Đồng nghĩa của immersed

Alternative for immersed

immerses, immersed, immersing

Đồng nghĩa: absorb, dip, drown, dunk, engage, engross, enthrall, fascinate, grip, hold, inundate, occupy, plunge, sink, submerge,

Tính từ

Under the surface of a liquid
absorbed deep engrossed busy rapt buried consumed involved occupied attentive enthralled focused focussed intent mesmerised mesmerized observant spellbound bound-up engaged into preoccupied taken up wrapped up all ears bound up tied up turned on eat sleep and breathe in a brown study captivated gripped lost riveted caught up fascinated intrigued interested hooked head over heels entranced fixed distracted hung up submerged concentrating fixated committed really into concentrated hypnotized focused on hypnotised enchanted up to here up to your ears obsessed fanatical deep in thought devoted held infatuated intense preoccupied by single-minded intent on charmed beguiled absent-minded locked in dialed in steadfast hooked on riveted by distrait abstracted absentminded gone employed working enthusiastic keen diligent enrapt assiduous industrious smitten sedulous active bustling hopping heavily into caught up in tied-up hell-bent up to here in set stuck on determined dreamy obsessive resolved firm captivated by resolute absent wool-gathering all wound up oblivious earnest steady inflexible inattentive daydreaming somewhere else not there heedless unaware not with us gripped by pensive studious passionate watchful faraway brooding miles away besotted bugged bemused dedicated alert concerned bewitched motivated thoughtful transfixed woolgathering distant monomaniacal queer enraptured enamored laborious far away enticed hard-pressed lost in thought at work taken over enamoured immersed in thought on the job wound up preoccupied with sunk in on the hop single-minded about potty about crazy about engrossed in absorbed in wrapped up in hard at it obsessive about passionate about nuts about dedicated to enthusiastic about hard at work interested in gone on dotty about on the go involved in possessed by wild on hung up on devoted to immersed in having a one-track mind steeped up to your eyes up to your elbows entangled sunk centered wrapped happy busy with centred connected enfolded exclusive whole entire undivided all ignorant bent glued up to one's ears in hanging on every word entranced by fascinated by distracted by taken up by enthralled by spellbound by eager strong-minded persistent dogged driven intensive knee-deep settled in a world of one's own with one's head in the clouds insistent worried wrapped-up mooning anxious asleep airheaded removed forgetful moony elsewhere inconscient participating in a world of your own impatient set on deep in dutiful unavailable overloaded ardent influential fervent faithful devout activist contributing snowed withdrawn remote taken energetic have a prior engagement on the move up to one's ears tied down busy as a bee have one's hands full on assignment have a previous engagement busy as a beaver at it with a customer forward dazzled excited delighted overpowered very interested thrilled transported aroused tantalized attracted seduced titillated sent intoxicated musing tantalised go-getting two-fisted go-ahead vague fond of in love with extremely curious sold on under a spell very inquisitive highly interested extremely interested very curious out to lunch out in space utilized utilised monopolized in harness engaged with beguiled by monopolised engaged in too much on plate rushed off your feet clocked up on the trot hypnotized by fixated by fiend for intrigued by mesmerized by taken up with diverted prepossessed tickled pleased amused exhilarated entertained possessed attached obsessed with wackadoodle wackadoo infatuated with fanatical about paranoid neurotic on task laughing smiling besotted with fervid feverish crazy rapturous in the grip of ecstatic impassioned nuts full pleasantly occupied dotty on duty rhapsodic giddy elevated euphoric elated rhapsodical heady in a meeting blissful ravished on active service otherwise engaged cheered relaxed joyful dreaming overwhelmed content unconscious pleasurably entertained in conference already taken tireless time-poor lively carried away blissed out having fun enjoying oneself having enough on one's plate having a full plate hustling harried having fish to fry efficient rushed off one's feet slaving in demand on the run having many irons in the fire hard-working hardworking

