Đồng nghĩa của of good standing


Having a good reputation, especially in a given field
name esteemed estimable prestigious recognised recognized reputable reputed distinguished eminent illustrious prominent renowned respected acclaimed celebrated notable revered venerated honored honoured respectable venerable acknowledged famous honorable honourable meritorious highly regarded well known well-known well-regarded well respected well-thought-of big name big time of good repute well thought of with a good reputation major league of repute much touted reliable upright trustworthy honest dependable sound decent worthy good excellent creditable legitimate principled established trusted conscientious virtuous irreproachable anti-corruption straightforward constant fair faithful legit favored copper-bottomed high-ranking sincere just popular redoubted righteous high-principled famed truthful favoured above board tried and trusted in high favor of good report salt of the earth noted important admired influential leading preeminent pre-eminent noteworthy elevated noble great valued exalted foremost august lionized legendary glorious lionised imposing conspicuous major outstanding notorious powerful superior dominant of note of high standing high-powered signal star top seminal memorable high profile lauded highly rated big-time principal dignified grand big-league major-league much-publicized authoritative iconic premier chief prized significant applauded pivotal infamous peerless visible feted big big-name top-ranking highly esteemed much vaunted high-level puissant highly thought of vaunted key central extolled commanding integral remarkable predominant prime redoubtable extraordinary VIP essential well received heavyweight formidable serious in the public eye mighty resonant stately of distinction big-shot in the limelight senior high-up talked about big league professional consequential admirable considerable exceptional recognizable luminous brilliant appreciated familiar bright superstar primary core fundamental much-admired recognisable capital main supreme paramount storied aristocratic arch distinctive historical highly praised prevailing highest well-connected fabled in limelight top-drawer top-notch widely known of influence incomparable alpha potent all-important high-profile high-flying public far-reaching far-famed much publicized having made a name for oneself praised celebrity beloved prizewinning decorated critical crucial vital known requisite intrinsic marked common famous name dynamic instrumental energetic reverenced hallowed accomplished in spotlight everyday singular on the map large necessary monumental needed indispensable astral especial special striking unforgettable shining valuable worshipped impressive nonpareil arresting salient widely knowbn heavy-duty earnest high-priority skookum sublime lofty magnanimous regal cardinal high-status meritable sterling deserving meretorious appreciable palmary praisable reverend sacred sage eventful top-level controlling head overbearing unparalleled unequaled superlative unequalled gifted matchless high-minded prior first rate primal unexcelled learned talked of arch- first number one of the first rank heroic unsurpassed triumphal idealistic greatest material focal prodigious exemplary wise upper eloquent marvelous towering cogent first-class four-star successful rich magnific phenomenal oratorical magnificent majestic royal deciding upper-class patriarchal philosophical sedate worshipful matriarchal worshiped experienced grave marvellous of mark of great consequence laureate celeb world-class worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out up there

Trái nghĩa của of good standing

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