Đồng nghĩa của besetting

Alternative for besetting

besets, besetting

Đồng nghĩa: attack, surround,

Trái nghĩa: release,


Holding one's attention or interest
consuming absorbing engrossing gripping enthralling overwhelming all-consuming compelling compulsive devouring preoccupying ardent arresting dominating engaging fascinating immersing immoderate intense interesting intriguing involving obsessive powerful riveting strong burning deep-seated exhausting fervid profound raging irresistible overpowering forceful potent unbearable extreme uncontrollable crushing irrepressible overbearing shattering devastating unutterable stifling marked oppressive driving overriding pervasive intolerable suffocating telling irrefutable overmastering weighty very strong captivating exciting spellbinding entrancing bewitching mesmerizing unputdownable enchanting mesmerising alluring beguiling thrilling transfixing hypnotic stimulating appealing enticing seductive attractive entertaining diverting amusing mesmeric charming monopolizing delightful tantalizing monopolising hypnotizing magnetic provocative curious very interesting hypnotising tantalising thought-provoking enrapturing dazzling titillating winning seducing stirring memorable action-packed exhilarating provoking charismatic magical obsessing controlling arousing puzzling addictive distracting dramatic elfin fetching transporting readable ravishing glamourous glamorous delectable luring tempting striking impressive moving meaty vibrant inviting exceptional breathtaking wonderful astonishing eventful attention-grabbing unique newsworthy newsy portentous inspiring intoxicating splashy relatable noteworthy envigorating trenchant marvellous galvanising marvelous electrifying fabulous topical eye-opening amazing prepossessing invigorating fine showy pleasing remarkable unboring piquant wondrous affecting emphatic vivid racy out of the ordinary galvanizing electric buzzworthy pleasurable rousing refreshing worthy of note spectacular fresh very exciting


Passionately motivated to achieve one's goals
driven ambitious determined motivated ardent assertive committed earnest resolute zealous dedicated industrious intent keen persevering persistent spirited tenacious unwavering avid compelled consumed dogged enterprising enthusiastic hungry inspired obsessed obstinate steadfast unbending uncompromising undaunted untiring unyielding active bent bold desirous eager fanatical fierce firm fixed immovable indefatigable mettlesome obdurate obsessive pertinacious possessed purposeful resolved set stalwart staunch striving strong thirsty unbendable undeviating unfaltering unrelenting unshakable unshakeable unshaken adamant forceful galvanised galvanized gutsy impelled indomitable monomaniacal plucky pushy ruthless serious steely stubborn unflagging unflinching vigorous aspiring compulsive energetic fixated induced insistent militant obsessional unhesitating guided impulsive pushed steered go-getting hard-driving self-starting single-minded strong-minded strong-willed dead set goal-oriented bent upon hell-bent self-assertive full of determination urged on self-driven diligent assiduous passionate tireless devoted conscientious aggressive wholehearted fervent steady relentless decided go-ahead constant intense decisive studious dynamic sedulous pioneering progressive hard-working unswerving eager beaver gung ho gritty bent on mad keen hopeful fervid feisty confident rigorous faithful vehement pushing focused bound high-reaching set on focussed impassioned excited devout keen as mustard self-asserting daring longing self-seeking raring enthused settled laborious courageous willing inflexible ebullient hardworking adventurous loyal athirst yearning lively sworn interested crazy high-powered voracious solicitous wild dyed-in-the-wool operose self-confident animated out do-or-die patient power-hungry power-loving domineering as keen as mustard strenuous on the make get up and go audacious bound and determined commanding forward valiant hell-bent on hell-bent upon unflappable bossy intransigent intrepid assured painstaking overbearing authoritative powerful attentive perseverant busy deliberate controlling hard-nosed positive resourceful brave stanch unremitting perfervid pumped true self-motivated driving bullheaded exuberant pious itching anxious thrusting vivacious true-blue pigheaded agog exhilarated warmblooded dutiful tough stout-hearted bustling cutthroat sprightly persisting dominant stoked pledged zestful impatient bloodthirsty thrilled competitive nuts antsy self-assured gladiatorial good self-willed pleased animate can-do titillated scrappy appetent iron-willed self-possessed rigid