Đồng nghĩa của having been around


Prepared by experience for life's difficulties
worldly-wise sophisticated worldly experienced knowing cosmopolitan knowledgeable aware cultivated enlightened mature seasoned urbane astute cultured perceptive shrewd smart unprovincial learned media-savvy worldly wise been around refined initiated polished wise suave streetwise old with experience matured politic materialistic selfish grasping blasé avaricious greedy worldly-minded covetous unprincipled power-loving disenchanted callous hardened uptown mondain opportunistic practical cool self-centred self-centered well travelled old hand in the know been there well versed in the ways of the world qualified accomplished trained veteran practised adept expert well versed professional skillful skilful versed practiced skilled vet sensible long-serving master familiar tested tried competent battle-scarred well-versed established consummate proficient weathered pro smooth well trained capable patriarchal full of years of long standing past your prime broad-minded unprejudiced liberal well-travelled reliable responsible judicious catholic planetary gregarious metropolitan public ecumenical adult dependable discriminating crack ace masterful great virtuoso crackerjack complete masterly good compleat educated professed mean disciplined exercised long-time old-time inured steady level-headed sagacious grown-up experient applied firsthand knows one's stuff not born yesterday wise to ways up to speed from way back of the old school empirical real debonair civilized elegant svelte stylish objective hands-on working jet-set classy chic citified intelligent experimental active existential actual experiential empiric mondaine erudite civilised well-bred world-weary heuristic non-theoretical factual pragmatic in the field how-to time-served habituated instructed prepared toughened au fait versed in well up in


(slang, dated) Mentally sharp
fly astute sharp shrewd acute canny clever knowing streetwise wily downy savvy smart pawky suss nimble-witted quick-witted sharp-witted worldly-wise no fool not born yesterday on the ball not missing a trick quick on the uptake knowing how many beans make five nobody's fool with all one's wits about one experienced sophisticated worldly cunning qualified expert unprovincial percipient sage urbane seasoned aware knowledgeable perceptive calculating competent insightful enlightened bright brilliant judicious intelligent discerning perspicacious sagacious conversant sentient cognizant sensible observant quick tuned-in well-informed clued-up clear-sighted with-it clear-eyed brainy well informed artful crafty sly slick cagey guileful devious foxy designing scheming underhand tricky shifty sneaky keen slippery dodgy subtle wise discriminating ingenious sapient heads-up cute smooth cagy deep whip-smart dishonest deceptive crooked double-dealing deceitful underhanded shady beguiling intriguing disingenuous hardheaded heady argute Machiavellian media-savvy hard-boiled long-headed farsighted far-seeing in the know arch neat as sharp as a tack conniving slim cheating Janus-faced carny insidious greasy vulpine unscrupulous hoodwinking lying deceiving swindling immoral rascally roguish untrustworthy defrauding insincere unprincipled treacherous dishonorable misleading exploitative corrupt crazy like a fox duplicitous bent fast fraudulent rogue fine illicit ornery salty dishonourable hostile unethical illegal snaky two-faced sensitive penetrating intuitive adroit cerebral dexterous incisive thoughtful politic complex deft skillful razor-like rapier-like intellectual razor-sharp dextrous exacting analytic vigilant precocious analytical piercing ratiocinative skilful genius detailed prudent alert profound accurate probing shark astucious inside calculated up on wised up on top of on the inside

Trái nghĩa của having been around

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