Đồng nghĩa của forte

Alternative for forte


Trái nghĩa: piano,

Danh từ

An acquired or natural skill at doing something
knack gift talent flair bent genius ability aptitude capacity facility skill faculty trick art competence dexterity expertise ingenuity quickness adroitness aptness capability expertness instinct readiness craft handiness proficiency skilfulness technique approach cleverness endowment head know-how mastery method propensity secret way deftness command expertism mastership nose savvy set skillfulness turn hang of something hang of it strength power prowess adeptness artistry competency accomplishment finesse virtuosity intelligence inclination strong point fitness brilliance penchant touch leaning predilection proclivity mind brain clout what it takes potential smarts capableness caliber disposition calibre qualification potency predisposition might right stuff suitability the goods wherewithal means inventiveness potentiality efficiency experience nous skillset stuff chops makings promise form puissance savoir faire the right stuff intuition feeling giftedness docility intuitiveness temperament achievement perceptivity innate knowledge perception sixth sense feel professionalism creativity property sense quality natural ability peculiarity pistol function excellence versatility smartness knowing way around reach imagination originality understanding grasp superability inspiration craftsmanship creative power specialty attribute attainment acquirement brains energy force mind for effectiveness resources effectualness speciality numen stature adequacy great ability up to it tendency parts skills qualities polish panache pizzazz pzazz savoir-faire masterliness bias taste preference orientation bag devices habitude impulse affinity affection partiality bone the formula green thumb inclining aim tilt head-set druthers tack mind-set turn of mind weakness for thing for knowledge acumen comprehension discernment intellect reason mentality awareness moxie abilities qualifications wisdom credentials goods sharpness enlightenment possibility judgment education judgement qualifiedness apprehension intellectuality insight cognition perspicacity prospect wits grace IQ sagacity sophistication eligibility sagaciousness sageness common sense training familiarity grip acquaintance wit cognizance discrimination distinction shrewdness masterfulness learning sapience character erudition percipience astuteness reasoning feasibility gumption resourcefulness tact repertoire mental ability likelihood eventuality preparedness grounding scope background fluency constitution habilitation merit sleight worthiness conception appreciation agility thought cunning prospects headpiece brainpower refinement penetration braininess poise artfulness class address heedfulness I.Q. perspicuity worth endowments perspicaciousness discretion practice thoughtfulness acuity perceptiveness prudence canniness keenness foresight rationality tactfulness intellectual capacity mental capacity intellectual power mental acuity horse sense clear-sightedness superiority eminence hope probability savviness standard plausibility opportunity record past conceivability dexterousness odds essence gifts strengths virtue value shot accomplishments suitableness likeliness features proneness outlook cultivation pre-eminence judiciousness intimacy development competitiveness slickness ableness deeds portfolio worldliness authority conversance intellection vigilance brightness practical knowledge coherence sensibleness wariness logic circumspection pragmatism practicality watchfulness curriculum vitae humour knowingness ken wizardry scholarship consideration acuteness forethought sanity lucidness lucidity incisiveness providence ratiocination soundness levelheadedness gray matter profundity rationalness marbles commonsense mental agility sharp-wittedness powers of reasoning quick-wittedness good judgement clear thinking powers of discernment cognitive faculties good reasoning sound mind idiosyncrasy life skills presence of mind susceptibility quickness of mind brain power soundness of mind good sense clear mind logical thought scientific thinking type humor sound judgment good judgment elegance talents mental powers cerebrum psyche possibilities feature encouragement characteristic powers the makings senses history light faculties facilities exposure involvement dynamism workmanship loaf kop advance advancement oil headway progress formula dodge nimbleness ingeniousness efficacy physical ability maturity impression style gracefulness artistic ability expectation future agency asset contact action opening chic glamor splash presence zip glamour shine cutting it hacking it seasoning preparation personal talent natural gift certificate attributes empiricism evidence doing hindsight proof participation observation suaveness making the grade cutting the mustard consciousness control mindfulness appropriateness edification acquaintanceship schooling employability practicability diploma document degree aplomb concept hold realization attentiveness assimilation attention good chance achievability learnedness clue interpretation rightness warrant licence appositeness acceptability workableness chances acknowledgement cognisance take ability to understand aha apperception slow take realisation double take prehension propriety fluency in ability in felicity attainability attainableness urbanity seemliness familiarity with insight into sensitivity to acknowledgment acquaintance with chance fittingness felicitousness circumstance occasion occurrence instance stab play nature properness prayer toss-up happiness couth breeding civilization personality wish desire temper artistic awareness belles-lettres letters gentility intellectual awareness urbaneness outside chance liking fancy stamp spirit complexion make-up prejudice weakness thirst stomach science finish improvement kindness nobility elevation politeness civilisation courtesy aestheticism fashion manners culture dress good taste dignity velleity need longing fondness mettle list aspiration craving yearning hankering grain soul mood urge cup of tea movement groove attraction drift pleasure soft spot thing trend whim persuasion attachment will attitude tendencies mould ego individualism individuality cast of mind inner nature structure makeup emotions mold distinctiveness cast frame of mind kind alertness precocity foxiness trenchancy precociousness cageyness caginess brain cells grey matter

