Đồng nghĩa của fuming

Alternative for fuming

fumes, fumed, fuming

Đồng nghĩa: burn, rage, rave, seethe, smoke, storm, vapor,

Tính từ

Feeling great anger or rage
angry irate furious incensed enraged infuriated livid outraged angered ballistic indignant ireful mad rankled riled apoplectic choleric seething ticked wrathful cross incandescent rabid raging foaming roiled roused shirty sore enflamed hot inflamed infuriate steaming hopping riley wroth choked tooshie steamed up cheesed off teed off up in arms going crook hopping mad all steamed up at boiling point horn-mad hot under the collar on the warpath beside yourself in a rage bent out of shape foaming at the mouth fit to be tied blue in the face in a huff in a fume in a pet boiling irritated exasperated wild beside oneself annoyed frenzied maddened vexed raving off the air provoked piqued in high dudgeon in a temper upset very angry ranting irked resentful aggravated miffed steamed nettled ticked off in a frenzy browned off peeved displeased aerated seeing red ropeable heated passionate frantic frustrated aggrieved disgruntled in a lather waxy agitated as cross as two sticks hot-tempered soreheaded snaky huffy intense fierce perturbed narked violent put out fiery hacked off offended worked up bothered dissatisfied crook troubled vehement blazing irascible spare in a paddy hostile in a bate fed up testy ill-humored ill-humoured discontented flaming peed off boiling mad affronted distressed vex impassioned disturbed with all guns blazing antagonized hurt berserk hacked galled emotional bent ruffled feverish crazed burned up maniac hot-blooded up the wall afflicted antagonised not best pleased splenetic bummed out wound up stroppy sullen bad-tempered raging mad ill-tempered excited fervent burning bitter fervid ardent pained desperate demented unreasonable smoking insane corybantic irrational raving mad acrimonious worried harassed hot and bothered harried flustered bugged manic blazing mad flaming mad tormented chafed sensitive eggy uncontrolled surly fretted embittered hoha uptight brassed off scandalized antagonistic frenetic touchy ferocious out of control shocked scandalised storming rampant dark snappy tempestuous petulant very upset irritable in a towering rage quick-tempered overcome with anger pushed too far blown a gasket in a filthy temper beside yourself with rage sombre somber good and mad mad as hell scalding steamy piping airborne air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air ready to be tied radge hateful insulted rancorous disgusted disappointed rousted black stung stimulated aroused slighted sour dishonored dirty humiliated unglued filthy dogged buffaloed grieved in a wax disheartened animated unhappy red swollen umbrageous dishonoured gnashing one's teeth as black as thunder discouraged full-on all-out uncompromising energetic breakneck concerted acrid weighty grieving hard annoying distressing at end of one's rope rubbed the wrong way eager enthusiastic extremely angry chagrined at daggers drawn crabbed unfulfilled defeated raw infected p.o.'d scornful unsatisfied unsated ungratified chafing septic reddened ablaze carrying a chip on your shoulder hung up vicious rage fizzing confused festered itching smarting tender stinging itchy angry-looking painful perplexed miffy very excited blustering powerful rough puffed up fevered festering torrid charged glowing red-hot demonstrative warm-blooded superheated religious warm perfervid passional scunnered in a bad mood snuffy wrath blistered burnt scalded bloodshot doing your nut boiling over going ape mighty tremendous out of countenance throwing a fit blowing one's top blowing a gasket ranting and raving excitable mad as a hornet uncontrollable oversensitive temperamental melodramatic quarrelsome querulous pettish fractious hypersensitive easily offended overwrought hotheaded hot-headed volatile unrestrained delirious distraught neurotic unrestrainable distracted impulsive mercurial stormy peppery dramatic unhinged deranged maniacal distrait convulsive swivel-eyed berko shaken steamed-up all shook up highly strung hottempered mean irrepressible in a state carried away impetuous turbulent driven to distraction crazy unnerved possessed out of one's wits panic-stricken hysterical in a panic overexcited nervous spasmodic in a fit hyper hysteric sulky tense crabby snappish cranky grumpy short-tempered psyched up angerful narky cantankerous morose bilious disapproving dyspeptic bristly tetchy grouchy cold gruff pugnacious ratty waspish peevish convulsed cheerless aggressive keyed up freaked out belligerent unfriendly malevolent vitriolic malignant impatient vindictive malicious het up spiteful malign fraught militant venomous hectic weird zonkers unzipped in a tizzy wired unscrewed weirded out spazzed out flipped out shook up wigged out in a stew at wits' end anxious disagreeable uncharitable rude combative inhospitable bellicose confrontational inconsiderate crackers nutty churlish catty uncongenial unsympathetic poisonous prickly chippy unkind abusive unsociable scrappy foul hurtful joyless crotchety viperous out of humour mean-spirited ill-natured evil-minded in an uproar burning with excitement madding hassled overheated obnoxious rotten snitty wretched cruel vile wounding raspy out of sorts snippety snippy snarky stuffy menacing forceful threatening evil wicked maleficent baleful bad glowering louring moody malefic fanatical extreme ornery evil-intentioned hate-filled peckish liverish grumbling curmudgeonly intolerant extremist bigoted unpleasant over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard biased prejudiced one-sided zealous partisan illiberal gung-ho on a short fuse short-fused panicky intemperate narrow-minded panic-struck dedicated overboard sick naked poisoned mad-dog ultraist diseased sizzling bitten unwell obsessed virulent flipped ill keen last-minute in a flap having kittens in a tizz in a cold sweat at your wits' end in a flat spin at the end of your tether unbalanced lunatic psychotic certifiable cuckoo batty loony mental bonkers screwy nuts gaga wacko loco barmy unstable sectionable psychopathic cracked bats loopy meshuga touched bananas barking dippy dotty buggy nutso bushed nutsy squirrelly porangi schizoid yarra gibbering phrenetic mentally ill of unsound mind not right upstairs nutty as a fruitcake not quite right in the head not all there have kangaroos in the top paddock mad as a hatter away with the fairies have bats in the belfry round the bend non compos mentis stark mad as daft as a brush not together stark staring mad not the full shilling mad as a March hare round the twist barking mad not in one's right mind have a screw loose up the pole not right in the head stark raving mad off the wall sick in the head

