Đồng nghĩa của on the trot

Tính từ

Busy and active
occupied busy employed engaged working active engrossed absorbed assiduous bustling diligent hard-pressed hopping immersed industrious interested involved laborious preoccupied sedulous tied-up at work tied up focused on on the job utilised utilized in harness wrapped up clocked up hard at work on the go on the hop head over heels rushed off your feet hard at it too much on plate unavailable busy as a bee energetic taken at it on duty in use tied down on the move hired signed operating laboring selected inked committed tireless in place in collar on board plugging away lively in a job on the payroll hustling overloaded snowed labouring reserved otherwise engaged have one's hands full up to one's ears have a prior engagement busy as a beaver on assignment have a previous engagement with a customer being used retained jobholding dynamic productive vigorous spirited fast-moving jumping humming in full swing time-poor preoccupied with engrossed in at work on absorbed in rushed off one's feet with immersed in hard-working hardworking participating devoted enthusiastic having fish to fry having enough on one's plate efficient having a full plate slaving harried in demand having many irons in the fire dedicated keen dutiful on the run ardent influential fervent devout faithful activist motivated contributing in a meeting on active service forward already taken in conference go-getting go-ahead two-fisted signed up in action flooded swamped inundated in an occupation snowed under rushing about hurrying about in a rush dashing about in a hurry

Trái nghĩa của on the trot

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