Đồng nghĩa của screaming

Alternative for screaming

screams, screamed, screaming

Đồng nghĩa: bawl, cry, howl, screech, shout, shriek, squall, wail, yell,

Tính từ

Causing great public interest and excitement
sensationalistic lurid sensational catchpenny sensationalist gee-whiz shocking startling scandalous melodramatic amazing thrilling staggering horrifying exciting electrifying revealing astonishing remarkable appalling stirring dramatic breathtaking significant eye-popping important notable interesting noteworthy fascinating spectacular momentous hair-raising newsworthy yellow shock-horror astounding historic buzzworthy tabloid coarse conspicuous signal marked X-rated pointed pungent stimulating excessive piquant prominent rough sultry extravagant vulgar salient livid colored emotional noticeable coloured striking impressive stunning surprising extraordinary outstanding arresting dazzling incredible jaw-dropping gee-whizz eye-catching phenomenal commanding bodacious noisy bold emphatic brilliant imposing awesome showy awe-inspiring distinctive kenspeckle splashy catchy flamboyant grabby pronounced rare unusual uncommon out of the ordinary engaging wondrous attractive obvious manifest attention-grabbing memorable powerful observable blinding amazeballs distinct evident unmistakable wonderful strong visible clear-cut beautiful captivating gorgeous drop-dead clear perceptible appreciable forcible forceful dynamite lofty charming singular telling confounding bizarre jazzy cogent arrestive compelling distinguished can't miss it tense suspenseful lively gripping riveting exceptional graphic climactic vivid stem-winding heady effective high-octane sudden intense studied breath-taking action-packed rip-roaring

Tính từ

Ridiculous, often to the point of being funny
funny humorous comical hilarious comic droll farcical laughable uproarious chucklesome hysterical ludicrous ridiculous riotous risible killing humoristic sidesplitting comedic antic hysteric amusing rib-tickling side-splitting entertaining priceless witty diverting facetious jocular absurd hysterically funny slapstick zany a scream killingly funny a hoot waggish silly light-hearted mirthful wacky jocose joshing whimsical rollicking campy camp screamingly funny gelastic too funny for words very funny jokey joking crazy riot good-humored good-humoured a laugh clownish lively gay sparkling preposterous eccentric stupid merry derisory engaging foolish happy extremely amusing cheerful sportive rich light derisible odd scream gut-busting goofy boffo jolly nutty inane a barrel of laughs for grins madcap outrageous outrageously funny custard-pie daffy convulsive rip-roaring childish frivolous very amusing raucous slaphappy comedical grotesque pathetic cockamamie cockamamy derisive enjoyable interesting delightful a laugh a minute highly amusing ludicrous. laughable clever mocking har-har unsatisfactory inadequate bizarre unimpressive unusual embarrassing pitiful fantastic original cheery hearty charming beguiling gladdening fun novel pleasant pleasing cheering gratifying pleasurable ingenious joyful noisy joyous quirky quaint epigrammatic piquant off-the-wall oddball tongue-in-cheek wry enchanting agreeable convivial exhilarating jovial brilliant