Đồng nghĩa của rumbling

Alternative for rumbling

rumbles, rumbled, rumbling

Đồng nghĩa: boom, roar, roll, thunder,

Danh từ

A loud rumbling or crashing noise heard after a lightning flash due to the expansion of rapidly heated air

Tính từ

Very loud or having a high volume
booming resounding sonorous thundering resonant thunderous ringing stentorian deafening loud roaring carrying reverberant reverberating reverberative reverberatory strident bellowing blaring blasting clamorous clangorous deep earsplitting echoing full full-toned piercing plangent powerful rich slam-bang strong baritone bass canorous deep-toned stentorious very loud low-pitched low low-toned throaty vibrant grave low-voiced noisy ear-splitting tumultuous orotund round ear-piercing rolling thundery crashing rotund golden alto contralto mellow clear full-bodied cacophonous raucous fruity pulsating throbbing heightened intensified pulsing sonorant consonant electrifying enhanced ear-popping rowdy harsh lusty mellifluous beating profound thrilling rambunctious vociferous melodious penetrating head-splitting forceful uproarious dinning boisterous riotous fortissimo intense obstreperous ear-shattering loud-voiced turned up shrill shrieking rackety screaming sounding clattery forte disorderly overpowering tremendous almighty clearly audible strepitous full-throated blatant pear-shaped dulcet mellifluent harmonious full-voiced robust phat trumpeting mournful pleasant pure plaintive basso melancholy rounded vibrating imposing stridulatory stridulous stridulant squawky high-pitched smooth mighty extremely noisy overwhelming magniloquent grandiloquent brassy clattering discordant resonating lively oscillating palpitating pompous big fulminating heavy turbulent blustering vehement pealing full-mouthed emphatic high-sounding plummy aquiver high loudmouth raspy jumping blusterous at full volume bright eloquent expressive significant silvery shrieky prominent raising Cain raising the roof wakes the dead sharp

Động từ

Present participle for to make a continuous deep, resonant sound
rolling booming roaring thundering echoing resounding reverberating lumbering crashing pealing growling exploding blasting cracking drumming banging clapping sounding ringing detonating grumbling bellowing resonating thumping re-echoing reechoing pounding thudding blaring smashing vibrating ringing out filling the air beating storming clamouring deafening clamoring pulsating clanging clattering humming rattling bursting slamming clanking sounding loudly going off dinning clashing trumpeting repercussing routing repeating thrumming rebounding reacting recoiling redounding quavering whirring patterning trilling cannonading bombinating rustling ruffling flashing tolling blowing chiming going tooting dinging playing fulminating setting off clacking barking whining murmuring shrieking creaking singing jangling clinking operating cackling jabbering babbling buzzing snorting shrilling jarring shouting winding whispering squawking pattering moaning wailing emitting chattering blowing up whamming throbbing palpitating pulsing quopping bonging hammering going pit-a-pat quivering jingling pit-a-patting oscillating knelling pumping fluttering thrilling belling ticking tinkling tintinnabulating striking pitapatting trembling juddering pitpatting twittering racing reproducing boinging undulating sounding out fluctuating chinking tingling quaking chiming out twitching beating rapidly reflecting tanging shuddering panting droning rippling heaving surging clunking bouncing bouncing back palpating donging ricocheting ricochetting making a sound making a noise making noise chinkling writhing bobbing jouncing shivering springing strumming announcing calling signaling signalling ebbing and flowing rising and falling honking ding-donging beating heavily summoning hooting shaking screeching aching advertizing braying making a racket

Động từ

Present participle for to speak in a deep, usually discontented, voice
growling bellowing grumbling murmuring muttering grumping roaring snarling booming grizzling grousing lumbering mumbling rolling barking chuntering grunting squawking groaning mouthing yapping baying gurgling howling snorting crying squeaking showing teeth spluttering snuffling snapping gnarling complaining whining moaning bleating beefing whingeing carping griping grouching kvetching hollering croaking repining squealing yammering inveighing yauping crabbing keening whimpering bellyaching screaming kicking wailing nagging caterwauling yowling maundering yawping fussing mithering swallowing slurring droning burbling wittering gabbling sputtering muddling sounding off talking under your breath objecting protesting kicking up a fuss lamenting sniveling snivelling bemoaning creating finding fault bewailing grieving criticizing chirping criticising cavilling caviling going on sobbing deploring nattering cribbing bawling yelping making a fuss screeching finding fault with kicking up a stink puling scolding knocking squalling whispering weeping mourning condemning ululating remonstrating blubbering yelling shrieking objecting to denouncing speaking out against reproaching plaining over taking exception expostulating running down greeting wauling sighing mewling niggling decrying censuring upbraiding disparaging opposing berating raising objections expressing disapproval nitpicking putting the boot in railing at taking a stand making a stand trashing demurring lodging a complaint making a complaint picking on picking holes in nit-picking putting up a fight carrying on picking at inveighing against gurning pleading quibbling sniffling blubbing sulking excepting anathematizing execrating cursing miaowing sorrowing bickering quarrelling quarreling jowling taking on blowing off crying out crying softly sorrowing for sorrowing about sighing over grieving over hypercriticizing making screeching kicking up a storm raising a ruckus crying the blues crying loudly panning objurgating pecking splitting hairs bothering rubbishing slandering sniping maligning raising Cain picking holes badmouthing charging moaning and groaning casting aspersions on bad-mouthing doing a hatchet job on slagging off pulling to pieces taking apart speaking ill of declaiming dissenting fretting contravening indicting defying accusing laying differing deprecating twining disagreeing ascribing imputing gainsaying disapproving refuting attacking impugning lashing admonishing castigating railing reviling lambasting ranting vituperating fulminating recriminating roasting blasting vilifying taking exception to looking askance going on about harassing storming abusing denigrating raging blaming scorching harrying badgering hounding jumping down one's throat sounding off about working over beefing about kicking up a fuss about tongue-lashing grouching about kicking up a stink about cracking down on letting have it bellyaching about laying into complaining vehemently about going after having at ripping into laying out henpecking chivvying hassling pestering persecuting worrying bullying needling pecking at dogging plaguing vexing keeping on at riding going on at carping at keeping after urging baiting eating grumbling at teasing heckling disturbing moaning at harping on at importuning prodding provoking hectoring nudging goading distressing egging moaning on at keeping complaining to working on taking it out on breathing down someone's neck bending someone's ear giving a hard time