bright-eyed and bushy-tailed warlike high-pressure in-your-face ready juiced geeked hepped up hopped-up high-spirited intent on keyed up deep-dyed single-minded about chomping at the bit firm about card-carrying true blue ready and willing raring to go two-fisted self-directed red-hot desiring success like a ball of fire obsessive about inflexible about having killer instinct fixated on dead set on fanatical about career-focused enduring restless solid hardboiled buckled down headstrong tried-and-true responsible tried inveterate unfailing unswervable radical never-tiring hanging tough resilient purposive involved career-minded implacable manful careful upwardly mobile stout sure sagacious hellbent bulldog extremely motivated very motivated telelogical calculated irrepressible hardy four-square meticulous warm unmovable indurate stiff inexorable optimistic intending aspirant wannabe would-be budding potential wishful hearty unchanging rock-ribbed grim thorough exacting punctilious particular meaning business spunky independent perceptive heroic take charge mean mean business be out for blood playing hard ball nose to the grindstone heedful ball of fire rabid possible prospective likely future absorbed engrossed through and through fast sustained ferocious Type A brash firm in spirit tough-minded ironclad certain with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone engaged unabated stringent combative fiery defiant brutal pig-headed fascinated passional great employed emulous contentious obnoxious presumptuous officious bumptious loud obtrusive rhapsodic aflame nutty wacky concerned tantalized afire unqualified down-the-line sincere concentrated vying slogging swotty plugging working plodding out-and-out single-hearted old faithful given over to true to the end hot to trot turnt gone on tantalised bugged zesty greedy champing at the bit gaga full of beans imaginative inventive ingenious wishing offensive expectant endeavoring endeavouring cut-throat competing bullish observant concentrating arrogant effective hang-tough full-blooded intensely competitive go for broke fiercely competitive stop at nothing dog-eat-dog demanding liberal disruptive advanced forward-looking entrepreneurial creative innovative modern original warring carnivorous opposing antagonistic oppositional hot dying imposing cocksure pushful overconfident entire preoccupied all occupied enrapt exclusive whole undivided enlightened forward-thinking up-and-coming vital cocky engagé attached adherent imperious fast-track high-octane deep alert watchful immersed fearless strident sharp-elbowed loudmouthed nervy minding highly motivated composed collected emphatic new rising on the warpath poised full of oneself spoiling for a fight ready for action influential weighty effectual mighty robust authoritarian ruling go-go successful potent supreme efficient forcible avant-garde intensive wrapped up out to determined to fixed upon anxious to committed to intending to insistent on fixed on decisive about obsessed with resolved on impatient to resolved to determined on self-reliant gumptious cool-headed highly capable in control craving desiring full of get-up-and-go in the saddle hard willful mulish stiff-necked intractable perverse adamantine opinionated hardened wilful hardheaded ossified pat refractory inconvincible self-opinionated lionhearted doughty recalcitrant definite absolute strict game iron bloody-minded unmalleable gallant contumacious dauntless hard-line unpersuadable uncooperative contrary cussed unappeasable valorous balky hardline bull-headed reliable importunate unequivocal genuine conclusive harsh ballsy categorical resounding sturdy stable incompliant all-out violent set in stone sound severe unmanageable stern unreasonable remorseless muscular diehard cantankerous unambiguous uncompliant unassailable unafraid rugged gutty cast-iron in the bag unalterable trustworthy die-hard have-a-go undeniable set in one's ways hard and fast insubordinate never-failing froward unquestionable stubborn as a mule unsparing unvacillating established locked in explicit definitive bolshie hard-hitting known clear brassbound unswayable unmistakable real unwearied dour abiding evident difficult indisputable immutable unchangeable inexhaustible guaranteed irrefutable lusty final infallible predestined destined dogmatic incontrovertible unshrinking hard-core awkward rebellious weariless indubitable unstoppable incontestable merciless unadaptable flat stouthearted ornery heroical undauntable dependable punchy greathearted direct pitiless Herculean complete hard-and-fast undoubted plain no-nonsense demonstrable inarguable unfearful brick-wall incessant