exhilarated frolicsome gleeful crack-up quizzical laffer fanciful cut up gagged up knee-slapper scintillating sharp-witted smart quick-witted bright sharp quick penetrating keen piercing intelligent flakey gump dizzy loony jerky screwy ironic fool dippy fool-headed goofus flaky batty a card a caution fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse playful lighthearted fascinating absorbing blithe stimulating mischievous exciting riveting compelling captivating jesting high-spirited jocund intriguing appealing enthralling engrossing teasing flippant vivacious gripping sunny ludic blithesome flip fun-filled festive recreational roguish entrancing animated curious thrilling arresting provocative compulsive mesmerizing consuming leisure immersing involving unputdownable wisecracking mesmerising laughing relaxing spare time stirring glad bewitching spellbinding enticing alluring tantalizing attractive impish carefree prankish puckish tantalising thought-provoking buoyant perky arch recreative bubbly jaunty ebullient distracting bantering effervescent satirical queer glib snappy dry dazzling unserious spirited in fun in jest striking impressive titillating affecting moving inspiring rousing seductive transfixing flighty tongue in cheek sprightly action-packed invigorating vibrant hypnotizing preoccupying charismatic not serious magnetic hypnotic hypnotising mesmeric magical inviting envigorating pulling one's leg putting one on racy nonserious escapist fantasy boisterous rowdy lightweight irreverent upbeat ribald chirpy genial untroubled happy-go-lucky trivial trifling too much joculous pixieish tricksy scampish pixie sly leprechaunish knavish wicked pixy rascally devilish elvish breezy bouncy optimistic easy-going positive insouciant clowning gamesome kittenish chipper nonsensical asinine addictive coruscating capering in good spirits free and easy dramatic strange unreasonable irresistible nimble-witted glittering enrapturing monopolizing unlikely incongruous irritating daft highbrowed snazzy profound quick on the draw tactful smart-aleck smart-alecky cutting quick on the uptake glinting glimmering monopolising annoying fetching elfin peculiar luring tempting delectable ravishing glamourous glamorous laugh-a-minute off the wall weird a joke a bit much provoking winning seducing congenial nice freakish attention-grabbing OTT a bit thick over the top very interesting easy eloquent worth reading well-written easy to read satisfying worthwhile well written rewarding readable smooth singular meaty astonishing eventful worthy of note spectacular fresh memorable portentous trenchant marvellous galvanising topical fine unboring buzzworthy breathtaking wonderful unique newsy splashy relatable marvelous fabulous eye-opening amazing prepossessing remarkable vivid out of the ordinary exceptional newsworthy intoxicating noteworthy electrifying showy wondrous emphatic galvanizing electric refreshing arousing puzzling poignant gas restorative capricious unconventional outlandish offbeat idiosyncratic amused dotty fantastical crotchety freaky chimerical be a ball dicey imaginative random chancy uncertain kinky old-fashioned creative arbitrary gladsome laughter-filled euphoric elated in high spirits fun-loving larking

