Đồng nghĩa của get up and go


The quality of being full of energy and liveliness
exuberance liveliness vitality energy spirit animation vigour zest pep life enthusiasm vigor vivacity zip brio sparkle zing vibrancy sprightliness bounce effervescence ebullience vibrance juice eagerness ardour ardor briskness lustiness fervour fervor robustness vigorousness jazziness peppiness welly irrepressibility zap pepper peartness abandon friskiness gayness verve dash vim get-up-and-go dynamism drive gusto go oomph punch zeal moxie esprit pizzazz fire snap sap pzazz hardihood ginger spiritedness starch gas vinegar beans passion push force elan initiative forcefulness vivaciousness buoyancy high spirits enterprise activity panache strength élan fizz intensity stamina feistiness keenness spark perkiness relish steam potency spunk gumption determination vehemence excitement power birr ambition motivation tuck appetite virility gaiety action fieriness high-spiritedness avidity bang endurance joy zestfulness kick aggressiveness commitment might pluck hustle enjoyment delight happiness jauntiness pleasure joie de vivre light-heartedness warmth fanaticism exhilaration radiance fervency effectiveness vim and vigour tenacity muscle capability ambitiousness merriment resolve jollity cheerfulness love boldness conviction scintillation application feeling interest desire activeness toughness flair devotion confidence imagination puissance resourcefulness exertion inventiveness earnestness impetus dedication mettle ability creativity fortitude colour doggedness brilliance heart resource color guts single-mindedness momentum aggression right stuff cheeriness joyfulness quickness bounciness resolution agility zealousness nimbleness elation heat vividness chirpiness impetuosity efficiency impact efficacy ingenuity operativeness spontaneity ardency bite aspiration perseverance emotion fervidness passionateness intenseness flamboyance audacity thrust brightness imaginativeness talent ecstasy point daring cleverness willingness backbone spring readiness lust thirst alertness hunger venturesomeness stuff clout leadership incentive white heat red heat keen interest adventurousness will power native wit self-motivation fire in belly go-getting what it takes quick-wittedness spryness dexterity litheness effort airiness stylishness style aim flourish jazz humor pertness gameness humour optimism breeziness bound bob vital spark life force richness fascination éclat impressiveness self-assurance strength of character strength of mind fire in the belly avidness delectation sassiness stimulus wholeheartedness glitz ferment dazzle glimmer show intent being buoyance pulse bloom soul devotedness desirousness wits cheer satisfaction bliss adventure joviality joyousness mirth impatience rapture fever great enthusiasm grit light intrepidness bean powerfulness frenzy glow flare flame fury cogency jolliness bustle hustle and bustle splendour originality have-a-go attitude balls lustre impulse motive impellent well-being pith urgency exercise capacity hardiness motion soundness healthiness sock influence snappiness movement spunkiness elan vital stir violence virtuosity inspiration gladsomeness pace speed velocity luster heartiness ingeniousness genius blithesomeness lightheartedness blitheness molliness validity validness punchiness splendor calenture beef sinew driving power courage intuition intelligence shrewdness cunning perceptiveness wit burning passion purposefulness love of life intrepidity persistence creativeness wisdom brains knack sharpness vim and vigor self-reliance spirit of adventure innovativeness sharp-wittedness smartness steadfastness resoluteness firmness pertinence pertinacity pertinaciousness constancy decidedness decisiveness tenaciousness faith will being full of the joys of spring firmness of purpose resilience purpose resources striving sense of purpose entrepreneurial spirit emulation yearning hankering itch longing a sense of purpose fondness inclination liking craving taste urge weakness euphoria partiality fancy yen fierceness propensity thrill transport sunniness alacrity disposition gladness penchant appetency agitation favour favor stomach greed preference intentness infatuation proclivity intoxication rhapsody wish assiduity anticipation cloud nine predilection jubilation hopefulness affection glee heaven sincerity pining paradise greediness like high shine elatedness swoon appreciation bias bullishness flurry mania seventh heaven ache good cheer delirium assertiveness appetence need madness gratification contentment soft spot exaltation goodwill sanguineness depth voracity diligence felicity enchantment craze love affair bent good humor psyche leaning dauntlessness use mind empressement complexion tendency palate contentedness stimulation trust calmness idealism easiness sureness expectation encouragement assurance certainty positivism ravishment rage immoderation exultation transports sanguinity hope fun beatitude obsessiveness amenability jones thirstiness letch bigotry positive attitude zealotry vehemency committedness monomania obligingness emphasis militancy obsession anxiety voraciousness rose-colored glasses addiction nerve looking on bright side top of the world good spirits effusiveness extremism devoutness overenthusiasm excitability conscientiousness hurry