Đồng nghĩa của prostrating

Alternative for prostrating

prostrates, prostrated, prostrating

Đồng nghĩa: defenseless, flat, helpless, horizontal, lying, overcome, powerless, prone,


Present participle for to cause to become physically weaker
debilitating exhausting enervating tiring weakening felling flooring sapping enfeebling wearying fatiguing draining incapacitating disabling devitalizing dropping crippling frazzling immobilising immobilizing overtiring leveling levelling taxing downing knackering overtaxing paralysing pooping hamstringing undermining etiolating wasting softening impairing paralyzing whacking handicapping reducing disarming ruining depressing wrecking overthrowing mowing defeating knocking out knocking down wearing out tiring out knocking over doing in washing out laying low mowing down bowling over tuckering out fagging out bowling down making powerless making weary making helpless making impotent bringing someone to their knees taking it out of bringing low shattering wearing flattening wearing down breaking outwearing busting decking killing harassing jading tuckering toppling putting out of action bringing down indisposing pooping out bushing doing up torpefying attenuating blunting overworking petering out wearing to a frazzle knocking to the ground grounding KO'ing conking out laying out laming making weak making feeble depleting throwing down throwing to the ground maiming sinking destroying unstrengthening mangling injuring diminishing overexerting lowering mutilating flagging overdoing overextending overfatiguing hocking damaging drooping marring hurting harming straining unfitting running ragged knocking for six shooting down taking out striking down knocking unconscious unnerving emasculating eroding kayoing drawing bankrupting eviscerating vitiating fizzling succumbing bedraggling languishing sagging rendering infirm deactivating halting overturning throwing sucking dry inactivating appalling freezing palsying kiboshing sabotaging totalling battering pinioning spoiling totaling unbracing hogtying hogtieing muzzling arresting failing paining making tired laying up invalidating disqualifying rendering incapable sapping your strength putting down cutting down bringing to the ground knocking into the middle of next week confining to bed catching off balance throwing monkey wrench in unhinging impoverishing using up hobbling making sleepy taking lessening subverting shagging out withering spilling upsetting disfiguring sickening disempowering draining of energy exenterating disemboweling disembowelling hampering extenuating encumbering hindering burdening tumbling picking off wearing on plaguing tipping over fainting folding overburdening collapsing wilting overstraining ennuying rooting dismembering stifling defacing dislimbing sidelining drowsing stopping jamming hospitalising eating away wearing away upturning nearly killing wiping out sapping the strength of oppressing weighing fading glutting disenabling pulling down giving out going stale growing weary losing interest causing ennui growing tired hospitalizing clamping tripping wearing oneself to a shadow running into the ground actioning making inoperative rendering inactive tying putting to sleep making lame scattering tackling boring wearing oneself to a frazzle preventing from moving preventing from working bringing to a halt rendering inoperative overcoming overpowering confining to a wheelchair bringing to a standstill shoving unbalancing setting down tripping up hurling to the ground rendering powerless making unfit restricting spiking running over running down numbing stunning demolishing transfixing stupefying deadening daunting defusing petrifying dazing closing bemusing nonplussing anaesthetizing astounding anesthetizing benumbing poleaxing straightening rolling grading laying debasing plastering flushing abrading spreading out ironing out beating down rolling out stopping dead bringing to grinding halt making nerveless shutting down making inert knocking off your feet making harmless stripping subjugating skinning making safe rendering defenseless unarming subduing deescalating neutralizing removing the fuse from occupying disbanding neutralising crushing impeding diluting watering down consuming compromising suppressing quashing decreasing wounding tempering calming vanquishing thinning abating assuaging shrinking soothing taking the edge off threatening shaking whittling atrophying shrivelling emaciating shriveling cramping invaliding repressing gnawing corroding dulling dampening having a bad effect on doing harm to having a negative effect on putting on the sick list scotching scuppering making feebler blemishing flawing bloodying contracting endamaging limiting dominating cooling reducing the power of depriving of force moderating allaying muffling cowing cauterizing mollifying damping relieving easing appeasing alleviating sating slaking degrading dispiriting removing the sting from reducing the powers of pulling the teeth of keeping down mastering conquering bearing down toning down crossing up raining on someone's parade mitigating deflating adulterating lightening devaluating offsetting rarefying dissipating constricting demoting smashing overwhelming demoralizing desensitising putting a damper on cauterising obtunding hebetating desensitizing disrating humiliating downgrading extinguishing taming routing demoralising bringing to ruin causing instability


