Đồng nghĩa của zing

Alternative for zing

  • danh từ
    • (từ lóng)
    • tiếng rít (đạn bay...)
    • sức sống; tính sinh động
      • with plenty of zing: đầy nhiệt huyết
  • nội động từ
    • (từ lóng) rít (đạn); vừa bay vừa phát ra tiếng rít


A high level of energy, enthusiasm, or liveliness
dynamism enthusiasm gusto vitality zest buoyancy passion pep verve ardor ardour energy bounce brio dash eagerness esprit excitement fervor fervour joy keenness liveliness pleasure relish sparkle spiritedness vim zeal zestfulness zip animation avidity effervescence exuberance fire fizz spirit starch vigour appetite delight drive enjoyment gas ginger go hardihood juice life love moxie oomph pzazz pizzazz punch sap snap vigor vinegar beans élan high spirits get-up-and-go high-spiritedness vivacity ebullience push elan sprightliness force panache vivaciousness forcefulness intensity strength vibrancy activity welly initiative vehemence birr stamina feistiness potency spark enterprise steam perkiness gaiety vigorousness power happiness cheerfulness gumption spunk fieriness exhilaration lustiness endurance motivation tuck jollity light-heartedness flair zap vibrance robustness merriment bang cheeriness virility might kick briskness joie de vivre determination ambition jazziness action feeling warmth effectiveness elation peppiness pluck commitment jauntiness joyfulness brightness chirpiness fortitude aggressiveness radiance hustle fervency dedication earnestness breeziness irrepressibility exertion joviality muscle impetuosity heat style interest emotion stylishness flourish ardency vim and vigour passionateness guts flamboyance bounciness sunniness gladness fanaticism confidence scintillation pepper vividness toughness efficiency efficacy jolliness application blitheness heart good humour quickness boldness hunger doggedness tenacity thirst brilliance fervidness colour good cheer lightheartedness intenseness jazz aggression devotion lust color will power white heat what it takes bite impact joyousness éclat airiness optimism cheer self-assurance peartness activeness operativeness spontaneity gayness agility nimbleness jubilation euphoria fever impatience puissance mirth mettle merriness exuberancy gladsomeness desire yearning longing blithesomeness ecstasy impetus violence wholeheartedness single-mindedness anticipation avidness get up and go ambitiousness desirousness ferment show good spirits momentum motive fierceness stuff clout heartiness willingness capability movement readiness self-motivation red heat fire in belly go-getting right stuff bean boisterousness perseverance mana cogency point backbone swagger grit resilience intrepidness delectation spring fun resolution adventure influence resources bubbliness effusiveness satisfaction bliss bound bob impressiveness powerfulness validity validness punchiness great enthusiasm agitation resourcefulness flamboyant confidence humor pertness gameness joys of spring pizazz soul friskiness abandon humour balls venturesomeness audacity being buoyance pulse bloom vital spark life force volatility excitedness glitz dazzle glimmer impellent resource molliness bustle hustle and bustle daring leadership carefreeness charisma elegance zealousness love of life spriteliness nervous spirits frolicsomeness sportiveness glee striving have-a-go attitude snappiness spunkiness elan vital stir wits adventurousness voracity light weakness turn on fire in the belly pep talk hope sanguineness positiveness bullishness hilarity aspiration conviction anxiety wishing appetency voraciousness yen greed persistence being full of the joys of spring devotedness splendour rapture lustre intentness intestinal fortitude mental power willpower stress full head of steam moroseness entrepreneurial spirit emulation hankering itch a sense of purpose well-being alertness ability pith vim and vigor urgency exercise capacity hardiness motion soundness healthiness sock creativity virtuosity imagination inspiration inventiveness frenzy glow flare flame fury promptness solicitude greediness anxiousness alacrity thrill feverishness instigation flurry luster keen interest animal spirits splendor calenture exultation burning passion jocundity gleefulness levity festivity glitter mirthfulness ado impulse colourfulness showiness gaudiness kicks intoxication flutter excitation stimulus hurry pleasantness colorfulness frolic wingding geniality entertainment grins shindig revel urge good humor spryness dexterity litheness fondness inclination liking resolve craving taste partiality fancy transport propensity disposition will favour favor preference infatuation proclivity penchant rhapsody wish assiduity stomach cloud nine hopefulness affection heaven sincerity pining paradise like high shine elatedness courage swoon appreciation gratification mania seventh heaven ache contentment delirium predilection assertiveness appetence