Danh từ

A shallow recess, especially one in a wall to display a statue or other ornament
niche recess alcove nook hollow opening bay cranny slot cavity cubbyhole pigeonhole slit aperture corner mihrab byplace compartment hidey-hole hole indentation position role specialisation specialization speciality specialty tier cubicle booth chamber cell inglenook space closet place apse carrel cabin crevice gap retreat box hideaway hide-out locker bower cube section den oriel quoin spot pocket socket cupboard stall tabernacle berth room apartment secret place enclosure hiding place ingle hideout small room shelf label bow window storeroom category cubby shelter hut kiosk study anteroom crack grotto gazebo period time secluded spot cleft fissure rift chink pergola sukkah repository pen dispensary pew hutch coop shed cote groove window partition part cave sanctuary interstice split footprint part of building small compartment office vault bedroom breach carriage pouch receptacle arbor arbour summer house check portion piece subdivision channel vacancy cut shady place exedra tokonoma aumbry reaches cove angle crutch ambush crypt embrasure fork mouth hold storage quarters stand cargo bay flat chest crib cockpit case cab container antechamber counter storage space driver's compartment sack bag airlock workspace desk deckhouse stateroom work area office compartment sty corral roundhouse forecabin ventricle auricle storage area lodging pit sleeping quarters outside cabin loosebox table flight deck penthouse suite box stall cabinet duplex safe bookstall boutique shop arcade bin casket trunk caddy belvedere summerhouse casino pavilion newsstand lock-up dungeon coffer bandstand rotunda prison oubliette bachelor apartment home unit refreshments kiosk news stand telephone kiosk peter bullpen tank storage room burrow lockup cage tower keep cloister bastille drunk tank jail cell prison cell passenger area passenger accommodation

