Đồng nghĩa của really hard


Diligently, with a lot of effort
hard diligently earnestly persistently assiduously doggedly indefatigably industriously untiringly energetically enthusiastically very hard conscientiously meticulously determinedly tirelessly painstakingly unremittingly zealously fervently laboriously arduously expeditiously willfully busily intently thoroughly strenuously feverishly purposefully resolutely ardently like crazy vigilantly obstinately sedulously unabatedly like billy-o with perseverance with application exhaustively slavishly vigorously all out wearilessly flatstick steadily unrelentingly unflaggingly like mad continuously intensely intensively steadfastly unwaveringly perseveringly tenaciously staunchly unyieldingly unfalteringly unswervingly firmly unshakeably unflinchingly stubbornly spiritedly stalwartly relentlessly single-mindedly pertinaciously dedicatedly constantly committedly unbendingly actively obdurately indomitably uncompromisingly immovably unshakably strongly undauntedly fixedly undeviatingly eagerly inexhaustibly steelily unfailingly valiantly intransigently insistently unshakenly keenly unweariedly decidedly strong-mindedly rigorously inexorably stoutly toughly enduringly unhesitatingly boldly unwearyingly patiently implacably inflexibly surely studiously adamantly dynamically forcefully perseverantly pluckily lionheartedly grittily doughtily unchangingly solidly attentively bustlingly truely unflappably ambitiously carefully stiffly stout-heartedly punctiliously assertively enterprisingly ruthlessly headstrongly particularly ruggedly incessantly rigidly sturdily hardly engagedly grimly wholeheartedly strictly bullheadedly faithfully minutely consistently scrupulously unqualifiedly jumpingly perkily sustainedly courageously importunately abidingly operosely militantly unceasingly aggressively avidly pigheadedly hoppingly aspiringly thirstily patly hungrily hardily searchingly closely inspiredly desirously unappeasably mulishly dependably reliably exactingly bravely absolutely purposively self-willedly fiercely fussily loyally pushily religiously deliberately feistily gutsily decisively seriously manfully spunkily robustly unstoppably certainly hardworkingly elaborately remorselessly wilfully completely obsessedly uniformly evenly unvaryingly soundly accurately correctly intrepidly devotedly fanatically capably unmovably undeterredly resistantly heedfully invariantly pedantically regularly continuedly resiliently pioneeringly progressively ploddingly compulsively straightly uncomplainingly formidably dourly passionately restlessly unassailably directly unshrinkingly involvedly adventurously unstintingly perseveratively consumedly invincibly dutifully unblinkingly immoveably fearlessly unquestioningly unconquerably obsessively radically daringly gamely trustily securely fitly cohesively lovingly exactly definitely immutably ingrainedly irremovably indelibly coherently healthily unsurpassably invulnerably obsessionally infallibly possessively greatly endlessly boundlessly impulsively irrepressibly lustily heartily punctually fastidiously uprightly mercilessly cruelly competitively ceaselessly dauntlessly pitilessly unsparingly sternly stickily confidently unlimitedly undyingly continually unfadingly unerringly stoutheartedly wholy ferociously inconvincibly unforgivingly opinionatedly perversely adamantinely hardheadedly entirely burlily mightily heftily brawnily muscularly freshly substantially ably powerfully bottomlessly stringently bloodthirstily assuredly harshly defiantly self-confidently brutally gladiatorially scrappily self-assuredly lastingly eternally trustworthily invariably poundingly mortally totally concentratedly exclusively demandingly unbrokenly undistractedly collectively unreservedly unmitigatedly unadulteratedly unalloyedly sincerely consummately absorbedly unitedly grindingly unanimously concertedly undividedly detailedly fastly circumspectly unendingly