Present participle for to overcome with mental or emotional stress
overcoming overwhelming crushing overpowering devastating flooring whelming overmastering swamping oppressing grinding down snowing under stunning dazing knocking sideways knocking for six stirring moving affecting impressing striking touching disturbing shaking dumbfounding dazzling spellbinding bowling over shocking shattering blowing away taking aback leaving speechless confounding upsetting getting to sweeping someone off their feet hitting for six traumatizing distressing traumatising staggering greatly upsetting knocking the stuffing out of making emotional demoralising bewildering subordinating downgrading demoralizing surprising puzzling destroying steamrollering grinding killing confusing wrecking doing in rendering speechless taking your breath away running circles around sweeping over amazing astonishing astounding stupefying flabbergasting startling nonplussing striking dumb awing aweing rocking disconcerting shaking up thunderstriking throwing dumfounding perplexing overawing surprizing fascinating bedazzling hypnotizing leaving open-mouthed knocking out taking by surprise hypnotising flummoxing discomposing bemusing blowing your mind stopping someone in their tracks paralysing paralyzing leaving aghast baffling enthralling befuddling unnerving boggling dismaying numbing appalling catching off balance exciting mystifying muddling befogging stumping addling fuddling getting fazing jolting benumbing unsettling carrying away petrifying knocking over sweeping off feet knocking for a loop hitting like a ton of bricks throwing a curve enchanting captivating gripping blinding disorienting discombobulating bamboozling vexing foxing blurring outraging horrifying beating offending posing mazing buffaloing graveling gravelling fogging abashing distracting consternating jarring electrifying alarming knocking over with feather boggling the mind taking the wind out of your sails springing on sweeping away breaking mesmerizing breaking someone's heart disorientating arresting gobsmacking bedeviling bedevilling filling with wonder filling with amazement chagrining hitting putting one away besotting bringing around confusticating throwing off balance giving a shock psyching out putting out of action putting away making speechless rattling discomfiting mesmerising confuscating throwing off revolting disgusting throwing for a loop causing wonder striking with awe frightening terrifying cowing nauseating sickening scandalizing throwing into a tizzy dizzying disordering knocking senseless agitating disquieting wildering making someone scratch their head messing with one's head causing to be at a stand repelling daunting intimidating mixing up muddying displeasing provoking perturbing catching up angering antagonizing delighting seizing choking scandalising insulting antagonising showboating scaring grandstanding hotdogging hitting like ton of bricks raising someone's eyebrows giving a turn setting someone back on their heels completely surprising grossing out shaking out of your complacency giving offence to mooning daydreaming gathering wool moving to tears rendering unable to continue reducing to tears grieving troubling hurting mortifying bothering tormenting paining stinging stressing deeply upsetting hurting somebody's feelings cutting to the quick putting down inflicting trauma dumping on


Exhausting or unbearable
punishing grinding taxing gruelling uphill wearing arduous burdensome cruel demanding exhausting hard heavy onerous rigorous stiff strenuous stressful tiring trying debilitating difficult enervating fatiguing wearying backbreaking back-breaking crippling draining relentless sapping severe tough unsparing brutal grueling harsh inexorable killing laborious murderous punitive unremitting crushing challenging persnickety toilsome exacting knackering formidable rough testing oppressive rugged wearisome herculean effortful moiling exigent excruciating grievous killer hellacious sweaty tall hellish Herculean troublesome stringent extreme Augean tedious tiresome harrowing grim pick-and-shovel irksome torturous weighty excessive painful fierce serious agonizing bothersome operose labored agonising laboured intolerable unbearable strict toilful drastic draconian intense bitter energy-consuming enervative dire daunting ponderous bruising distressing thorny vigorous forbidding worrying vexatious hairy depleting immoderate awful tortuous austere ambitious swingeing racking searing really hard sharp tormenting hardhanded galling unyielding sticky shattering exorbitant strong tricky awkward no picnic very hard steep unrelenting tough going painstaking colossal merciless substantial unforgiving insufferable radical disturbing critical unpleasant cumbersome desperate nerve-racking unreasonable hazardous forceful weary inordinate mighty problematic dreadful acute extravagant grave wrenching worrisome inhuman titanic bleak terrible upstream intimidating vexing dangerous wicked savage unendurable staggering uncomfortable gargantuan hectic perilous precarious slavish difficile unbending inflexible inconvenient momentous far-reaching tight traumatic tense stern undue impossible raging uncompromising hefty rigid drudging piercing anxious prickly delicate outrageous imperious unconscionable unmerciful torturing overweening towering prohibitive boring baroque devilish fraught frustrating pressured upsetting knotty overextravagant overmuch overdue insane plethoric immense violent burning chastening exasperating agitating problematical ticklish chancy concerning dodgy iffy dark disagreeable pressing worksome backbreaker gigantic thorough consequential vicious consuming very difficult mean intemperate jarring pounding major unfriendly dubious spartan hostile suspect questionable time-consuming distressful solemn ferocious torturesome troubling anxiety-ridden harmful whopping physical heart-pumping Sisyphean overburdening stretching thoroughgoing withering overwhelming dour monumental unrelaxing despotic domineering dogged a nuisance responsible sweeping Spartan mammoth unfair energetic slow protracted lengthy hardworking an imposition wretched carking superincumbent no piece of cake exerting busy careful hypercritical precise nit-picking embittering overtaxing overpowering plodding headache ruthless tyrannical murder Draconian by the book authoritarian extortionate turbulent stormy tempestuous penetrating biting repressive firm tumultuous wild inclement stinging caustic blistering cutting considerable disastrous significant life-threatening tormentous plaguing harrying anguishing punitory afflicting bad sobering big intensive threatening peracute menacing ugly sensitive controversial penal stabbing exquisite fiendishly difficult tremendously difficult very challenging ominous extremely painful splitting thumping zealous unmitigated remorseless unusual exaggerated exceptional very bad sky-high iron-fisted iron-handed heavy-handed fanatical egregious dicey easier said than done high-impact drudgy unnerving high-pressure scabrous uphill battle hard-won marathon problem not easy like getting blood out of a stone almighty discomforting hardheaded pitiless intractable headstrong shooting tearing toe-curling rending cringe-making infuriating embarrassing stultifying irritating downright unconventional flagrant overkill uncommon absolute remarkable gross unseemly preposterous imprudent nonsensical fabulous lavish fancy irrational utter improper sheer robust great out-and-out O.T.T. too much over the top out of proportion more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can bear

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