Đồng nghĩa của royal

Alternative for royal

Tính từ

Of a quality or size suitable for a king or queen
grand dignified fine grandiose imperial magnificent majestic noble regal august baronial elevated epic glorious honorable honourable illustrious imposing splendid stately eminent excellent gallant great heroic impressive magnific marvelous marvellous resplendent supreme terrific wonderful extravagant fantastic heroical lofty superb superior tremendous worthy authoritative commanding Homeric massive monumental proud renowned first-class first-rate kingly princely exalted distinguished awe-inspiring palatial striking sublime sumptuous awesome opulent splendiferous queenly luxurious spectacular elegant lavish lordly gorgeous solemn stunning towering pompous rich outstanding sovereign beautiful swanky extraordinary prodigious remarkable aristocratic brilliant dazzling statuesque divine vast arresting portly formidable celebrated monarchial monarchal honoured breathtaking large plush courtly monarchical posh venerable esteemed ritzy staid splendacious magnolious ambitious fab staggering powerful honored handsome mind-blowing super big amazing fabulous splendorous wondrous considerable colossal sensational stupendous stirring ominous something else acclaimed Olympian famous high-ranking respected prestigious famed magisterial radiant deluxe smashing highly regarded eloquent noted important portentous haughty pretentious unreal ostentatious classy phenomenal gracious mighty dramatic huge notable preeminent memorable well-known exciting eye-catching cosmic mega overwhelming splashy theatrical out of this world palatine exquisite celestial heavenly sightly monarchic legendary mythological classical crowned rarefied godlike large-scale high imperious fit for a prince imperatorial tall in the saddle fit for a queen fit for a princess costly dynamite admirable ornate triumphant bright refined expensive fit for a king hallowed elaborate immortal shining proper fancy showy ample transcendent unforgettable effulgent swish brave plushy splendrous swank distingué flash flashy effective long glittering palatian very good of repute of distinction graceful gratifying adored time-honored forcible extended classic unfathomable complex impenetrable fustian bombastic purple egotistic high-falutin' high-flying magnifico flamboyant baroque tasteful arduous Herculean high-minded well thought of highfalutin' of high standing moving overblown maestoso astonishing solid gold marathon resounding sonorous influential high-flown formal something to write home about one for the book incredible fascinating thrilling larger-than-life very long very great very large ceremonious cool enthralling astounding unbelievable ceremonial exhilarating fantastical miraculous mind-boggling eye-popping awe-striking heart-stopping eye-opening jaw-dropping prominent prevailing prime eventful top-level well-connected dominant premier predominant head pre-eminent highest notorious prized controlling valued leading recognized of influence high profile senior high-up distinctive integral incomparable historical signal alpha oratorical trusted all-important chief foremost top-ranking high-powered upper reputable fabled high-level puissant cogent four-star successful potent seminal of note deciding upper-class VIP good resonant recognised iconic immense leviathan mammoth substantial hulking monstrous oceanic giant gigantesque enormous largish vasty walloping goodly titanic humungous sizable outsized supersize whopping jumbo sizeable monster whacking biggish mountainous astronomic elephantine supersized gargantuan humongous voluminous astronomical boxcar gigantic pharaonic bulky planetary husky oversize bumper cosmical tidy cyclopean outsize hefty oversized herculean galactic super-duper king-size Brobdingnagian king size Himalayan king-sized revered admired lionized respectable estimable well known noteworthy lionised star significant decorous name astral major league highly rated big-name conspicuous big-time lauded peerless redoubtable number one acknowledged vaunted major paramount first well received popular genteel visible top applauded big league starchy grave decent