Đồng nghĩa của silver spoon

Danh từ

Inherited wealth

Tính từ

(archaic, of a person) Having the characteristics attributed to noble birth
gentle genteel elegant noble aristocratic cultured refined courteous cultivated elite upper-class polished well-born well-bred grand highborn high-born highbred polite titled upmarket upper-crust wellborn well born aristocratical blue-blooded Brahmin civil ennobled great high lofty superior top-drawer upper crust blue exalted gentlemanlike gentlemanly kingly knightly ladylike lordly patrician posh princely queenly regal royal silk-stocking silver-spoon born with a silver spoon in one's mouth distinguished respectable huntin', shootin', fishin' top drawer of gentle birth majestic imperial august dignified magnificent imposing eminent stately illustrious esteemed impressive preeminent respected elevated honoured glorious honored courtly high-ranking prominent important proud venerable celebrated renowned notable famous foremost prestigious noble-born well-known highly regarded thoroughbred of noble birth landed landowning gracious splendid leading county supreme gallant noted sovereign magnific grandiose baronial high-up honourable honorable top-level privileged high-class exclusive high-level classy influential powerful prime solemn monumental acclaimed predominant purebred staid heroical epic massive heroic Homeric highest premier chief first-class four-star VIP noteworthy dominant superb head imperious outstanding portly big pedigreed famed luminous pre-eminent rich extraordinary resplendent grave magisterial reputable signal brilliant highfalutin' big-time memorable of distinction sovran top-ranking well thought of major league mannerly tweedy elect well-brought-up well-mannered bluestocking high-profile selected sophisticated top-rank urbane formal decorous opulent sumptuous gorgeous costly fine select taught considerate trained well-behaved snobby reserved ceremonious splendiferous uptown front-page major-league top-notch upright proper sedate fit for a king serious highbrow composed couth sombre starchy somber distingué nifty legendary exceptional marked full-blooded monarchial monarchic monarchical monarchal singular star redoubtable significant bright conspicuous peerless just so self-respecting excellent hallowed top-people's astral especial remarkable special striking unforgettable shining worthy well known nonpareil name talked of arresting salient big name awe-inspiring prevailing commanding eventful formidable notorious prized controlling well-connected valued queenlike kinglike of repute upper recognized of influence high profile senior fabled eloquent distinctive integral puissant incomparable marvelous towering historical authoritative cogent alpha successful potent seminal phenomenal oratorical mighty of note trusted all-important deciding high-powered pompous high-minded of high standing good resonant recognised marvellous iconic pure pure-blooded pure-bred reigning ruling regnant pure-blood pedigree master lead key primary major premium main greatest revered central apex top principal transcendent arch cardinal paramount first capital focal primal biggest core largest overbearing huge large overriding overmastering number-one number one numero uno widely praised

Trái nghĩa của silver spoon

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