Tính từ

Very showy or ornamented, now especially when excessive, or in a tasteless or vulgar manner
gaudy garish flashy loud glaring ostentatious tacky tasteless vulgar brilliant flash showy bright jazzy brash florid gay raffish tawdry brummagem glittering harsh over-bright violent bilious brassy distasteful flamboyant flaring glitzy lurid nauseating noisy razzle-dazzle sickly splashy swank swanky unattractive blatant bling-bling brazen catchpenny cheap chichi chintzy coarse colourful colorful crude extravagant flaunting frou-frou gross kitschy meretricious obtrusive pzazz pizzazz pretentious ritzy snazzy splendiferous tinsel trumpery gussied up in bad taste putting on the ritz ornate overdone overwrought pronounced striking noticeable conspicuous prominent bold naff tinselly pompous kitsch resplendent sensational classy peacocky opulent histrionic sumptuous tony luxurious dashing remarkable commanding grabby marked arresting emphatic dramatic catchy kenspeckle bodacious eye-catching tatty plastic gimcrack arrestive vivid fancy over-elaborate affected theatrical OTT superfly fancy-pants cheap-jack crass trashy cheapjack rubbishy paltry dicty shabby junky Brummagem shoddy worthless splurgy poor sporty dirty offensive twopenny-halfpenny common sleazy over the top cheap and nasty obvious patent open flagrant transparent overt manifest evident palpable unconcealed unmistakable undisguised naked sheer clear straightforward unabashed outright bald unashamed shameless unblushing barefaced undeniable impudent insolent rank brass-necked unembarrassed indisputable egregious cut-and-dried unmitigated arrant audacious unsubtle unrepentant in plain sight without shame protrusive crying overbold deliberate plain apparent visible distinct discernible recognizable perceptible observable bald-faced recognisable immodest unequivocal clear-cut unambiguous forward cheeky presumptuous salient explicit distinguishable perceivable outrageous rude decided frank detectable nonambiguous unambivalent perspicuous crystal clear lucid open-and-shut pert pellucid stark out-and-out saucy definite sassy cocky impertinent nervy as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile ringing self-evident sticking out like a sore thumb pushy writ large wise fresh sticking out a mile downright standing out like a sore thumb plain to see unquestionable complete tangible smart outstanding presuming sensible inescapable luculent luminous broad bright-line flip incontrovertible assuming smart-alecky open and shut utter avowed appreciable honest malapert contumelious notorious boldfaced candid bumptious capital significant beyond question shocking direct forthright unrestrained signal exposed revealed dreadful unhidden scandalous atrocious heinous unfeigned pointed brazen-faced overconfident arch cocksure brassbound certain blinding unreserved indubitable bold-faced undoubted terrible procacious as clear as day monstrous beyond doubt shameful as plain as day familiar hardened abandoned staring someone in the face easily seen brazenfaced cool depraved profligate improper dissolute incorrigible unprincipled written all over someone extreme reprobate notable incontestable unchaste lewd immoral high-handed public blunt flippant distinctive understandable jarring unvarnished upfront seeable bare-faced straight axiomatic conclusive awful unguarded forceful plainspoken self-explanatory matter-of-fact infamous bold as brass unqualified assumptive clear cut enormous confident plain-spoken as plain as the nose on your face under one's nose off-base unmissable reprehensible disgraceful bare wicked discernable apprehensible iniquitous villainous measurable wanton unshrinking wholehearted outspoken inordinate excessive indecent intrusive defiant thoroughgoing unembellished plainly seen demonstrable unadorned recognized disrespectful forthcoming definitive unstinting unsparing out and out irrefutable positive visual categorical upright real brutal recognised arrogant gritty unapologetic much in evidence discoverable written all over one sure staring one in the face as plain as the nose on one's face snippety as clear as crystal standing out clearly visible on show beyond a doubt up-front free-spoken no-nonsense plain as the nose on your face big as life flat-out out in the open accessible glowing shining clashing blazing aboveboard boldface heavy corrupt preposterous smarty-pants cute smart-aleck facetious genuine unexaggerated ill-disguised unveiled impenitent remorseless above board amoral temerarious full flagitious dinkum simple cognizable traceable audible glaringly obvious exclusive controlled flagitous well-known evinced divulged disclosed grody flaming unchallenged uncontested accepted evidenced unadulterated artless pure basic plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming dominant predominant black-and-white spectacular noteworthy stick out like sore thumb protruding irreverent plain as day hanging out expensive lippy forestanding protuberant thrusting grim published insubordinate feisty defined telltale particular right under your nose can't miss it in full view discourteous unmannerly in-your-face free overfamiliar univocal unique pizazzy glittery pizzazzy nifty to the fore in the foreground noted considerable freehearted openhearted foursquare staring you in the face mouthy insulting impolite make no bones well-marked sign-posted well-worn publicized for certain well defined no ifs ands or buts inimitable as plain as daylight spirited bling strident blaring abrupt truthful viewable seen self-assured out of place sticking out sparkling in poor taste macroscopic ocular round grating acknowledged bad-mannered ill-mannered ill-bred in view in sight straight from the shoulder coming on strong not backwards in coming forwards anywhere to be seen not hidden on view to be seen in evidence on display piercing raucous publicised known shared broadcast out-front strong substantial great in circulation cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill identifiable freely available public knowledge in the public domain in the open widely known ear-splitting discordant unconcerned serious tinny loud-mouthed pushing interfering grievous absolute undismayed undaunted exorbitant major overbearing hard loudmouthed high-pitched metallic flirtatious prying meddling nosy immoderate officious hotshot spunky gutsy guileless uninhibited as bold as brass busy intruding meddlesome fearless unawed unflinching severe heartless total natural aggressive nosey assertive snoopy poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed obnoxious importunate self-assertive projecting prognathous bulging jutting precise right under one's nose clear as a bell

