Đồng nghĩa của selected

Alternative for selected

selects, selected, selecting

Đồng nghĩa: choose, pick,

Trái nghĩa: reject,

Tính từ

Selected as the best or most desirable
select elected designated nominated certain chosen elect particular preferred favored favoured handpicked choice culled favorite favourite named picked preferable appointed exclusive popular preferential weeded approved conscripted tabbed hand-picked cherry-picked first-line carefully chosen of choice elite recommended singled out privileged ideal specified screened sanctioned adopted fixed special assigned agreed set supported arranged best-liked settled commissioned allotted determined established ordained delegated fave scheduled prearranged authorized advantaged lucky pegged in endorsed recherché authorised noble specially selected mentioned well-liked recherche decided upon voted picked out pet most-liked fancied invited blue-ribbon blue-eyed aristocratic liked finest called default crack prize vetted voted in settled upon with the nod primary standard advocated commended specially chosen top-quality first-choice praised suggested upper-class decided sweetheart blessed predetermined rarefied limited number one entitled honoured cliquish honored installed prescribed preordained decreed programmed planned preset controlled pre-planned given arranged in advance preplanned pre-established intended indulged fortunate posh private identified anointed cited announced declared arranged beforehand advance decided beforehand cliquey restricted classified consecrated certified individuated deputed vested entrusted drafted settled on opted for close intimate closed exclusory clannish noninclusive restrictive discriminating segregated small uninclusive exclusionary discriminative prime superior excellent best first-class fine quality first-rate top fantastic bad exquisite tip-top grand high-quality premier great nice phat wonderful dainty hot high-grade fabulous superb exceptional terrific top-notch crucial optimal sensational splendid beautiful 10 groovy heavenly awesome marvelous sterling topflight lovely stellar fab swell famous marvellous fantabulous unsurpassed dynamite rad neat top-shelf frontline dandy gangbusters righteous superlative classic rare immense prizewinning bonny peachy high-class corking divine slick vintage schmick elegant precious cool capital plum bang-up bumper gangbuster boffo banner nifty mean def cracking brag crackerjack unusual primo A-OK bonnie valuable boss keen uncommon radical dope supernal out-of-sight jim-dandy first-string blue-chip five-star gilt-edge top-drawer par excellence top-of-the-line gilt-edged 24-karat grade A top of the line top of the range peachy keen A-1 solid gold numero uno of the first water

