Đồng nghĩa của tried and trusted


Having a good reputation
reputable estimable prestigious respectable respected honourable worthy creditable esteemed excellent good legitimate reliable trustworthy upright established honoured principled trusted anti-corruption conscientious dependable honest irreproachable name of repute recognised recognized reputed virtuous well respected well thought of well-thought-of acclaimed celebrated constant copper-bottomed decent distinguished eminent fair faithful famed famous favoured favored high-principled high-ranking honorable honored illustrious just legit notable of good repute popular prominent redoubted renowned righteous sincere sound straightforward truthful well known well-known above board highly regarded with a good reputation in high favor of good report of good standing salt of the earth noted important admired venerable revered influential leading preeminent pre-eminent noteworthy venerated elevated noble great valued exalted foremost august lionized legendary glorious lionised imposing conspicuous well-regarded major outstanding notorious powerful superior dominant of note of high standing high-powered signal star top seminal memorable high profile acknowledged lauded highly rated major league big-time principal dignified grand big name big-league major-league much-publicized authoritative iconic premier chief prized significant applauded pivotal infamous peerless visible feted big big-name top-ranking highly esteemed much vaunted high-level puissant much touted highly thought of vaunted key central extolled commanding integral remarkable predominant prime redoubtable extraordinary VIP essential well received heavyweight formidable serious in the public eye mighty resonant stately big time of distinction big-shot in the limelight senior high-up talked about big league professional meritorious consequential admirable considerable exceptional recognizable luminous brilliant appreciated familiar bright superstar primary core fundamental much-admired recognisable capital main supreme paramount storied aristocratic arch distinctive historical highly praised prevailing highest well-connected fabled in limelight top-drawer top-notch widely known of influence incomparable alpha potent all-important high-profile high-flying public far-reaching far-famed much publicized having made a name for oneself praised celebrity beloved prizewinning decorated critical crucial vital known requisite intrinsic marked common famous name dynamic instrumental energetic reverenced hallowed accomplished in spotlight everyday singular on the map large necessary monumental needed indispensable astral especial special striking unforgettable shining valuable worshipped impressive nonpareil arresting salient widely knowbn heavy-duty earnest high-priority skookum sublime lofty magnanimous regal cardinal high-status meritable sterling deserving meretorious appreciable palmary praisable reverend sacred sage eventful top-level controlling head overbearing unparalleled unequaled superlative unequalled gifted matchless high-minded prior first rate primal unexcelled learned talked of arch- first number one of the first rank heroic unsurpassed triumphal idealistic greatest material focal prodigious exemplary wise upper eloquent marvelous towering cogent first-class four-star successful rich magnific phenomenal oratorical magnificent majestic royal deciding upper-class patriarchal philosophical sedate worshipful matriarchal worshiped experienced grave marvellous of mark of great consequence laureate celeb world-class worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out up there splendid superb proud immortal resplendent fine wonderful momentous historic gorgeous unrivalled high super surpassing finest awesome imperial grandiose massive heroical spectacular unrivaled catchy beautiful eye-catching dazzling awe-inspiring noticeable consummate inimitable pronounced rare epic baronial triumphant amazing splendiferous Homeric gratifying arrestive princely stellar best never to be forgotten indelible gallant lordly haunting particular astonishing transcendent lasting opulent celebrious elegant incredible sumptuous top-tier enduring select topmost stupendous unprecedented effulgent radiant dramatic strong palatial weighty time-honored kingly splashy meaningful heavy remembered tremendous first-rate stunning of consequence showy not to be forgotten world class terrific wondrous heavenly pleasurable out of this world out of the ordinary obvious glamorous exquisite supereminent vivid divine uncommon monster unusual posh glittering star-studded statuesque super-duper lead cherished big-gun splendorous unreal choice unexampled lavish ritzy astounding sensational treasured luxurious staggering fantastic colossal mind-blowing emphatic premium queenly rememberable apex bold observable sovereign flamboyant uplifting dynamite crack ace industry leading number-one utopian primo red-letter something else a cut above the rest topflight best possible high-class second to none top drawer top-class fixed in the mind splendrous delightful enjoyable dominating courtly costly rightly prized front-page persistent widely-known numero uno commended hailed cheered all-star ranking proverbial ostentatious imperious landmark fateful competent efficient flaunted presiding ruling high-grade fit for a king glitzy glaring preponderant substantial magisterial peculiar ultimate unique intellectual stirring portly solemn breathtaking deluxe groundbreaking fulfilling touted extra special tall in the saddle uppermost extravagant celestial fabulous fearless effectual tenacious paraded of importance tinselled big-wheel self-important pompous overblown immodest exaggerated highest-ranking excessive something mondo fab fat doozie dainty extreme delicate underlined better biggest satisfying epochal heart-warming rewarding pleasing leonine lionlike page-oner invaluable regnant hot-dog ominous sightly magnolious high-born splendacious promoted overhyped advertised publicized hyped tinsel larger higher greater bigger elder trendsetting winning governing swanky palatine cheering unmatched publicised boasted about bragged about made much of shown off solid gold evident distinct priceless precious manifest marquee recherche refreshing to the max exulted in crowed about prated about unmistakable very fine mind-boggling miraculous valorous clear-cut of the highest quality optimal out-of-sight unsurpassable one-in-a-million top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range crown vintage champion without equal complete par excellence tops A-1 unbeatable Grade A beyond compare optimum record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 undefeated blue-ribbon choicest boss unbeaten perfect superfine sans pareil adored kenspeckle bodacious noisy grabby drop-dead surprising clear unbelievable eye-popping perceptible jaw-dropping gee-whizz forcible made a display of classic telling compelling forceful charming startling jazzy fascinating electrifying confounding bizarre enormous uncanny solid smashing wicked amazeballs large-scale ambitious unco unfading timeless monstrous oceanic giant cosmic pharaonic gigantesque mega planetary leviathan vasty walloping king-size titanic galactic humungous mammoth Brobdingnagian bumper supersize cosmical epoch-making whopping jumbo cyclopean vast whacking huge immense mountainous astronomic elephantine Himalayan supersized gargantuan oversized humongous astronomical herculean king-sized gigantic perpetual everlasting undying eternal imperishable enthralling exciting thrilling gilt-edged abiding permanent zero cool standout overwhelming king size mortal stamped on your memory most important most excellent