total unerring confirmable verifiable provable establishable ascertained safe trusty undisputable full hell bent on as game as Ned Kelly untoward thoroughgoing concerted peremptory draconian ungovernable wayward salted away on ice sure thing having down pat express pressing restive unrestrained unwearying inexpugnable cruel unfluctuating disobedient outright unconditional perky furious dashing determinate invariable consistent unaccommodating unchallengeable extreme downright lion-hearted unforgiving brisk regular red-blooded iron-fisted in earnest unvarying venturous heavy-handed not giving an inch clamorous persuasive obvious cross-grained convincing compelling pulling no punches entreating hard as nails standing one's ground exhaustive continuous exigent invincible tried and true committed to the idea of deaf to reason tried and tested urgent comprehensive unconquerable specified brassy unceasing defined precise unblinking stony unstinting oppressive burning obstreperous peppy jumping grind hyper determining blunt uncontrolled unbridled disciplinary unmitigated distinct undeterred unarguable close scrupulous minute clamant frozen unstinted irrefragable unanswerable unsurpassable invulnerable renitent unlimited ultimate utter searching elaborate formidable accomplished zippy bouncy manly snappy unalloyed unadulterated inescapable unmoved mule serious-minded gingery profound dreadful unpermissive entrenched peppery thrawn whole-hearted heartfelt even uniform unquestioning truculent daredevil imperative honest confirmed watertight contrarious ineluctable well-founded secure hopping chivalrous inalterable invariant proven necessary doctrinaire venturesome racy storming assaultive predetermined undismayed vicious exquisite terrible undefeatable decreed stroppy all out dire opinionative compulsory death-or-glory spartan prescribed hardhearted predictable exact standing pat unmodifiable beyond dispute irreversible narrow-minded flat-out herolike calculable frisky beyond doubt trustable austere beyond question full of life on the go tough nut to crack full of spirit dug in stand pat tough nut wrong-headed not backward in coming forward on one's mettle writ in stone tyrannical beyond a shadow of a doubt proactive self-disciplined mature ended predisposed tending inclined leaning disposed repeated immoveable firmly-based professional realistic unintimidated not joking mullish sedate sensible resistant sporting uninfluenced stiffened cohesive unending unretiring unbeatable pleading noncompliant unbudgeable perseverative coherent redoubtable iron-jawed unsentimental durable immalleable unthinking quick hasty snap undiscouraged beseeching begging possessive unforgetful mutinous non-compliant unsinkable indelible ingrained irremovable arduous taxing forbidding illiberal sticky frightless ultra-careful uptight picky pounding mortal hard-headed pervicacious macho mettled hidebound unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable unpacifiable impassive exhausting resolute about temerarious blinkered obstructive unhelpful unruly unimpressible fit impregnable adventuresome manifest patent stony-hearted unimpressionable heady unbreakable believing in oneself tied-up careerist impertinent bullhead unrepentant uncompassionate unemotional puritanical orped unfearing straight going all the way convinced swashbuckling in place in position airtight self-evident clinching cynical impavid undefeated permanent quiescent continuing fireball continued as stubborn as a mule imprudent chin-up foolhardy fortitudinous meaning what one says Ramboesque in for long haul nose to grindstone clear-sighted straight out set in your ways hard-shell locked-in unflexible crisp desperate immobile cold fish proof against persuasion untameable insurmountable bulletproof insuperable undebatable clear-cut steamroller self-respecting powerhouse pedantic religious fussy stuffy concrete fire-eating cool hard-bitten never give up intent upon with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way tall in the saddle incontrollable rebel uncontrollable disobliging trying exasperating recusant riveted static ramrod crying reiterative monotonous agreed like bad penny impassable thick-skinned toughened not discouraged unmoving changeless deep-rooted long-standing deep-seated bred-in-the-bone rooted intrenched do or die hold one's ground hold the fort sticking to one's guns hold the line arranged preset constructive formative developmental foundational seminal not put off insistent about decided upon cut-and-dried strait-laced stick to guns set in concrete unquenchable bitter granite allotted prearranged not in doubt apodictic