ferociousness flutter partisanship appetition exuberancy perturbation temper essence morale outlook air temperament willpower mood substance tenor breath character quality stoutheartedness emotionalism feverishness turmoil tooth ferocity frame of mind flap prejudice furor commotion seriousness affinity hot-bloodedness kicks rhapsodies positiveness amusement thing attraction excitation cool predisposition content carefreeness merriness proneness festivity gleefulness mirthfulness wildness triumph playfulness a buzz a charge jocularity furore distraction a kick pep talk rejoicing jocundity hilarity diversion adoration hungering cupidity covetousness loyalty faithfulness level degree sensation sentiment wishing forcibleness stick-to-itiveness what-it-takes dispatch preparedness magnitude unction hungriness estimation vociferousness swagger warmness bubbliness insistence forthrightness outspokenness anxiousness promptness solicitude demand pizazz intense desire address indulgence facility strong interest hurrah solemnity piety piousness religiousness youthfulness flamboyant confidence instigation severity concentration excess joys of spring agreement consent agreeableness expectancy kindness friendliness sedulousness strong desire extremity anger eye volatility excitedness suspense great expectations bright outlook Pollyannaism rosy outlook silver lining affability cordiality fundamentalism radicalism dogmatism activism spell thirsting aridity attachment positivity labour labor industry ado fit incandescence cooperation volition compliance charisma elegance kindliness tenderness turn on sweltering heat extreme heat oppressive heat torrid heat tropical heat intense heat high temperature grievousness tension strain engrossment deliberation favoritism favouritism stress bravery good humour moroseness haste spice titillation trace intemperance chauvinism sectarianism savor savour hastiness rashness amiability wild emotion bottle impulsiveness buzz charge jollies upper up aptness ease paroxysm big eyes communion at-oneness nirvana glory Elysium piquancy smack understanding geniality warm-heartedness hospitality good-naturedness sympathy ants in pants strong emotion intense feeling cup of tea favourite favorite intensity of feeling spine loving enjoying benevolence charity welcomingness care charitableness benignity liberality stars in one's eyes extreme happiness risk riskiness peril perilousness danger hazardousness hazard dangerousness hard work yearn burning want dream goal ripeness valor restlessness blissfulness amity staying power courageousness gutsiness gallantry greatheartedness doughtiness daringness fearlessness heroism druthers fulfilment jouissance comfort gayety unrest rampage hysteria uproar flush deliriousness prowess virtue stoutness uncertainty precariousness discomposure exciting experience feelings amorousness hospitableness emotions joyance fulfillment fruition pecker valour trance fluster compassion burning up running a temperature febrile disease the shakes great pleasure warm fuzzies great joy transports of delight openness stout-heartedness provocation incitement positive thinking tumult intestinal fortitude weakness for thing for entertainment play foolery blast buffoonery fitness festiveness living it up tomfoolery ball panic over-enthusiasm state blessedness stupor health silliness foolishness knavery facetiousness jocosity romping gambolling roguishness waggery riot solace grins humorousness levity mischief jesting mischievousness sportiveness wantonness clowning funniness gamboling joking comedy laughter nonsense revelry treat jocoseness good time gambol rascality wholeness wellness confusion fixation verdure wholesomeness twilight zone healthfulness salubrity state of anxiety fandom salubriousness haleness willfulness injustice illiberality incorrigibility intolerance stubbornness hatred contumacy arbitrariness abandonment faction unreasonableness unruliness dogma unfairness obstinacy superstition fettle pink prime form constitution eupepsia good condition clean bill fine feather


Shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness
gumption sense enterprise initiative acumen resourcefulness cleverness discernment nous shrewdness spirit wisdom astuteness common sense sagacity savvy wit get-up-and-go imagination imaginativeness ingenuity inventiveness practicality reason understanding ability backbone forcefulness nerve wits courage discreetness discretion grit levelheadedness mettle oomph pluck policy prudence sensibleness spunk common horse sense loaf native ability native wit smarts commonsense industry judgement judgment mother wit perspicaciousness perspicacity sagaciousness good sense presence of mind intelligence sharpness insight intuition sharp-wittedness level-headedness canniness brains judiciousness intuitiveness vision perception perceptiveness smartness intellect native intelligence know-how rationality capability acuity arguteness sapience flair brightness reasonableness brilliance cunning powers of reasoning sound judgement mind logic genius keenness acuteness talent knowledge skill caginess knowingness clear-sightedness foxiness cageyness hardheadedness discrimination adroitness comprehension percipience artistry gift soundness quickness dexterity expertise sound judgment esprit realism cool experience