need madness soft spot exaltation goodwill bias depth diligence felicity enchantment purposefulness craze love affair bent resoluteness contentedness purpose psyche dauntlessness use mind empressement complexion tendency palate stimulation faith trust calmness idealism easiness sureness expectation encouragement assurance certainty positivism ravishment rage immoderation transports sanguinity beatitude fascination obsessiveness amenability jones thirstiness letch bigotry positive attitude zealotry vehemency committedness effort monomania obligingness emphasis militancy obsession rose-colored glasses addiction leaning ingenuity nerve looking on bright side top of the world firmness extremism devoutness overenthusiasm excitability conscientiousness incentive ferociousness imaginativeness partisanship talent thrust appetition cleverness perturbation temper essence morale outlook air temperament mood substance tenor breath character quality stoutheartedness emotionalism content intrepidity turmoil tooth ferocity frame of mind flap furor commotion seriousness affinity hot-bloodedness rhapsodies amusement thing attraction cool predisposition quick-wittedness proneness native wit wildness triumph playfulness a buzz a charge jocularity furore distraction a kick rejoicing adoration aim hungering cupidity covetousness loyalty faithfulness level degree sensation sentiment forcibleness stick-to-itiveness what-it-takes dispatch preparedness magnitude unction hungriness estimation vociferousness warmness intent insistence forthrightness outspokenness demand intense desire address richness indulgence steadfastness facility strong interest hurrah solemnity piety piousness religiousness strength of character strength of mind youthfulness sassiness sense of purpose pertinence constancy tenaciousness pertinacity pertinaciousness decidedness decisiveness severity concentration excess savor savour agreement consent agreeableness expectancy spell kindness friendliness sedulousness strong desire extremity anger firmness of purpose eye suspense great expectations bright outlook Pollyannaism rosy outlook silver lining affability cordiality fundamentalism radicalism dogmatism activism thirsting aridity positivity labour labor industry fit incandescence cooperation volition compliance attachment kindliness tenderness sweltering heat extreme heat oppressive heat torrid heat tropical heat intense heat high temperature grievousness tension strain engrossment deliberation pace velocity speed bravery haste communion at-oneness nirvana glory Elysium originality intemperance chauvinism sectarianism ingeniousness genius favoritism favouritism hastiness rashness amiability wild emotion bottle impulsiveness buzz charge jollies upper up beef sinew aptness ease paroxysm big eyes intuition intelligence wit shrewdness cunning perceptiveness understanding warm-heartedness hospitality good-naturedness sympathy ants in pants strong emotion intense feeling cup of tea favourite favorite intensity of feeling driving power creativeness wisdom brains knack sharpness spine benevolence charity welcomingness care charitableness benignity liberality stars in one's eyes extreme happiness risk riskiness peril perilousness danger hazardousness hazard dangerousness hard work yearn burning want dream goal ripeness valor blissfulness smartness restlessness amity staying power fulfilment jouissance comfort gayety courageousness gutsiness gallantry greatheartedness doughtiness daringness fearlessness heroism druthers unrest rampage hysteria uproar flush deliriousness joyance fulfillment prowess virtue stoutness uncertainty precariousness discomposure exciting experience feelings amorousness hospitableness emotions innovativeness fruition sharp-wittedness pecker valour trance great pleasure warm fuzzies great joy transports of delight fluster compassion burning up running a temperature febrile disease the shakes openness stout-heartedness provocation incitement positive thinking spirit of adventure self-reliance tumult weakness for thing for play foolery blast buffoonery fitness festiveness living it up tomfoolery ball panic over-enthusiasm state blessedness stupor health wholeness silliness foolishness knavery facetiousness jocosity romping gambolling roguishness waggery riot solace humorousness mischief diversion jesting mischievousness wantonness clowning funniness gamboling joking comedy laughter nonsense revelry treat jocoseness good time gambol rascality wellness titillation confusion fixation verdure wholesomeness twilight zone healthfulness salubrity state of anxiety fandom salubriousness haleness willfulness injustice illiberality incorrigibility intolerance stubbornness hatred contumacy arbitrariness abandonment faction unreasonableness prejudice unruliness dogma unfairness obstinacy superstition fettle pink prime form constitution eupepsia good condition clean bill fine feather


