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Alternative for forfend

forfend /fɔ:'fend/
  • ngoại động từ
    • đẩy ra xa, tránh (một tai hoạ...)


To protect against (something evil or unpleasant)
defend guard protect safeguard shield secure screen bulwark cover ward keep fend fence stand up for shelter keep safe save preserve keep from harm look after fortify avert watch over prevent ward off take care of uphold conserve stave off fend off harbour garrison harbor police house mind watch escort stonewall care for hold off afford protection to guard against stand guard over hold back ride shotgun halt stop arrest foil thwart resist tend barricade support hedge repel intercept repulse block cushion shade foster insulate inoculate insure maintain assure check give sanctuary head off cover up protect against shield against safeguard against secure against defend oneself against go to bat for keep at arm's length fight off keep at bay cover all bases take under one's wing ensure strengthen patrol justify keep off man occupy wrap make safe salvage retain reclaim retrieve conceal shotgun chamber haven roof nanny mother chaperone oversee make immune provide protection for rescue keep an eye on give shelter give cover make sound make invulnerable make impregnable overlook obviate be responsible for guide attend to preside over persevere with have charge of minister to rule be in charge of fight for avoid chaperon sentinel desist discontinue cease immunise mount guard on stick up for stand guard on cover up for immunize defend against shut out put an end to turn aside nip in the bud keep from happening put a stop to give refuge stand guard save from harm take someone under your wing oppose withstand hold beat off provide sanctuary take in repel danger be the defender of hold at bay supervise indemnify guarantee nurse cocoon isolate warrant underwrite wad sustain babysit pad childmind line hide superintend close off take charge of sit with separate treat see to sequester cloister fill enclose register keep intact seclude cut off segregate exclude detach closet nurture control island set apart steward alibi regulate lag keep apart govern protect from relieve safeguard from give asylum to shield from provide refuge provide with an alibi give shelter to give sanctuary to cover for provide a refuge for give an alibi to keep in good condition keep from shepherd keep in repair confirm establish bolster inject buttress cherish provide for rear raise surround administer to tend to picket champion jab mitigate variolate endorse manage supply with troops provide insurance for continue take out insurance run handle administrate provide safety keep guard on pack stuff perpetuate prolong operate guaranty make secure take out insurance cover cinch ice keep a lookout over direct till conduct vaccinate answer for agree to pay give security to attend keep tabs on keep up shape upholster hold to dissociate divide blockade baby-sit keep alive keep going bar obstruct partition quarantine sever disconnect be attentive of give heed to look over mind the store look out for ride herd on fill out divorce choose select sort out ghettoize dress bolt lock contain discriminate against ghettoise single out latch fasten store mask soundproof seal split up set aside separate out sunder out encase block off wall off envelop inclose pen cage keep watch on keep guard over encage sheathe immure tape inlay coat keep the peace in keep the peace top dress mulch keep in order maintain law and order in make the rounds of include corral box in coop up fence in hem in wall in wrap up in cotton wool mew up


To prohibit or interdict a given action or process
forbid prohibit bar ban interdict disallow block stop proscribe prevent veto outlaw preclude debar exclude embargo impede hinder inhibit restrain obstruct check enjoin restrict forestall halt nix deny obviate taboo cancel withhold stymie oppose criminalise criminalize freeze spike censor deprive rule out shut out make illegal put an end to put a stop to hold up give the red light to give the thumbs down to lock up put the kibosh on declare illegal declare taboo say no shut down put the chill on deter cork zing cool kill gridlock disqualify estop pass on bottle up jam up box in place an embargo on put down hang up tie up interrupt ward discontinue cease quit keep lid on put chill on make it impracticable for make impossible make it impossible for make impracticable put a stopper in throw cold water on bring to screeching halt put half nelson on put a lock on pour cold water on discard discount dismiss eliminate except recant avert suspend abolish revoke reject bate close out leave out not consider put paid to count out ward off forget about stave off freeze out close one's doors to blackball refuse boycott black disentitle invalidate ostracize expel repudiate banish exile declare ineligible ostracise turn down throw out thwart limit disenable decline disable negative keep out overrule ignore suppress rebuff disapprove quash negate lock out blacklist squash say no to pass by leave out in the cold thumbs down put an embargo on declare null and void set aside hamper foreclose counteract constrain plug declare incapable destroy override circumvent forbid to place injunction on place an injunction on disown overturn countermand reverse shut off disclaim abjure disavow illegalize avoid shut out of throw keep back disacknowledge penalise penalize unfit vote against omit pass up snub ice out incapacitate disbar remove oust bounce consider undesirable down nullify rule against officially forbid eject evict close down disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair weaken paralyse refuse to employ steer clear of hit list deny access to disregard disclude occlude sideline pass cut dissent shoot down defeat discountenance censure burn repulse reprobate put on hit list get rid of pass over force out put out send to Coventry not count refuse to admit cut out prevent from entering shut the door on drive out miss out refuse admittance begrudge give thumbs down not go for throw away refuse permission to disfellowship not make the cut knock back give the brush-off to refuse admission to refuse entrance to stand in the way of give the cold shoulder to

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