awareness perspicuity plain sense sweet reason good judgment cop on good reasoning sound sense penetration originality sense one was born with guile refinement sensitivity grasp farsightedness innovation ingeniousness creativity sanity grey matter savoir faire finesse knack faculty inspiration incisiveness innovativeness mastery creativeness invention reasoning tact good taste practical intelligence intellectuality intellection thought brain brainpower ratiocination sophistication quick-wittedness clear-headedness gray matter thinking outside the box soundness of judgement precociousness precocity education artifice skillfulness bookishness proficiency adeptness learnedness artfulness competence masterfulness art suss knowledgeableness craft deftness erudition braininess calculation quick wits quick wit feasibility practicability possibility usefulness utility viability use workability value user-friendliness applicability helpfulness soberness


Ambitious or driven towards a particular goal
hungry ambitious aspiring driven avid dedicated eager ardent bent committed determined enthusiastic keen motivated resolute aggressive assertive dogged earnest industrious inspired intent resolved tenacious thirsty zealous active desirous enterprising fierce indefatigable obstinate persistent spirited stalwart staunch steadfast steely strong uncompromising unwavering adventurous energetic fanatical mettlesome obsessed plucky purposeful pushy striving unflagging untiring persevering pioneering progressive unbending vigorous militant ruthless thrusting undaunted strong-willed strong-minded bent upon goal-oriented go-getting hard-driving single-minded dead set eager beaver full of determination high-reaching power-hungry self-asserting self-assertive self-driven self-seeking self-starting hell-bent power-loving on the make desiring success like a ball of fire forceful hopeful go-ahead upwardly mobile competitive bold unremitting unshakeable diligent confident assiduous unfaltering unyielding relentless dynamic tireless sedulous decisive unflinching rigid obdurate sustained undeviating feisty rigorous ferocious steady pertinacious cutthroat stubborn unrelenting unabated stringent assured bloodthirsty gladiatorial scrappy defiant warlike brutal bullheaded self-willed self-confident cut-throat self-assured can-do gung ho self-possessed having killer instinct go for broke hang-tough bound and determined in-your-face full-blooded intensely competitive dog-eat-dog stop at nothing iron-willed high-pressure fiercely competitive insistent firm intense bossy domineering emphatic vehement powerful audacious commanding bullish authoritative passionate dominant tough demanding forward overbearing gutsy sure pushing pushful imperious compelling positive fervent impassioned fervid persuasive devoted fixed wholehearted unshakable strenuous perfervid hot unshaken burning high-powered decided gritty fiery hearty zestful obsessive possessed indomitable unhesitating carnivorous keen as mustard certain two-fisted immodest hardline influential convincing potent robust stout effective violent brassy hard-hitting resilient dogmatic assaultive rabid absolute believing in oneself sincere devout hard-nosed combative compelled consumed imposing not backward in coming forward self-respecting controlling emulous contentious loyal sagacious set unbendable immovable brash bludgeoning intensive vying galvanized adamant serious monomaniacal impelled itchy ripe zealotic extreme antsy fired frenetic fanatic fireball afire gung-ho wild-eyed fearless irrepressible faithful courageous hardy brave importunate coercive daring collected composed fixated compulsive obsessional induced competing driving bumptious loud obnoxious presumptuous officious obtrusive independent perceptive heroic take charge mean poised intrepid pressurizing impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised warring opposing antagonistic oppositional offensive inflexible pressured stressful difficult forthright provocative outspoken shocking direct firm in spirit tough-minded ironclad animated resourceful stout-hearted arrogant unswerving pressurising coming on strong spoiling for a fight on the warpath ready for action cocksure overconfident self-reliant urged on athirst hard cocky cool-headed excited willing full-on not taking no for an answer hardened raring crazy strident sharp-elbowed nervy loudmouthed voracious longing conscientious enthused warmblooded full of oneself sturdy ebullient solicitous wild iron lusty yearning lively craving grim bitter stony unquenchable furious granite desiring interested mad keen bright-eyed and bushy-tailed


To leave a place, often in anger