with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in enthralled tough as old boots disciplinarian callous drastic ascetical by the book astringent uncharitable hard-hearted browbeating rough ascetic unsympathetic autocratic grave no going back quantified as tough as old boots obscene pornographic X-rated planned incommutable detailed in-depth like death and taxes dictatorial pontifical shoo-in unanxious undoubtful sanguine easy nailed down able locked on carefree determinant limited stipulated still stated all-absorbing all-inclusive all-encompassing triumphant resisting ringing glaring significant stressed important solemn trenchant impressive pointed sober cogent accented unnatural mannered high-handed intolerant arbitrary unwaivering prevailing seasoned one hundred per cent unreserved all-embracing methodical going opinioned not subject to change unrestricted no mistake magisterial small-minded malevolent maleficent malicious spiteful malign fractious crucial explosive ghastly sweeping blistering acute almighty heavy-duty excruciating fearsome heavy widespread frightful extensive hellacious fearful for a face sparkling despotic fascistic high and mighty bigoted formal prejudiced one-sided egotistical dictative unbowed unfeigned undiluted exciting flourishing electrifying through-and-through accelerated speeded-up effervescent flamboyant alive dazzling authentic fullhearted happening airy stirring virile humming colourful kinetic colorful buzzing vivid rousing decent upright spry coruscating bubbly stimulating astir sparky fresh thriving abuzz posed hang tough honorable unimpeachable honourable truthful reputable impeccable respectable righteous high-principled bouncing springy vibrating pert radiant sensitive breezy responsive determinative quarrelsome bellicose pugnacious abubble jazzy pizzazzy pizazzy vibrant jaunty spanking aboil veracious incorrupt categoric full-scale gay belligerent chippy confrontational discordant brawly argumentative agonistic disputatious alive and kicking full of the joys of spring full of vim and vigour bright and breezy full of pep true-hearted plumb clean maximum consummate hundred percent whole-souled bona fide stark simple sheer arrant rank pure stone chirpy without reservations crashing deadly optimum dead very perfect unavoidable flip hot-tempered hostile have a bone to pick on the outs at loggerheads have chip on shoulder battling fighting have it in for bodacious blank fair blooming unpreventable fated imminent preordained foreseeable impending expected ineludible ordained obligatory full-blown full-on fateful impreventable required unescapable cotton-picking straight-out mandatory foreordained doomed irrevocable natural ineliminable to be expected bound to happen in the cards irresistible without recourse sure to happen for sure for certain no ifs ands or buts inevasible inevitable all locked up to be anticipated certain to happen binding open and shut


Present participle for to cause anguish or distress to
tormenting plaguing troubling afflicting harassing bothering worrying bedeviling bedevilling torturing vexing racking oppressing annoying persecuting harrowing pestering agonising agonizing harrying cursing hounding besieging hassling anguishing excruciating nagging badgering haunting bugging beleaguering assailing dogging affecting attacking embarrassing perplexing overwhelming entangling hampering aggressing riding weighing down picking on driving up the wall putting the squeeze on giving a hard time giving a bad time giving one the business jumping on one's case falling on falling upon starting in on giving the needle distressing disturbing burdening irritating upsetting irking straining perturbing paining stressing causing suffering to exasperating blighting trying aggravating taxing disquieting agitating discomposing smiting discommoding teasing hurting giving someone grief grieving gnawing at crucifying lying heavy on depressing ailing provoking pursuing preying on fretting wounding chafing unsettling obsessing importuning wringing nettling mithering molesting fussing needling causing trouble to concerning weighing heavily on hectoring taking over pressing martyring gripping flustering galling mistreating possessing rattling weighing on fazing aggrieving tearing punishing scaring ruffling inconveniencing causing agony to dunning deviling devilling alarming dismaying putting out flurrying frazzling distempering unhinging nagging at hagriding derailing discomfiting facing confronting taking control of weirding out freaking out burning up making anxious victimizing rending piquing hanging over devastating injuring peeving riling convulsing buffeting buffetting harming mortifying