Động từ

To have involved or engaged in deeply
lost engaged involved absorbed absorpt engrossed consumed enmeshed obsessed occupied threw affected assimilated connected enraptured enthralled hooked mired preoccupied interested busied fascinated gripped intrigued enwrapped bemused distracted held diverted caught up captivated rivetted riveted amused entertained beguiled arrested mesmerized employed mesmerised concerned enchanted bewitched charmed attracted holden spellbound grabbed hypnotized engulfed monopolized monopolised hypnotised lured pulled caught piqued entranced buried kept busy tied up drew pleased tempted titillated excited tantalized moved tantalised held one's attention thrown bedazzled drawn committed transfixed fixed fixt fixated filled inspired wrapped wrapt soaked attended bound held the attention of snared touched aroused perked up mattered to turned on sat up aroused one's curiosity taken up engaged one's attention lit someone's fire tickled someone's fancy whetted one's appetite caught one's eye took up floated someone's boat captured one's imagination won captured delighted devoted appealed to cheered plunged bothered regaled dominated gained seized enticed enveloped disported solaced enamoured associated allured embroiled grasped magnetized implicated recreated overwhelmed ensnared compelled got lost in gratified drowned made merry held your attention become lost participated linked become an obsession with kept amused tickled inspirited got wrapped up engrossed oneself tickled one's fancy bounden invited enlisted gladdened hogged applied cracked up enlivened entailed comforted used up humoured slayed tickled your fancy ecstasized magnetised cornered satisfied elated indulged entangled lost oneself in swamped imputed stimulated held spellbound upped on concentrated humored possessed enamored knocked dead relaxed inculpated held attention aroused the curiosity of aroused curiosity became lost sewed up sewn up given pleasure to slain gave pleasure to slew threw oneself into thrown oneself into sunken sank sunk thrown yourself into threw yourself into absorbed yourself in gotten took in taken in took control of gat taken control of became an obsession with embrangled bogged down mixed up incriminated broiled entrapped trapped tangled netted entoiled meshed immeshed ensnarled set back made party to dragged into boxed in drawn in drew in impressed deceived seduced tricked snarled dazzled bagged transported raptured influenced troubled landed inveigled intertwined wowed hung up led on sucked in clung grabbed the attention of setted a trap for clinged detained held in awe sticked roped in tickled pink laid for stuck knocked out won over reeled in betrapped floundered tangled up caught hold of muddled benetted

Động từ

Past tense for to dip or submerge in a liquid
dipped ducked submerged doused dunked plunged sank sunk sunken soused drenched soaked submersed dowsed saturated sopped bathed covered imbued rinsed wet wetted aspersed drowned merged slopped steeped washed wet down watered moistened sloshed soddened splashed waterlogged marinated macerated lowered wet through bedraggled baptised baptized laved sodden irrigated put in flooded impregnated deluged inundated pickled pitched immerged infused retted sprinkled marinaded brined swamped hosed showered spattered permeated overwhelmed seethed lustrated wet thoroughly brewed seasoned paddled stewed besprinkled cleansed laundered mashed engulfed sponged wiped scrubbed soaped trailed dampened guddled starched shampooed swabbed preserved scoured tubbed shined shone dabbled debouched stood damped filled imbathed pervaded bubbled floated suffused seeped sod cleaned up whelmed overflowed snuffed sluiced splattered imbrued washed up freshened up sluiced down poured percolated plunged into water transfused teemed swilled down hosed down brushed up penetrated douched sprayed dashed plashed bespattered squirted swashed got wet fertigated lapped made wet daubed spritzed marked speckled stained smeared splodged blotched broadcast strewn humidified splatted lipped dirtied soiled drooled specked mottled watered down flecked scattered flushed streamed gushed slabbered splotched bedabbled wallowed spotted discharged spluttered dribbled spangled smudged waded dispersed broadcasted dipped in emitted sputtered dotted stippled bestrewed bestrewn got water on gotten water on threw thrown threw liquid thrown liquid

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