Tính từ

The best of its kind or class
prime top best choice superior excellent select superlative great terrific capital exceptional fine grand marvellous quality splendid sterling superb wonderful famous fantastic finest flawless heavenly model optimal peak sensational slick stellar supreme swell tip-top top-notch awesome banner beautiful boffo bonnie bonny boss brag brave bully bumper classic cool dandy divine dope down dynamite fab fabulous first-string frontline gone groovy hot hype immense keen lovely magnificent marvelous mean neat nifty noble peachy prize radical righteous topflight unsurpassed corking crackerjack cracking fantabulous formidable gangbuster gangbusters highest phat primo supernal prizewinning topping wizard first-class first-rate high-class top-of-the-line high-grade top-quality top-tier five-star jim-dandy top-shelf highest quality blue-chip four-star gilt-edge gilt-edged grade-A out-of-sight bang-up blue-ribbon number one top of the line top of the range A-OK grade A numero uno peachy keen par excellence high-quality premium exclusive elite premier classy major upmarket deluxe extravagant upscale precious leading high priceless valuable pricey central costly dear luxurious dominant foremost expensive pricy preeminent spendy ultraexpensive pre-eminent high-end top-end big-ticket high-ticket rare pure archetypal traditional classical venerable essential mature vintage ripe outstanding super out of this world brilliant exquisite perfect ace world-class wicked admirable smashing sublime champion glorious peerless tremendous good rad brill notable impressive very good schmick too much exemplary tiptop topnotch supercalifragilisticexpialidocious extraordinary distinguished matchless unparalleled worthy amazing sik unrivaled spectacular A1 beaut striking top-hole unrivalled incomparable remarkable A-1 mega accomplished top-drawer of the first water exo ripping top-class bosting magic spiffing consummate incredible bodacious sovereign greatest stunning noted meritorious belting applaudable chillin' on fleek eminent stupendous estimable phenomenal of high quality commendable of the highest quality transcendent pearler bonzer crack barrie crucial elegant attractive unreal def unequalled laudable nice of the first order sound bad dazzling unequaled special of the highest standard delightful desirable mind-blowing class top-grade faultless ideal praiseworthy dreamy winning splendiferous breathtaking amazeballs optimum first second to none mint enjoyable invaluable outrageous choicest unique masterly fancy spanking illustrious unexcelled lofty solid awesomesauce the dog's bollocks gorgeous fly top-level unblemished bosker tops impeccable certified skilful skillful unimpaired undamaged too good to be true agreeable satisfying enviable chic of the highest order pleasing pleasurable prodigious unmarred fantastical singular unmatched luxury noteworthy uppermost star solid gold top-of-the-range surpassing quintessential unbeatable way-out state-of-the-art hunky-dory top quality top drawer prize-winning far out very best super-duper without equal beyond compare award-winning chief gratifying main shipshape prominent pristine paramount entrancing gnarly honourable honorable majestic enchanting legit distinctive dainty pleasant unbroken up to snuff whole intact unspoilt plush radiant rewarding colossal standout advanced crowning memorable renowned inspired cream delectable A-list lead arresting irreproachable flagship really good scrumptious immaculate posh far-out first-line creditable marvy untouchable refined fabby effusive goodly beezer extreme excessive high quality exalted inflated lank exaggerated kif worthiest nonpareil august as good as new first class best ever in a class all by itself ka pai out of sight top-flight the best above and beyond of highest order of a high standard superfine zero cool piked reliable commanding cardinal tough heavy world key sharp quick celebrated bestselling unimpeachable bewitching captivating charming unforgettable hand-picked elect agile deft clever smart mighty tophole sophisticated polished virtuoso masterful blameless blissful fashionable unorthodox deep wild definitive authoritative thoroughbred ritzy super-eminent acceptable congenial favorable entire super-excellent positive reputable welcome uninjured satisfactory recherche unharmed unhurt idyllic rapturous ravishing alluring handy well-designed natty convenient adroit apt ingenious stylish spruce favored 10 popular preferred preferential master pick fat delicate handpicked plum favorite good quality high-caliber a cut above foxy juicy rocking favoured favourite uncommon cherry-picked unusual proper paragon baller crash hot eclectic really nice carefully chosen not too shabby elevated splendorous good-quality high-calibre high-test proud 24-karat banging like wow cat's meow sup rior all very well well and good moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable A-grade virtuous nang No. 1 worthwhile five star astonishing the very best a standout better improved enhanced ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal lush adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly dream meritable with it pretty cool better than usual of the best quality better than average of the highest type highest-quality top grade best-quality deserving respectable favourable copacetic unprecedented apex complete number 1 principal primary worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas hunky dory up to par up to standard cordon bleu up to scratch dominating head crown inimitable Grade A able best possible undefeated unbeaten sans pareil competent a cut above the rest unsurpassable industry leading one-in-a-million utopian number-one record-breaking big-time world class unexampled powerful imposing untainted seamless unsullied untarnished unspoiled as sound as a bell squeaky clean stainless defectless spotless spick-and-span finished indefectible monumental dramatic stately palatial towering massive dignified sumptuous penetrating awe-inspiring lavish absorbing without blemish most excellent

Động từ

To have picked one option over another
took picked chose favoured preferred favored elected embraced went for decided on handpicked opted for settled on wanted to cherry-picked decided upon elected to choose felt disposed to fixed on fixed upon hand-picked made a choice to picked out plumped for singled out took up voted for set settled upon decided appointed pinned down determined named adopted specified nominated agreed on stipulated culled designated tagged capped made a choice pegged optated made a selection chosen taken gone for came to resolved arrived at established made sorted out discriminated between considered identified pondered weighed sifted out opted concluded marked agreed put in power figured decreed made a decision put down for pitched on come to a decision fixed fixt settled voted ordained fingered accepted voted in plumped on plumped made your mind up committed oneself to returned assigned arranged delegated commissioned allotted purposed constituted placed installed proposed indicated tapped put in came to a decision made a decision on made up one's mind on settled on a plan of action set aside made a choice on taken up pointed out put finger on made up your mind resolved on cast the die come down in favour of reached a decision come to scheduled deputed committed flagged aimed announced declared intended confirmed allocated earmarked labeled labelled ruled reached planned imposed desired inducted guessed cinched branded denoted employed prescribed cited recognized moved for come to the conclusion deliberated on balloted received signed up wanted came down in favour of charged awarded come to decision fancied made choice had in mind committed yourself fixed up instructed come to agreement wished elected for predestined admitted deputised formed opinion flagged up marked out voted into office taken a stand recognised committed oneself ended up co-opted detailed deputized willed surmised buttoned down picked and choose authorized conjectured come to a conclusion classified dictated made the decision to made up one's mind had the intention laid down made a point of called shots slotted took a stand settled for had final word reached decision come to an agreement on reached a conclusion come to conclusion come to a decision on come to a conclusion on ended with judged made the choice of tabbed made up mind reached a decision on pointed to made a selection on remained firm authorised mediated exercised choice polled determined on called for taken on took on agreed upon lay down seen fit to saw fit to saw fit seen fit chosen by ballot chose by ballot gone down the line went down the line forechose forechosen undertaken undertook arrived at conclusion came to a conclusion came to agreement went down line drew a conclusion gone down line drawn a conclusion came to conclusion came to decision came to a conclusion on came to a decision on came to an agreement on took a stand on taken a stand on came to the conclusion taken a decision took a decision

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