frustrating preoccupying suffering narking getting taunting displeasing grating chivvying rasping niggling eating scourging baiting frosting griping appalling goading itching discomforting spiting interrupting distracting frightening exercising undoing alaruming incommoding tantalizing infesting tantalising heckling despairing disconcerting victimising imposing on discombobulating bending someone's ear hacking off getting someone down getting on your nerves causing anxiety to getting to hanging up making uneasy suffering from sickening bedogging petitioning soliciting pressurizing laboring musing labouring searing wronging being gutting belabouring stabbing piercing squirming grizzling buttonholing keeping after shaking scorning ribbing chaffing bullying cutting up gnawing rocking urging unnerving saddening casting down pressing down on causing pain to inflicting anguish on dejecting driving round the bend getting in your hair recurring ruining ravaging destroying disheartening causing disquiet to hunting maltreating ill-treating feeling unwell feeling pain ragging weighing spooking psyching out putting off throwing off offending pressurising maddening belaboring bombarding breaking boning stirring up niggling at making uncomfortable causing discomfort to causing concern to dashing abusing excoriating terrorizing coming back to overcharging thwarting foiling rousting leading someone a merry dance playing cat and mouse putting through wringer driving bananas rubbing salt in wound going on at disrupting miffing bumming out tyrannizing harping on at staying with throwing getting even crabbing grudging upsetting the apple cart putting someone's nose out of joint cramping style lousing up begrudging intruding terrifying obtruding confusing pothering encroaching accosting terrorising egging on getting down sticking it to giving it to dishing it out dishing out disadvantaging testing tyrannising discriminating against disobliging breaking in inflicting pain on inflicting suffering on ruling meddling discommodating causing someone difficulty interfering sweating out putting someone to trouble engrossing consuming monopolizing dominating striking visiting taking putting to trouble giving someone bother making it tough putting in a spot giving trouble making someone go out of his way putting on the spot absorbing infatuating controlling fascinating fixating holding monopolising eating up disgusting insulting chivying browbeating nudging having a grip on preying on your mind becoming an obsession with having a hold on boring impeding crossing hindering rubbing up the wrong way grating on intruding upon getting on your wick breathing down someone's neck carping at crushing dispiriting stinging discouraging demoralizing confounding demoralising daunting desolating angering making wretched making miserable causing anguish to cutting to the quick ticking off making despondent traumatizing moving touching outraging discountenancing bringing down deranging dampening shocking puzzling traumatising making gloomy turning off throwing off balance making unhappy beating down causing pain grinding inflaming biting fearing wearying draining cutting nauseating causing discomfort pinching chagrining stewing sweating repelling breaking the heart of stretching abasing exciting pricking cowing affronting cramping pushing repulsing chillin chilling breaking one's heart tiring putting a damper on disparaging indisposing beating lacerating disappointing making your heart bleed making desolate hacking you off making waves winding up eating at rousing debilitating getting across getting at flipping out reducing to tears abashing suppressing bewildering causing anguish turning making sad giving someone the blues knocking sideways damaging occupying tangling wrenching nonplussing eating away at shattering sapping exhausting scarring hitting hard working up startling making someone scratch their head disgruntling intimidating stirring dashing the hopes of causing someone distress dazing unmanning inflicting horrifying thrilling lying astounding complicating arousing getting in the way amazing shaking up ridiculing lampooning hurting deeply incapacitating flooring crazing flipping befalling imposing wrecking wreaking jarring slighting deterring tearing to shreds tearing to pieces infuriating keying up hurting somebody's feelings rocking the boat laying up turning on firing up getting on someone's wick getting someone making a scene revolting overawing strapping nit-picking tiring out wearing out incensing mourning causing suffering bleeding causing sorrow causing offense lambasting knocking the wind out of bringing one down dampening spirits making