To verbally criticize harshly, especially with insulting language
slur defame slander vilify malign denigrate smear traduce discredit libel calumniate disgrace blacken stain blot reproach slight detract roast snub scorch blister offend brand miff spatter blemish cap chop insinuate push put down give a black eye tear down dump on kick in the teeth blow off cut up skin alive cut to the quick hit where one lives slap in the face insult castigate excoriate vituperate disparage lambaste lambast trash berate scathe belittle assail curse savage rebuke blast taunt nag revile scold attack belabor slam potshot bash discount diss slate impugn upbraid minimize decry oppress derogate persecute reprove miscall injure hose backbite minimise abuse knock ride slang belabour flame inveigh against bad-mouth jump on trash-talk slag off be rude to call someone names swear at cast aspersions on call names do a number on vituperate against shout at cuss out cut down sully stigmatize tarnish debase besmirch asperse degrade dishonour taint defile shame stigmatise dishonor drag through the mud smirch scandalize speak ill of bring into disrepute lower rubbish censure scandalise drag through the mire besmear give a bad name spot do a hatchet job on befoul soil reflect badly on spoil bring shame on damage fling mud at spread scandal about rip blotch deride reduce disrespect breathe on bring discredit to bring shame upon tar and feather sling mud at rip up and down muckrake cast a slur on run smear campaign embarrass vilipend humiliate humble speak evil of run down chasten abase poison undermine cheapen demean foul sink drag someone's name through the mud take down badmouth caricature burlesque prejudice mudsling pan pervert spread lies about throw mud at mortify tell lies about ridicule own write false reports about spread tales about make someone eat crow sully someone's reputation take down a peg take down a peg or two drag someone's name through the mire mark wrong cut down to size show up attaint put someone in their place drag name through mud ruin blackguard abash poor-mouth drag through mud sling mud chagrin disconcert misrepresent make uncomfortable shoot down make someone feel ashamed villainize disfavor disregard put in a bad light give a bad name to desecrate disfavour cause to lose face lose face mock accuse falsely sully someone's name injure the reputation of cast aspersion taint someone's name blacken someone's character run a smear campaign against tarnish someone's name soil someone's name blacken someone's name stain someone's good name disconsider make lose face debauch corrupt disoblige condemn fulminate against rail against pour scorn on skewer hammer bag pummel do down monster contemn pillory denounce criticize pull apart mistreat rap blacken the name of cuss take to pieces dig caluminate voodoo sully the reputation of jinx demonize conduct a smear campaign against blacken the reputation of hit out at lay into criticise demonise have a go at pummelled pull to pieces tear into throw brickbats at dress down rag on call down rip up put a whammy on


To make (someone) feel annoyed or upset
displease anger annoy offend provoke upset aggravate dissatisfy exasperate gall incense irritate infuriate irk nettle pique rile vex affront disgruntle dismay insult madden mortify nark put out discompose disturb hassle outrage perturb scandalise scandalize trouble bother bug disaffect discontent disgust miff needle peeve rattle antagonise antagonize cap chagrin cool curdle disappoint disoblige enrage fret frustrate gravel hurt misplease perplex repel revolt roil sound wing worry get at hack off tee off wind up bum out play dirty tick off turn off hack you off cut to the quick put your back up wound distress ruffle slight disconcert agitate pain diss spite shock disrespect aggrieve dis injure jar snub slur humiliate embarrass sting horrify get to put down give offence to turn one off put someone's nose out of joint be an affront to tread on someone's toes put someone's back up be disagreeable rankle with give offence rub up the wrong way get someone's goat cause offense hurt someone's feelings hurt somebody's feelings be offensive rankle get chafe burn up ride rasp harass grate get across give someone the hump eat persecute frost gripe goad drive up the wall pester hump inflame disquiet exacerbate rark itch drive mad plague make someone see red get on your nerves drive crazy torment grieve sicken make angry nag give someone the pip harry nauseate make cross drive to distraction discomfit drive round the twist afflict tease depress give a hard time ire faze rub the wrong way appal grate on drive round the bend get in someone's hair get on someone's nerves sadden ruffle someone's feathers confound ail fluster unnerve enflame mad discountenance appall concern burn steam up give someone grief get someone's back up unsettle