Tính từ

Loud enough to cause temporary or permanent hearing loss
deafening booming ringing resounding thunderous ear-splitting blaring ear-piercing overpowering piercing roaring dinning ear-shattering thundering tumultuous blasting carrying clamorous clangorous earsplitting echoing intense loud plangent resonant reverberant reverberating slam-bang sonorous stentorian almighty ear-popping extremely noisy mighty noisy overwhelming rowdy tremendous vociferous very loud turned up at full volume obstreperous harsh strident boisterous head-splitting cacophonous raucous clearly audible deep riotous lusty powerful forceful rambunctious disorderly full-throated forte rackety clattery fortissimo uproarious strepitous vociferant yauping clamant squawking vociferating caterwauling yowling yawping scurrilous blatant loudmouthed vulgar crying obtrusive shrill discordant penetrating sharp high-pitched strong squawky jarring high dissonant grating screeching screechy brassy intrusive unmelodious full jangling crashing vibrant stentorious unmusical metallic shattering stridulant stridulous shrieking piping air-rending inharmonious rasping hoarse treble unharmonious tinny thundery thin scratchy orotund acute raspy absonant grinding reverberative rich squeaky rotund reverberatory tuneless loud-voiced jangly stridulatory shrieky rough trumpeting husky rumbling rolling atonal clattering stertorous braying loudmouth jumping blusterous fulminating turbulent blustering vehement high-sounding big heavy pealing full-mouthed emphatic raising Cain raising the roof pulsating throbbing wakes the dead heightened pulsing sonorant throaty intensified clear penetrant crisp pointed entering puncturing clear-cut infiltrating permeating all-pervading forcing ingoing edged oscillating fruity palpitating baritone harmonious lively melodious consonant canorous round guttural enhanced mellow aquiver plummy golden low robust electrifying croaking brazen full-bodied deep-toned full-voiced saucy bold brash going through passing through croaky gruff insolent impudent growling growly arch cocky wise flashy brazen-faced pert audacious fresh pushy bold-faced cocksure impertinent cheeky forward gaudy sassy nervy brassbound squeaking whistling clashing out-of-tune out-of-key off-key creaking astringent jazzy barefaced loud-mouthed showy garish unblushing overbearing rude overbold hard arrogant unabashed flirtatious arrant shameless argute clanging unvocal unmelodic immusical disharmonic horrisonant ill-sounding clinking sour harsh sounding