downhearted scolding berating enraging harshing one's mellow rankling making severe demands on making demands on putting a strain on dragging down making blue putting into a funk pushing the buttons of thumbing nose at hurting someone's feelings giving offence to prostrating repressing awing deprecating aweing drooping causing to lose heart reviling domineering reproaching pushing buttons aching chastening taking the heart out of throbbing avenging graveling gravelling arousing anxiety in upbraiding hazing overriding smarting overcoming engulfing swamping doing a number on making it tough for dissatisfying abrading enslaving grossing out brutalising mangling martyrizing impaling whipping mutilating maiming brutalizing grilling dragging damping enervating darkening dulling devouring tyrannizing over turning one's stomach relucting making sick making your gorge rise making someone want to throw up making someone feel nauseous turning your stomach disordering descending upon forcing upon giving someone the hump running down making someone see red working over rankling with casting a gloom upon getting your back up getting under one's skin making someone fed up harshing someone's mellow turning one off pouring cold water on throwing cold water on bringing tears to your eyes knocking for six knocking the stuffing out of bearing down breaking someone's heart keeping under putting your back up pressuring overstretching tensing overtaxing descending on bringing down on giving someone the works putting on the rack getting in one's hair prickling twingeing twinging swallowing up mixing up constraining playing up burning killing bruising nicking putting on trial crunching tensing up overextending making tense overdoing causing to feel mental strain causing to feel emotional strain putting in traction pushing to the limit affecting badly knocking back impinging on making an impact leaving a mark leaving a mark on hitting impacting on making suffer


Present participle for to physically surround or enclose, typically in a hostile manner
surrounding circling encircling encompassing compassing enclosing environing beleaguering besieging girdling ringing hemming in boxing in fencing in ringing round shutting in girding engirding enveloping circumscribing wreathing wrapping embracing inclosing investing belting girthing banding enwinding engirdling girting begirding hemming circumventing rounding limiting bounding confining blockading skirting closing in fringing bordering hedging in walling in cincturing orbiting circuiting circumnavigating cloaking swaddling swathing blanketing fencing binding sieging going around delimiting enwreathing thronging trapping rimming cutting off encasing containing edging margining outlining verging enclaving looping inundating enfolding closing around laying siege to closing in on locking in flanking going round penning corralling forming a barrier round forming a ring around sealing off cordoning off penning in penning up boxing up mewing up circulating lining fixing hedging encaging walling revolving round housing caging impounding closeting cooping pounding immuring travelling round muring holding cooping up forming a ring round moving around putting inside blocking off locking up fencing off bowering embowering circumfusing haloing enringing covering enwrapping girding in coiling around revolving around circumambulating revolving framing writhing around trimming rotating round pivoting round turning round moving round circling round isolating sealing segregating whirling round spinning round ensphering coiling touring circumducting closing sailing round flying round travelling around traveling around sailing around flying around kettling gaoling mewing interning restricting imprisoning jailing partitioning off closing off separating off dividing up sectioning off hurdling straitening constraining hindering establishing demarcating forming a barrier around determining blocking specifying deciding railing in holding back delineating identifying settling classifying designating stipulating setting demarking distinguishing prescribing detailing marking defining terminating marking out marking off setting bounds to setting the boundaries of setting the limits of laying down staking out curbing setting out


Present participle for to take violent or aggressive action against