get your goat get under someone's skin bedevil hound make someone's hackles rise crush badger alarm agonize fuss try discommode abrade discomfort discombobulate distemper gnaw egg on make waves stir up agonise get your back up eat at make someone's blood boil get on one's nerves fire up get someone's dander up rattle someone's cage get one's goat get up someone's nose get on someone's wick abash raise someone's hackles repulse molest confuse embitter inconvenience flurry mither cross dog bewilder disenchant frazzle unhinge derail distract alarum shake bore jar on hagride throw undo get someone disgrace cheese off pick on T-off freak out get on your wick make your blood boil get in your hair weird out drive bananas get under skin gross out get under your skin get on nerves rub you up the wrong way eat away at let down get across someone shame empurple bait beset bite nudge taunt devastate incommode acerbate exercise craze prick oppress tantalize raise hell floor tantalise sour break torture niggle harrow indispose put off be at make unhappy be on your back slander pother rack stress alienate wear on be disagreeable to be a pain in the neck belittle get under one's skin gnaw at be a thorn in someone's side strain cause offence to try someone's patience get your dander up get someone's hackles up be a thorn in someone's flesh cause anguish to throw off balance try your patience hit where one lives discourage make miserable make wretched put somebody's nose out of joint be on the back of fester chide bruise drive nuts bum hack steam henpeck excite cut brown off weary beleaguer cause annoyance to cause resentment to get up your nose bristle try one's patience get someone's wick obsess push button heat up work on awake quicken goose motivate absorb grab ignite attract interest grill excruciate ruffle one's feathers mess rile up snit pet tiff huff stew ask for it boil arouse be rude to panic excoriate impose upon put on the spot rub one the wrong way stroke someone's hair the wrong way resent push someon's buttons mess with work up harm cause anguish cause suffering be hurtful to bleed mourn lambaste nag at cause sorrow put your nose out of joint slap eat up give the business blow up thwart foil put deject make sore lose one's temper anguish curse push the buttons of cause anxiety cause to panic make anxious abuse confront criticise dispraise criticize wind somebody up drive you up the wall get on somebody's nerves raise your hackles get your hackles up get on someone chivvy get a rise out of balk baffle wrong stick in one's craw begrudge crab grudge set one's teeth on edge devil strap nit-pick push desolate martyr thumb nose at heavy make someone fed up tire burden chivy pursue cause suffering to scare dump on browbeat dispirit dishearten boil over make indignant whip up cause offense to upset the apple cart hang up get even cramp style louse up interrupt bring down impede hinder give a zinger give the cold shoulder weigh down make blue dampen spirits chasten bring one down drag down put into a funk cast down put a damper on break one's heart break the heart of deflate humble arouse anxiety in do a number on be on one's case push buttons make it tough for weigh on cut up abase nonplus disinterest deter make one sick lose one's interest intrude upon impose on disillusion empoison envenom bend someone's ear breathe down someone's neck frighten carp at lower make one's hackles rise get on someone's case ridicule demean degrade spook psych estrange stun turn incapacitate flip cramp debilitate fail put someone to shame put to shame get one's comeuppance take down a peg take down take the wind out make someone eat humble pie flip out stagger traumatize astound jolt rock turn on lay up key up astonish amaze surprise startle rock the boat make a scene dumbfound make bitter make resentful daze stupefy cheat baulk underwhelm paralyse dumfound flabbergast be offensive to make sick turn someone off be displeasing to be distasteful to overwhelm overcome traumatise paralyze numb thunderstrike awe electrify bowl over take aback shake up be repugnant to turn someone's stomach fill with loathing make someone's gorge rise knock out take the wind out of your sails completely surprise give a turn throw a curve make someone's blood run cold raise someone's eyebrows set someone back on their heels knock for six shake out of your complacency give someone a turn hit like ton of bricks smear calumniate fail to satisfy not suffice get in one's hair mix up give a bad time dishonor backbite revile decry traduce blackguard disparage blackball malign lampoon detract condemn asperse belie dishonour vilify deprecate bad-mouth denigrate libel defame leave dissatisfied raise eyebrows amongst cause raised eyebrows cause a few raised eyebrows amongst not pass muster not be good enough give cause for complaint


To assault, attack