Tính từ

Involving physical conflict, or having a propensity to use physical force
violent fierce aggressive rough wild brutal savage vicious bullying ferocious berserk bloodthirsty murderous rabid cruel frenzied intemperate ruthless callous furious harsh maniacal pugnacious terrorising terrorizing threatening barbaric barbarous destructive fiery mad merciless pitiless sadistic thuggish delirious heartless homicidal impetuous inhuman assertive explosive forceful frenetic hotheaded maddened agitated crazy demoniac feverish forcible frantic headstrong hysterical impassioned potent radge hot-headed hot-tempered blood-and-guts cut-throat drag-out hammer and tongs knock-down knock-down-and-drag-out out of control bang-bang full-blooded grim brutish bloody dangerous crazed beastly fiendish sanguinary truculent inhumane brute bestial unrestrained raving uncontrolled remorseless fell excited turbulent raging untamed insane distraught swivel-eyed deranged monstrous feral manic overwrought hectic butcherly atrocious corybantic wicked tough severe unmerciful wanton unruly hard tumultuous cold-blooded intense fraught worked up panic-stricken diabolical chaotic beside oneself hyper sanguine murdering sanguineous vile rugged malevolent uncontrollable bloody-minded demented desperate fevered convulsive tempestuous slaughterous disorderly angry in a tizzy keyed up fanatical freaked out rapacious wired unscrewed rowdy death-dealing harmful weirded out wigged out deadly heinous flipped out unsparing evil abominable hyperactive oppressive wolfish unfeeling terrible energetic abandoned stormy hellish unrelenting mean stern unkind malicious malignant crude intimidating depraved flinty nasty confused berko unhinged distracted hard-hearted lawless physical weird zonkers unzipped unglued boisterous spazzed out hot under the collar shook up in a stew hot and bothered at wits' end lawbreaking menacing lethal ravening enthusiastic zealous hurtful intolerant mortal riotous baleful relentless abusive unmanageable tigerish irrational illiberal gruff criminal obsessed infuriated dour devilish bitter insensitive austere horrible restless villainous onerous unreasonable killer animalistic infernal obsessive passionate uncaring intimidatory exciting unsympathetic frightening draconian perverse abhorrent killing maleficent flipped nervous immoral spiteful hot panic-struck panicky confusing virulent coercive venomous vindictive nuts unforgiving hardhanded nefarious distrait maniac possessed hysteric overexcited fast and furious strong-arm inclement in a state in a frenzy beside yourself damaging predatory warlike madding injurious bellicose beastlike hardened ruffianly gory perverted lupine implacable voracious ravenous volatile hideous ghastly trying cyclonic animated treacherous gloating ebullient full-on overwhelming overpowering uninhibited paroxysmal volcanic uncharitable heavy stony-hearted grievous cold-hearted gay bloodless unemotional excruciating fleshly bodily red in tooth and claw emotional burdensome ferine coarse neurotic unrestrainable consumed overcome hostile stiff dastardly unconcerned bearish tactless indifferent pernicious undisciplined troublemaking fractious overwhelmed uncompassionate wrathful hateful roughshod searing swinish unsafe sinister incoherent bad foul corrupt struck overawed affected stunned incredulous bully-boy dodgy ill-boding foreboding ominous belligerent intractable disruptive contumacious punishing