Tính từ

Producing or capable of producing significant noise
loud noisy blaring booming deafening roaring thunderous thundering tumultuous clamorous blasting head-splitting ear-splitting ear-piercing piercing cacophonous harsh raucous strident resounding reverberating reverberant carrying clearly audible sonorous boisterous deep ringing riotous clangorous lusty powerful forceful disorderly rambunctious stentorian full-throated rowdy rackety clattery ear-popping earsplitting fortissimo obstreperous uproarious screaming strepitous plangent slam-bang blustering big vehement pealing intense resonant fulminating vociferous heavy blatant full-mouthed full strong emphatic high-sounding rich rotund turbulent loud-voiced crashing turned up wakes the dead wild unruly unmanageable undisciplined rough unrestrained uncontrollable disruptive ungovernable rumbustious wayward refractory roisterous lawless out of control uncontrolled intractable rollicking fractious contumacious irrepressible out of hand rebellious difficult recalcitrant disobedient robustious ill-disciplined wilful clattering knockabout stroppy violent incorrigible rampageous hell-raising tempestuous mutinous insubordinate defiant willful untoward froward anarchic chaotic lively lawbreaking rugged unbridled intemperate badly behaved jarring mischievous loudmouthed rip-roaring robust vocal stentorious troublemaking shrieking shouting contrary rebel recusant incompliant balky restive impossible headstrong bolshie tough gruff anarchical incontrollable troublesome hysterical termagant exuberant vigorous gleeful insistent unquiet swashbuckling swaggering cavalier confused importunate demanding clamorsome wild and woolly loutish rootin'-tootin delinquent brutal rude roughhouse aggressive chattering stubborn vicious brusque non-compliant excited belligerent thuggish hard pugnacious restless nuts outrageous madcap crazy insurmountable berserk inharmonious talkative brash two-fisted attention-seeking grating bawling rough-and-tumble ugly radge raging fierce passionate agitated rasping romping heedless reckless pulsating full-on stormy screeching discordant shrill throbbing frenzied impulsive impetuous impervious drunken opinionated perverse rash bawdy ornery imprudent forward inexorable unyielding assertive quarrelsome mean reverberatory echoing reverberative orotund heightened pulsing sonorant throaty intensified clear antisocial stridulous unmusical rowdydowdy disturbed irregular in turmoil oscillating fruity palpitating baritone harmonious melodious consonant canorous round out of line unlawful vibrant enhanced mellow aquiver plummy golden low electrifying overpowering dinning clashing stridulant insurgent insurrectionary uncompliant unmelodious jangling dissonant unharmonious rioting seditious indisciplined full-bodied deep-toned ear-shattering full-voiced very loud drunk out-of-order out-of-line on-a-tear out-of-control stridulatory hoarse stertorous persuasive squawky vociferant baying squeaky rampaging truculent uncooperative roistering blusterous raising Cain raising the roof