impugn challenge dispute query question assail attack blast break contest contradict contravene criticise criticize cross deny disaffirm disavow doubt gainsay impeach knock negate negative oppose oppugn resist slam smear tar traduce trash traverse zap call into question put down run down skin alive swipe at cast aspersions upon cast doubt upon come down on cut to shreds pin on stick it to take issue with throw doubt on thumb nose at throw the book at refute rebut controvert counter repudiate reject disprove combat fight disagree with call in question object to disown disclaim counteract disallow disconfirm confute raise doubts about cast aspersions on go against cast doubt on thwart hinder suspect buck defy withstand mistrust distrust abjure disbelieve confront interrogate undermine dissent from inquire harbour suspicions about raise objections to enquire express suspicions about have reservations about express reservations about argue entertain doubts about harbour reservations about have suspicions about protest against feel uneasy about fly in the face of misdoubt have hesitations about wonder about puzzle over frustrate obstruct impede balk explode debunk discredit disparage argue with declare untrue naysay shoot down in flames disagree shoot down shoot full of holes brush aside repel check duel denounce be at variance with argue against baulk quibble over call in argue about violate demur against fight against take exception to disapprove of demur about come to blows with address be a dissenter from face down battle debate rebel against test face off stand up to tackle contend feud with call out litigate rally against remonstrate throw down accost investigate rival forswear infringe retract renounce breach eschew refuse give up weasel out of go back on word renig welsh drop out recant wash hands of renege worm out of disacknowledge transgress disobey fracture offend flout infract cancel dare reverse withsay withspeak differ overstep interfere with fail to comply with disregard interpose exclude encroach intrude trespass fail to observe conflict with spurn transgress against offend against interfere thumbs down cancel out say the opposite of refuse to accept have bone to pick take on ask quiz grill catechize demand look into put out a feeler question test the waters hit up inquire of probe compete struggle against vie face cross swords take a stand against dissent object disapprove struggle encounter clash quarrel wrangle strive protest contend with put up a fight against lock horns kick against take issue engage strive against bicker demur race wage war kick speak out against meet be against condemn do battle express disagreement with grapple complain spar be at loggerheads feud squabble push jostle except compete against express disapproval of inveigh war rebel scramble for take exception jockey for position be in opposition to be suspicious of make a fuss about kick up a fuss about kick up a stink about censure tussle skirmish brawl be at odds oppose strongly disaccord wrestle assault joust inveigh against have no confidence in have no faith in gripe expostulate tilt refuse to obey jockey deprecate quarrel with frown upon complain vociferously about be at odds with beg to differ raise objections be anti express disagreement go for tangle with speak against compete with mix it up with discount go for broke sound off kick up a fuss be in defiance of make a stand against kick up a stink take a stand put up a fight not credit not ratify not believe confound give no credence to not accept scuffle decline to support take up arms lock horns with refuse to support fulminate against rage against be unconvinced about be incredulous of ignore play off declaim against scrap lock antlers emulate counterattack prevent block expostulate about protest strongly at remonstrate about cavil rail against bear arms conflict play stickle dislike set at naught cock a snook at shoot for fail to agree with lodge a protest against thunder make a protest against have a dispute engage in conflict vie with quibble fulminate rail criticize severely jump on moan discord come to blows complain bitterly about go for jugular go for it join battle pit lodge a protest express disapproval match go after be hostile to campaign against go up against decline bombard revolt go head to head make a fuss disagree violently with have a problem with frown at make an objection dig your heels in put up an argument have a scrap set to stand up and be counted against have a dust-up have a barney go for the gold hold out against make a stink frown on set your face against go for the jugular discourage raise a question bring into question raise doubt part company with beat have misgivings about have doubts about lack confidence in feel apprehensive about take something with a pinch of salt contend against impune unseat start fighting be at odds with somebody take up on tourney discuss