Đồng nghĩa của sharp witted

Tính từ

Having or showing shrewdness and good judgement
astute canny clear-eyed clear-sighted hard-boiled hardheaded heady knowing savvy sharp shrewd smart acute discriminating cunning crafty clever artful sly wily ingenious foxy subtle calculating scheming guileful devious slick streetwise cagey pawky intelligent designing sneaky tricky cute slippery smooth Machiavellian quick-witted fly dodgy beguiling perceptive discerning wise on the ball sagacious sensible heads-up slim shifty vulpine carny cagy street smart street-smart perspicacious keen judicious deceitful deceptive adroit resourceful skillful skilful sapient tough argute long-headed experienced insidious quick whip-smart politic media-savvy imaginative dishonest underhand intriguing dexterous duplicitous disingenuous suss brainy dextrous fiendish deep manipulative penetrating prudent brilliant insightful deft cheating underhanded unsentimental hard-bitten double-dealing alert rational cool businesslike sage level-headed no-nonsense inventive unscrupulous far-sighted Janus-faced far-seeing farsighted in the know crazy like a fox hardened shady razor-sharp bright intuitive conniving plotting piercing untrustworthy incisive shonky dirty masterly adept proficient sly like a fox tactful observant tactical profound accurate probing up on shark astucious wised up inside on top of calculated on the inside not born yesterday quick off the mark quick on the uptake sharp as a tack realistic pragmatic practical cool-headed down-to-earth matter-of-fact clear-thinking hard-nosed arch sober intractable logical resolute crooked hard-headed with both feet on the ground greasy stand pat locked in tough nut hang tough careful cautious circumspect sussed worldly-wise hep watchful able discreet frugal wary nimble-witted with it as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork treacherous delusive furtive stealthy contriving chary considerate evasive captious bluffing dishonorable dissembling illusory elusive traitorous dishonourable strategic conspiring heedful leery impish roguish secretive mischievous controlling serpentine malicious gingerly safe premeditating guarded fraudulent snide full of plans sneaking tricksy neat misleading delusory witted wry conspiratorial enterprising secret covert sensitive craft complicitous delicate polite crazy like fox nifty mean complicit understanding thoughtful conciliatory diplomatic gracious suave treating with kid gloves courteous capable opportunistic bland planful

Tính từ

Having or showing a reasonable or high level of intellect
alert bright clever intelligent keen nimble quick quick-witted sharp smart brainy brilliant exceptional fast hyperintelligent supersmart ultrasmart acute perceptive quick-thinking mentally keen on the ball quick on the uptake astute discerning shrewd perspicacious penetrating canny insightful percipient savvy wise genius observant incisive whip-smart intuitive sagacious profound knowing discriminating ingenious sensitive judicious ready piercing gifted sage subtle knowledgeable argute sapient able quick off the mark razor-sharp deep rational erudite heads-up thoughtful intellectual nimble-witted scholarly cerebral long-headed penetrative precocious suss fine inventive understanding rapier-like clear clear-eyed skilful aware clear-sighted skillful critical trenchant sensible pawky enlightened resourceful creative talented adroit wide awake dexterous prudent learned dextrous whiz streetwise witty far-sighted sharp-sighted apt downy responsive cunning deft capable crafty active wily masterly imaginative agile calculating razor-edged knife-like adept sophisticated expert far-seeing all there sharp as a tack educated keen-witted open-eyed heady original thinking highbrow analytical gnostic delicate logical alive cute lively accomplished not missing a trick competent brisk nobody's fool well read sharpened quick on the trigger not born yesterday knowing how many beans make five well-informed razor-like crack elite awake conscious with all one's wits about one experienced excellent virtuoso quick on the draw tuned in Einstein whiz kid fly first-rate eggheaded first-class superior ear to the ground knows what's what choice worldly-wise whip very intelligent having been around superintelligent exquisite artful handy informed concise good einstein crisp succinct punchy pithy swift PDQ prompt philosophical reflective foresighted enquiring questioning inquiring razor sharp appreciative visionary prescient innovative cultured studious bookish academic bluestocking genial well-read well educated cluey with it spirited bright-eyed and bushy-tailed sprightly to the point receptive no fool inspired enterprising complex exacting analytic intriguing ratiocinative detailed politic cagey vigilant cagy swotty discreet insighted sophic instructed responsible together comprehending innovational fertile elaborate trailblazing innovatory originative Promethean know how many beans make five having a good head on one's shoulders having no flies on very smart sentient clued-up urbane well informed worldly unprovincial qualified conversant with-it tuned-in seasoned cognizant wise to pioneering effectual slick effective curt vigorous wired mercurial artistic deviceful sly thinking outside the box book smart smart as a whip searching probing hardheaded acuminous hard-boiled finely honed accurate exact foxy having smarts smart as a tack

Tính từ

Funny and clever
witty humorous clever facetious jocular original amusing funny ingenious lively sparkling droll epigrammatic gay piquant brilliant waggish fanciful whimsical chucklesome comic comical entertaining quick-witted scintillating smart bright campy crazy diverting intelligent jocose joshing keen penetrating piercing quick ridiculous screaming sharp slapstick nimble-witted snappy flippant highbrowed glib tactful quick on the draw quick on the uptake spirited risible mirthful smart-alecky playful tongue-in-cheek mischievous smart-aleck teasing snazzy cutting ironic racy profound stimulating exciting pleasant hilarious laughable fascinating animated dazzling vibrant vivacious ebullient effervescent coruscating exhilarating enjoyable invigorating interesting joking jesting merry engaging farcical pleasing absorbing enthralling jokey ludicrous envigorating cheerful light-hearted blithe engrossing lighthearted wacky flip fun priceless camp appealing side-splitting relaxing radiant irreverent satirical wisecracking putting one on pulling one's leg dry not serious riotous uproarious comedic humoristic hysterical zany killing wry gripping absurd sidesplitting hysteric antic ribald rib-tickling too funny for words tongue in cheek jolly compulsive jovial unputdownable roguish rewarding easy to read inviting easy eloquent worth reading well written readable well-written smooth gratifying satisfying worthwhile sportive jocund ludic cheery blithesome laughing sunny frolicsome gleeful festive glittering happy flakey frivolous good-humoured silly good-humored daffy flaky joyous boffo joculous delightful glimmering sprightly glinting charming pleasurable gagged up for grins cheering enchanting agreeable captivating beguiling nice congenial compelling recreative intriguing riveting scream striking moving entrancing inspiring stirring provocative riot be a ball fun-filled thrilling affecting enticing gas impressive restorative rousing poignant

Trái nghĩa của sharp witted

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