assaulting attacking assailing invading storming striking charging rushing raiding trashing siccing bushwhacking overrunning turning on jumping on pouncing on setting on descending on descending upon pouncing upon going in on setting upon tearing into blitzing lighting to laying into falling on flying at besieging pitching into swooping on setting about lacing to letting fly at rounding on beating up overwhelming marching into getting stuck into launching oneself at ambushing launching an attack on making an assault on penetrating beating up on falling upon hitting capturing letting someone have it aggressing having a go at sailing into wading into lashing out at surging over going at working over mugging belabouring occupying bombarding pounding jumping belaboring plundering blasting ravaging busting hitting out at firing on roughing up setting at having at conquering infiltrating striking at securing seizing attempting to capture taking by storm beating the living daylights out of making a raid on shelling beating accosting breaching strafing pillaging pummelling pummeling pouncing battering infringing marauding lambasting thrashing wallopping walloping weighing into pasting bombing firing at taking down doing over knocking about annexing infesting taking torpedoing knocking around permeating giving someone a beating duffing up swarming going for overspreading swarming over coming at foraying into running at making an onslaught on advancing on launching an attack opening fire on making inroads on going in hammering striking out at terrorizing terrorising overcoming blindsiding smashing charging at fighting quarrelling quarreling shooting down abusing scathing castigating bashing potshotting excoriating slamming tackling savaging vituperating harrying cannonading sallying barraging diving into peppering rushing at springing at launching at springing on going after rushing upon lunging at pelting fusillading descending smiting making a foray on conducting an offensive on marching on swooping down upon sallying forth setting in on taking on making a sortie on surging into launching catapulting afflicting devastating wading in surprising waylaying hurting firing upon harming beaning kicking making an assault falling upon someone falling on someone dealing a blow making an attack setting upon someone laying into someone assaulting someone dealing a blow to booting clocking clipping bothering larruping larrupping slogging braining lying in wait for holding up bopping biffing harassing impugning maltreating boffing batting punching cooking blistering encountering stabbing whopping clubbing gaining winning chopping down assaulting physically violating infecting flooding knocking cold pervading taking over swamping meddling accessing foraying overswarming plaguing entering crashing entrenching burglarizing colonising looting trespassing parasitizing colonizing inroading interfering inundating knocking block off duffing someone up turning to violence knocking for a loop laying siege to exceeding bursting in on bursting in making inroads muscling in infringing on overgrowing overshooting surpassing outrunning overflowing breaking outreaching transcending overstepping overreaching choking overpassing routing spilling running over spreading like wildfire over going beyond welling over growing over running on spreading over running riot over deluging spreading like wildfire flowing over surging advancing combatting combating encroaching beginning hostilities taking the offensive beginning an assault


Present participle for to persuade (an unwilling person) to do something by using force or threats
coercing compelling constraining dragooning forcing blackjacking browbeating bulldozing bullying driving intimidating obliging pressing pressuring pressurising pressurizing railroading bludgeoning brainwashing impelling impressing influencing making muscling obligating pushing sandbagging squeezing strong-arming threatening acting on bouncing concussing cowing fast-talking hindering hustling menacing press-ganging prevailing on putting pressure on repressing restricting shotgunning suppressing terrorising terrorizing urging using pressure on working on leaning on bringing pressure to bear on high pressuring putting under an obligation twisting one's arm forcing somebody's hand putting the screws on putting the squeeze on twisting somebody's arm putting the arm on making an offer they can't refuse cajoling harassing steamrollering assailing wheedling goading importuning arguing hounding oppressing besieging swaying talking plaguing troubling vexing enforcing tormenting insisting on putting the heat on having someone do something using strong-arm tactics on twisting someone's arm coming at badgering prodding inducing persuading hectoring nagging harrying prompting requiring spurring inciting necessitating pestering encouraging tyrannizing mau-mauing provoking bogarting bullyragging instigating frightening tyrannising stirring inspiring motivating