conventional reputed much touted overbearing capital luminous exceptional delightful uplifting infamous superstar celeb well-regarded pleasurable stellar redoubted numero uno much-publicized venerated highest-ranking big name well-thought-of sedate serious upright stylish intellectual cultivated sophisticated inflated official praised exaggerated excessive immodest extolled primary couth urbane main principal polite polished ideal sacred nifty stuffy traditional suave debonair greatest cultured highbred gentle public feted storied top-drawer laureate high-born momentous arch superlative primal smart well bred studied choice nice perfect lovely big-league enjoyable neat up there talked about comely schmick sterling unsurpassed matchless in the public eye widely known world-class in limelight high-class having made a name for oneself stylized number stiff heavy higher reverential marked high-status familiar singular flaunted self-important penetrating absorbing grandiloquent especial special reserved known jumbo-sized thumping ginormous nonpareil salient common high up blissful rapturous touted everyday established worthy of mention major-league worthy of note stand-out big-shot high-profile talked of thumping great whopping great intense irresistible whacking great expansive extensive dynamic highbrow composed higher up valuable paraded in the limelight on the map reverenced much vaunted hailed commended cheered magnanimous lionlike celebrious big-gun leonine page-oner sombre somber transcendental too good to be true inspiring too much outrageous inspirational the most holy spiritual abstract meritorious advertised hyped promoted overhyped publicized fateful consequential landmark learned triumphal idealistic fashionable artistic highly esteemed discerning worshipped palmary praisable meritable meretorious appreciable deserving big time historic bragged about shown off publicised boasted about made much of highly thought of self-respecting ritual modish unparalleled first rate of the first rank gifted prior unexcelled unequaled unequalled arch- pivotal fulfilling meaningful groundbreaking just so delicate prated about exulted in crowed about reverend sage ritualistic aesthetic charming dashing material dictatorial bossy made a display of honest chivalrous civil chic select wise exemplary state liturgical much publicized far-famed cheering satisfying rewarding pleasing epochal red-letter heart-warming far-reaching ornamented affected dainty rare matriarchal philosophical experienced patriarchal worshipful worshiped in spotlight well-dressed overdone a la mode recherche esthetic well-designed well-bred domineering arrogant autocratic set prescribed virtuous trustworthy affable gentlemanly courteous ladylike obliging civilized correct befitting clean-living seemly presentable master sacramental celebratory confident high-handed peremptory overweening self-confident above board spruce accepted lead prim flattering preux adulatory complimentary well mannered high-bred key appropriate conforming suitable becoming modest done comme il faut ordinary creditable moderate mediocre de rigueur of good repute mannered premium patrician patronizing supercilious overconfident apex central civilised cardinal elite focal topping biggest largest core overmastering overriding wellborn highborn upmarket sovran dogmatic judicial patronising highhanded unrivalled unrivaled bodacious chillin' quality rad inspired ace prizewinning fantabulous radical groovy dandy hype slick keen gangbuster dope mean hot gangbusters wizard frontline righteous optimal gone peachy swell prize amazeballs optimum crackerjack bonny corking boss banner phat down brill sik primo bonnie boffo beaut cracking supernal number-one solid belting bosting pearler exo brag bully barrie of the first water topflight the very best tip-top state-of-the-art top-notch par excellence the best on fleek supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gilt-edge out-of-sight jim-dandy blue-chip peachy keen bang-up of the first order a standout top-shelf first-string A-OK blue-ribbon five-star top-of-the-line gilt-edged blue-blooded well born widely praised upper-crust silk-stocking