be in contention fail to agree be at variance be in dispute oppose action agitate against sweat be rivals match yourself against spare no effort scruple pit against set against make a nonsense of be in the running boggle have a fight raise your fists call something into question differ from diverge from trade blows enter the lists break a lance curse express objections thunder against answer retort express doubt raise doubts express doubts grouse mind express objections to think wrong not support not believe in shake one's head grumble be in opposition remonstrate against respond stop halt inhibit restrain stem go for each other come to grips box exchange blows ply weapons duke it out mix it up beef have a problem not see eye to eye reluct curb backtalk rant abuse revile upbraid rate jaw vociferate objurate fume castigate tongue-lash scold berate whip vituperate complain about kvetch grumble about moan about grouse about cavil at draw the line countervail stonewall scramble deflect be displeased quibble about crab discommend discountenance rant about beef about gripe about go-one-on-one raise objection disesteem kvetch about draw the line at bar defeat bawl out chew out kick up take great exception to campaign set one's face against dig in one's heels baulk at dissent with take up arms against blow sky high render null and void butt heads to fight bandy words chop logic refuse to accept the authority of kick over the traces come out against maneuver take issue with somebody juggle show manoeuvre event steeplechase collide bid attempt bandy essay try fence baffle foil surpass be at each other's throats take the field engage in combat be at war conduct a war engage in hostilities take the field against be in conflict march against shoot go to war fight like cat and dog grapple with skirmish with carry on hostilities make war clash with pit oneself against altercate row take tangle show jump spat cut and thrust brave try to beat match strength pitch oneself against seek prize match wits run for cope with participate in pit yourself against expose neutralise taunt gainstay neutralize withstay discept meet head-on haggle palter elude exceed in the hunt diverge go up against in contest nonconcur search out not countenance dig deep dig deeper deplore turn the tables run counter to battle against have words rip into each other be at sixes and sevens lay into let have it contradict each other shy divide pettifog vary stand up for fight back ward off struggle with keep at bay face up to fend off hold one's ground against remain firm turn down stand firm stand one's ground against hold off beggar content against give it one's all go one on one with be opposed to go toe to toe with face off against go eyeball to eyeball with be pitted against break with say nothing doing withhold assent express objection say not a chance say no way decry blame object strongly to animadvert nag recriminate rain be beyond mock scorn scout unbelieve not buy holler howl squawk mutiny neglect revolutionize desert pay no heed to set aside strike misbehave refuse to comply revolutionise not listen not heed riot break rules rise in arms go counter to take law into own hands recalcitrate not mind insurrect revolution be remiss break the rules shirk fly in face of evade pay no attention to run riot scoff at not swallow take with a pinch of salt take up the cudgels say no to make a stand back-talk make a protest express opposition speak out cry out be displeased by say no voice disapproval pick at find fault stand tug run cope have at shoot at push for deal with nominate yourself put up with put yourself forward knock oneself out make play for give one's all give all one's got


To prohibit or interdict the use, participation or inclusion of
prohibit forbid ban outlaw interdict proscribe bar disallow veto enjoin embargo restrain taboo criminalise criminalize debar block cool cork exclude forfend freeze gridlock halt inhibit kill make illegal nix rule out spike stymie bottle up box in hang up hold up jam up lock up pass on place an embargo on put down shut out tie up keep lid on put chill on bring to screeching halt put a lock on put a stopper in put half nelson on throw cold water on pour cold water on refuse reject dismiss cancel overrule blackball stop rebuff overturn repudiate disown invalidate reverse countermand quash abjure squash disclaim disavow disacknowledge throw out preclude set aside throw censor say no to declare null and void keep back turn down give the thumbs down to prevent obstruct impede hinder check restrict deny thwart boycott put a stop to obviate forestall ward off counteract put an end to eliminate estop avert foil except defeat disqualify avoid curb nullify banish baulk frustrate ostracize arrest stave off circumvent balk black suspend ostracise suppress withhold disapprove hold back deter count out head off put the kibosh