unbalanced awful infamous degraded dreadful degenerate worthless babbling tormenting torturous gone subhuman irrepressible carried away vehement driven to distraction incensed very upset unnerved out of one's wits in a panic rampant blazing spasmodic in a fit seething debased profligate unprincipled sinful uncivilised rancorous minatory viperous minacious serpentine uncivilized dark furibund phrenetic animal out of one's mind two-fisted anarchic overpowered licentious contaminated flagitious faulty indecent reprehensible demoralised lewd miscreant reprobate putrid impious base insubordinate impure demoralized libidinous strong powerful forced tyrannous despotic tyrannical exacting dictatorial distressed suppressive authoritarian ugly lost it hallucinating disturbed light-headed rambling lunatic wandering disarranged lightheaded aberrant deviant disordered bewildered hallucinatory unsettled deviate devastated rigid unpitying ramrod uptight critical destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself in a lather heavy-handed last-minute wound up worried anxious het up fatal extreme out of one's head off one's head out of one's skull in a flap having kittens in a tizz hard-nosed hard-boiled fervent at your wits' end in a cold sweat in a flat spin at the end of your tether hard-shell heated deathly uncompromising extremist bigoted terminal overactive over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard forbidding fearsome ungentle steely impatient biased prejudiced one-sided partisan gung-ho louring frightful busy pestilent incessive cutthroat stark lowering enraged undomesticated fearful narrow-minded perfervid devastating nutty dedicated overboard sick infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased ardent sizzling bitten unwell militant ill keen primitive biffo aggers vital high-strung ruinous like one possessed internecine destroying

Danh từ

A public display of emotion or anger
explosion fit anger furore furor hysterics outburst rage tantrum agitation blowup frothing hissy huff scene fireworks throes hissy fit spasm eruption seizure attack flare-up convulsion burst outbreak ebullition flare bout agony flush blaze gale storm gush flash gust access boutade outpouring paroxysm passion violence fury excitement frenzy fuss temper outrage uproar row pet strop mood paddy wax blowout hemorrhage animosity dander haemorrhage fit of rage temper tantrum bad mood fit of pique upset fit of temper wobbler snit fit mayhem tantrums paroxysms trouble histrionics dispute effusion commotion brouhaha disturbance contretemps confrontation conniption drama exhibition performance wrath carry-on to-do fret sulk wobbly song and dance display of emotion exhibition of oneself carrying-on hue and cry indignation spleen ire madness choler blow-up fit of ill humour bitterness exasperation resentment ill humour dummy spit lividity birse state vexation distraction fever obsession raving mad flap feverishness pique wrathfulness antagonism displeasure annoyance hysteria deliriousness angriness delirium mania rancour irateness grump rampage lividness vehemence fit of anger skid foulie bad temper paddywhack hot temper fit of fury hostility bate towering rage rancor frenzy of rage wingding air rage fit of bad temper frenzy of anger apoplexy paroxysm of anger asperity high dudgeon acrimony bluster extreme anger fit of ill temper heat umbrage squall ferocity paroxysm of rage gall irritation acerbity ferment