Tính từ

(metaphorical) Very easy or involving minimal effort
effortless easy facile painless simple ready straightforward smooth fluid light cheap snap downhill hands-down soft fluent uncomplicated undemanding trouble-free a cinch as easy as ABC a piece of cake as easy as falling off a log plain sailing natural flowing graceful elementary quick unchallenging untroublesome unproblematic easy-peasy unexacting duck soup a snap a breeze a pushover easy as pie a doddle idiot-proof money for jam a bludge easy-breezy not difficult money for old rope a snip no sweat picnic child's play elegant obvious free-flowing unbroken uninterrupted continuous clear breezy regular rhythmic basic trivial piece of cake apparent a piece of old tackle pushover inconsiderable no trouble no problem as easy as pie sinuous feline fast easygoing leisurely a walk in the park stress-free a cakewalk a picnic a gift liquid articulate rudimental uninvolved attainable mindless perspicuous weightless palpable unambiguous unmistakable workable evident able to speak or write unequivocal user friendly accessible transparent kids' stuff cinch user-friendly distinct slight clear-cut idiotproof no muss no fuss patent bed of roses open-and-shut simple as ABC wieldy yielding no bother manageable plain nothing to it easily done little manifest not burdensome paltry mere spontaneous instinctive intuitive unforced running cursive offhand comfortable cushy routine practical a five-finger exercise rudimentary comprehensible a doss handy easy to use a snack convenient intelligible casual untroubled useful feasible fundamental essential elemental introductory underlying beginning abecedarian easily operated easy to understand nothing meat-and-potatoes not hard initial foolproof basal manipulable ergonomic adaptable straight short without a hitch carefree direct easeful unsophisticated parsimonious efficient necessary basilar lowest lax unburdensome simplistic relaxed uninhibited well-ordered down-to-earth unfussy safe easy-going laid-back unlabored uneventful easy going smooth sailing easy progress straight sailing easy ride easily accomplished well ordered untaxing moderate easily understood easily grasped easy as ABC bearable tolerable endurable low impact lazy cool minimal superficial cavalier benign mellow soothing bland tender nonabrasive balmy middle-of-the-road ordinary precise non-complex specific runaway functional usable practicable applicable working easily won useable applicative serviceable applied actionable ultrapractical exploitable breeze primary foundational primitive preliminary original ABCs primo prefatory substratal uncomplex simplest simplified simplex meat and potatoes

Tính từ

Belonging to, or characteristic of, the aristocracy
great knightly lordly princely aristocratic genteel highborn kingly ladylike queenly upper-crust baronial blue-blooded gentle gentlemanly highbred patrician wellborn top-level upper-class high-ranking high-up top-ranking sovereign sovran top-rank noble grand elite refined titled upmarket high-born well born silk-stocking top-drawer well-bred elegant cultured courteous cultivated silver-spoon exalted high posh lofty Brahmin polite born with a silver spoon in one's mouth regal polished ennobled well-born civil aristocratical gentlemanlike upper crust superior blue landowning landed county noble-born of noble birth of gentle birth high-class distinguished imperial respectable huntin', shootin', fishin' thoroughbred classy elevated preeminent illustrious eminent top drawer tweedy mannerly purebred pedigreed privileged bluestocking well-brought-up well-mannered luminous prestigious sophisticated gracious exclusive courtly urbane gallant select snobby uptown well-behaved taught considerate trained top-people's leading master prime lead august primary key major dignified predominant chief supreme highest honoured premium premier main esteemed greatest venerable apex prominent notable top famous dominant respected celebrated revered renowned principal central foremost transcendent big arch first capital cardinal focal paramount head big-time biggest core largest primal major league overbearing large well thought of highly regarded widely praised of distinction number-one number one huge well-known overriding honored numero uno overmastering grave pre-eminent

