourn stop deliberate falter interrupt break off hold back drop linger mark time pull up reflect shake sideline suspend take a breath tarry let up stop briefly take a break take a breather call time have a breather take five take ten think twice break it up catch one's breath come to standstill put on hold stop what you're doing end check quit finish terminate arrest block conclude curb impede close obstruct frustrate elapse can stall bar lapse stay hamper pass determine expire go still die catch hobble stem belay freeze staunch immobilize balance wabble teeter stagger vacillate dither scruple wobble limp stumble whiffle immobilise leave off break up wind up cut off cut out desist from knock off dead-end lay off hold up be abandoned come to a stop stand still call it a day wiggle-waggle come to an end come to a standstill put an end to come to a halt nip in the bud come to a close be broken off be suspended pack in bring to a stop close down shilly-shally blow the whistle on hold at bay wink out bring to an end put a sock in put a cork in stem the flow bring to a standstill bring to standstill pull the plug on come to rest shut off bring up draw to a stand cut short give over put a stop to be over fetch up put the kibosh on pack up draw to a close draw up abandon give up call a halt to refrain from cancel bring to a halt call a halt renounce withdraw forgo abort scrub axe call it quits relinquish abolish ax dispense with scrap revoke abstain from shelve cut forsake surcease eschew bring to a close avoid close out do without inhibit rescind repeal thwart shut down kick forbear prevent call off forbear from intermit swear off kill do away with withhold from preclude disconnect interfere with lay off of reject get off postpone refuse wrap up hinder hold off give something the chop knock something on the head restrain retard stymie restrict call recall hamstring curtail refrain encumber withhold trammel shackle slow derail forestall limit cry off culminate recess intervene keep from skip get rid of shun yield prohibit phase out ban pass up resist forbid slow down restrain from put off exclude disrupt steer clear of stop short stay away from resign eliminate remit stand in the way of shy from rein in stop dead proscribe prorogue waive except debar avert set aside cut it out pull out of get out of sew up skip out on leave out pack it in count out shut out rule out freeze out finish off close off turn back put a stop to something deactivate fail bring to end nullify forego bring forlet pass on back off die down disturb quit cold turkey scratch deny yourself go without abrogate stop trying withcall foil forswear abstain cramp throw in the towel throw in the sponge ditch not touch handicap stop midstream stop oneself from restrain oneself from hold back from cut into say goodbye to break into kick the habit quit cold not continue get on the wagon hang it up take the cure kick over dissolve complete shorten abbreviate clip abridge handcuff keep knock it off take off keep off consummate cap cumber clear cripple scupper resist the temptation to jack something in get in the way of have done with round off round out wind down fetter fold up be put to bed cut loose button up button down discount dismiss discard stop cold break short leave unfinished stop in full flow surrender baulk put a lid on call a stop to not do brake stonewall bridle disjoin dissever separate interpose disunite part cede obviate forfend recant sabotage bork stand fence balk bag it blow off stave off put paid to ward off not consider deter bate close one's doors to forget about abdicate disregard abjure sacrifice put a brake on put aside defer spurn not move stand off peter out shirk neglect disclaim leave disown remove grant table renege reserve hand over allow sign away turn down turn over bypass back off from sidestep break the habit of dodge shrink from check out from kibosh skirt surcease from escape from jack in call it quits on nip something in the bud interdict disallow enjoin outlaw blackball deny estop ostracize override circumvent ostracise shut out of exile

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