Tính từ

Happening quickly or promptly
swift rapid quick prompt sudden fast flying hasty hurried immediate abrupt fleet instant ready speedy express fleet-footed instantaneous nippy blistering breakneck breathless brisk dizzy galloping headlong hot lightning precipitate punctual rapid-fire rattling snappy spanking splitting unhesitating whirlwind winged zippy expeditious nimble quickie alacritous barrelling cracking double-quick peremptory pronto rushed short short-lived speedball summary unexpected without delay like crazy like mad very fast in nothing flat on the double shaking a leg agile deft lively limber supple light-footed nimble-footed lissom acrobatic lithe active light quick-moving spry sprightly smart swift-footed fast-moving twinkle-toed lightsome barreling meteoric expeditive light of foot mercurial fleet of foot like greased lightning accelerated high-speed direct rathe on-the-spot precipitous cursory spirited rash timely supersonic fleeting brief energetic overnight fast-track unforeseen unanticipated sharp turbo harefooted quick-fire whistle-stop split-second perfunctory without warning vigorous speeding violent hypersonic at speed hurrying velocious passing animated vivacious rushing impulsive precipitant dashing volant flat-out straightaway urgent ultrarapid ultrafast startling impetuous PDQ automatic uninterrupted non-stop up-tempo momentary tantivy alert superficial zooming dramatic surprising pacey mushrooming early transitory slapdash quickened willing without notice on the spot awful unlooked-for overhasty gadarene explosive helter-skelter pell-mell drive-by moving hurtling unpremeditated successive sporty souped-up forthwith prevenient anticipatory efficient arbitrary spectacular diligent bustling crash ephemeral transient adroit dizzying excessive reckless brilliant flashing dazzling effectual effective hurricane cyclonic tumultuous tornado streaming dangerous responsive priority furious without formality without hesitation severe excruciating dreadful unbearable terrible intense piercing frightful going nifty lissome ultrasonic unswerving undeviating nonstop dynamic evanescent with good acceleration impatient fast-tracked spur-of-the-moment snap fast-paced fiery impressive rush without discussion extremely fast dangerously fast tearing whizzing sailing hastening whisking running darting double time promptly given spontaneous now or never not to be delayed eager thoughtless slambang hurry-up the double marked at full tilt chop-chop hair-trigger casual rocketing accelerating escalating snowballing in a flash careless desultory offhand racing spasmodic impromptu acute inattentive unthinking half-hearted slight mechanical token uninterested nasty unusual speeded routine sketchy unceremonious unpleasant uncritical shallow haphazard random half-baked sloppy depthless harsh disagreeable crude out of the blue hit or miss brutal not bargained for rude brusque shocking unpredicted unforgiving animate peppy airy frisky pizazzy jazzy bouncing mettlesome vital pert racy gay jaunty springy perky kinetic sparky pizzazzy whopping excellent wonderful outstanding marvelous remarkable fresh striking exceptional magnificent marvellous new

Danh từ

A loud commotion, disturbance or activity
din uproar commotion tumult hubbub hullabaloo pandemonium rumpus row disturbance fuss ruction ado brouhaha outcry confusion bedlam fracas chaos shouting vociferation disquiet yelling shout stramash babble babbling caterwauling ululation buzz boisterousness tintamarre hurly-burly hoo-ha racket babel noise clamour blare clangour charivari clangor clamor disorder roaring baying blaring decibels bruit bowwow roar turmoil discordance bluster katzenjammer brawl rattle chatter cacophony agitation confused noise tower discord jargon clang loud noise car crash hue and cry ruckus bustle furore to-do furor clatter ballyhoo bother pother hoopla stir storm shindy blather whirl foofaraw welter bobbery squall williwaw hurly zoo fun kerfuffle helter-skelter moil stew clutter splore corroboree hurry hurricane coil do hassle hubble-bubble hoo-hah hurry-scurry hurry-skurry alarums and excursions riot upheaval melee mayhem ferment turbulence carry-on maelstrom howl altercation quarrel havoc hubba-hubba frenzy affray convulsion jangle free-for-all stink bangarang excitement unrest broil lather flurry trouble big scene song and dance complaint exclamation remonstrance protesting clinker lament scuffle outbreak anarchy strife bagarre disruption outburst donnybrook dither flap activity splash scene palaver backwash ructions struggle madness shindig madhouse scrap stooshie dust-up an outcry craziness rhubarb hell to pay devil to pay roughhouse shivaree bickering violence all hell broken loose all hell breaking loose sound sensation whirlwind hype rough house disarray perturbation lawlessness folderol snafu aggro excitation discomposure restlessness action fermentation fireworks pantomime shambles chaotic situation disquietude hustle tamasha annoyance production combustion breach of the peace fuss and bother bobsy-die big stink hell broke loose argy-bargy hustle and bustle unsettlement wildness seething upturn fight fever fret fray mêlée eruption farce farcicality ridiculousness senselessness flare-up monkey business

Động từ

Present participle for to laugh in a noisy, gleeful way

Trái nghĩa của screaming

screaming Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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