Phó từ

In a loud manner
loudly noisily deafeningly fortissimo lustily blaringly boomingly cacophonously clamorously shrilly thunderously tumultuously uproariously vehemently vigorously vociferously deeply forcefully harshly piercingly powerfully raucously resoundingly ringingly sonorously stridently thunderingly aloud articulately at top volume blatantly boorishly cheaply conspicuously crashingly ear-splittingly emphatically fully garishly gaudily obstreperously obtrusively ostentatiously resonantly resounding rudely showily tastelessly tawdrily theatrically vulgarly at full volume as if to wake the dead at the top of your voice audibly out loud clearly distinctly out for all to hear at the top of one's voice intelligibly plainly loud roaringly reverberantly boisterously riotously clangorously disorderlily rambunctiously rowdily earsplittingly screamingly plangently strepitously flashily wildly flamboyantly unrulily splashily turbulently glitzily unrestrainedly discordantly roughly swankily brashly rumbustiously rollickingly roisterously unmanageably brilliantly undisciplinedly livelily boldly violently robustiously jarringly uncontrolledly uncontrollably ungovernably strikingly gratingly uninhibitedly jazzily pronouncedly lawlessly dissonantly brightly waywardly disruptively dramatically extravagantly vibrantly rebelliously irrepressibly pretentiously brassily luridly richly ornately prominently noticeably remarkably markedly glaringly strongly unmelodiously commandingly unmusically catchily refractorily fiercely ritzily bodaciously insistently vocally intensely squawkily volubly blusteringly sharply wilfully orotundly tempestuously disobediently kitschly penetratingly anarchically hysterically enthusiastically colourfully intemperately vividly reverberatively unbridledly fractiously floridly gaily brazenly rabidly roundly rotundly flauntingly raspingly impetuously meretriciously throbbingly outspokenly consonantly colorfully animatedly electrifyingly mellowly exuberantly tackily spiritedly forthrightly inharmoniously hoarsely chaotically merrily mutinously unharmoniously abandonedly jovially fancily pompously snazzily goldenly furiously squeakily swashbucklingly glitteringly gruffly rampageously crudely metallically spectacularly chintzily profoundly thrillingly dazzlingly entertainingly frankly funnily clamantly rampantly passionately excitedly earnestly stormily rhetorically amusingly troublesomely eagerly friskily intractably unconstrainedly mischievously ragingly candidly directly openly bombastically fervidly jollily naffly insubordinately grandiosely raffishly comically mirthfully scratchily agitatedly zealously truculently affectedly recalcitrantly unboundedly sparklingly restlessly cheerfully side-splittingly defiantly intrusively stridulously overpoweringly difficultly flamingly ruggedly forcibly stridulantly grindingly ferociously demandingly joyously keenly immoderately robustly eloquently convulsively raspily stentoriously resplendently clashingly willfully untowardly frowardly contumaciously biliously unattractively distastefully dashingly classily nauseatingly acutely lowly explosively uncooperatively tinnily tunelessly restively balkily contrarily sicklily jauntily angrily frolicsomely heartily heavily expressively licentiously canorously gassily happily forwardly blazingly exhibitionistically windily joyfully kitschily paroxysmally hotly volcanically gleefully almightily tremendously coarsely splendiferously energetically persuasively confusedly opinionatedly histrionically sportily rashly stertorously opulently blusterously sensationally hilariously wittily highly gutturally mournfully antisocially rumblingly orgiastically plaintively expensively jocularly vivaciously plushly trashily pipingly upsettingly unsettlingly disturbingly unlawfully loutishly excessively melancholily croakily niftily bluntly bigly insurgently swaggeringly cavalierly mightily overwhelmingly headstrongly importunately debauchedly depravedly growlingly wantonly actively brusquely crassly speciously purely pleasantly wackily obviously outstandingly seditiously unmelodically sourly excitingly trebly bouncily astringently obnoxiously fussily unrestrictedly scurrilously cryingly saliently glamorously divisively errantly ebulliently ardently fervently maddeningly boilingly manifestly evidently definitely uncontainably unquenchably rawly unstoppably unquietly choppily throatily annoyingly irritatingly vexatiously recklessly heedlessly argutely thinly bumpily crazedly crazily berserkly fruitily harmoniously melodiously frenziedly unstably seethingly disorderedly cataclysmically unsettledly cyclonically splendidly stylishly plummily assertively bawdily impulsively quarrelsomely imperviously ornerily unyieldingly incorrigibly imprudently inexorably drunkenly perversely meanly heatedly irregularly grandiloquently urgently effervescently self-willedly swirlingly stormfully tremulously destructively bitterly freely plainspokenly fluently glibly facilely unconventionally stubbornly camply outrageously lusciously luxuriantly flakily carefreely playfully religiously demonstratively burningly fanatically glowingly fierily warmly perfervidly emotionally torridly incandescently feverishly humorously unfetteredly magniloquently profligately irrationally incautiously talkatively repeatedly luxuriously jumpingly sumptuously sportively huskily farcically potently desperately deliriously frantically concentratedly loftily ravingly giddily flightily saucily lightheartedly gladly rippingly thumpingly pricelessly killingly verbally turgidly linguistically repetitively incessantly unremittingly constantly impudently insolently ludicrously humoristically antically ridiculously comedically laughably risibly sidesplittingly flatulently flowerily gaseously verbosely euphuistically stylistically epideictically aggressively wisely sassily pushily impertinently cockily audaciously pertly nervily cocksurely cheekily freshly archly convivially exhilaratingly iteratively persistently grossly barefacedly long-windedly senatorially elaborately tumidly elocutionarily nobly importantly oratorically stagily imposingly atonally stroppily overbearingly hardly arrogantly arrantly flirtatiously shamelessly unblushingly unabashedly overboldly

Trái nghĩa của forte

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