Tính từ

Polite, elegant, and sophisticated in manner
smooth suave urbane charming debonair glib mannerly persuasive slick chivalrous civil considerate cultivated decent decorous genteel gentlemanly polite refined respectable respectful sophisticated cool courteous ingratiating smarmy together unctuous collected composed courtly facile gracious polished svelte civilised civilized genial possessed silky unruffled coolheaded equable oily sedate self-composed self-possessed silver-tongued smooth-tongued media-savvy affable cultured well-bred worldly worldly-wise gallant bland pleasant well mannered stylish smart dignified elegant poised diplomatic tactful gentle obliging cosmopolitan well bred friendly amiable dashing smooth-talking spiffy dapper well-mannered sharp good-natured swish politic cordial sociable self-assured swanky fly well dressed metropolitan experienced knowing mature well-groomed well turned out congenial unemotional agreeable soft impeccable fulsome soft-spoken pleasing formal distingué assured smooth-spoken balanced confident deferential trim spruce snappy attractive enlightened knowledgeable thoughtful ladylike trig well groomed jet-set classy chic citified intelligent blasé happy casual nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly cheerful jaunty unprovincial seasoned aware mondaine erudite well-behaved well behaved discreet kind complaisant world-weary on fleek broad-minded unprejudiced liberal worldly wise well brought up conciliatory attentive punctilious mild amenable sympathetic well brought-up neighborly obsequious well-spoken well spoken concerned neighbourly condescending solicitous good-mannered streetwise well-travelled well travelled been around hip catholic planetary gregarious public ecumenical trendy snazzy sassy fashionable happening posh kicking spiff swell schmick supercool swank sporty chichi well-dressed smartly dressed well turned-out in vogue fashionably dressed discerning educated tasteful graceful learned discriminating fine perceptive highbrow intellectual modish accomplished couth sensitive astute shrewd wise ritzy proper literate informed clever exquisite scholarly au courant handsome tony exclusive seemly advanced voguish sagacious in distinguished stately well-read a la mode natty literary kicky well read well informed well educated majestic artistic beautiful lettered plush judicious nice with it bright up-to-date acute brainy sage savvy dressy well-educated fresh high-class well-informed aristocratic aesthetic modern fastidious versed developed illuminated percipient insightful sapient esthetic luxurious studious now fancy grand upscale genius groovy mod ostentatious correct uptown widely read lovely trendsetting brilliant glamorous opulent with-it up to date academic rational noble contemporary sensible perspicacious bookish in the know canny cognizant highbrowed expert deep conversant esoteric scholastic delicate well versed having been around creative critical quick-witted sumptuous keen well-rounded tolerant up to the minute progressive upmarket appealing prudent arty ingenious subtle dressed to kill inventive profound superior schooled cerebral quick swinging oversophisticated befitting alert ultra-modern instructed nifty selective well-born funky big donnish switched-on de rigueur practical becoming new ceremonious clear-sighted sharp-witted plugged in posted in fashion rich all the rage original penetrating down clued-up piercing imaginative well-off sublime expensive dainty aesthete elitist comely flattering engaging charismatic reasonable august conscious ornate affected gnostic traveled inspired likeable likable esthete prim travelled precise acquainted elaborate familiar select intuitive apprised studied understanding witty fetching flash restrained hot accurate able with good taste designer captivating observant argute appreciative abreast sound competent hep turned-on skilful pedantic recondite def pretentious razor-sharp cunning flashy tuned in skilled rakish dap in the picture absorbing sentient calculating jazzy current neat in style au fait intellective swagger sussed omniscient latest thing sleek latest skillful bang up to date high-toned clued up genned up in thing in the loop tuned-in dressed to the teeth larger than life on the ball as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox classical privileged comfortable discriminative modest high-quality eloquent industrialized good mannered humane particular finished lively poetic expressive coffee-table popular honorable honourable cavalier well-brought-up strong fully developed imposing highbred preux lofty adulatory complimentary high-bred conventional womanly plushy obscure glitzy spirited active flippant high-society dicty high-fashion understated downtown airy close rigorous late evolved improved forward high pinpoint spot-on higher mathematical responsible reliable into dress fast supersmart well schooled international global highborn blue-blooded patrician avant-garde specialist gorgeous stunning bling glossy well produced dependable adult initiated insighted culty wise up vivacious faddy in-thing fancy-pants high-minded high-brow nimble ultrasmart faddish clean du jour steezy modernistic showy harmonious groomed presentable splashy pizzazzy pizazzy elite well-traveled open-minded taught trained upper-crust mindful flamboyant colorful gay loud proficient whiz highly-developed industrialised looking sharp dressed up prestigious intellectualistic intellectualist psychologic good einstein last word colourful jet-setting prescient à la mode in the mainstream with experience old matured fitting fit incisive exceptional sharpened in high feather eggheaded geeky clerkly well put together practised privy across pretty dressed to the nines patronizing hollow prudish straitlaced prissy stuffy pompous confined la-di-da intolerant patronising artificial snooty priggish snobbish precious blue nerdish nerdy solid polymath professorial philosophical abstruse philosophic solemn pansophic grounded well-grounded scientific grave been there old hand seductive considered rapier-like razor-like with a knowledge of up on at home practiced switched on with an understanding of no stranger to leet level-headed grown-up primed spick and span well-turned-out dolled up well-tailored well-developed clean-cut spiffed-up besuited well-presented soigné tutored razor sharp selfish materialistic grasping quiet unobtrusive in good taste splendiferous aesthetically pleasing pure chaste unaffected gratifying subdued prestige watchful very smart cautious careful sharp as a tack hyperintelligent worldly-minded avaricious greedy covetous high-end deluxe lavish upper-class free-thinking expedient provocative gripping stimulating thought-provoking intriguing callous hardened self-centered unprincipled opportunistic self-centred disenchanted power-loving mondain impressive circumspect commonsensical gnarly massive advisable enchanting art-house logical strategic sober hip to wised up endearing briefed sane pawky tactical judgmatical judgmatic desirable self-aware vigilant stylin' efficacious well-versed versant sweet prepossessing bewitching adorable cute winning excellent distinctive first-class artistically aware innovative knowing what's what well-advised well judged heads-up seasonable far-sighted wary judicial common-sense well advised long-headed just well-judged thorough well thought out analytical plugged-in apprized well briefed dreamy lovable entrancing enticing delectable alluring resourceful masterly blue-stocking intellectually aware savant distingue abreast of the facts filled in up to speed serious riveting powerful heavy interesting heavyweight fascinating irresistible beguiling winsome adorbs divine luring well versed in the ways of the world all the go enterprising gifted inviting couthy magnetizing bonny delightful magnetic magnetising electrifying le dernier cri talented capable qualified absorbed thinking engrossed ratiocinative innovational trailblazing fertile originative Promethean innovatory wily dexterous pioneering adroit crafty dextrous sly deviceful ready thinking outside the box clear-eyed classic choice ornamented rare overdone recherche stylized well-designed