Danh từ

A swaggering show of defiance or courage
bravado bluster boastfulness boasting bombast braggadocio fanfaronade swagger swaggering swashbuckling boast boldness bragging gasconade machismo skite vaunting audacity blowing bluff bold manner bullying crowing daring grandiosity guts pomposity pretension raging railing rant rodomontade self-glorification show storming swelling talk showing off fancy talk hot air tall talk brag grandiloquence magniloquence gas cockalorum bull rhodomontade posturing thundering hectoring ranting threatening domineering threats bumptiousness imperiousness humbug exaggeration swank boisterousness rampancy rabidity overstatement self-praise swanking vaunt empty threats gloating heroics claim assertion self-satisfaction avowal fustian rhetoric braggart ostentation wind verbiage pretentiousness turgidity oratory rage rhapsody big talk crowing. bluster pride boaster loftiness swaggerer pompousness bunk blah-blah-blah gasconader blowhard boastful ornateness orotundity eloquence bragger gascon idle talk cracker blower vaunter vainglory display brashness puffery blather claptrap blether nonsense verbosity conceit showing-off bunkum periphrasis euphuism affectedness tirade guff bosh empty talk harangue diatribe tympany tumidity rave padded verboseness bombastry stuffed altiloquence stuff cotton affectation pad aureation balderdash long-windedness philippic extravagant boasting self-aggrandizement bombard phrase purple prose self-glory self-flattery self-importance self-promotion jeremiad vociferation broadside oration raving yelling histrionics outburst verbal onslaught

Động từ

Present participle for feel, show, or express great anger
raging boiling seething smouldering bristling storming simmering chafing spitting blustering exploding ranting raving burning foaming rankling sizzling steaming flaring up going berserk losing control angering cracking up getting steamed up going ballistic ranting and raving seeing red smoldering getting worked up raising the roof spitting feathers wigging out blowing up champing at the bit foaming at the mouth getting hot hitting the roof blowing a fuse getting hot under the collar getting steamed up about chomping at the bit flying off the handle going off the deep end going up the wall losing one's temper breathing fire having a fit jumping up and down frothing at the mouth getting angry erupting fretting losing your temper becoming enraged festering flaring smarting flipping spluttering getting mad going mad fulminating stewing losing it losing the plot throwing a fit becoming angry bridling taking offense taking offence losing your rag boiling over throwing a wobbly boiling with rage foaming at mouth blowing one's stack going crazy going wild going bananas going spare going into a rage flipping one's wig going through the roof blowing a gasket going psycho becoming annoyed going crackers going non-linear going ape blazing glowing glowering blowing making a scene sputtering consuming stirring bubbling churning smoking fermenting sparking rumbling becoming very angry losing one's rag hitting the ceiling breathing fire and slaughter gnashing your teeth throwing a tantrum burning up steaming up carrying on heating growing passionate becoming animated becoming excited getting annoyed heating up becoming impassioned getting excited growing vehement overflowing scolding tearing yelling roaring screaming surging snapping at flipping your lid looking daggers railing at blowing your top becoming infuriated becoming indignant letting off steam champing at bit blowing one's top having a tantrum going into orbit losing your cool going postal having a conniption fit having a cow bursting a blood vessel flipping one's lid getting all steamed up swelling taking umbrage objecting rearing up recoiling ruffling resenting making a fuss over working oneself into sweat feeling annoyed feeling aggrieved feeling offended feeling resentful feeling upset feeling put out feeling indignant feeling wounded feeling hurt fussing drawing oneself up moping getting your dander up getting one's dander up becoming upset getting your hackles up worrying oneself

Động từ

Present participle for become or make annoyed or impatient because of a restriction or inconvenience

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