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Động từ

Past tense for to entangle
ensnarled entangled ensnared trapped enmeshed snared tangled netted entrapped entoiled meshed snarled embroiled involved intertwined caught up mixed up caught captured bagged seized hooked landed snagged nabbed grabbed nailed got collared snatched copped glommed corralled nobbled grappled rapped snapped up gotten seduced enticed lured deceived tricked ambushed beguiled allured implicated springed wired inveigled lassoed led on arrested benetted decoyed betrapped laid for pulled in roped in sucked in reeled in boxed in setted a trap for rounded up sprent took captive taken captive gotten hold of got your hands on got hold of gotten your hands on gat secured gained grasped won taken took achieved acquired laid hands on laid hold of trammeled trammelled attained lift gripped wrested clutched obtained earned yanked apprehended reapt reaped scored detained brought in picked up pulled down procured plucked pluckt appropriated abducted pinched wrenched nicked lifted prehended garnered took hold of taken hold of grabbed hold of clinched annexed bound seized hold of carried off set back clasped clenched held gotten one's fingers on got one's fingers on swiped pulled jagged fettered snapt enchained snapped accomplished drawn drew received commandeered extricated prised kidnapped kidnaped treed cornered realized busted waylayed ambuscaded run to ground waylaid got a hold of gotten a hold of beached taken into custody took into custody grabbed away swung had embrangled broiled gone for went for scooped amassed blagged realised picked off caught hold of took a grip of taken a grip of clapped hands on clapp hands on run to earth taken by force took by force clutched at came by bounden bogged down hauled in laid a trap for stretched for pounced on hung up come to have clung knocked down clinged sticked come into felt your collar stuck mired floundered tangled up holden ran to ground took in taken in swang swungen ran to earth taken prisoner took prisoner took possession taken possession went after gone after came to have came into taken hostage took hostage

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