Reliable or trustworthy
trusty true dependable reliable trustworthy responsible solid steady faithful honest staunch firm strong calculable constant good loyal never-failing safe secure straightforward sure tried tried-and-true trustable trusted unfailing upright credible predictable steadfast unswerving unwavering tried and tested tried and true honourable reputable incorruptible principled virtuous unimpeachable sensible ethical truthful mature sound guaranteed righteous foolproof honorable straight saintly true-blue level-headed straight-up rock solid sure-fire true blue fly right down home worthy of trust on the level to be trusted full of integrity above suspicion boy scout always there up front as good as one's word devoted dedicated committed resolute stable fast dutiful devout stalwart ardent allegiant enduring conscientious unfaltering down-the-line pious patriotic immovable true-hearted stanch genuine sincere vigorous tested stout attached scrupulous dyed-in-the-wool certain established liege proven proved determined approved certified competent close decent sturdy bosom loving infallible veracious high-principled unhesitating fixed unchanging hard-core rational unshakable behind one adult balanced creditworthy capable correct fanatical moral inseparable capable of being trusted redoubtable confirmed supportive impeccable unshakeable go-to rigid unflinching hard-working obdurate inexorable passionate persistent uncompromising effective consistent settled stubborn tough wholehearted tenacious unbending obedient stiff indomitable true to life bound boon able confiding affectionate circumspect truehearted to be counted on string along with safe as houses card-carrying orthodox humble authentic impervious impartial unpretentious fair uncontrived unfeigned equitable fervent emphatic deep-dyed zealous unflappable die-hard unmistakable rocklike copper-bottomed familiar impassioned clutch respectable decisive hardened believable fervid perfervid incorrupt unequivocal positive careful durable strict in good faith avid as thick as thieves immutable unchangeable pure quality carrying the load confidential persevering sane right just nice inflexible daring reasonable good as one's word right-minded qualified efficient self-reliant keen attested adamant abiding immobile unmovable unqualified intense changeless unquestioning intent worthy veridical undistorted estimable creditable square all right lasting recognized classic demonstrated failsafe permanent discreet recognised used audacious forceful steamroller unafraid resilient nervy powerhouse equable no lie fail-safe likely to perform tried out put to the test time-honoured assured perdurable bulletproof single-minded undaunted long-lived long-standing long-lasting bound and determined dead set on hanging tough on the up and up well-built well balanced well-balanced flawless valued earnest bulldog deep-rooted definite confident uncorrupted cherished dear intimate compelling close-knit normal special convincing perfect undamaged treasured best strong-minded unrelenting strong-willed dogged spirited brave direct indefatigable unyielding conclusive easy unanxious nailed down locked on absolute undoubtful sanguine in the bag carefree hopeful well-founded shoo-in gritty bold mettlesome courageous plucky strenuous stout-hearted expedient unspoiled influential eatable persuasive well judged timely fresh potent whole well timed trenchant felicitous unimpaired favourable unhurt seasonable on one's side unflagging undeviating rock-ribbed untiring undecayed promising intact fit to eat well-timed unblemished uncontaminated favorable make good make good on something in good part