causing egging on triggering domineering propelling binding putting up to rousing convincing hassling nudging blustering commanding demanding pushing around inveigling tempting persecuting moving stimulating whipping appalling turning on the heat spurring on coaxing enticing leading firing up exhorting getting buffaloing insisting actuating pricking exacting ordering blackmailing imposing siccing picking on tightening the screws on ramrodding keying up terrifying scaring bothering subjugating rallying incentivizing luring overbearing overawing advising claiming occasioning worrying chivvying animating arousing despotizing steamrolling bossing about bossing around asking restraining calling for instilling exciting challenging enjoining imploring inclining teasing baiting heckling invigorating sparking soliciting riding spooking affrighting rowelling roweling sounding emboldening galvanizing breathing down someone's neck beseeching awing aweing envigorating galvanising riding roughshod over dragooning into bringing round dictating expecting entreating browbeating into making necessary turning the screws on imposing on putting the frighteners on winning over pushing for cracking down bringing pressure upon shanghaiing putting the chill on talking into scaring the bejesus out of inhibiting compressing committing squashing condensing constricting leaning egging astricting indebting kicking changing bending politicking rooting selling daunting subduing leaving someone no option dogging mobilizing castigating swaggering dominating irritating stinging inflaming effecting having needling working over unnerving altering pressurizing into coercing into ruffling twisting arm predisposing conditioning mobilising directing enthusing determining prevailing upon tightening the screw on turning the screw on fomenting lashing titillating rousting making indebted riding roughshod bullying into bludgeoning into walking heavy terrorizing into intimidating into lording it over putting heat on budging extorting commandeering orienting promoting admonishing working up begging pushing about advocating expediting putting through the wringer leaving someone no option but to throwing weight around scaring off wresting exerting invoking mistreating annoying antagonizing taunting chivying bringing force to bear on inspanning recommending antagonising making compulsory forcing upon petrifying adjuring disposing alarming overcoming trying to persuade speeding up impassioning eliciting charging warranting putting the screws to evoking energizing bringing activating steeling inspiriting foisting railroading into involving pouring it on using force on conscripting urging by force burdening contracting obtruding choking using duress on applying empowering converting exhilarating heartening vitalizing impacting uplifting panicking shocking victimizing scarifying startling horrifying frighting alaruming charming steamrollering into exerting force on flattering incentifying helping striking energising refreshing entailing turning on bulldozing into pinning down bearing down putting the bite on exerting influence on selling on appealing to bearing down on going to town on putting screws to putting squeeze on bearing hard on striking terror into striking terror in victimising dismaying upsetting blarneying courting worming drawing filling with terror making it hot for someone putting the fear of God into scaring to death frightening out of your wits making things hot for someone inspiring panic in taking wanting bearing meaning needing setting instilling in stressing to establishing inculcating emphasizing to drumming into stressing fixing inculcating in sweet-talking soft-soaping beguiling pumping up stirring up suggesting to boosting up pepping up whipping up hinting to cheering on behooving craving postulating blandishing reasoning palavering bringing pressure to bear upon spiriting up smooth-talking behoving ingraining in bringing home to dinning into knocking into driving into finagling kowtowing getting round conning bantering snowing soaping oiling seducing acting upon leaving no choice but to laying it on spreading it on sweetening up buttering up softening up leaving in no doubt getting into head driving home bringing home riding herd on pressing for requisitioning seeking requesting stipulating for appealing for pestering for clamoring for applying for questing petitioning for baying for laying claim to impetrating summoning clamouring for begging for suing for supplicating badgering for whistling for nagging for holding out for praying for inquiring about asking for hitting up arrogating

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