Đồng nghĩa của toughened

Alternative for toughened

toughen /'tʌfn/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm dai, làm bền, làm cứng rắn, làm dẻo dai, làm quen chịu đựng (gian khổ...), tôi luyện
    • nội động từ
      • rắn lại
      • trở nên cứng rắn, trở nên dẻo dai, trở nên quen chịu đựng


    Able to withstand physical strain or hardship
    strong sturdy tough stout hardy hardened rugged inured hard vigorous unbreakable reinforced fortified strengthened galvanised galvanized tempered cast-iron hard-bitten durable robust resistant solid indestructible firm sound hard-wearing long-lasting resilient imperishable substantial heavy-duty stable enduring lasting stalwart well built well-built shatterproof unyielding staunch made to last strongly made tenacious everlasting unshakable invulnerable reliable armoured secure dependable armored safe lusty rock-solid invincible nonbreaking well-made mighty brawny resolute non-breakable seasoned infrangible indefatigable unflagging permanent incorruptible built to last indissoluble hard as nails adamantine steely established airtight unassailable steady tight impregnable perdurable iron fit hearty healthy impervious tried-and-true well constructed well fortified well-founded strapping muscular well made able-bodied capable heavy cohesive safety bombproof serviceable bulletproof inexpugnable athletic hulking forceful husky beefy thick thickset stark indomitable inextinguishable immortal nonbreakable abiding indelible inviolable impenetrable storm-resistant fast stormproof well defended well-protected fixed impassible knockabout well protected flourishing unattackable well-armed concrete immovable brass-bound unfading undying nonperishable deathless rigid stiff inflexible perennial endless ineradicable leathery irrepressible gritty spirited valiant plucky intrepid headstrong dense steeled molded conditioned moulded withstanding stouthearted feisty undestroyable perpetual undestructable unruinable irrefragable inexterminable immutable unwreckable unchangeable irrefrangible inextirpable eternal unalterable hale tough as nails quick to recover difficult to keep down quick to bounce back rolling with punches hefty acclimatised acclimatized well fresh fighting fit powerful able burly hale and hearty in good health in good condition fit as a fiddle in fine fettle in rude health physically fit in good shape persistent single-minded thick-skinned dour dogged hard-nosed obdurate formidable steadfast determined stubborn unwavering obstinate unbending relentless bullheaded compelling effective infallible cogent indubitable well-defined well-constructed well-established well founded protected waterproof unshakeable set windproof unconquerable unbeatable trustworthy constant responsible secured tried riveted deep-rooted insuperable immune honourable honorable unstoppable insurmountable stiffened frozen true upright untouchable stony faithful unfaltering unfailing anchored rooted taut sure braced cemented trustable long-lived long-standing nailed calculable snug insusceptible moored tightened continuing honest jammed fastened trusty weatherproof lifelong lodged stuck repellent unmalleable consistent rocklike indurate bound solidified rocky proof against impassable rock-hard rock-like as hard as stone as hard as iron safe and sound uncompromising emphatic wear-resistant shellproof unrelenting assertive aggressive purposeful foolproof clenched clinched bold zealous tied vice-like risk-free immalleable impliable low-risk holy sacred hallowed sacrosanct surviving perduring diuturnal long-continued inspiring distinctive individual water-resistant unaffected as hard as a rock recognized attested riskless well-defended compact granite clasped fitted certain locked error-tolerant fixed firmly insensitive reputable proven remaining long-established long-running done up buttoned down loyal good straightforward trusted never-failing unsurmountable unsusceptible to unaffected by repellent of impervious to invulnerable to immune to solid as a rock prevailing persisting credible predictable unswerving unflinching dauntless ongoing time-honoured traditional long-term fortress-like sterling recognised committed invariable undefeatable supreme irresistible tried and true tried and tested tried and trusted imperviable to safe as houses invariant irreversible changeless unpliable characterful balanced equable decided incommutable indurated impermeable settled embedded stationary motionless treated proofed rainproof imperviable inevitable inalterable hard-and-fast unvarying renitent concentrated childproof soundproof fireproof tamper-proof leakproof well balanced well-balanced proof unmovable unmodifiable unchanged damp-proof wedged unmoving welded unfluctuating able to withstand mounted bolted soldered screwed irremovable immobile hard and fast set in stone


    Experienced, especially in terms of a profession or a hobby
    seasoned long-serving practised battle-scarred experienced hardened time-served veteran mature old established expert habituated knowledgeable sophisticated weathered well-versed accomplished adept competent consummate familiar instructed matured practiced prepared pro professional qualified skilful skillful tested trained tried vet well versed wise worldly au fait been around been there old hand versed in well trained worldly wise well up in skilled proficient versed accustomed master inured capable adapted familiarized good acclimatized acquainted used acclimatised familiarised crack ace masterly crackerjack compleat disciplined conditioned savvy able adjusted talented mean professed masterful great virtuoso complete educated conversant on the ball used to broken in practical well-informed adroit no stranger to up on in the know fit wizard eligible equipped understanding learned equal across abreast informed well-rounded aware long-time worldly-wise cognizant suitable conscious apprised versant sussed switched-on exercised not born yesterday given wont au courant addicted up-to-date tuned in up to speed at home with plugged in settled in in the habit confirmed verified demon sensible cunning unbelieving canny advanced orientated oriented aged modified appropriate acculturated accultured acclimated steady old-time patriarchal full of years of long standing past your prime made ready apt right fitting tasty mellow from way back knows one's stuff wise to ways of the old school desirable preferable ideal liable inclined hooked prone accustomed to schooled knowing licensed chartered well up certificated prescient well suited well qualified certified alert omniscient privy efficient appreciative posted down leet familiar with grooved acquainted with tuned-in authorized with a knowledge of clued-up in the loop clued up genned up up to date with-it switched on with an understanding of at home experienced in conversant with licenced proved proper adequate accepted authorised habituated in in the habit of given to dynamite rounded sport up to snuff grounded the right stuff knowing one's stuff knowing the score introduced mindful up cognizant of in on kept posted with it at ease with


    Past tense for make or become stronger or more resilient
    fortified hardened seasoned strengthened reinforced tempered indurated rigidified stiffened thickened annealed coarsened consolidated inured steeled cemented acclimated acclimatised acclimatized climatized developed developt built up firmed up shored up set harshened fit petrified conditioned solidified accustomed congealed habituated coagulated crystallized clotted ossified starched firmed caked precipitated curdled jelled crystallised fixed fixt adapted desensitized adjusted case-hardened benumbed densified baked dried braced familiarized roughened vitrified buttressed girt girded fitted abraded amalgamated prest pressed settled calcified fossilized fossilised compacted roughed desensitised chilled scratched inspissated put familiarised roughed up become solid numbed galvanized forged ruggedised prepared matured anaesthetized trained contracted nerved closed galvanised casehardened attuned accommodated tailored shaped aged gelled baken book conformed fashioned qualified primed mellowed frozen froze brazed moulded molded disciplined readied ripened equipped concreted suited anesthetized crumpled made insensitive deadened rendered insensitive naturalized doctored edited gelatinized made experienced moderated mitigated naturalised vulcanized stabilized jellied condensed inflated propped become stiff stabilised candied steadied starkened schooled accultured became solid become accustomed toughened up become hard made stronger calloused shope shapen equipt became stiff putten became hard became accustomed got used to gotten used to

    Trái nghĩa của toughened

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