Having a solid or firm surface or texture
hard rigid solid firm unyielding impenetrable steely unbreakable as hard as stone as hard as iron very hard stiff sturdy stout robust hardened tough adamantine unmalleable massed impermeable husky fixed solidified taut sealed immutable blocked inflexible concentrated resolute strong unrelenting rugged compact dimensional unchangeable consolidated rigorous unwavering compacted impliable close rocklike thick impervious concrete congealed frozen dense stiffened uncompromising jellied set rock-hard rock-solid brick wall non-flexible like a rock set in stone tight unbending inelastic stable substantial immovable rooted compressed vigorous cast-iron secure stony fast resistant indurate heavy anchored iron jelled nailed hard as nails hardy lusty durable steady safe cemented toughened rocky riveted unmoving inured steadfast indestructible moored immalleable nonporous stationary stubborn hard-bitten immobile gelatinous adamant secured forceful condensed close-grained tense sound obdurate braced stalwart unshakeable waterproof impregnable impassable jammed unbendable hard-wearing fastened tenacious closed unshakable obstinate established hermetic well-built unflexible settled unpliable still hermetically sealed hearty solid as a rock renitent resilient motionless steeled strapping invulnerable entrenched inviolable indurated tightened impassible irremovable watertight brawny unpierceable mighty ingrained water-resistant snug tied immotile strict invariable unsupple heavy-duty rock-like imperviable hardheaded deep-rooted static bound water-repellent definite deep-seated strongly made hitched ironclad hooked attached locked refractory fine-grained unmovable well-set hard and fast stiff as a board locked in made fast rainproof hard-and-fast like granite incompressible granite permanent dependable muscular athletic gelled walkable airtight hulking beefy stark jellified flinty nonmoving damp-proof able-bodied thickset unbudging chiseled chiselled fortified nonflexible as hard as a rock nonmotile invincible indomitable balanced starched leak-proof built to last fixed firmly unchanging unvarying sure stabile ungiving done up buttoned down unshaking hidebound determinate pigheaded final flat inexpugnable certain inveterate unflappable brittle incompliant cynical unshaken hard-nosed case-hardened annealed numbed stiff-necked steel hard-boiled unsentimental hard-headed conglomerated caked dried poured precast calcified petrified monolithic shrewd practical realistic down-to-earth matter-of-fact quiet situated located callous world-weary hard-edged hard-handed packed flexed rock hard lacking sentiment unmoved unaffected untouched immune puncture-proof as tough as old boots toughened by experience as hard as nails unswayable unreceptive proof unattackable unassailable tensed biased unfeeling impassive unapproachable inaccessible stretched strained stressed preconceived murky unpiercable bulletproof embedded leathery seasoned extended worried wired nervous anxious edgy tightly packed fit cohesive healthy molded conditioned moulded fortress-like withstanding long-lasting wedged welded unfluctuating bombproof on edge tightly drawn strung out mounted bolted lodged soldered stuck screwed made to last tough as nails


Involving a great deal of force
hard forceful powerful mighty violent very hard strong vigorous almighty ferocious explosive fierce crushing brutal devastating heavy forcible thunderous overpowering great blistering destructive overwhelming potent mightful dynamic desolating calamitous tremendous damaging annihilating strengthful strengthy rugged grievous intense robust puissant severe hard-hitting all-powerful sharp harsh vicious extreme acute furious turbulent savage hefty aggressive powerhouse drastic rough rabid heavy-duty profound wild blustery stormy tempestuous deep serious smart stark titanic high concentrated exquisite boisterous intensive painful excruciating consuming bullying fearsome ghastly dreadful excessive terrible keen fearful frightful hellacious piercing vehement agonizing biting gutsy shrill intemperate coercive agonising telling punchy energetic fiery frenzied threatening convulsive terrorizing paroxysmal volcanic tumultuous thuggish out of control cruel terrorising gusty stiff squally deadly lethal fatal mortal cyclonic commanding weighty knockout dominant death-dealing elemental enormous exceptional supreme extraordinary major intimidatory protracted close heightened full tough intensified unqualified marked undue diligent all-consuming exaggerated bitter cutting penetrating oppressive strained vivid pungent stinging mother of all hardline bully-boy strong-arm physical grating discordant raucous jarring cacophonous screeching maddening blaring firm strict stringent draconian vexatious irritating annoying noisy radical squawky strident squawking rigid truculent virulent stern ear-piercing gruff dissonant unmusical blustering stridulent inharmonious unmelodious buffeting raging passionate resounding ungovernable inordinate uncontrollable rampaging uncontrolled rampant riotous unrestrained murderous bloodthirsty berserk storming uncurbed immoderate inflamed unchecked unbridled unmanageable unfettered emphatic ruthless desperate hot flaming enraged urgent ruinous strenuous peppery callous pugnacious maniacal outrageous aroused pitiless sadistic merciless mad barbaric barbarous impetuous homicidal heartless inhuman delirious maddened hotheaded frenetic assertive knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts frantic impassioned demoniac full-blooded hot-tempered hot-headed feverish drag-out knock-down fuming crazy bang-bang cut-throat hammer and tongs headstrong radge agitated hysterical full of force gale force