Động từ

Smouldering or smoldering

Động từ

Present participle for to discover through studying or searching
discovering becoming aware detecting discerning learning noting noticing observing perceiving coming to know deducing disclosing exposing fathoming out getting to know laying bare realising realizing revealing unearthing working out bringing to light determining digging out digging up establishing ferreting out figuring out grasping pinning down unmasking getting wise making certain of tumbling to catching on to cognizing cottoning on to getting the drift getting the message getting the picture latching on to savvying sussing twigging getting a fix on having an aha moment uncovering eliciting rooting out nosing out getting wind of sniffing out tracking down turning up getting wise to uncloaking searching out ferreting bringing into the open hunting out getting at running to earth fishing out finding ascertaining seeing recognizing spotting finding out gaining obtaining achieving acquiring attaining descrying locating unlocking getting hearing glimpsing conceiving distinguishing hunting down recognising getting on to doping out looking up sussing out catching routing out thinking of wising up to encountering espying hitting upon identifying picking up on lighting upon getting wind of the fact sensing scouting up debunking scaring up hitting on exploring running down getting wise to the fact hunting up dredging up understanding comprehending apprehending taking in appreciating making out fathoming registering knowing digging assimilating intuiting catching on deciphering decoding compassing cottoning to divining seizing beholding grokking making sense of picking up getting the drift of seeing the light following penetrating making absorbing interpreting envisaging cottoning on making head or tail of getting to the bottom of taking on board getting it getting the hang of deciding unraveling unravelling cracking being aware of becoming aware of puzzling out telling piecing together reading becoming cognizant of having getting the point of getting one's head around getting the idea of conceiving of envisioning digesting mastering tumbling catching the drift getting the gist latching on accepting getting the message about seeing the point of getting the picture about keeping up with clicking with having knowledge of having a handle on inferring construing knowing for certain judging clinching fixing confirming settling verifying diagnosing checking checking out sizing up checking up on double-checking making certain pegging getting down pat getting down cold disentangling untangling thinking through measuring catching the drift of pinpointing gauging gaging piercing getting to the bottom becoming conscious of fancying visioning becoming conscious thinking becoming aware of the fact that visualizing gathering being cognizant of imagining seeing daylight visualising getting the idea imaging getting through one's head featuring becoming conscious of the fact that

Động từ

Present participle for to physically fight, especially in a rough or noisy way
brawling fighting grappling scrapping battling wrestling scuffling clashing struggling tussling wrangling scrimmaging skirmishing stoushing roughhousing swedging bucking caterwauling exchanging blows coming to blows having a set-to having a dust-up having a punch-up going the knuckle fighting like Kilkenny cats fighting nastily going at it hammer and tongs sparring boxing punching competitively engaging in fisticuffs contending combating combatting quarrelling quarreling feuding doing battle duelling dueling crossing swords locking horns attacking engaging disputing arguing assaulting confronting conflicting warring having a fight tangling altercating bickering waging war rassling rowing vying mixing it up squabbling jousting jostling contesting disagreeing going for each other coming to grips taking on starting fighting romping trading punches duking it out tackling coming into conflict hitting each other challenging plying weapons bearing arms tilting going to war locking antlers cuffing engaging in conflict encountering striving clashing with traversing bumping heads going up against putting up a fight exchanging blows with hassling getting to grips raising your fists broiling having a ding-dong manhandling dealing differing facing coping quibbling closing raising Cain colliding raising fists slugging it out falling out taking slugging fighting like cat and dog taking up arms butting heads bandying words having a dispute chopping logic making war mounting an attack having a row engaging in hostilities tussling with scrapping with closing with engaging with doing battle with battling with struggling with coming to blows with addressing yourself to exerting essaying straining endeavoring grunting working having a barney having a scrap cutting and thrusting endeavouring fighting over striking rivalling competing trying to win crossing battling for laying a finger on repelling struggling for trying for rivaling defending setting to squaring off putting up dukes ganging up on withstanding going for fighting for knuckling with vying for breaking with contending for challenging for competing for laying out tussling for socking putting on gloves assaulting each other protecting racing scrimmaging with punching each other attacking each other warring against tugging skirmishing with sparring with tasting battle laying into lighting to flaring up bandying with brushing with taking all comers racing against carrying on war racing with taking up the gauntlet taking the field

Động từ

Present participle for to detect the true nature of, and not be deceived by, someone or something

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rumbling Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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