Đồng nghĩa của well respected


Of or appropriate to high or respectable society
pukka proper respectable formal conventional correct decent decorous smart genteel polite posh presentable accepted right tip-top top-notch high-class superior upper-class well-placed comme il faut nice appropriate suitable becoming befitting seemly fitting fit apposite apt standard good tasteful refined dignified approved orthodox comely conforming traditional civilized prudent civilised de rigueur meet acceptable done mannerly courtly well-mannered due worthy fitted applicable gentlemanly ladylike polished elegant moral couth prim suited well bred au fait expedient relevant convenient cultured just sedate modest demure courteous sophisticated civil ceremonious usual customary in good taste well mannered qualified urbane OK punctilious well-behaved able compatible timely well-bred congruous done thing capable felicitous prudish priggish prissy functional prepared feasible adapted deserving pertinent ready pretty happy useful apropos adequate rightful employable useable available serviceable usable correspondent conformable equal equitable necessary required educated protocol in order de rigeur welcome honourable virtuous honorable fair diplomatic stiff stiff-necked stilted starchy kosher congenial consistent consonant pleasing straight puritanical okay careful in keeping in line strait-laced the done thing right stuff opportune by the book by the numbers cultivated desirable tactful right on on the nose that's the ticket just what was ordered on the button staid stylish gracious reserved well behaved accomplished affected restrained ceremonial seasonable distingué fashionable chivalrous patronising pompous ostentatious pretentious confined la-di-da artificial intolerant hollow patronizing snooty snobbish straitlaced precious discreet graceful condescending stuffy exploitable equipped operable practicable preferable good enough -worthy


Pertaining to a reputation accorded to another
reputed respected highly regarded well respected well known well thought of widely known of good repute with a good reputation esteemed recognized prestigious renowned distinguished celebrated estimable prominent illustrious acclaimed eminent notable respectable honored famous honoured name reputable honourable honorable of good standing recognised well-known well-thought-of of repute famed popular established trusted worthy upright reliable decent trustworthy good honest excellent redoubted dependable creditable legitimate sound principled conscientious virtuous irreproachable straightforward constant fair faithful legit favored sincere just righteous truthful favoured high-ranking anti-corruption copper-bottomed high-principled above board tried and trusted in high favor of good report salt of the earth venerated revered venerable meritorious acknowledged well-regarded big time big name much touted major league noted important great noteworthy influential preeminent noble glorious leading exalted pre-eminent outstanding legendary admired lionized elevated foremost of high standing star notorious lionised august significant of note major grand big-name imposing signal dominant remarkable top conspicuous big-time superior big-league powerful lauded major-league memorable visible storied high-profile highly rated of distinction bright feted redoubtable much-publicized valued high-powered chief dignified applauded brilliant infamous stately luminous seminal predominant superstar much publicized big-shot principal authoritative extolled prized peerless paramount lofty high profile astral highly esteemed well received world-class VIP supreme heroic in the public eye much vaunted in the limelight highly thought of big league high-level puissant vaunted splendid impressive iconic unforgettable premier regal main pivotal praised admirable heavyweight big consequential sublime epic public celeb far-famed fabled essential immortal resplendent high-flying talked about celebrious weighty heavy senior of mark mighty of consequence magnificent hallowed professional majestic exceptional recognizable appreciated familiar celebrity primary key central much-admired imperial royal recognisable capital monumental superb proud shining prime serious substantial heroical magnific massive grandiose gallant baronial Homeric arch aristocratic laureate considerable highly praised material top-ranking extraordinary resonant top-drawer formidable high-up having made a name for oneself heavy-duty something else high-minded sterling potent on the map big-gun praiseworthy high-status prizewinning decorated high rightly prized widely-known reverenced widely knowbn famous name forceful strong known cardinal of importance worshipped common beautiful triumphant leonine lionlike page-oner underlined fundamental integral focal everyday glittering glamorous star-studded splashy monster proverbial golden dynamic large instrumental energetic prodigious gorgeous divine dazzling worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out worth mentioning reverend sacred sage enduring perennial classic evergreen time-honoured abiding traditional ageless timeless distinctive historical core effulgent splendiferous radiant up there exemplary wise all-star commanding magnanimous of influence of great consequence far-reaching marvelous gratifying adored marvellous time-honored remembered patriarchal philosophical sedate worshipful matriarchal worshiped experienced grave prevailing overbearing highest unparalleled unequaled superlative unequalled gifted incomparable matchless prior first rate primal alpha unexcelled learned arch- well-connected all-important first number one of the first rank unsurpassed triumphal idealistic greatest in spotlight in limelight sovereign vital hot-dog historic winning trendsetting dominating governing regnant big-wheel commemorated dynamite to the max solid gold something unreal meaningful mondo fab super-duper fat momentous doozie super kingly beloved marked paragon genius solemn lordly singular awe-inspiring portly staid especial special striking nonpareil arresting salient pompous highfalutin' talked of accomplished top-notch

Trái nghĩa của well respected

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