on oppose negate counter limit blacklist steer clear of derail freeze out repress close out hamper retard pass by scupper give the red light to disregard disentitle nip in the bud interrupt decline cramp negative declare ineligible evade scotch bate expel stonewall spurn spoil fetter bypass interfere with ruin sidestep crimp skirt trammel put paid to pass up stall ward stand in the way of neutralize defend against leave out do for hold off fend off neutralise knock back disenable declare illegal destroy let forbid to censure disable deprive keep out circumnavigate discount omit get out of beat dash ignore wreck escape ice out cut cease crush reprobate pass discountenance discourage baffle lock out intercept refrain from revoke shoot down shun miss out cut out stifle snub stump outwit hobble put an embargo on turn aside thumbs down pass over help annul skip chill put a brake on stay away from abstain from put the lid on give something a miss leave off keep from leave out in the cold anticipate condemn give the red light sentence doom plug rule something out render repulse discard begrudge disfellowship overthrow declare incapable outvote declare taboo abolish recant keep at bay stave keep off dam redlight disappoint shut down say no vote against refuse admission to refuse entrance to give the cold shoulder to give the brush-off to unfit place injunction on place an injunction on penalise penalize consider undesirable hit list refuse to employ put on hit list quit discontinue not consider close one's doors to forget about down rule against deselect put the chill on stopper make it impossible for make it impracticable for make impossible not grant throw over balk at give thumbs down to deflect disrupt confront snooker incapacitate end extinguish stay keep burn dissent discomfit cripple hamstring checkmate make something punishable put the stopper on ditch take wind out of take down upset crash juke unsettle quell crool foul up banjax damp disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair paralyse weaken illegalize override curse exile cramp one's style dash one's hope render null and void overcome lick screw up upset the applecart conquer give the run around throw away refuse permission to save pre-empt smash shatter cut off make impracticable put off declare something a punishable offence give thumbs down not go for disadvise scare divert dampen constrain close down close up officially forbid give the thumbs down turn off talk out of act like a wet blanket put a damper on shackle bridle slow queer dish shut off drop shut out of strike encumber clog manacle hog-tie handcuff slow down dissuade short-circuit smother handicap embarrass be the end of bring to an end dodge miss withhold patronage rein in turn your back on brush off hold aloof from give a wide berth to cold-shoulder wash one's hands of have nothing to do with impose sanctions refuse to take part in faze bit reduce sandbag not make the cut withhold from desist from stay away forbear give up make up for deny yourself shake off restrain from counterbalance break the habit of withstand skip out on do without shake shy from kick get around steer clear forgo shrink from abstain renounce desist eschew shirk forbear from resist disbar remove oust bounce put on brakes put an stop to hold in stem the flow of keep in throw a spanner in the works of hold down elide eject evict pretermit overpass overleap deny access to sideline disclude occlude not bother dispense with let slide take out cast aside fail to include slight fail to mention skip over factor out not count refuse to admit put out send to Coventry refuse admittance prevent from entering drive out force out get rid of shut the door on


To express an unfavorable opinion (of something)
disapprove censure condemn deplore criticise criticize deprecate object to blame decry denounce frown on reprove be against disparage not support rebuke reproach think wrong animadvert discountenance knock look askance at not believe in take exception to be hostile towards chastise detract discommend disesteem disfavour disfavor dispraise expostulate express a poor opinion of negate object oppose pan remonstrate remonstrate against reprehend slam raise an pass on find fault with diss slag dis fault reprimand berate chide put down admonish scold castigate dislike attack discourage revile upbraid slate blast hammer excoriate cane flame objurgate slash take to task lay into slag off judge have a go at give someone a bad press frown not take kindly to show displeasure take a dim view of abuse tsk-tsk mislike veto resist carpet pillory lambaste impugn savage disapprove of harangue vilify fulminate against crucify bash roast pull apart remonstrate with dispute rubbish monster tear into rollick bawl out bag pummel dress down take to pieces haul over the coals sail into rate bollock tut about tut-tut over tut-tut about tut over