Danh từ

A royal person, or a member of the royal family
monarch potentate sovereign lord dynast sovran leader emperor prince overlord majesty baron mogul chief czar tycoon magnate ruler autocrat kaiser caliph khan gerent king shah commander governor mikado sultan maharajah chieftain rajah pasha tetrarch oligarch count duke crowned head head of state crown head captain tsar consort liege emir atheling sheikh crown prince his majesty royal personage prince regent liege lord grand duke royal duke supreme ruler sheik empress queen despot tyrant princess dictator dame lady caesar duchess autarch czarina ethnarch imperator countess contessa baroness controller rex sultana maharani rani suzerain royalty matriarch Crown Napoleon lion matron woman grandmother master superior elector princeling tsarina raja maharaja seigneur oppressor absolutist materfamilias authoritarian fuehrer totalitarian tyrannizer monocrat strongman Hitler fascist absolute ruler pharaoh Big Brother control freak queen consort queen mother man on horseback female ruler Her Majesty queen dowager female sovereign female monarch wife of a king amir Führer Pharaoh archduke nobleman emeer tzar autocrator imperatrix tsaritsa sovereignty monarchy royal person big man royals feudal lord dowager milady goddess diva mother ringleader supremo adviser boss disciplinarian martinet usurper slavedriver commandant nobility don lord and master parliamentarian drighten bishop dad marquis the throne noblewoman old man man upstairs grande dame viscountess peeress archduchess gentlewoman grand dame princess regent heiress to the throne crowned princess dignified woman regina ranee regent royal lady king's consort

Trái nghĩa của royal

royal Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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