walk out depart go exit vamoose quit begone get part scarper bail move book leave split take off clear out clear off shove off push off buzz off run along bug off bug out pull out go off step along bail out push on cut out peel off sally forth dig out get off pack up pack off pike off pike out get out absent oneself take wing take yourself off leave suddenly storm off flounce out make a sudden departure storm out go off in a huff go away scram beat it take a hike hit the road withdraw retire skedaddle decamp take a powder get going escape scoot be off set off run off make oneself scarce get away hightail vacate take leave move out fly run away set out flee retreat get lost bolt make off sling your hook make tracks bog off light out voetsak hamba pull stakes scat hop it rack off head off blow abandon disappear hit the trail check out walk off avaunt take flight resign evacuate make yourself scarce hook it beat a retreat say goodbye say one's goodbyes skip off make an exit move off be on one's way cut and run absent yourself take your leave make a break for it step down shoo be on your way desert go out abdicate abscond pack your bags naff off abstract oneself up sticks start out retire from give notice sod off drop out haul off hop the twig pack one's bags hightail it get along sling one's hook throw in the towel push along get stuffed step out move along nick off beat a hasty retreat pack in duck out do a bunk stand down pop off go jump in the lake make a run for it bow out go and jump in the lake get moving hop the stick embark run flit remove oneself vanish forsake migrate emigrate sally git go your way head for the hills go forth make a start make a quick exit relinquish step aside give up cease work on your bike say one's farewells stand aside back out take a long walk on a short pier skip out start hand in resignation call it a day issue slope off betake oneself hang it up make a move draw away jack in get out of my sight be off with you alight strike out head make adjourn betake yourself go and chase yourself run out strand take a walk maroon walk post security put up bail stand surety obtain somebody's release wend range lam mosey cruise make for make one's way kite take one's leave make one's departure go offstage flake off exeunt do vanishing act bid farewell skidoo skiddoo march leg it levant turn tail get on your bike go to hell separate say adieu ship shove flow leap bustle off-load move about hurry say farewell break up go through shoot through fly the coop run for it show a clean pair of heels peel out do a fade do a runner break off conk out split up quit the scene ship out dedomicile make one's farewells walk out on ease out go one's ways break go their separate ways part company go separate ways leave flat give up the ship hand in your notice secede leave your job give in one's notice end service give up your job resignate demit bag step down from resign from chuck step aside from chuck in remove repair disengage from go from be gone from do a disappearing act take your leave of take French leave cut head out move out of go away from fly from do a bunk from pull out of withdraw from take one's leave of depart from decamp from ride off flee from slip out abscond from give the slip escape from run away from defect go AWOL walk away break away elope disappear from slope off from stir exit from bolt from take oneself off from set out from absent oneself from take yourself off from come away advance absent blast off move on make a break set forth slip away proceed break camp march out troop hit the bricks sign off terminate renounce disengage relinquish one's position hand in one's notice skip steal away do a moonlight flit sneak away be gone go on the lam fall back get under way take it on the lam break out make a getaway scamper break out of make your getaway start off break free take to one's heels take to your heels recoil do a vanishing act pull back make your escape make one's getaway back away break loose get free hotfoot it make a escape begin avoid shun evade sail clear set sail draw back recede shrink sneak off step on it do a Skase back off drop back have it away bust bear elude dash make one's escape make quick exit scurry hustle race dart rush travel give way seclude oneself run out on give ground cut loose leave port move back set in motion put in motion take to flight uproot do a moonlight leave in a hurry scatter make away commence absquatulate have it away on one's toes duck egress dodge shirk shrink back tear off make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave sign out fade away be lost depart suddenly hide pull up stakes take one's farewells go south make scarce make a quick getaway dog it depart secretly jump ship go absent without leave go missing go west slink off slink creep sneak skulk free oneself extricate oneself hasten away shy away step back turn away resile shrink away run from go to one's room shut oneself away in leave for regress budge from make a move from go out of move from shift from retreat from draw shut oneself away take oneself make a dash for it ditch spring opt out leave in the lurch dump cop out run like scared rabbit kiss goodbye leave holding the bag leave high and dry fold slip pass emerge double hasten spur speed expedite zip whiz get out of someone's clutches burst out play hooky break away from get away with make getaway make good one's escape wriggle out take on the lam work out of go scot-free slip through your fingers move away go back shake a leg hurry up go like lightning make time make haste get a move on move fast kick rocks go forward set about get on the road begin one's journey set forward creep off sprint bound career aim beeline scramble shoot scuttle steer veer raise sail put out leave harbour put to sea put out to sea hoist sail motor make headway weigh anchor cast off hoist the blue peter leave dock jump hotfoot step on the gas

Trái nghĩa của get up and go

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