frown upon cut up reprobate discipline exprobate give someone hell chew out scorn pummelled backbite read the riot act rebuff get after tear off a strip incriminate lecture cavil tear a strip off give someone a rollicking tell off give someone a bollocking slap on the wrist pick apart carp at ostracise denigrate rap over the knuckles tear apart give someone a roasting give someone a rocket contemn ostracize asperse read out look askance ream out not stand for hold no brief for not go for count me out inveigh against anathematize execrate vituperate arraign proscribe punish adjudge skin depreciate belittle name frame denunciate pronounce call down give something a bad press send up the river send up thumbs down on hang something on come down on pin it on let have it point finger at put away blow whistle on lay at one's door lace into rag tick off rap trim give someone a dressing-down keelhaul pitch into give someone a telling-off give someone an earful pull up give someone a mouthful give a talking-to let someone have it rail against give someone a wigging give someone what for give someone a rating lambast wig give someone a row row flay give someone a caning slap down give someone some stick blow up rail at baste tongue-lash send someone away with a flea in their ear rant at score jaw trash put on the mat jump on malign pick holes in give a rocket rake over the coals chasten ream maul skewer cast aspersions on run down blister derogate throw brickbats at give a bad press to vituperate against besmirch slur animadvert on give some stick to cavil at bad-mouth slap someone's wrist jump down one's throat pour scorn on nitpick about scathe lash pull to pieces give flak to hit out at scorch call on the carpet rap someone over the knuckles assail correct potshot belabor sledge nag rail check belabour come down hard on blow up at light into pick to pieces go on at give a piece of one's mind take someone to task take to the woodshed accuse caution rip monish scourge lesson nag at bag on talk to call to account bring someone to book pass strictures upon climb all over chew someone out slap someone on the wrist lean on charge criticize severely penalize fustigate argue with shoot down ridicule carp rake defame penalise deride jawbone zap discredit call over the coals hit trounce tax go for the jugular throw the book at complain about slap on wrist take down speak to try draw the line give a going over tell a thing or two come down on like a ton of bricks find fault rap on knuckles strongly criticize lay down the law jump all over reprimand severely tear to pieces rave at get angry with exprobrate pull someone up complain protest animadvert upon lampoon take apart harass bring to book threap rake over coals recriminate taunt jump down someone's throat recompense visit chew warn fry give tongue-lashing give somebody a piece of one's mind slang spank skelp ferule bring under fire adjure advise counsel tear someone a new one give someone a dressing down give someone a telling off rap someone's knuckles objurate preach ding notice glue forewarn growl hoist dishonor dishonour disgrace give someone a carpeting eat out criticize hatefully give one hell shout at cuss out speak carp on sound off go after take somebody to task take down a peg give a hard time get on burn one's ears smear cudgel slap shellac strike smother jack up sit on send someone away with a flea in his lower the boom give the dickens give a rough time refute yell at have someone on the carpet keep after lay on call to task give comeuppance point the finger at give the devil express disapproval of give someone stick rip into lash into have your knife in criticize strongly give something a battering jeer at review unfavorably think badly of express disapprobation express disapprobation of stick it to afflict repress soften have on the carpet suppress subjugate gripe about assault verbally disagree with pile in make a protest to take issue with question start on start in take on indict clobber fluff slog slug jump on one's case bite someone's head off snap someone's head off grouch about hold someone responsible bellyache about hold accountable hold someone to blame quibble about carp about whinge about moan about complain to grouse about beef about whine about nitpick over sound off about find lacking nit-pick cut down skin alive do a number on pick at give bad press throw shade cut to bits prosecute criminate bring a charge against hold at fault bring a case against lay charges against impeach prefer charges against inculpate put on trial have the law on bring to trial bring charges against take to court whip beat flog thrash scarify drub rap someone the knuckles drag over the coals lay out


Exclamation acknowledging a witty remark

Trái nghĩa của zing

zing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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