Conforming to or governed by an accepted standard of procedure or convention
regular official formal established orthodox proper traditional approved customary sanctioned accepted conventional ceremonial ceremonious correct fixed legal legitimate representative lawful valid authorised authorized recognised recognized stated bona fide time-honored time-honoured tried and tested tried and true usual standard accustomed routine normal habitual popular acknowledged universal familiar common classical classic set proven wonted rooted confirmed prescribed received settled mainstream prevailing stock long-established acceptable agreed widespread expected typical authoritative general ordinary prevalent right old ritual admitted prescriptive sound doctrinal ritualistic old-fashioned determined inveterate agreed upon widely used explicit vested defined precise appropriate express endorsed certain exact fashionable certified conformist passed conservative understood traditionary documented allowed well-established historic stable predictable stipulated regulation unprogressive canonical taken for granted traditionalistic stereotyped immemorial well-known true de règle definite ancient age-old strict OB regimented orderly methodical folk ancestral vintage obligatory systematic undistinguished staid undoubted undisputed statutory unquestioned natural canonic uncontested discerning circumspect ceremonialistic formalistic abiding de rigueur permitted supported legalized ratified backed chosen validated affirmed OK'd dyed-in-the-wool unadventurous respectable enduring immortal ageless past decided entrenched run-of-the-mill known lasting timeless legalised discreet arranged specified characteristic believed renowned predetermined recognizable identified perceived declared scheduled appointed conforming old school made official vouched for realized remembered undying memorable unforgettable deathless prearranged professed realised recognisable old line backward-looking earlier generation ingrained deep-rooted judicious old-style officially recognized secure unshakable permanent planned traditionalist widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted assigned recommended button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked ultraconservative old-line old-school standpat reactionary die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative unheretical apt derivative well established kosher religious straight pious punctilious rightful square suitable fitting bien pensant straight arrow in line due by the numbers accurate applicable according to the book fit desired meet becoming suited prudent just qualified befitting sensible felicitous pretty household predominant going touted current preferred everyday unopposed plain legit okayed well worn bog-standard in vogue arrived at decorous seemly decent given done comme il faut nice polite refined OK genteel civilized civilised voted for definitive protocol in order carried exhaustive done thing apposite good tasteful dignified contracted granted guaranteed accredited comely pukka presentable trusted confessed returned proclaimed answered unsuspected avowed sworn conceded unchallenged genuine couth moral courtly mannerly well-mannered diplomatic stiff stiff-necked stilted starchy okay careful right stuff most complete most reliable

Trái nghĩa của tried and trusted

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