Very strenuous, requiring a great deal of effort
hard arduous gruelling grueling strenuous onerous exhausting tough punishing back-breaking very hard demanding difficult exacting formidable severe challenging taxing uphill laborious testing rigorous tiring backbreaking toilsome heavy fatiguing toilful operose herculean rough killer Herculean effortful energy-consuming harsh painstaking wearisome wearying torturous excruciating daunting trying ponderous unforgiving tedious ambitious tortuous burdensome harrowing bruising mighty troublesome agonizing brutal unsparing unremitting draining fierce intimidating oppressive staggering stressful colossal crushing unyielding tiresome debilitating immense extreme intense upstream forbidding vigorous thorny gigantic bothersome wearing cumbersome sapping tough going moiling agonising hellish hairy titanic gargantuan killing knackering rugged sweaty tall no picnic grinding painful stiff murderous unrelaxing Augean pick-and-shovel hellacious wicked mean dicey prohibitive awful problem ominous hazardous insufferable easier said than done merciless nerve-racking high-impact slavish sticky torturesome unpleasant unendurable shattering tormenting weighty not easy unbearable hard-won distressing drudgy backbreaker intolerable grim galling labored serious jarring worksome vicious marathon cruel like getting blood out of a stone uncomfortable troubling difficile laboured solemn distressful unnerving ferocious almighty impossible grievous savage scabrous problematic depleting uphill battle crippling high-pressure discomforting thoroughgoing immoderate hefty major exigent awkward irksome tricky stringent enervating vexatious bitter worrying persnickety traumatic worrisome relentless fraught disturbing enervative strained tense forced upsetting inhuman hostile dire bleak disagreeable dark hardhanded searing inconvenient frustrating pressured grave spartan critical austere terrible strict exasperating clumsy troubled unreasonable tight contrived artificial leaden knotty monumental prickly delicate excessive pressing unrelenting unmanageable impressive weary dangerous superincumbent vexing bad perilous precarious hectic tortured uneasy massive Sisyphean bold sensitive embittering unhandy steep grandiose dreadful daring aggressive imperious problematical ticklish chancy concerning dodgy iffy extravagant murder ungainly lofty anxious inexorable boring nasty clunky unfriendly dubious suspect questionable energetic time-consuming wretched cumbrous hurtful unwieldy cranky drudging bunglesome agitating full of problems incommodious beset by problems irritating large-scale disastrous afflicted afflictive a stinker of a anxiety-ridden physical huge exorbitant powerful searching unfair stretching prodigious prostrating withering overwhelming responsible a nuisance protracted lengthy hardworking mammoth racking punitive chastening an imposition heartrending busy dour drastic carking eventful forceful heroic courageous overtaxing overpowering plodding headache sombre somber dogged affected overdone studied aggravating large order heavy sledding unjust heartbreaking heart-rending slow controversial uncharitable unkind unsettled overburdening careful hypercritical thorough precise nit-picking no piece of cake pestilent afflicting gut-wrenching exerting despotic domineering inept overwrought unnatural maladroit nagging lively straitened inhospitable stern very difficult shocking trouble ghastly foul horrible rotten horrid vile impractical by the book audacious lumbersome appalling atrocious frightful horrendous abominable sober calamitous biting comfortless embarrassed industrious embarrassing fiddly grand elaborate intrepid unrealistic a devil grotty pretentious visionary unrelaxed edgy considerable significant life-threatening acute improbable ballsy brash idealistic unfeasible charged hard to use magnificent fanciful unreal complicated sobering big intensive threatening peracute menacing consequential ugly lousy beastly unlikely constrained stilted self-conscious tickly flustering disconcerting annoying discomfiting uncompromising from hell dolorous bumpy far-fetched bulky hard-line hard-nosed hard-hitting heavy-handed itchy confronting distressed scratchy difficult to achieve intractable objectionable ungovernable offensive recalcitrant causing discomfort ill-fitting a bummer of a insupportable perverse wayward unmanoeuvrable smarting burning aching hurting maddening infuriating improper tender irritated hulking unacceptable egregious raw stinging reddened inflamed chafed lumbering encumbering uncontrollable gross hurt throbbing red achy bruised in pain injured wounded beyond bearing not to be borne abscessed pained sharp sore ulcerated


Intellectually hard to comprehend or resolve
hard impenetrable incomprehensible bewildering baffling mystifying perplexing insoluble unfathomable very hard inexplicable mysterious puzzling obscure cryptic enigmatic confusing abstruse unclear unaccountable opaque strange bemusing hard to understand over one's head beyond one weird unexplained elusive difficult to understand wildering ambiguous inscrutable arcane complicated complex deep difficult Delphic unintelligible esoteric recondite involved labyrinthine enigmatical oracular equivocal confounding paradoxical unknowable sibylline elliptical intricate secret dark convoluted occult mystic elliptic beyond comprehension double-edged hidden indecipherable unsolved murky odd nebulous unexplainable fuliginous fathomless clear as mud incognizable sphinxlike contradictory inconsistent oblique vague profound befuddling surprising peculiar uncanny illogical knotty Byzantine ungraspable concealed mystical inconceivable veiled cabalistic absurd impossible to understand unresolved incongruous secretive unsolvable disconcerting insolvable funny as clear as mud ironic disorienting bamboozling riddling unimaginable cabbalistic uncertain Greek obfuscated beyond one's grasp beats me doubtful uncomprehensible abstract clandestine coded hermetic hermetical out of one's depth amazing unintuitive stunning astonishing eye-popping staggering thorny taxing misleading incalculable Daedalian stupefying Gordian astounding shadowy unresolvable unanswerable muddling beyond you two-edged indiscernible beyond understanding undiscoverable ticklish worrying mind-bending clouded shrouded cloaked full of surprises heavy mysterial ineffable blurring unsettling spiny cryptical irresolvable inextricable unconcluded muddlesome mistakable subtle apocryphal teasing stickling covert evasive Delphian stumping too deep improbable impossible uninterpretable without a solution unable to be solved illegible technical incredible indecisive little known inaccessible challenging dense indeterminate far-out Greek to me not easily understood clear as dishwater indefinite indistinct hazy foggy anomalous conflicting oxymoronic self-contradictory dubious hard to follow all Greek to someone too hard to understand double Dutch too difficult to understand beyond your grasp above your head amphibological nubilous tenebrous purblind imperceptive all Greek to you curious bizarre queer unnatural stealthy unknown cagey subjective


Cold-hearted, generally lacking in emotion

Trái nghĩa của really hard

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